From 01/22/2017 to 02/20/2017


10:15 PM Revision 8b505d90 (janus-gateway): add custom libnice install instructions to README
Newer versions of libnice are more stable, this additional documentation
covers the basics of a custom compile of lib...
Chad Phillips
05:37 PM Meeting #68 (New): Randevous
Preliminary meeting discussing initial investigaions Luca Baldesi
10:05 AM Revision 17cfecc5 (mongoose): Mongoose examples fixes
PUBLISHED_FROM=b47a5b6987ee8d9e7c9bae2bd4d2943d2e7f76a9 Sergey Lyubka


10:05 AM Revision ebdd1876 (mongoose): Add core dump and exception handling to RTOS port
PUBLISHED_FROM=dba64da598b45469c7fd458865c75d3eb6853c2d Deomid Ryabkov


04:20 PM Revision d5a58683 (janus-gateway): Externalized adapter.js and removed automatic loading of jquer...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:11 PM Revision a30845c1 (janus-gateway): Fixed relative paths to navbar.html and footer.html in docs pl...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:51 PM Revision f974fddd (mongoose): Fix ESP8266_RTOS example; add mos flashing
PUBLISHED_FROM=d87814d40f0acdc7a96fbd132c2157ccb499c7c6 Deomid Ryabkov
02:51 PM Revision b1a46da3 (mongoose): Implement Array.prototype.length
We don't have a real Array.prototype of course, just `[1,2,3].length`
behaves like we do.
Dmitry Frank


04:05 PM Revision 81879be4 (mongoose): RTOS stability improvements
PUBLISHED_FROM=2992473e6c05c1dc95878cc549eccba7abcedccf Deomid Ryabkov
12:19 PM Revision 0a094d4c (mongoose): Decouple mg_lwip_accept_cb from mg_if_accept_tcp_cb
Must be invoked on mongoose main task, not on LWIP
Also request immediate poll oif there is data to be sent and spac...
Deomid Ryabkov
11:05 AM Revision 66a96410 (mongoose): ESP8266: Add RTOS SDK port (MGOS_ESP8266_RTOS=1)
PUBLISHED_FROM=ca5332e63700274ed9aeea9d9d1802e89fa788fa Deomid Ryabkov


08:20 AM Revision d4b23f08 (mongoose): Implement client support for TLS-PSK
For both OpenSSL and mbedTLS
Deomid Ryabkov


04:39 PM Revision 183d715f (janus-gateway): Several new helper methods for SDP utilities
Lorenzo Miniero


08:00 PM Revision 3a0a5918 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into mjr-tempname
Lorenzo Miniero
07:55 PM Revision f123c271 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #774 from meetecho/session-timeout
Configurable session timeout value Lorenzo Miniero
07:54 PM Revision 5261be4a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #773 from meetecho/media-timeouts
Configurable timeout for the 'not receiving audio/video' events Lorenzo Miniero
04:55 PM Revision fac307c1 (janus-gateway): Fixed broken link to css
Lorenzo Miniero
04:48 PM Revision 0c0f3d10 (janus-gateway): Added license header to adapter.js (fixes #781)
Lorenzo Miniero
04:11 PM Revision 5ca69d0d (janus-gateway): Reference third party js/css files externally (see #778)
Lorenzo Miniero
03:05 PM Revision d6d956b9 (mongoose): Do not prefix successfulresponse with "Error: "
It's confusing
Deomid Ryabkov
02:05 PM Revision 383b2a48 (mongoose): Update logo in connected_device examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=6319df7f49dc921ddb672ba9789dfbbff8c25d9f Deomid Ryabkov
01:55 PM Revision e6150dbf (janus-gateway): Don't use mountpoint property of session directly (see #777)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:38 AM Revision 400def44 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into session-timeout
Lorenzo Miniero
11:37 AM Revision a30ace11 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into mjr-tempname
Lorenzo Miniero
11:37 AM Revision 23b6b706 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into media-timeouts
Lorenzo Miniero
11:33 AM Revision 64181d94 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #769 from meetecho/textroom-crud
Allow some TextRoom commands to be sent via Janus API Lorenzo Miniero


04:50 AM Revision ab1c4649 (mongoose): Fix
PUBLISHED_FROM=f7f8ce9421d96a5f0d90afe4c930c53662b4e907 Sergey Lyubka


04:21 PM Revision 752a621f (janus-gateway): added event notification
10:25 AM Revision baa47c63 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #1 from mirkobrankovic/videoroom-audiolevel...
Videoroom audiolevel event Mirko Brankovic
10:25 AM Revision 536a1131 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into videoroom-audiolevel-event
Mirko Brankovic
10:18 AM Revision 764005c7 (janus-gateway): * removed reference to old method
10:08 AM Revision 6c2eea00 (janus-gateway): * Proper use of level var of dBov
* Proper notification of participants
TODO event notification
Mirko Brankovic
10:07 AM Revision b6490332 (janus-gateway): Event is working
10:07 AM Revision d4ec9d2b (janus-gateway): Fixed indentation and changed number of packets to 150 (3s) an...
Mirko Brankovic
10:07 AM Revision a27e90d3 (janus-gateway): Added aditional function to get dBov audio level so that avera...
This can be done also, probably, by converting int janus_rtp_header_extension_parse_audio_level from into to void to ... root
02:35 AM Revision f20b5191 (mongoose): Check UDP pbuf for being NULL
Deomid Ryabkov


04:44 PM Revision becc0c84 (janus-gateway): Option to add temporary extension while recording
Lorenzo Miniero
04:00 PM Revision e67b71f9 (janus-gateway): Configurable session timeout value
Lorenzo Miniero
03:59 PM Revision 032d96b4 (janus-gateway): Updated admin.js and documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
02:55 PM Revision 924b4c29 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into media-timeouts
Lorenzo Miniero
02:49 PM Revision 89702637 (janus-gateway): Configurable timeout for the 'not receiving audio/video' events
Lorenzo Miniero
02:10 PM Revision fe81f5ca (janus-gateway): Changed default MAX nack queue to 300ms instead of 1 second
Lorenzo Miniero
12:20 PM Revision b6d95b47 (janus-gateway): Reply with created/destroyed when requests come from Janus API...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:11 PM Revision a83b3717 (janus-gateway): Updated janus.js documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
11:58 AM Revision 61c1a7fc (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' of
Lorenzo Miniero
11:57 AM Revision 83b36fcc (janus-gateway): Added withCredentials support to XHR requests in janus[.nojque...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:33 AM Revision fc113d64 (mongoose): Add mg_hexdumpf: mg_hexdump that outputs to a file
PUBLISHED_FROM=f0fe58c9f01ef0c7b491ed0e5f51b983e4119507 Deomid Ryabkov
10:21 AM Revision 6f6b12be (mongoose): Lower verbosity of a debug message
PUBLISHED_FROM=6ff979319c31363df16cedf99b2432bd83db1473 Deomid Ryabkov
10:21 AM Revision 4e6c2867 (mongoose): UDP fixes: move recv callback into event loop, ...
...and fix a leak where UDP connections with SEND_AND_CLOSE set would not be closed
Deomid Ryabkov


05:58 PM Revision 8241c758 (janus-gateway): Allow some TextRoom commands to be sent via Janus API
Lorenzo Miniero
05:48 PM Revision c169d7a0 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #767 from thehunmonkgroup/fix-textoom-list-...
Fix typo in textroom plugin log message for list command Lorenzo Miniero
11:46 AM Revision 0bd51c56 (janus-gateway): Add LWS_SERVER_OPTION_DO_SSL_GLOBAL_INIT for secure websockets...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:54 AM Revision 54989e81 (mongoose): Fix multipart parsing
Close cesanta/mongoose#770
Alexander Alashkin
08:25 AM Revision bf505bb6 (mongoose): Update readme of nrf examples
And also fix `flash` target for nrf51
Dmitry Frank
08:25 AM Revision 4072062b (mongoose): Add MG_SSL_IF_MBEDTLS_MAX_FRAG_LEN
And set to 1024 for mOS.
Deomid Ryabkov


11:39 PM Revision 0f1922af (janus-gateway): Fix typo in textroom plugin log message for list command
Chad Phillips
06:16 PM Revision 24684f54 (janus-gateway): Added DevDay Napoli presentation to video resources in FAQ
Lorenzo Miniero
06:14 PM Revision 7568e3a8 (janus-gateway): Added FOSDEM2017 presentation on Event Handlers to video resou...
Lorenzo Miniero
05:39 PM Revision f6a02525 (janus-gateway): Added accept/reject buttons to VideoCall demo
Lorenzo Miniero
03:36 PM Revision 937fc285 (janus-gateway): Updated date in footer
Lorenzo Miniero
12:25 PM Revision d6ba37dc (mongoose): Correct msg len for chunked encoding
Close cesanta/dev#6485
Alexander Alashkin
12:25 PM Revision a58d21aa (mongoose): Add overrun protection to mg_sock_to_str
Relate to cesanta/mongoose#780
Alexander Alashkin
11:09 AM Revision 6e8d4129 (mongoose): Use _exit in CGI. Close cesanta/mongoose#779
PUBLISHED_FROM=bfe62d3824ee3a6e66b7d1a57ee7bad3b726649d Alexander Alashkin
09:42 AM Revision b52998f1 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #758 from meetecho/streaming-forwarders-dat...
Allow Streaming plugin to relay datachannels, and VideoRoom to forward them Lorenzo Miniero
08:25 AM Revision 2485a8f8 (mongoose): Fix signs comparison. Close cesanta/mongoose#774
PUBLISHED_FROM=a875606de6f4b2c202b25ce20efcb1ca33eb75b8 Alexander Alashkin


05:39 PM Revision 1ae908f6 (mongoose): Add mqtt codec
PUBLISHED_FROM=f780559966a6a955603e05aeaa5dde8455bff991 Sergey Lyubka
05:25 PM Revision 6b923bdf (mongoose): Add stm32/cube to hwtests
PUBLISHED_FROM=478792d0479ba2154f0a65eea066f6ae6f235f84 Alexander Alashkin
02:09 PM Revision d39969d1 (mongoose): Restore links to mongoose/examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=67dc5d1ed30dc2500032be73dcdb214bd62c59d0 Alexander Alashkin
02:08 PM Revision eaef5bd1 (mongoose): Revert "Stop publish examples to mongoose repo"
This reverts commit 1a17e17c462bdd4e1d26d8742f8b7087273e04c2.
Alexander Alashkin


10:23 AM Revision 7cc7df8c (mongoose): Merge pull request #778 from cesanta/remove_examples
Remove examples Sergey Lyubka
10:17 AM Revision 551f393d (mongoose): Remove examples
Alexander Alashkin


02:24 PM Revision e81f8373 (mongoose): Update mongoose docs
PUBLISHED_FROM=cfd0018a5824c5ccac532558be86c17cda64ce50 Sergey Lyubka


08:26 PM Revision dfa83f2c (mongoose): Fix TCP close sequence
PUBLISHED_FROM=ed6cf7fd63b6f80d5c37ab93899ecd09bac6102b Sergey Lyubka
10:45 AM Revision cd5a86e5 (janus-gateway): Fixed indentation and changed number of packets to 150 (3s) an...
Mirko Brankovic


02:38 PM Revision ef09ed2b (janus-gateway): Event is working
01:59 PM Revision 1d7cc1cd (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'videoroom-audiolevel-event'
01:39 PM Revision 91bdbc51 (mongoose): Fix warn in mg_lwip_if_poll
PUBLISHED_FROM=0bcb3e892e1ba2329aef5d17375fe4d3879dc666 Alexander Alashkin
01:34 PM Revision c823f13f (janus-gateway): Added aditional function to get dBov audio level so that avera...
This can be done also, probably, by converting int janus_rtp_header_extension_parse_audio_level from into to void to ... root
09:35 AM Revision db1114b3 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into streaming-forwarders-datachan
Lorenzo Miniero
09:28 AM Revision a7dd5d1d (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #757 from meetecho/rtp-forwarders-pt-ssrc
Allow configuring SSRC when creating RTP forwarders (AudioBridge, VideoRoom) Lorenzo Miniero


01:55 PM Revision 707b9ed2 (mongoose): Remove mg_enable_multithreading. Close cesanta/dev#6511
PUBLISHED_FROM=7864ffa26cb553f5d4a93248f67c288327ec23b0 Alexander Alashkin
01:10 PM Revision cd6b846e (mongoose): Fix mongoose/mbed compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=c754e6961fc197d3057740169f55025b305b6936 Alexander Alashkin
12:09 PM Revision 807e4ea6 (mongoose): Fix STM32F4_CC3100 Mongoose example compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=7a67a67d2f0007e241e4ccb57bc24a43ba20bfde Alexander Alashkin
10:39 AM Revision 25efaca9 (janus-gateway): Removed verbose debugging text
Lorenzo Miniero
10:25 AM Revision 25d3a827 (janus-gateway): Allow Streaming plugin to relay datachannels, and VideoRoom to...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:39 AM Revision 507e8bfa (mongoose): Drop Arduino support
PUBLISHED_FROM=85768c0d2536d9c31885a5127710b9756e3229a3 Alexander Alashkin
09:24 AM Revision 2ea63a0e (mongoose): Limit len of prefix; makes log tidy w/ long names
PUBLISHED_FROM=570530179da327f8bb156bbbd7c557014c1630c1 Deomid Ryabkov


04:10 PM Revision 543cffca (janus-gateway): Make sure private IDs in VideoRoom are unique (fixes #755)
Lorenzo Miniero
12:38 PM Revision 7988acbf (mongoose): Raise log level of mbedTLS socket evs to LL_DEBUG
PUBLISHED_FROM=ed0ac4133342c733977e7884a6bbadab7ee74127 Deomid Ryabkov
11:04 AM Revision e75a8bd6 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo, and clarified doc for AudioBridge
Lorenzo Miniero
11:00 AM Revision 0284f49f (janus-gateway): Allow configuring SSRC when creating RTP forwarders (AudioBrid...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:32 AM Revision 74e3c3bc (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/meetecho/master'
Alexander Clark
02:36 AM Revision 51f03e8b (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/meetecho/master'
Alexander Clark


09:08 AM Revision b8c37404 (mongoose): Map STM32 pins to MOS pins
PUBLISHED_FROM=6724de19c28f972a785b0d5e7dd4b41889e04850 Alexander Alashkin


04:17 PM Revision 7f1cacb3 (janus-gateway): Increase lifetime of remote candidates before they're enforced...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:53 PM Revision 7bdbd805 (mongoose): Fix ESP32 encr. OTA; clean up {open,read,close}dir
Fixed a bunch of things to make OTA work on ESP32 with flash encryption:
writes to app aprtitions must be 32-byte ali...
Deomid Ryabkov


05:24 PM Revision 1894f5c5 (janus-gateway): Fixed crashes in VideoCall when event andlers are enabled (fix...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:16 PM Revision 5f00543c (janus-gateway): Fixed #754, and added error message in case of missing/invalid IP
Lorenzo Miniero
04:10 PM Revision a93c54bf (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #754 from chornyitaras/media_change
Reconnect sockets to new IP as well Lorenzo Miniero
11:47 AM Revision d8cef318 (janus-gateway): Removed redundant attribute in Streaming plugin event
Lorenzo Miniero

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