From 02/20/2017 to 03/21/2017


04:55 PM Revision 9eb656e7 (peerstreamer-src): First commit
Add ReST URL router
Add the task manager module, handling multiple concurrent periodic functions listeing for active ...
Luca Baldesi
02:02 PM Revision fcec9a1a (janus-gateway): Don't print errors if transports are simply disabled by config...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:50 AM Revision d9243d1c (mongoose): Fix MD5 disabling
PUBLISHED_FROM=bb03593fb2abfb79daa3118b786428ee3e693e3d benrubson
10:24 AM Revision 2fb145d3 (mongoose): Fix DISABLE_MD5 and DISABLE_SHA1 naming
PUBLISHED_FROM=2babde0d0c6add14aa500f4bf1c833715d979c6c Alexander Alashkin
08:50 AM Revision 14094aae (mongoose): Fix typo
PUBLISHED_FROM=56fdeaf4965ef26c398267c8656735bb52e45085 Yiming Sun
07:35 AM Revision ec752645 (mongoose): Remove ajax_upload
PUBLISHED_FROM=599ccd99e7bf422cac5e8b1f5ccebe3cac2780e8 Alexander Alashkin


05:23 PM Revision ceb2f1da (mongoose): Update upload example
PUBLISHED_FROM=a28c1da3f0dd597792439246313ca39984ab7536 Sergey Lyubka
04:55 PM Revision aab857a6 (mongoose): Add ajax_upload to big_upload
PUBLISHED_FROM=7c919ba3a2afa74cec9947e78299b4bb7a64b4bc Alexander Alashkin
02:06 PM Revision cdd6c44d (janus-gateway): Fixed crash when disabling non-RTP mountpoints
Lorenzo Miniero
10:51 AM Revision 066be0fe (mongoose): Add ajax_upload example
PUBLISHED_FROM=c5691d4321fff2e03f689b0195abd1ec6a188418 Alexander Alashkin
10:13 AM Revision c60dd929 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #821 from stormbkk87/mqtt-auth-fix
MQTT username/password fix Lorenzo Miniero
09:53 AM Revision 380e87dd (mongoose): Honor DNS server from DHCP
PUBLISHED_FROM=10772301ef115c31ada3521ff4235c33a421b782 Alexander Alashkin


06:17 AM Revision dbd48d79 (janus-gateway): Fixed memory leak username/password
Fixed memory leak not releasing username/password StormBkk87


05:05 PM Revision f0c374b5 (janus-gateway): Aligned SIPre plugin to IP utils
Lorenzo Miniero
05:04 PM Revision 10662298 (janus-gateway): Moved IP self-detect of NoSIP plugin outside of the config par...
Lorenzo Miniero
05:03 PM Revision 882c9fe0 (janus-gateway): Moved IP self-detect of SIP plugin outside of the config parse...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:58 PM Revision 2990ee55 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sipre
Lorenzo Miniero
04:57 PM Revision a2bf959e (janus-gateway): First commit of SIPre plugin placeholder (WIP, still broken)
Lorenzo Miniero
04:18 PM Revision 81d61567 (janus-gateway): Username/Password fix
Username/Password fix StormBkk87
03:57 PM Revision 1d16918c (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'meetecho/master'
03:19 PM Revision e9a7a2af (mongoose): Fix WinCE compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=51d68829414739b04fafc9198d86b817c38d71d2 Alexander Alashkin
11:26 AM Revision 9380393a (janus-gateway): Removed usages of /tmp, and used placeholders where relevant (...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:50 AM Revision ba6d8558 (janus-gateway): Added Debian repo to resources
Lorenzo Miniero
10:42 AM Revision 7f82f312 (janus-gateway): Unlink UnixSockets when shutting down (fixes #819)
Lorenzo Miniero
10:22 AM Revision 5b868e32 (janus-gateway): Fixed compilation warning in ice.c (fixes #818)
Lorenzo Miniero


11:12 PM Revision a83e7d8c (mongoose): Properly shut down the SSL connection
By sending close_notify
Deomid Ryabkov
05:43 PM Revision bf7dd7ac (mongoose): Add separate userdata for each http endpoint hdlr
PUBLISHED_FROM=29a204c2c7f35724b6f1e8435edb94869da2362c Dmitry Frank
02:16 PM Revision f947fbe8 (janus-gateway): Fixed broken re-INVITE management in SIP plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
02:15 PM Revision be30f47e (janus-gateway): Updated date in docs
Lorenzo Miniero
02:07 PM Revision 6dfa7948 (janus-gateway): Fixed typos in docs
Lorenzo Miniero
01:59 PM Revision 67b1d5aa (janus-gateway): Return a valid event after an AudioBridge leave (fixes #816)
Lorenzo Miniero
01:19 PM Revision a83f3cdd (janus-gateway): Fixed typo when matching user agent (introduced in #808)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:30 AM Revision fc72d3ad (janus-gateway): If a Streaming recorder fails, return an error
Lorenzo Miniero
12:52 AM Revision 0fc33708 (mongoose): First step towards separate userdata argument
PUBLISHED_FROM=93fe1cc2c5e2513509511a81e5919cbd37056b10 Dmitry Frank


12:40 PM Revision 2f29bec8 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into nosip
Lorenzo Miniero
12:39 PM Revision d9051741 (janus-gateway): Make sure cur_seq is a valid pointer
Lorenzo Miniero


06:23 PM Revision 7d8b1dcb (janus-gateway): Stripped ICC profile from arrow image in demos (fixes #815)
Lorenzo Miniero
06:05 PM Revision 3a9a43f2 (janus-gateway): Make sure config.h is installed with the headers too
Lorenzo Miniero
05:53 PM Revision c416012f (mongoose): MGOS SNTP support for ESP8266 and ESP32
PUBLISHED_FROM=8e07541e7a3b951dcfd08381b46f6143773eae45 Deomid Ryabkov
01:16 PM Revision 1fa9d739 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo introduced in #810
Lorenzo Miniero
01:15 PM Revision e8654ff9 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #810 from neilkinnish/fix/record-rename
Fix: missing directory (full path) when renaming from temp extension Lorenzo Miniero
01:14 PM Revision 2a6903c3 (janus-gateway): Fixed, issues around my original commit
Neil Kinnish
12:15 PM Revision cfa674ab (janus-gateway): Removed unused code
Lorenzo Miniero
11:36 AM Revision ba16db3d (janus-gateway): Make sure apierror.h is installed with the headers too
Lorenzo Miniero
10:26 AM Revision 7fc815c4 (janus-gateway): Install only headers needed by third party components (plugins...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:18 AM Revision d7bfb681 (janus-gateway): Updates Janus manpage to addres recent cmdline argument additi...
Lorenzo Miniero


12:11 AM Revision d3a8862b (mongoose): Make interface vtables const
Frees up a bit of ram on ESP
Deomid Ryabkov


09:36 PM Revision 70043a5e (janus-gateway): Fixes missing directory (full path) when renaming from temp ex...
Neil Kinnish


11:45 AM Revision 3ee79cdb (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into nosip
Lorenzo Miniero
11:43 AM Revision 3e1b4d99 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #784 from meetecho/sdputils-pt2
Several new helper methods for SDP utilities Lorenzo Miniero
11:34 AM Revision f13d55de (janus-gateway): Removed leak in AudioBridge plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
11:29 AM Revision e13f2687 (janus-gateway): Integrated SDP utils in Record&Play plugin too
Lorenzo Miniero
10:37 AM Revision 3d11cb0c (janus-gateway): Make SRTP errors way less spammy (unless debug=7 is used)
Lorenzo Miniero


04:31 PM Revision 462023e4 (janus-gateway): Make sure reply is initialised (TextRoom plugin)
Lorenzo Miniero
04:23 PM Revision 9b042b31 (janus-gateway): Add ICE Lite status to the Janus info
Lorenzo Miniero
11:45 AM Revision 7d5c4f9a (janus-gateway): Deallocate the local_ip when getting rid of the plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
11:42 AM Revision cb53dc3a (janus-gateway): Integrated updated IP utilities in NoSIP plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
11:38 AM Revision bf0ba5a5 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'sdputils-pt2' into nosip
Lorenzo Miniero
11:35 AM Revision aed78ccc (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdputils-pt2
Lorenzo Miniero
11:33 AM Revision b01074b2 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #803 from meetecho/iputils-usage
Better integration of new IP tools in Janus core and plugins Lorenzo Miniero
10:57 AM Revision a29b1181 (janus-gateway): Made the DTLS set-timeout feature more evident in both README ...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:46 AM Revision 885616c9 (janus-gateway): Fixed a couple nits in the README
Lorenzo Miniero
10:44 AM Revision 109ae16d (janus-gateway): Switched to version 0.2.3
Lorenzo Miniero
10:25 AM Revision 91a1a946 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' of
Lorenzo Miniero
10:25 AM Revision bafe1a7e (janus-gateway): try/catch JSON.parse in janus.nojquery.js (see #807)
Lorenzo Miniero
12:23 AM Revision 08353731 (mongoose): Fix MQTT PUB{ACK,REC,REL,COMP} and UNSUBACK flags
Flags should be 0 for all of these, except PUBREL (flags = 2).
Deomid Ryabkov


11:52 PM Revision 16700244 (mongoose): Fix parsing of MQTT QoS > 0 PUBLISH messages
Message ID comes after topic, not before.
Deomid Ryabkov
05:19 PM Revision 49ca223e (mongoose): Minor memory optimization
Release pbuf sooner: after copying data from, before invoking user code
Deomid Ryabkov
11:48 AM Revision fcbbe760 (janus-gateway): Further cleanup of ip-utils related code
Lorenzo Miniero
08:06 AM Revision 9286d016 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #809 from klachhani/patch-1
fix typo Lorenzo Miniero


09:51 PM Revision 38efe632 (mongoose): Squash warning
PUBLISHED_FROM=72d80f8ed2c10866b44d56d8133c76b22bc105b0 Sergey Lyubka
07:22 PM Revision 25fb7b01 (janus-gateway): fix typo
Kishan Lachhani
05:02 PM Revision 8be1217b (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #808 from oscarvadillog/safari-mobile
Safari mobile - attachMediaStream and reattachMediaStream Lorenzo Miniero
04:44 PM Revision d68d5746 (janus-gateway): Fixed indentation issue
Lorenzo Miniero
04:29 PM Revision 1002bd9e (janus-gateway): Updated browser detection condition. Now, we use UserAgent if ...
01:21 PM Revision 2f947d10 (janus-gateway): Updated browser detection condition. Now, we use adapter.brows...
12:49 PM Revision e611e248 (janus-gateway): Fixed attach and reattach media over iOS devices
11:59 AM Revision 26506244 (janus-gateway): Changed API of janus_network_detect_local_ip to better fit ip-...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:41 AM Revision 0df5956b (janus-gateway): Documented new media.screenshareFrameRate property (see #802)
Lorenzo Miniero
10:38 AM Revision 5faa7725 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #802 from chadfurman/patch-1
configurable screensharing framerate Lorenzo Miniero


02:33 PM Revision 61bbe67f (janus-gateway): Made incoming_rtcp handler more compact too
Lorenzo Miniero
12:00 PM Revision 226dd1d7 (janus-gateway): Fixed typos in
Lorenzo Miniero
11:17 AM Revision 576f6dbe (janus-gateway): Modified NoSIP plugin code to use #796 and #804 (RTP context a...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:09 AM Revision 785564cf (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'sdputils-pt2' into nosip
Lorenzo Miniero
11:08 AM Revision 63e12580 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdputils-pt2
Lorenzo Miniero
11:04 AM Revision f62d59ac (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into iputils-usage
Lorenzo Miniero
11:02 AM Revision 1373542e (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #804 from meetecho/srtp-cleanup
Moved most of SRTP-related stuff to rtp.h/.c (cleans dtls and janus_sip) Lorenzo Miniero
11:01 AM Revision 0b62a09b (janus-gateway): Make sure media is only updated after a re-INVITE
Lorenzo Miniero
10:39 AM Revision 3b246308 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #796 from meetecho/ssrc-changes
RTP context/rewriting as part of core instead of plugins Lorenzo Miniero
10:28 AM Revision fb68e59f (janus-gateway): Reduced verbosity of a couple of debug lines
Lorenzo Miniero


02:19 PM Revision 35c7699b (janus-gateway): Require libsrtp >= 1.5 (1.4 will be rejected)
Lorenzo Miniero
12:18 PM Revision 4550d897 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'nosip' of into...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:12 PM Revision d072629c (janus-gateway): Removed info string, cleaned up a bit, and refactored code to ...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:46 AM Revision 1a3763b0 (janus-gateway): Moved most of SRTP-related stuff to rtp.h/.c (cleans dtls and ...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:17 AM Revision fdf6adb6 (janus-gateway): Better integration of new IP tools in Janus core and plugins
Lorenzo Miniero
09:36 AM Revision 39a3bb7e (mongoose): Log method and URI in mg_http_handler
PUBLISHED_FROM=34c3e49d523b0f5c7056f91e4b422f21f5694df9 Deomid Ryabkov


04:12 PM Revision 6d43d7c7 (janus-gateway): Added 'retransmissions' counter to DTLS contexts, available in...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:04 PM Revision 6b5cdcc6 (janus-gateway): tabs not spaces in nojquery
Chad Furman (2016-2020)
01:58 PM Revision 34e01a13 (janus-gateway): made same changes to nojquery
Chad Furman (2016-2020)
01:53 PM Revision 9152ac0b (janus-gateway): Revert "Update janus.js"
This reverts commit 1b985f1522a934a917414853c34f96c5a61a1aeb. Chad Furman (2016-2020)
01:49 PM Revision 1b985f15 (janus-gateway): Update janus.js
Chad Furman
10:28 AM Revision fd264e2e (janus-gateway): configurable screensharing framerate
Chad Furman
10:06 AM Revision 920e8d91 (mongoose): Add shims for mongoose file operations
PUBLISHED_FROM=b5b12cdf4273f21dbcdac9bfb6a06063152914c9 Alexander Alashkin
10:06 AM Revision aed6d05d (mongoose): Do not test reassembled buffer for WS_OP_CLOSE
PUBLISHED_FROM=0e8de208b553b63c8367f66893389587bd17359f Alexander Alashkin
10:06 AM Revision d85d95a4 (mongoose): Fix potential out-of-bound
PUBLISHED_FROM=71b40189bcedbe9338915c1aad939835125dad26 Alexander Alashkin
06:19 AM Revision b5dd54a4 (mongoose): Fix doc typos
PUBLISHED_FROM=1bdacf793b35ebe70d0a3a9d64260dd2bd135c73 Alexander Alashkin


05:43 PM Revision b310383c (janus-gateway): Several new helper methods for SDP utilities
Lorenzo Miniero
05:43 PM Revision 84c93711 (janus-gateway): New Janus plugin, NoSIP, for legacy interop without touching s...
Lorenzo Miniero
05:18 PM Revision 04c5c9eb (janus-gateway): New Janus plugin, NoSIP, for legacy interop without touching s...
Lorenzo Miniero
01:22 PM Revision f64807b6 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdputils-pt2
Lorenzo Miniero
11:05 AM Revision f7c0a2ee (mongoose): Fix
PUBLISHED_FROM=dfbfeaae983daa0412964ac0402759f632bf7aeb Yiming Sun
10:50 AM Revision 874b5bfd (mongoose): Fix comment in mongoose.h
PUBLISHED_FROM=35e8f18aa611b45c271d0178d9197291bfa9726d Yiming Sun


08:20 PM Revision 71d09722 (mongoose): Fix http_client doc
PUBLISHED_FROM=f415ddbac47e3069d3ab29467a23f6b8dab0066f Yiming Sun
06:40 PM Revision 069083ea (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' of
Lorenzo Miniero
05:29 PM Revision 8107965a (janus-gateway): Make sure the PeerConnection is valid before invoking the iceS...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:45 PM Revision 2377bc8d (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into ssrc-changes
Lorenzo Miniero
02:43 PM Revision e8323e14 (janus-gateway): Made RTP context and rewriting part of the core, rather than p...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:24 PM Revision 321ccf76 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #780 from meetecho/web-refs
Reference third party js/css files externally (see #778) Lorenzo Miniero
02:22 PM Revision 7886ee06 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into web-refs
Lorenzo Miniero
02:22 PM Revision 0ce774d4 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdputils-pt2
Lorenzo Miniero
11:57 AM Revision 1e9c537e (janus-gateway): Small fixes to #786, and updated example in AudioBridge docs
Lorenzo Miniero
11:51 AM Revision a1190d94 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #786 from thehunmonkgroup/update-display-va...
Allow updating display value via configure command Lorenzo Miniero
11:44 AM Revision 39a6ab80 (janus-gateway): Small changes to #776, and added related doc info to conf file
Lorenzo Miniero
11:32 AM Revision 25ea5ee3 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #776 from cmacq2/multicast-multiple-nics
Permit user configurable network device selection for multicast RTP and RTSP streams Lorenzo Miniero
11:25 AM Revision 2d3c9ed6 (janus-gateway): New iceState event in janus[.nojquery].js, and enriched webrtc...
Lorenzo Miniero
06:34 AM Revision 60a89a83 (janus-gateway): Add utility functions to map a network device name or IP addre...
Introduce the janus_network_query_config object type to describe how a 'matching' network interface should be determi... Johan Ouwerkerk
06:34 AM Revision ad46ead7 (janus-gateway): Permit user configurable network device selection for listenin...
Since multicast addresses only make sense in the context of specific network interfaces, this change enables Janus to... Johan Ouwerkerk
06:34 AM Revision 0f658976 (janus-gateway): Support the datasctpnetwork configuration option for RTP streams.
The new options may be used to restrict Janus to a specific interface (IP) when listening to a data channel (SCTP).
Johan Ouwerkerk


09:49 AM Revision 7c06b4db (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #794 from thehunmonkgroup/resource-janus-ev...
add janus-event-server to resources page Lorenzo Miniero
05:37 AM Revision e179de0a (janus-gateway): add janus-event-server to resources page
Simple plugin-based server to receive/process events from Janus
Also create new monitoring section for Event handler...
Chad Phillips


03:35 PM Revision 349d25dc (mongoose): Fix # matching logic
E.g. given the expression `foo/#`:
- `foo/bar` matches
- `foo/` should not match
- `foo` should not match
Dmitry Frank
02:21 PM Revision 39429149 (mongoose): Fix subscription to wildcard topics
`mg_mqtt_match_topic_expression()` and friends are public now.
So far, only `#` is supported.
Dmitry Frank
11:36 AM Revision cf092f0e (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdputils-pt2
Lorenzo Miniero
10:30 AM Revision f2c80ccc (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into web-refs
Lorenzo Miniero
10:28 AM Revision a8f7e06a (janus-gateway): Changed a few warnings to debug messages in janus[.nojquery].j...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:15 AM Revision edb12f9a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #789 from thehunmonkgroup/boringssl-configu...
enhancements to BoringSSL handling in autoconf Lorenzo Miniero
10:04 AM Revision 01d3a42e (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' of
Lorenzo Miniero
10:04 AM Revision f7d3ab20 (janus-gateway): Cleaned up the log notification about the crypto lib in use
Lorenzo Miniero
09:58 AM Revision ef786e81 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #787 from thehunmonkgroup/libnice-custom-in...
add custom libnice install instructions to README Lorenzo Miniero


09:35 PM Revision 60c16bbb (mongoose): Fix mos docker image name
PUBLISHED_FROM=91016ab1629a65976d2cc2f00aec4e1667cb4a8f Dmitry Frank
08:00 PM Revision acadad32 (janus-gateway): free old display, make setting new display more compact
Chad Phillips
07:18 PM Revision d3382d6f (janus-gateway): enhancements to BoringSSL handling in autoconf
- The BoringSSL header check didn't work at all, it just looked
for OpenSSL headers in their standard install locat...
Chad Phillips
07:18 PM Revision 75d807a9 (janus-gateway): fix path typo in README
Chad Phillips
07:02 PM Revision 4806f8ae (janus-gateway): remove recommendation to install newer version of libnice
Chad Phillips
05:50 PM Revision 70b5f413 (mongoose): Add http post example
PUBLISHED_FROM=94f830a5fa4b806fb2cf60c93a9e8744022ff8d7 Sergey Lyubka
04:45 PM Revision 1cab80cd (janus-gateway): Print when we're using BoringSSL (and turned some related warn...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:10 PM Revision 7bcf7c34 (janus-gateway): Allow websockets server to bind to IP instead of certificate n...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:50 AM Revision 76bbd360 (janus-gateway): include display in parameter validation, get rid of extra if s...
Chad Phillips
02:36 AM Revision aa480772 (janus-gateway): Allow updating display value via configure command
This adds functionality to the audiobridge and videoroom plugins to
allow updating the 'display' value that is option...
Chad Phillips


09:14 AM Revision 395df054 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #775 from meetecho/mjr-tempname
Option to add temporary extension while recording Lorenzo Miniero


10:59 AM Revision 7713bf1c (janus-gateway): Allow VideoRoom publishers to force the plugin to drop their d...
Lorenzo Miniero


10:15 PM Revision 8b505d90 (janus-gateway): add custom libnice install instructions to README
Newer versions of libnice are more stable, this additional documentation
covers the basics of a custom compile of lib...
Chad Phillips
05:37 PM Meeting #68 (New): Randevous
Preliminary meeting discussing initial investigaions Luca Baldesi
10:05 AM Revision 17cfecc5 (mongoose): Mongoose examples fixes
PUBLISHED_FROM=b47a5b6987ee8d9e7c9bae2bd4d2943d2e7f76a9 Sergey Lyubka

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