From 11/20/2017 to 12/19/2017


05:44 PM Revision 5ab06f29 (peerstreamer-src): Update README with instructions for using the test scripts
Nicolo' Facchi
05:44 PM Revision 2bbd8f2c (peerstreamer-src): Add a few script for testing PeerStreamer-ng ffmpeg-based v...
Nicolo' Facchi
04:33 PM Revision 985484a7 (peerstreamer_website): add basic content
Luca Baldesi
03:38 PM Revision 725792a2 (peerstreamer-src): PeerStreamer-ng ffmpeg-based v0.1
Currently tested only on single host using loopback interface (2 pstreamer
sources, 1 peestreamer-ng, 2 browser tabs)...
Nicolo' Facchi
03:12 PM Revision 7423bfb7 (peerstreamer-src): Remove 'video-player-alt' element and don't duplicate video...
Nicolo' Facchi
02:59 PM Revision f4d22966 (peerstreamer_docker): Dockerfile for PeerStreamer-NG and psng-pyserf (v0.1).
The docker image created with this Dockerfile has been used for the demo
of the netCommons plenary meeting of July 20...
Nicolo' Facchi
02:15 PM Revision b4050b19 (psng-pyserf): Change README format to .md
Nicolo' Facchi
10:40 AM Revision 4b7aa585 (peerstreamer_website): Improve css for readability
Change font strength and color through global css variables Luca Baldesi


10:23 AM Revision a5387db8 (peerstreamer-src): Add code for ffmuxer-related data structures initialization
Nicolo' Facchi
10:21 AM Revision 92fe91e3 (peerstreamer-src): Add avformat init/deinit
Nicolo' Facchi
10:19 AM Revision b87e7c7a (peerstreamer-src): Minor fixes in msg_buffer module
Nicolo' Facchi
10:18 AM Revision 312149e7 (peerstreamer-src): Add ffmuxer_deinit for undoing the avformat network initial...
Nicolo' Facchi


05:16 PM Revision 3efb101d (peerstreamer_website): first commit
add main style related content and bibliography Luca Baldesi


11:50 AM Revision a89389f2 (peerstreamer-src): fix remote path for the janus-gateway submodule
path referred to the ssh service, change it to https Luca Baldesi


10:48 AM
ffmpeg streaming webcam Luca Baldesi
10:30 AM Revision 92a361ca (peerstreamer-src): return the channel name with the channel creation json answer
add utilities functions, refactor streamer_creation_callback Luca Baldesi


06:35 PM Revision a95383e2 (peerstreamer-src): change default player page to handle janus_streaming_id
PeerStreamer-ng now exploits Janus gateway to deliver RTP streams Luca Baldesi
04:22 PM Revision c81c126e (peerstreamer-src): integrate Janus platform with PeerStreamer-ng (back-end)
add a module to drive the Janus executable and create/destroy RTP mountpoints Luca Baldesi


03:55 PM Revision 7be8b9c7 (peerstreamer-src): Add ffmuxer module with corresponding tests
Nicolo' Facchi


05:22 PM Revision 282765c1 (peerstreamer-src): Add tests for msg_buffer module.
Nicolo' Facchi
05:21 PM Revision a8a91b7e (peerstreamer-src): Add msg_buffer module with push/pop FIFO interface.
Nicolo' Facchi


12:36 PM Revision 7c37cd35 (peerstreamer-src): switch to http transport module
Luca Baldesi


04:30 PM Revision 2123cd4e (peerstreamer-src): set janus transport layer to UNIX socket
minimize the janus configuration and store it in Tools/janus_conf Luca Baldesi


01:31 PM Revision 0d8b0d2f (peerstreamer-src): add janus submodule for RTP/WEBRTC streaming
Luca Baldesi
01:28 PM Revision be71c5d1 (janus-gateway): add libsrtp2 submodule
Luca Baldesi

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