From 01/07/2018 to 02/05/2018


06:27 PM Revision 740fa994 (peerstreamer_docker): refactor Dockerfile to use debian stable and supervisord
Luca Baldesi


05:31 PM Revision 2a04c861 (peerstreamer-src): add WebRTC/Janus support for streaming
Add the capability to create sources from the web interface. Luca Baldesi
05:01 PM Revision 5d36b369 (peerstreamer-src): add fix to peer structure introduced in the last libpstream...
Luca Baldesi
04:30 PM Revision 7305450b (peerstreamer-src): fix bug preventing change page
remove the re-initialization of Janus when the page closes Luca Baldesi
04:07 PM Revision cea8d274 (peerstreamer-src): add local source channel dumping feature
also change the keyframe request rate to "one every 5 seconds". Luca Baldesi


05:38 PM Revision 1e7c49cb (peerstreamer-src): add local source channels to the list of known channels
Luca Baldesi
02:10 PM Revision 9ff58c88 (peerstreamer-src): fix Javascript libraries and beautify html
Luca Baldesi


04:41 PM Revision ea2bce5b (peerstreamer-src): fine tuning for audio
PS-ng now enables end-to-end audio communication. Luca Baldesi
03:21 PM Revision 0724a92a (peerstreamer-src): fix bug on javascript script import order
Luca Baldesi
02:43 PM Revision 58fb2cdc (peerstreamer-src): Add web source creation files
Luca Baldesi


01:33 PM Revision 3af4c8d7 (peerstreamer-src): add source creation feature
add ReST interface for source management; sources are served through
the Janus videoroom plugin.
Luca Baldesi


03:28 PM Revision 96f577d5 (psng-pyserf): Update README
Nicolo' Facchi
03:08 PM Revision 756b9cdd (peerstreamer_docker): Update Dockerfile to WebRTC based PeerStreamer-ng.
This commit also adds a short tutorial for installing the
PeerStreamer-ng Docker image into Cloudy.
Nicolò Facchi

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