From 03/11/2018 to 04/09/2018


03:43 PM Revision 38168fac (peerstreamer_docker): change ps-ng branch to testing
Luca Baldesi
03:42 PM Revision 465e4245 (peerstreamer_docker): remove tag from psng-pyserf interface
Luca Baldesi
03:15 PM Revision 24f80586 (swarm_visualizer): add chunklog visualizer
Luca Baldesi
11:12 AM Revision 68725001 (peerstreamer-src): add PartyHub page and JS file
Currently PartyHub supports just 2 users Luca Baldesi


02:02 PM Revision 3c6b64e0 (peerstreamer-src): add chunk log flags to makefile
Luca Baldesi
02:00 PM Revision 7071cfbd (peerstreamer-src): apply bug fixes for the pstreamer engine
Luca Baldesi
01:57 PM Revision 562885dd (pstreamer): chunk injection bug fixes
Luca Baldesi
01:09 PM Revision aefdf12e (psng-pyserf): refactor channel synching functions
Luca Baldesi


10:01 AM Revision 2b3d6257 (peerstreamer-src): fix Makefile clean target, fix readme instruction
Luca Baldesi


01:47 PM Revision 528d7109 (peerstreamer-src): add chunk log flags to makefile
Luca Baldesi


11:33 AM Revision 12da7cd6 (peerstreamer-src): add bug fixing from pstreamer repo
Luca Baldesi
11:22 AM Revision a398100f (pstreamer): fix bug in output buffer handling of duplicated chunks
Luca Baldesi


04:24 PM Revision e002c1bb (pstreamer): refactoring of list structure calls
refactor of reference counting functions for nodeID Luca Baldesi
09:03 AM Revision 5c65089a (pstreamer): refactor output buffer module, add test case for it
bug fix on signaling module previously destroying nodeID of the message sender Luca Baldesi

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