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8485d095 01/02/2017 01:38 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added manpages for janus and janus-pp-rec (addresses #723)

aa00c95c 12/15/2016 11:34 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed leftover linking reference in (see #709)

3fb6eb07 12/06/2016 04:53 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

3cc61ddb 11/30/2016 03:39 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added support for (some) RTP extensions

b81eaa36 10/10/2016 02:40 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Aligned with new v0.2.1

9eb3fefa 10/07/2016 02:26 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into sdp-home

e3a7a189 10/07/2016 02:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

899f4ef1 10/07/2016 01:44 PM Andrei Nesterov

Added support of MQTT transport

825cd223 07/17/2016 10:00 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Made Sofia SIP a dependency for only the SIP plugin, cleaned up and, added enumeration for media direction, and used new SDP utils in VideoRoom plugin too

0351dafc 07/16/2016 02:46 PM Lorenzo Miniero

New SDP utilities to replace Sofia SIP SDP stack

a7654906 06/15/2016 10:26 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added events to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

b3cb27f4 06/15/2016 09:11 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #560 from meetecho/chat-plugin

Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadcasting

3ce5c996 06/10/2016 04:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadcasting

ff2d3e1a 06/09/2016 11:09 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Support for recording data channel text messages, and post process them to .srt files

f978c657 05/27/2016 09:20 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

6c173b76 05/23/2016 01:08 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Event handler plugins, first draft

24ea4173 05/23/2016 09:32 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into recording-codecs

b29447b1 03/23/2016 03:47 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Support for other codecs and formats in recorder and post-processor

992bb519 02/03/2016 04:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

New transport module (Unix Sockets)

95e0b37e 12/04/2015 12:47 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

build: clean all generated sample files

ccd7cada 11/25/2015 04:45 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow for console and/or logfile output (to hook to config/cmd line)
Fix undefined reference in post processing due to new log code
A few changes to align the code style to the code base

85fc908f 11/21/2015 06:36 PM Jay Ridgeway

init buffered logging

0113f1a1 10/14/2015 09:31 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

fc67640c 10/14/2015 09:29 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Fill gaps in audio recordings with silence, when postprocessing

b48c0d0b 09/30/2015 03:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

f4155719 09/24/2015 11:03 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Add optional BoringSSL support via configure

4610cf26 09/14/2015 10:16 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

263ce349 09/11/2015 04:55 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new token based authentication mechanism for the Janus API

4f6d04d0 08/25/2015 09:08 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

a7a422df 08/07/2015 09:36 AM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

build: clean doxygen generated sqlite files

The SQLite DB is left back, thus creating problems with Debian
packaging, because the tree is not reverted back to its original form
when doing `make distclean`.

a87dc897 07/16/2015 02:36 PM meetecho

Fixed autodetection of libwebsockets shared library name

20cbbc67 07/13/2015 02:45 PM meetecho

First version of Janus with modular/pluggable transports

58409e86 06/05/2015 04:05 PM meetecho

Implemented new OpenSSL BIO filter to fix fragmentation issue in DTLS on large certificates (see #252)

355bacc6 04/09/2015 01:08 PM meetecho

Added support for the TURN REST API (draft-uberti-behave-turn-rest-00) to dynamically get TURN servers and credentials to use within Janus

c5bc5a38 03/10/2015 02:28 PM meetecho

Hide warning for rabbitmq-c usage in janus.c

cba54e45 03/04/2015 03:29 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

Fix compilation warning

In file included from plugins/janus_sip.c:59:0:
/usr/include/sofia-sip-1.12/sofia-sip/nua.h:266:25: warning: redundant redeclaration of 'nua_callstate_name' [-Wredundant-decls]
SOFIAPUBFUN char const *nua_callstate_name(enum nua_callstate state);...

1281ca86 02/18/2015 03:07 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.8 of Janus
Plugins now need to initialize via JANUS_PLUGIN_INIT;
Plugins with old compatibility are rejected by the core;
New plugin callback to be notified about slow links (too many NACKs);
Fixed file-based streaming (a-law, u-law) in Streaming plugin;...

746592e9 01/28/2015 03:22 AM Nicholas Wylie

Modify build to output header files

b1c60d34 12/30/2014 10:58 AM Yulius Tjahjadi

Janus build fixes for OSX

028ce8b7 12/21/2014 02:07 PM mporrato

Fix config files path for staged installations

742f8871 11/22/2014 11:25 AM meetecho

Janus ping/pong message and updated documentation

5fa9a305 10/22/2014 01:01 PM meetecho

Experimental IPv6 support and new Recorder/Playout plugin
Added experimental IPv6 support for media;
Added a new plugin to record and then replay WebRTC sessions;
Several fixes on memory leaks, especially in plugins;
Some more fixes scattered across the project

c94052c2 10/01/2014 11:09 AM meetecho

Several changes and fixes
Fixed for default plugin dependencies;
Renamed configuration files as samples, and added a 'make configs' target to turn them into configuration files (and avoid overwriting them at each 'make install');
Replaced all sprintf with g_snprintf (issue #60)...

ee8a5e08 09/30/2014 09:00 AM meetecho

Fixed linking issue for optional plugins (voicemail, audiobridge), issue #70

ead45815 09/23/2014 02:43 PM meetecho

Added experimental support to RabbitMQ as a transport for the Janus API

ea61ba1b 09/23/2014 10:14 AM meetecho

Fixed some missing steps in the new configure/compile/install process (see #68 for details)

02460f0e 09/22/2014 04:12 PM Jack Leigh

Install certs

For now.
These should probably be generated at build time.

f4fb2029 09/22/2014 03:38 PM Jack Leigh

Autotoolize build system

Set PLUGINDIR and CONFDIR in janus.c and janus.cfg.
Download .alaw files and commit them into git.
Allow disabling individual plugins.