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becc0c84 02/09/2017 04:44 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Option to add temporary extension while recording

fe81f5ca 02/09/2017 02:10 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed default MAX nack queue to 300ms instead of 1 second

a9f01f2b 01/04/2017 10:15 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added events_folder property to janus.cfg (fixes #728)

c49a9d03 06/07/2016 09:46 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Disable event handlers by default; added command line flag to enable them

9674d116 06/01/2016 02:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

a9473a52 05/28/2016 11:39 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed granularity of new Max NACK queue to milliseconds instead of seconds (min is 200ms)

277f08a0 05/27/2016 09:25 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Max number queue in seconds instead of packets, plus some other RTCP related tweaks

1d31e31f 05/27/2016 09:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow for the events to be disabled completely (broadcast=no in [events] of janus.cfg)

6c173b76 05/23/2016 01:08 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Event handler plugins, first draft

e3ec3404 05/23/2016 09:13 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow configuration of HTTP method to use to contact TURN REST API, if enabled

d936d277 05/09/2016 08:02 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow configuration of a name for the server instance

96e6c1cf 01/22/2016 04:54 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Further recommendations on AWS deployment in janus.cfg

14e2fa87 12/02/2015 02:40 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into pidfile

4ea57952 12/02/2015 02:22 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added option to create/destroy/check PID file

7d8f8558 12/02/2015 02:09 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

Improve sample configuration

- add transports_folder
- document force-bundle and force-rtcp-mux
- add [transports] section

f82a8605 11/26/2015 10:52 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Configurable logging and daemonization

435b1546 11/11/2015 11:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Update janus.cfg by removing now useless transport related settings

4b131434 09/23/2015 02:32 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Restored the old public_ip setting as a new nat_1_1_mapping setting (-1 on the command line), to clarify what it is for and when it should be used

a84d557a 09/22/2015 03:45 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow IP addresses to be passes to the ICE enforce list

47dca442 09/22/2015 02:38 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed unused public_ip setting from janus.cfg sample

3b6c55f3 09/22/2015 02:36 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Updated janus.cfg sample to address the new ICE enforce list

263ce349 09/11/2015 04:55 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new token based authentication mechanism for the Janus API

be568a2e 09/02/2015 08:45 AM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

config: fix typo, 'apisecret' -> 'api_secret'

64a3eff7 08/25/2015 11:16 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added option to disable colors in logging (issue #304)

a77365eb 07/29/2015 09:41 AM meetecho

Fixed typo in sample configuration file, and updated favico

cb50c46d 06/08/2015 08:49 AM meetecho

Made starting MTU value for the BIO filter configurable

51e16f21 04/09/2015 01:13 PM meetecho

Configuration template for TURN related settings in Janus

ca86a513 04/01/2015 11:27 AM meetecho

Attempt to fix websockets-related occasional segfault (issue #193)

57953fa0 02/24/2015 12:44 PM meetecho

Added way to selectively disable plugins in configuration file (#160)

b4359229 02/24/2015 10:29 AM meetecho

Added option to enable ICE Lite, only way to get ICE-TCP working if it's needed

b3060180 02/07/2015 10:51 AM meetecho

Added support for TURN gathering in Janus and selective enable/disable of ICE-TCP; info added to admin API as well

4ff5ba49 12/23/2014 02:10 PM meetecho

Configuration and API to enable/disable libnice debugging

47dacad9 11/22/2014 02:04 PM meetecho

Made max NACK value configurable (command line, configuration file, admin API)

5fa9a305 10/22/2014 01:01 PM meetecho

Experimental IPv6 support and new Recorder/Playout plugin
Added experimental IPv6 support for media;
Added a new plugin to record and then replay WebRTC sessions;
Several fixes on memory leaks, especially in plugins;
Some more fixes scattered across the project

c94052c2 10/01/2014 11:09 AM meetecho

Several changes and fixes
Fixed for default plugin dependencies;
Renamed configuration files as samples, and added a 'make configs' target to turn them into configuration files (and avoid overwriting them at each 'make install');
Replaced all sprintf with g_snprintf (issue #60)...