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fd76db19 05/11/2017 09:22 AM Lorenzo Miniero

New configure options to disable all plugins

10eea992 04/06/2017 09:55 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Updated requirements: g_clear_pointer was added 2.34 and not 2.32

a29b1181 03/08/2017 10:57 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Made the DTLS set-timeout feature more evident in both README and configure

109ae16d 03/08/2017 10:44 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Switched to version 0.2.3

226dd1d7 03/03/2017 12:00 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed typos in

35c7699b 03/02/2017 02:19 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Require libsrtp >= 1.5 (1.4 will be rejected)

d3382d6f 02/23/2017 07:18 PM Chad Phillips

enhancements to BoringSSL handling in autoconf

- The BoringSSL header check didn't work at all, it just looked
for OpenSSL headers in their standard install location. Now the
check specifically looks in the include directory of the
BoringSSL installation directory....

1cab80cd 02/23/2017 04:45 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Print when we're using BoringSSL (and turned some related warnings in infos)

6a998158 12/13/2016 10:33 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #536 from meetecho/event-handlers

Event handler plugins

e8dca0bc 12/07/2016 02:21 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Autodetect libsrtp version (1.5.x vs 2.0.x)

f8a87946 12/06/2016 05:02 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Bumbed version number and small fixes to the docs

3fb6eb07 12/06/2016 04:53 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

6ab09795 12/06/2016 04:51 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed --disable-unix-sockets check in (fixes #701)

876304fe 11/29/2016 09:51 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

8ae5908e 11/28/2016 04:59 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Made configure smarter (see issue #689)

ba6b98f2 11/28/2016 11:54 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #666 from akfork/master

Fix compile failed on Mac

9e0bce2f 11/28/2016 11:21 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Mention libcurl as optional dependency in the documentation (see #691)

35060af4 10/18/2016 12:52 PM Akagi201

fix compile failed on Mac

b81eaa36 10/10/2016 02:40 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Aligned with new v0.2.1

9eb3fefa 10/07/2016 02:26 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into sdp-home

e3a7a189 10/07/2016 02:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

899f4ef1 10/07/2016 01:44 PM Andrei Nesterov

Added support of MQTT transport

ecefc623 10/06/2016 03:50 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Bump version number

cf0d7037 09/05/2016 11:01 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Aligned with new v0.2.0

68daf94e 09/05/2016 10:44 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Aligned with new v0.2.0

825cd223 07/17/2016 10:00 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Made Sofia SIP a dependency for only the SIP plugin, cleaned up and, added enumeration for media direction, and used new SDP utils in VideoRoom plugin too

78194256 07/11/2016 09:43 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json

7049624a 07/11/2016 09:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

8c7a9ff2 06/30/2016 08:33 PM David Rajchenbach-Teller

Resolves #569 On MacOS X, libraries can be in /opt/local/lib

a55db376 06/23/2016 10:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed check of updated BoringSSL

035764ad 06/23/2016 09:52 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Conditional support of DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration
Note: DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration is a method only supported in recent versione of BoringSSL, and allows for setting a different value for the retransmission timeout used by DTLS (which by default is 1s, very high for WebRTC: this commit sets 100ms). You need to explicitly enable the flag when doing the configure as we can't check for its availability in the existing BoringSSL setup, which is typically a static library. Update BoringSSL to the latest version (removed the revision line from the README) and when configuring add --enable-boringssl --enable-dtls-settimeout, then make clean and make again.

a3436ed0 06/15/2016 01:24 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new approach to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

a7654906 06/15/2016 10:26 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added events to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

b3cb27f4 06/15/2016 09:11 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #560 from meetecho/chat-plugin

Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadcasting

90c0f384 06/15/2016 09:10 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Started v0.1.2

3ce5c996 06/10/2016 04:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadcasting

f978c657 05/27/2016 09:20 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

271a4ff9 05/27/2016 08:21 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Increase version to 0.1.1, due to recorder changes

dd11fa0a 05/26/2016 09:32 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Optimization of core-to-plugin communication

6c173b76 05/23/2016 01:08 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Event handler plugins, first draft

5001f8b4 05/13/2016 10:14 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #458 from meetecho/pf-unix

New transport module (Unix Sockets)

ba6a4a96 04/24/2016 06:10 PM Mathias Burger

fix janus build on mac os x, add openssl CFLAGS

e77a325b 03/01/2016 02:26 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into rtcp-rr

5fdfba94 03/01/2016 02:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into pf-unix

d5083f3a 03/01/2016 02:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed check of websockets

0c62622c 03/01/2016 11:29 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into rtcp-rr

e6ff8755 03/01/2016 11:28 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into pf-unix

ce45589d 03/01/2016 11:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Fix check for 1.7 version of libwebsockets

0dee7512 02/29/2016 04:15 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into libwebsockets-newapi

23ff3c47 02/29/2016 09:06 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Optional docs and updated README
Made docs building optional with --enable-docs (issue #474) and added dependency to epel-release in README for CentOS 7 (issue #475)

fb18f764 02/23/2016 10:30 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed compilation errors when detected version of libwebsockets is >= 1.6

f50440e7 02/12/2016 04:34 PM Lorenzo Miniero

First take at RTCP SR/RR in core

b09c9a64 02/11/2016 03:41 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Autodetect libwebsockets version and use the right API

a11bf4b7 02/09/2016 09:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Don't fail if libmicrohttpd is not found and --disable-rest was provided (issue #461)

8ca4358f 02/04/2016 03:07 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added check for SOCK_SEQPACKET in

992bb519 02/03/2016 04:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

New transport module (Unix Sockets)

326d60f1 12/09/2015 06:54 AM Pierce Lopez ssl_version and glib_version should be shell variables

otherwise, pkgconfig compares the literal strings ssl_version and glib_version
to the available versions, and for most versions of pkgconfig
(except apparently for the version included in RHEL6) finds the...

5bb6134c 11/29/2015 01:38 AM Aaron Hamilton

Remove ini_config from, since it's not required.

e27f5612 11/17/2015 04:51 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Updated version in

1c80f4d6 11/11/2015 10:10 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

2512456f 11/09/2015 01:57 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed dependency from libini_config, changed the way categories are accessed, and added permanent save of configurations in some plugins

b48c0d0b 09/30/2015 03:25 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

f4155719 09/24/2015 11:03 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Add optional BoringSSL support via configure

6089eb4e 09/07/2015 02:01 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed recordings header to contain more info (as of now, mostly codecs and created/first written times), using a JSON format so that it can be extended in the future (old recordings can still be read/played)
Added recording capability to EchoTest, VideoCall and SIP plugins...

4f6d04d0 08/25/2015 09:08 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

f3412cd6 08/10/2015 10:27 AM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

build: don't build static versions of the modules by default

c4b77791 07/27/2015 11:06 AM meetecho

Merge branch 'master' into modular-transports

ac38cfda 07/27/2015 10:36 AM meetecho

Added AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR macro to (issue #290)

a87dc897 07/16/2015 02:36 PM meetecho

Fixed autodetection of libwebsockets shared library name

20cbbc67 07/13/2015 02:45 PM meetecho

First version of Janus with modular/pluggable transports

5c0d99bf 04/27/2015 09:12 AM meetecho

Handle recent change in libwebsockets build that adds a _shared to the so builds

ca9c0a86 04/13/2015 08:53 AM meetecho

Fixed libcurl/TURN REST API autodetection and disable trigger (issue #207)

355bacc6 04/09/2015 01:08 PM meetecho

Added support for the TURN REST API (draft-uberti-behave-turn-rest-00) to dynamically get TURN servers and credentials to use within Janus

f500ae8e 03/19/2015 02:35 PM meetecho

Changed WebSockets library from libwebsock to libwebsockets

1281ca86 02/18/2015 03:07 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.8 of Janus
Plugins now need to initialize via JANUS_PLUGIN_INIT;
Plugins with old compatibility are rejected by the core;
New plugin callback to be notified about slow links (too many NACKs);
Fixed file-based streaming (a-law, u-law) in Streaming plugin;...

1e2f5d89 02/13/2015 05:21 PM meetecho

Fixed broken NACK behaviour, made shutdown faster and added summary to configure

470ff238 02/13/2015 01:57 PM meetecho

Fixed typo in configure that mixed data channels and rabbitmq support

9f7982de 02/07/2015 11:08 AM meetecho

Fixed a couple of configure checks

b3060180 02/07/2015 10:51 AM meetecho

Added support for TURN gathering in Janus and selective enable/disable of ICE-TCP; info added to admin API as well

65b403f9 02/02/2015 04:51 PM meetecho

First attempt at adding support for ICE-TCP (if libnice >= 0.1.8)
Info on selected pair in admin API

0edc8785 01/28/2015 09:45 AM Nicholas Wylie

Fixed configure flags when libs available

33b7583f 01/27/2015 11:21 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #125 from yultide/master

Janus build fixes for OSX

667b2005 01/15/2015 08:22 PM meetecho

Plugin API change: compatibility check and admin-related session handle query

b1c60d34 12/30/2014 10:58 AM Yulius Tjahjadi

Janus build fixes for OSX

5fa9a305 10/22/2014 01:01 PM meetecho

Experimental IPv6 support and new Recorder/Playout plugin
Added experimental IPv6 support for media;
Added a new plugin to record and then replay WebRTC sessions;
Several fixes on memory leaks, especially in plugins;
Some more fixes scattered across the project

c94052c2 10/01/2014 11:09 AM meetecho

Several changes and fixes
Fixed for default plugin dependencies;
Renamed configuration files as samples, and added a 'make configs' target to turn them into configuration files (and avoid overwriting them at each 'make install');
Replaced all sprintf with g_snprintf (issue #60)...

ead45815 09/23/2014 02:43 PM meetecho

Added experimental support to RabbitMQ as a transport for the Janus API

ea61ba1b 09/23/2014 10:14 AM meetecho

Fixed some missing steps in the new configure/compile/install process (see #68 for details)

f4fb2029 09/22/2014 03:38 PM Jack Leigh

Autotoolize build system

Set PLUGINDIR and CONFDIR in janus.c and janus.cfg.
Download .alaw files and commit them into git.
Allow disabling individual plugins.