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950786bd 11/22/2015 03:29 PM Jay Ridgeway

remove timed wait, reduce locking, tabs

85fc908f 11/21/2015 06:36 PM Jay Ridgeway

init buffered logging

99c5a404 11/09/2015 12:18 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed usage of SO_REUSEADDR for UDP sockets
Fixed autogeneration of IDs in streaming plugin
Increased size of some sources in debugging code

0de97fbe 09/14/2015 10:44 PM Pierce Lopez

refactor logging color output

use a single log prefix table, and some bitops, instead of a ternary if

64a3eff7 08/25/2015 11:16 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added option to disable colors in logging (issue #304)

f7bdfe3e 07/15/2015 03:43 PM meetecho

Changed names of external logging variables to avoid conflicts with libwebsockets

a2df92e2 04/08/2015 10:00 PM Pierce Lopez

make JANUS_LOG macro less redundant

4c5c403a 04/03/2015 11:11 AM meetecho

Added optional timestamps to logging (issue #191)

c95f775b 09/16/2014 01:25 PM meetecho

Admin API to change debugging and fixed deadlock on session timeout

bf2c38b3 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

janus: const-correctness fixes

0013478d 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

debug: Fix string literal formatting in JANUS_LOG

By requiring the first log parameter to be a string literal, we can take
advantage of the compiler’s format placeholder checking, and avoid a
whole class of security vulnerabilities.

9d11ac50 07/04/2014 10:18 AM meetecho

Added a basic recording functionality plugins can use
Added a new helper to allow plugins to record RTP media frames in a structured way;
Added a simple external utility to post-process those recordings to a webm or opus file;
Integrated the recording functionality in the Video MCU plugin, and added a new configuration value to selectively enable/disable the feature

3a121919 04/24/2014 09:49 AM meetecho

Fix to logging problems (undefined symbol) in plugins

58a7da74 04/18/2014 08:48 AM meetecho

Fix in potential logging issue

72639557 04/18/2014 08:45 AM meetecho

Added support for rtcp-mux
Bugfixing here and there

3a26e009 04/15/2014 01:27 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.2, several fixes and improvements
Several improvements on memory management (allocations, memory leaks, etc.);
Added levels for logging and debugging;
Cosmetic changes to the demos (e.g., bitrate in Video MCU feeds)

be35facb 02/11/2014 03:20 PM meetecho

First commit