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6a998158 12/13/2016 10:33 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #536 from meetecho/event-handlers

Event handler plugins

997c72f7 12/08/2016 08:50 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Shimmed libsrtp2 API

846a7f2b 12/07/2016 02:53 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Updated code to reflect API changes in case libsrtp2 is detected

f48f8a9d 09/21/2016 10:29 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

47d46a30 09/14/2016 10:02 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed warnings

33dc984b 09/13/2016 03:17 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Initialize BIO filter at startup

b7de914c 09/06/2016 03:09 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changes to DTLS BIO filter for OpenSSL 1.1.0

77ccb849 08/04/2016 09:59 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

c7498fa9 07/29/2016 04:29 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed naming of threads, fixed wav header in audiobridge recording, anticipated sessions stuff in Janus startup (to avoid issues when some of the transport plugins drag and requests start arriving)

7049624a 07/11/2016 09:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

035764ad 06/23/2016 09:52 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Conditional support of DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration
Note: DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration is a method only supported in recent versione of BoringSSL, and allows for setting a different value for the retransmission timeout used by DTLS (which by default is 1s, very high for WebRTC: this commit sets 100ms). You need to explicitly enable the flag when doing the configure as we can't check for its availability in the existing BoringSSL setup, which is typically a static library. Update BoringSSL to the latest version (removed the revision line from the README) and when configuring add --enable-boringssl --enable-dtls-settimeout, then make clean and make again.

a7654906 06/15/2016 10:26 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added events to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

9b224003 06/15/2016 09:39 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Don't ignore alerts for DataChannel only (or non-muxed) components

24e3e4da 06/14/2016 10:55 AM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

dtls: add warning when autogenerating key/cert

499e6319 06/14/2016 10:22 AM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

dtls: automatically generate a key and cert if they were not specified

The cert/key are generated on startup and not stored. Better use these
instead of the sample ones everyone probably uses.

Shamelessby borrowed and adapted from MediaSoup. Thanks @ibc!

89292ea4 06/13/2016 04:29 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

dtls: refactor loading certificate and key files

This lays the groundwork for auto-generating them later.

17e9f473 06/13/2016 03:52 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

misc: style fixes (editorconfig)

f47c2cc6 06/13/2016 03:52 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

dtls: simplify key loading code

- const-ify some function arguments
- remove unneeded global variables
- remove unneeded function
- add function to cleanup DTLS state

6cc64456 05/28/2016 12:23 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed typo

1d31e31f 05/27/2016 09:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow for the events to be disabled completely (broadcast=no in [events] of janus.cfg)

6c173b76 05/23/2016 01:08 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Event handler plugins, first draft

90001b06 03/02/2016 11:29 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Add number of packets sent/received per medium to Admin API

b00bf6e1 12/16/2015 08:54 PM Pierce Lopez

fix leak of component (timeout) source

use g_source_unref() instead of
if(G_IS_OBJECT()) g_object_unref()

G_IS_OBJECT() was not true for the timeout source, on my system

b8c852db 12/15/2015 09:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Initialize timeout value before calling DTLSv1_get_timeout (issue #419)

0437cad6 11/27/2015 01:03 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Attempt to fix the infamous DTLS decrypt alert error (issue #316)

0003df81 11/27/2015 11:00 AM Lorenzo Miniero

More details when something in OpenSSL fails

7cc5c0f3 10/23/2015 03:02 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed parsing of fingerprints so that they can be different per each stream

202d13d9 10/06/2015 01:03 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Decreased verbosity for some lines (info to verb), and added call to nice_agent_remove_stream when enforcing bundle/rtcp-mux (see #154)

1f067658 09/28/2015 10:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Converted memory allocations to GLib ones, and fixed a couple of leaks

8b8d2ccd 09/15/2015 02:38 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added some timing related details to the handle info in the admin API

58409e86 06/05/2015 04:05 PM meetecho

Implemented new OpenSSL BIO filter to fix fragmentation issue in DTLS on large certificates (see #252)

13e84146 03/25/2015 08:29 PM meetecho

Fix on mid management (Firefox Nightly)

b6b6ac65 03/10/2015 05:11 PM meetecho

Fixes to some memory leaks in the Janus core

19126117 02/03/2015 01:51 PM meetecho

Added reason to hangup event (and improved it)

33b7583f 01/27/2015 11:21 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge pull request #125 from yultide/master

Janus build fixes for OSX

eb85376b 01/20/2015 09:36 AM meetecho

DTLS fix for issue #132 (and #134 as well?)

48544f57 01/16/2015 03:02 PM meetecho

Better DTLS-related debug (handle info)

19012dbb 01/14/2015 10:46 PM meetecho

First draft for some data transfer statistics in the admin API

5865a93a 01/09/2015 10:32 AM meetecho

Fixed DTLS handshake issue with Firefox Nightly

b1c60d34 12/30/2014 10:58 AM Yulius Tjahjadi

Janus build fixes for OSX

24cb3c22 12/23/2014 10:53 AM meetecho

Fix for the recent ICE issues with Firefox stable

407dc066 12/19/2014 01:38 PM meetecho

Some improvements on the DTLS handshake (and related debugging)

dbf63b61 12/18/2014 01:50 PM meetecho

Further changes to the other threads (plugin and core)

5c329518 12/17/2014 10:23 PM Pierce Lopez

sctp / dtls threads should deref themselves so they are cleaned up

since no other thread join()s them

5fa9a305 10/22/2014 01:01 PM meetecho

Experimental IPv6 support and new Recorder/Playout plugin
Added experimental IPv6 support for media;
Added a new plugin to record and then replay WebRTC sessions;
Several fixes on memory leaks, especially in plugins;
Some more fixes scattered across the project

6dd1c12c 10/14/2014 02:27 PM meetecho

Several fixes
Improved DTLS timer and retransmissions;
Added a helper to parse on/off configuration values;
Added API command to enable/disable streaming mountpoints;
Added a (commented) H.264 sample mountpoint to the streaming configuration;
Improved SSRC multiplexing in the Video MCU;...

c94052c2 10/01/2014 11:09 AM meetecho

Several changes and fixes
Fixed for default plugin dependencies;
Renamed configuration files as samples, and added a 'make configs' target to turn them into configuration files (and avoid overwriting them at each 'make install');
Replaced all sprintf with g_snprintf (issue #60)...

77992057 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

core: Fix old-style function definitions

And add a warning flag to prevent new ones being introduced.

dfe2ad07 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

janus: Fix various signed/unsigned integer comparisons

This tidies up a few compiler warnings.

d0082ce5 08/18/2014 12:33 PM meetecho

Bug fixing
Fixed bugs #53 and #54

3f0b4067 07/18/2014 10:22 AM meetecho

First steps in adding support for SSRC multiplexing (Plan B) to the VideoMCU plugin
First steps on adding support to SSRC multiplexing (Plan B) in Janus;
Integrated this support in the Video MCU plugin (basic, to improve);
Made ID in streams creation optional (streaming plugin);...

be196340 07/07/2014 03:17 PM meetecho

Improved hangup of PCs from plugins

9d11ac50 07/04/2014 10:18 AM meetecho

Added a basic recording functionality plugins can use
Added a new helper to allow plugins to record RTP media frames in a structured way;
Added a simple external utility to post-process those recordings to a webm or opus file;
Integrated the recording functionality in the Video MCU plugin, and added a new configuration value to selectively enable/disable the feature

b3b3804c 06/25/2014 01:07 PM meetecho

Fixed an issue where, for non-bundled streams including data channels, setup_media would not be called in plugins

05bba746 06/17/2014 08:33 AM meetecho

Made Data Channels support optional when installing
Added a nodatachans flag to the install script to skip data channels;
Added ondataopen JavaScript event to notify data channel being available (since they're optional now), and updated examples to use it;...

a3d13e20 06/04/2014 02:38 PM meetecho

Added support for Data Channels
Added a first integration of Data Channels (strings only for now)
Modified Echo Test and Video Call demos to include Data Channels
Updated documentation and FAQ
General bug fixing here and there

b4b5a20a 04/30/2014 03:03 PM meetecho

Added BUNDLE support and fixed Trickle ICE
Added BUNDLE support;
Fixed Trickle ICE and made the default in JS (can be disabled by passing trickle:false);
Added util methods for manipulating flags bitmasks

3a26e009 04/15/2014 01:27 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.2, several fixes and improvements
Several improvements on memory management (allocations, memory leaks, etc.);
Added levels for logging and debugging;
Cosmetic changes to the demos (e.g., bitrate in Video MCU feeds)

cfd5c0d6 04/03/2014 03:48 PM meetecho

New demo (screen sharing) and bugfixes
Fixed some force closes when closing sessions;
Added more documentation (e.g., how to deploy Janus);
Added a description of each demo to the HTML pages;
Added a new demo (screen sharing) that makes use of the existing Video MCU plugin;...

be35facb 02/11/2014 03:20 PM meetecho

First commit