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c734a91a 10/05/2016 10:48 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow plugins to send out-of-context events (no associated session/handle) to event handlers

68daf94e 09/05/2016 10:44 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Aligned with new v0.2.0

77ccb849 08/04/2016 09:59 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

85e08061 08/04/2016 09:53 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json

c7498fa9 07/29/2016 04:29 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed naming of threads, fixed wav header in audiobridge recording, anticipated sessions stuff in Janus startup (to avoid issues when some of the transport plugins drag and requests start arriving)

71a04f89 07/26/2016 10:04 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added plugin configuration for whether or not to shoot plugin-specific events (even when global configuration is yes)

f609012c 07/15/2016 03:51 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

dc17f989 07/15/2016 03:49 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed extra/unneeded calls to json_decref

a3436ed0 06/15/2016 01:24 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added new approach to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

a7654906 06/15/2016 10:26 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Added events to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master

ff2d3e1a 06/09/2016 11:09 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Support for recording data channel text messages, and post process them to .srt files

9674d116 06/01/2016 02:33 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

4d8c7356 06/01/2016 02:30 PM Lorenzo Miniero

More events, in particular from other plugins than the EchoTest, and added examples to the sample handler plugin

51db8a86 05/31/2016 02:12 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Use json_true() and json_false() where we used 0/1 integers or true/false strings

be648eca 05/31/2016 12:40 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json

d223cef1 05/27/2016 04:35 PM Lorenzo Miniero

New mutexes to protect recorders in plugins from race conditions (see #531 and #533)

f978c657 05/27/2016 09:20 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers

1d31e31f 05/27/2016 09:18 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Allow for the events to be disabled completely (broadcast=no in [events] of janus.cfg)

dd11fa0a 05/26/2016 09:32 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Optimization of core-to-plugin communication

6c173b76 05/23/2016 01:08 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Event handler plugins, first draft

24ea4173 05/23/2016 09:32 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Merge branch 'master' into recording-codecs

b29447b1 03/23/2016 03:47 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Support for other codecs and formats in recorder and post-processor

d49a834e 03/09/2016 01:55 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added RR/SR termination, and filtering of outgoing packets (REMB generation)

8115f742 03/02/2016 03:23 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fix EchoTest demo for Chrome 50

c1bd6f7a 02/05/2016 06:36 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Reset the hangingup flag in plugin when a new negotiation occurs (to account for cases when hangup_media arrives without a prior setup_media)

90e0cdb4 12/11/2015 02:01 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Don't free the static exit_message message when shutting down plugins

b9e8b01f 11/23/2015 02:04 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Use static exit_message for plugin handler threads
Use conditions to handle/break the main Janus loop

8d38fbcc 11/20/2015 10:59 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Use g_async_queue_pop to implement conditions automatically

a1ea0562 11/18/2015 02:43 PM Lorenzo Miniero

First attempt at using conditions (wait/signal) instead of sleeps for some of the workers we have (at the moment, echotest plugin only for testing)

638695a1 11/09/2015 12:37 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Added fix from #366 and #367 to other plugins as well

a41aab17 10/01/2015 08:55 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Use janus_get_real_time instead of janus_get_monotonic_time for a few things

1f067658 09/28/2015 10:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Converted memory allocations to GLib ones, and fixed a couple of leaks

9b97bcf2 09/25/2015 03:29 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed echo test data channels forwarding (last character cut away)

6089eb4e 09/07/2015 02:01 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed recordings header to contain more info (as of now, mostly codecs and created/first written times), using a JSON format so that it can be extended in the future (old recordings can still be read/played)
Added recording capability to EchoTest, VideoCall and SIP plugins...

18943780 08/28/2015 02:26 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed a couple of data channels potential leaks, and addressed potential overflow when forwarding data channel messages in plugins (see issue #302)

f65c61ff 08/27/2015 05:40 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed default value of hangingup when creating plugin sessions to false

3a3cc054 08/05/2015 09:18 AM meetecho

Better management of hangingup flag in plugins (issue #297)

4239218c 08/03/2015 02:33 PM meetecho

Made hangingup checks in plugins atomic (see issue #297)

78955474 07/31/2015 12:31 PM meetecho

Fixed deadlock in videocall plugin
Fixed hangup_media not being invoked in some plugins when preceded by destroy_session (see issue #297 and #298)

793d18b1 07/07/2015 10:27 AM meetecho

Fixed occasional problems with double detaches (as evidenced in #260)

349b07f9 06/19/2015 02:45 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

echo: return error if unrecognizable message is received

9fad3f14 06/08/2015 09:42 AM meetecho

Added checks to avoid negative integers in API requests (issue #241)

83e230ed 03/13/2015 02:35 PM meetecho

Feedback about slow links to echotest and videocall users

011610cd 03/10/2015 02:23 PM meetecho

Updated memory leaks in all plugins as per #179

24c01741 03/09/2015 11:26 AM meetecho

Modified slow_link callback to account for uplink and downlink issues, as discussed in #174 and #175
Integrated new callback in echotest, videocall and videoroom

1281ca86 02/18/2015 03:07 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.8 of Janus
Plugins now need to initialize via JANUS_PLUGIN_INIT;
Plugins with old compatibility are rejected by the core;
New plugin callback to be notified about slow links (too many NACKs);
Fixed file-based streaming (a-law, u-law) in Streaming plugin;...

1e2f5d89 02/13/2015 05:21 PM meetecho

Fixed broken NACK behaviour, made shutdown faster and added summary to configure

02fac6b4 02/13/2015 02:14 PM meetecho

Added some doxygen documentation for the plugins APIs as well

febef1ea 02/03/2015 12:29 PM meetecho

Added switching a-la MCU to the streaming plugin as well (live RTP only)
Clearer logging of threads in all plugins

6bb3f34d 01/25/2015 05:36 AM Nicholas Wylie

Moved some includes for easier plugin building

667b2005 01/15/2015 08:22 PM meetecho

Plugin API change: compatibility check and admin-related session handle query

8878e296 01/05/2015 07:01 PM meetecho

Several changes and fixes, mostly to address the new feature added in #114

dbf63b61 12/18/2014 01:50 PM meetecho

Further changes to the other threads (plugin and core)

0eea7abe 12/17/2014 10:13 PM Pierce Lopez

plugins: echotest and streaming: use atomic operations for stopping and initialized flags

... where most critical

use _try variant of g_thread_new for watchdog, since we're checking for failure

Stop watchdog thread before freeing sessions table

31b1c54c 12/17/2014 01:11 AM Pierce Lopez

unref or join some threads

avoid leaving thread state and stacks on heap after threads exit

5fa9a305 10/22/2014 01:01 PM meetecho

Experimental IPv6 support and new Recorder/Playout plugin
Added experimental IPv6 support for media;
Added a new plugin to record and then replay WebRTC sessions;
Several fixes on memory leaks, especially in plugins;
Some more fixes scattered across the project

bf24339c 10/09/2014 02:22 PM meetecho

Ad-hoc thread for outgoing media/data
Improved SSRC multiplexing (Plan B) in MCU
Per-participant recording in MCU through API
Configurable path for audiobridge recording
Attempt to fix failed replay SRTP error (NACK management)
Other fixes here and there

c94052c2 10/01/2014 11:09 AM meetecho

Several changes and fixes
Fixed for default plugin dependencies;
Renamed configuration files as samples, and added a 'make configs' target to turn them into configuration files (and avoid overwriting them at each 'make install');
Replaced all sprintf with g_snprintf (issue #60)...

ead45815 09/23/2014 02:43 PM meetecho

Added experimental support to RabbitMQ as a transport for the Janus API

292d035f 09/15/2014 03:04 PM meetecho

New synchronous API for plugin messaging and preliminary NACK support
Added the possibility of implementing synchronous messaging with plugins, as an alternative to the asynchronous mechanism (send message, wait for event);
Implemented preliminary support for direct handling of NACK feedback;...

506f60ae 09/08/2014 02:56 PM Jack Leigh

Staticise plugin globals

4d13c20d 09/05/2014 03:35 PM meetecho

Aligned some glib usage to the recent cleanup

77992057 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

core: Fix old-style function definitions

And add a warning flag to prevent new ones being introduced.

bf2c38b3 09/04/2014 05:29 PM Philip Withnall

janus: const-correctness fixes

f7fca695 08/20/2014 03:06 PM meetecho

Added first version of admin/monitor/overview API (issue #41, disabled by default)

9d11ac50 07/04/2014 10:18 AM meetecho

Added a basic recording functionality plugins can use
Added a new helper to allow plugins to record RTP media frames in a structured way;
Added a simple external utility to post-process those recordings to a webm or opus file;
Integrated the recording functionality in the Video MCU plugin, and added a new configuration value to selectively enable/disable the feature

3cc3cab3 06/24/2014 09:05 AM meetecho

Better error management in plugins and other changes
Improved error management in plugins by adding error codes;
Some changes in the events being notified by the VideoMCU plugin;
SIP guests can now specify a username;
Some attempted fixes in the core

aff9f5c0 06/21/2014 01:11 PM meetecho

Several changes to the core
Added clearer messages when the format of the parameters in requests is wrong;
Added the possibility to specify the session ID when creating a session, rather than having Janus create a random one;
Added a maxev long poll parameter to group events to notify in an array, if more than one becomes available;...

a3d13e20 06/04/2014 02:38 PM meetecho

Added support for Data Channels
Added a first integration of Data Channels (strings only for now)
Modified Echo Test and Video Call demos to include Data Channels
Updated documentation and FAQ
General bug fixing here and there

a37dd8a2 05/14/2014 01:28 PM meetecho

Several changes in the SIP plugin
Several improvements in the SIP plugin (fixed segfaults, made configuration more generic, added option to accept and decline calls, improved UI, etc.)
General bugfixing in the core itself

b4b5a20a 04/30/2014 03:03 PM meetecho

Added BUNDLE support and fixed Trickle ICE
Added BUNDLE support;
Fixed Trickle ICE and made the default in JS (can be disabled by passing trickle:false);
Added util methods for manipulating flags bitmasks

3a26e009 04/15/2014 01:27 PM meetecho

Version 0.0.2, several fixes and improvements
Several improvements on memory management (allocations, memory leaks, etc.);
Added levels for logging and debugging;
Cosmetic changes to the demos (e.g., bitrate in Video MCU feeds)

cfd5c0d6 04/03/2014 03:48 PM meetecho

New demo (screen sharing) and bugfixes
Fixed some force closes when closing sessions;
Added more documentation (e.g., how to deploy Janus);
Added a description of each demo to the HTML pages;
Added a new demo (screen sharing) that makes use of the existing Video MCU plugin;...

5e9e29e0 03/12/2014 04:44 PM meetecho

Several changes and improvements

Made the script smarter in checking dependencies;
Added a STUN test request at startup, when enabled;
Added an option to specify the public IP of the machine, and fixed the information put in the c-lines accordingly;...

be35facb 02/11/2014 03:20 PM meetecho

First commit