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8faeb95d 09/08/2016 03:00 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Removed some unneeded extra verbosity

c7498fa9 07/29/2016 04:29 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Changed naming of threads, fixed wav header in audiobridge recording, anticipated sessions stuff in Janus startup (to avoid issues when some of the transport plugins drag and requests start arriving)

2171d495 11/26/2015 02:05 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Make sure we don't free the static exit message

5dc9a256 11/24/2015 03:56 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Use single GAsyncQueue for incoming/outgoing dat channel messages

202d13d9 10/06/2015 01:03 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Decreased verbosity for some lines (info to verb), and added call to nice_agent_remove_stream when enforcing bundle/rtcp-mux (see #154)

1f067658 09/28/2015 10:19 AM Lorenzo Miniero

Converted memory allocations to GLib ones, and fixed a couple of leaks

18943780 08/28/2015 02:26 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed a couple of data channels potential leaks, and addressed potential overflow when forwarding data channel messages in plugins (see issue #302)

5f030f23 04/15/2015 12:59 PM meetecho

Removed unneeded ready flag in the SCTP stack management (issue #144)

00a3f175 04/14/2015 10:32 AM meetecho

Don't try receiving SCTP data unless we sent some (wait for our connect, issue #144)

7dfc6de2 04/13/2015 12:16 PM meetecho

Attempt to fix issue #144 (timing related SCTP stack problem)

0fa789dc 03/18/2015 11:22 AM meetecho

Improved and documented optional debugging of SCTP messaging

c3657ea9 03/16/2015 10:39 AM meetecho

Removed unneeded unlock/lock when relaying DataChannel data (ref. issue #189)

4d68b551 03/09/2015 09:40 AM meetecho

Attempt to fix data channel issue identified in #165

d07d633f 03/05/2015 10:07 AM meetecho

Attempt to fix issue with data channels labels (#165)

1ce09c4b 01/05/2015 08:37 PM Lorenzo Miniero

Fixed padding (added in #124 related commit)

f20cf7a5 01/02/2015 02:45 PM meetecho

Fixed issue #124 (label size for data channels)

dbf63b61 12/18/2014 01:50 PM meetecho

Further changes to the other threads (plugin and core)

5c329518 12/17/2014 10:23 PM Pierce Lopez

sctp / dtls threads should deref themselves so they are cleaned up

since no other thread join()s them

f37e9d10 10/21/2014 01:09 PM meetecho

Fixed reception of SCTP label (issue #80)

95025f88 10/21/2014 01:08 PM meetecho

Fixed reception of SCTP label (issue #80)

ac97afe7 09/17/2014 08:29 AM meetecho

Fixed leftover in sctp.c (issue #67)

a7442038 09/05/2014 12:36 PM meetecho

Some post merge #62 fixes
Fixed check not working for datachannels and websockets enabled
Fixed some warnings here and there

d0082ce5 08/18/2014 12:33 PM meetecho

Bug fixing
Fixed bugs #53 and #54

9d11ac50 07/04/2014 10:18 AM meetecho

Added a basic recording functionality plugins can use
Added a new helper to allow plugins to record RTP media frames in a structured way;
Added a simple external utility to post-process those recordings to a webm or opus file;
Integrated the recording functionality in the Video MCU plugin, and added a new configuration value to selectively enable/disable the feature

05bba746 06/17/2014 08:33 AM meetecho

Made Data Channels support optional when installing
Added a nodatachans flag to the install script to skip data channels;
Added ondataopen JavaScript event to notify data channel being available (since they're optional now), and updated examples to use it;...

a3d13e20 06/04/2014 02:38 PM meetecho

Added support for Data Channels
Added a first integration of Data Channels (strings only for now)
Modified Echo Test and Video Call demos to include Data Channels
Updated documentation and FAQ
General bug fixing here and there