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Demo details

This demo is an example of how you can use the Video Room plugin to implement a simple videoconferencing application. In particular, this demo page allows you to have up to 6 active participants at the same time: more participants joining the room will be instead just passive users. No mixing is involved: all media are just relayed in a publisher/subscriber approach. This means that the plugin acts as a SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) rather than an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit).

To use the demo, just insert a username to join the default room that is configured. This will add you to the list of participants, and allow you to automatically send your audio/video frames and receive the other participants' feeds. The other participants will appear in separate panels, whose title will be the names they chose when registering at the demo.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.


Local Video

Remote Video #1

Remote Video #2

Remote Video #3

Remote Video #4

Remote Video #5