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Demo details

This Echo Test demo just blindly sends you back whatever you send to it. You're basically attached to yourself, and so your audio and video you send to the gateway are echoed back to you. The same is done for RTCP packets as well, with the information properly updated.

The demo also provides a few controls to manipulate the media before you send them. You can mute audio and video, for instance, which will tell the gateway to drop the frames and not echo them back to you. You can also try and cap the bitrate: such control will tell the gateway to manipulate the RTCP REMB packets passing through, in order to simulate a bandwidth limitation.

Finally, this demo also includes Data Channels: whatever you write in the text box under your local video, will be sent via Data Channels to the plugins, modified by adding a fixed prefix, and sent back to you in the text area below the remote video.

This demo, as all the others, for the sake of simplicity accesses the default devices you have available on your machine. If you're interested in a demo that shows you how you can select specific devices with janus.js, open the Devices demo instead.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.

Local Stream

Remote Stream