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Demo details

This Video Call demo is basically an example of how you can achieve a scenario like the famous AppRTC demo but with media flowing through Janus. It basically is an extension to the Echo Test demo, where in this case the media packets and statistics are forwarded between the two involved peers.

Using the demo is simple. Just choose a simple username to register at the plugin, and then either call another user (provided you know which username was picked) or share your username with a friend and wait for a call. At that point, you'll be in a video call with the remote peer, and you'll have the same controls the Echo Test demo provides to try and control the media: that is, a button to mute/unmute your audio and video, and a knob to try and limit your bandwidth. If the browser supports it, you'll also get a view of the bandwidth currently used by your peer for the video stream.

A very simple chat based on Data Channels is available as well: just use the text area under your local video to send messages to your peer. Incoming messages will be displayed below the remote video instead.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.

Local Stream

Remote Stream