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1 7091a464 Lorenzo Miniero
option "daemon" b "Launch Janus in background as a daemon" flag off
2 4ea57952 Lorenzo Miniero
option "pid-file" p "Open the specified PID file when starting Janus (default=none)" string typestr="path" optional
3 f82a8605 Lorenzo Miniero
option "disable-stdout" N "Disable stdout based logging" flag off
option "log-file" L "Log to the specified file (default=stdout only)" string typestr="path" optional
5 be35facb meetecho
option "interface" i "Interface to use (will be the public IP)" string typestr="ipaddress" optional
option "plugins-folder" P "Plugins folder (default=./plugins)" string typestr="path" optional
7 bb114ece Dustin Oprea
option "config" C "Configuration file to use" string typestr="filename" optional
8 be35facb meetecho
option "configs-folder" F "Configuration files folder (default=./conf)" string typestr="path" optional
9 20cbbc67 meetecho
option "cert-pem" c "DTLS certificate" string typestr="filename" optional
option "cert-key" k "DTLS certificate key" string typestr="filename" optional
11 5e9e29e0 meetecho
option "stun-server" S "STUN server(:port) to use, if needed (e.g., gateway behind NAT, default=none)" string typestr="ip:port" optional
12 4b131434 Lorenzo Miniero
option "nat-1-1" 1 "Public IP to put in all host candidates, assuming a 1:1 NAT is in place (e.g., Amazon EC2 instances, default=none)" string typestr="ip" optional
13 c27a34be Lorenzo Miniero
option "ice-enforce-list" E "Comma-separated list of the only interfaces to use for ICE gathering; partial strings are supported (e.g., eth0 or eno1,wlan0, default=none)" string typestr="list" optional
14 ddc1f702 meetecho
option "ice-ignore-list" X "Comma-separated list of interfaces or IP addresses to ignore for ICE gathering; partial strings are supported (e.g., vmnet8,, or vmnet,192.168., default=vmnet)" string typestr="list" optional
15 5fa9a305 meetecho
option "ipv6-candidates" 6 "Whether to enable IPv6 candidates or not (experimental)" flag off
16 58d8bf1a meetecho
option "libnice-debug" l "Whether to enable libnice debugging or not" flag off
17 b4359229 meetecho
option "ice-lite" I "Whether to enable the ICE Lite mode or not" flag off
18 11b11a8e meetecho
option "ice-tcp" T "Whether to enable ICE-TCP or not (warning: only works with ICE Lite)" flag off
19 284646a9 meetecho
option "force-bundle" U "Whether to force BUNDLE or not (whether audio, video and data will always be bundled)" flag off
option "force-rtcp-mux" u "Whether to force rtcp-mux or not (whether RTP and RTCP will always be muxed)" flag off
21 47dacad9 meetecho
option "max-nack-queue" q "Maximum size of the NACK queue per user for retransmissions" int typestr="number" optional
22 5e9e29e0 meetecho
option "rtp-port-range" r "Port range to use for RTP/RTCP" string typestr="min-max" optional
23 d936d277 Lorenzo Miniero
option "server-name" n "Public name of this Janus instance (default=MyJanusInstance)" string typestr="name" optional
24 e67b71f9 Lorenzo Miniero
option "session-timeout" s "Session timeout value, in seconds (default=60)" int typestr="number" optional
25 3a26e009 meetecho
option "debug-level" d "Debug/logging level (0=disable debugging, 7=maximum debug level; default=4)" int typestr="1-7" optional
26 4c5c403a meetecho
option "debug-timestamps" D "Enable debug/logging timestamps" flag off
27 64a3eff7 Lorenzo Miniero
option "disable-colors" o "Disable color in the logging" flag off
28 aff9f5c0 meetecho
option "apisecret" a "API secret all requests need to pass in order to be accepted by Janus (useful when wrapping Janus API requests in a server, none by default)" string typestr="randomstring" optional
29 263ce349 Lorenzo Miniero
option "token-auth" A "Enable token-based authentication for all requests" flag off
30 c49a9d03 Lorenzo Miniero
option "event-handlers" e "Enable event handlers" flag off