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Added by Deomid Ryabkov over 5 years ago

Change from using #ifdef to #if for features tests

"#if FOO" still works with simple -DFOO, but gives more flexibility.
Specifically, if user expressed no preference (FOO is not defined),
we can apply reasonable defaults (this is the legitimate use of ifdef).

In short, from now on, please use


instead of


Since we are all used to #ifdef, this change also adds a precommit check
to police this. Specifically, in *.h and *.c files that are Copyright Cesanta,
"ifdef" and "if defined()" are not allowed to be used with macros that contain
ENABLE or DISABLE, unless the like also contains "ifdef-ok".

Hence, if you are sure you want to use ifdef, use this:

#ifdef MG_ENABLE_FOO /* ifdef-ok */



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