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  http eaef5bd1 almost 5 years Alexander Alashkin Revert "Stop publish examples to mongoose repo"...
  nrf5_iot_sdk eaef5bd1 almost 5 years Alexander Alashkin Revert "Stop publish examples to mongoose repo"... 460 Bytes eaef5bd1 almost 5 years Alexander Alashkin Revert "Stop publish examples to mongoose repo"...

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eaef5bd1 02/06/2017 02:08 PM Alexander Alashkin

Revert "Stop publish examples to mongoose repo"

This reverts commit 1a17e17c462bdd4e1d26d8742f8b7087273e04c2.


551f393d 02/03/2017 10:17 AM Alexander Alashkin

Remove examples

39b0b8e2 11/23/2016 08:06 AM Marko Mikulicic

Fix clang formatting


84132b7b 11/04/2016 07:35 PM Dmitry Frank

Add readme for nRF51 example

And pre-create directories for SDK for both nRF51 and nRF52.


e69a7a1b 11/04/2016 07:05 PM Dmitry Frank

Enable warnings on nRF5x examples

Now all warnings are disabled on SDK files, and enabled on our
application's files.

Fixed a couple of things in nRF52 which were unnoticed because all
warnings were disabled there from the beginning.


6ff49dc1 11/03/2016 10:50 PM Dmitry Frank

Fix nRF51 example and add RTT support to it

Now it works in hardware.


717e872f 10/27/2016 06:37 PM Dmitry Frank

Fix nRF52 Keil project file

Keil actually saves project on disk only when the project is closed,
that's why these changes were missing before


dbff932d 10/27/2016 06:23 PM Dmitry Frank

Improve readme for nRF example


2ef6f724 10/26/2016 01:07 PM Deomid Ryabkov

Remove -DNO_BSD_SOCKETS, this macro is not used


f061dcf8 10/26/2016 12:00 PM Dmitry Frank

Make nRF5 example fit better in nRF ecosystem

By making dir hierarchy replicate that of examples provided with the nRF

Also, example for Keil uVision IDE is added.


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nRF52 example project

This is a Mongoose "Hello, world" that can be compiled under nRF IoT SDK.

To make it work, you should download nRF5 IoT SDK and unpack it in the current directory as nrf5_iot_sdk.

The project structure replicates that of the examples provided with the SDK: Keil uVision project is located at boards/pca10040/arm5_no_packs; ARM-GCC Makefile is located in boards/pca10040/armgcc.

Also available in: Atom