# Date Author Comment
5bf2527b 12/06/2013 10:22 AM Luca Abeni

Analyser: Fix warnings, and fix compilation with modern ffcrap

91e74198 11/16/2011 10:10 AM Luca Abeni luca.abeni@unitn...

Add support for SSim computation

ad8cd946 11/16/2011 10:08 AM Luca Abeni luca.abeni@unitn...

Fix compilation

3ede6eaa 05/09/2011 01:50 PM Luca Abeni

Fix compilation with newer ffmpeg

18a9bf9d 05/09/2011 01:48 PM Luca Abeni

Another forgotten file...

49a83aaa 05/09/2011 09:26 AM Luca Abeni

Add forgotten files

56c85e73 05/09/2011 09:20 AM Luca Abeni

Di not destroy the previous frame when there are decoding errors

ba5221eb 05/09/2011 09:19 AM Luca Abeni

Allow to process only the first N frames

328960cc 05/09/2011 09:17 AM Luca Abeni

Print something parseable (0) even if no TSs are present

ac9e5dc4 03/17/2011 04:52 PM Luca Abeni

Print the average PSNR for a sequence

29f4f024 03/17/2011 04:11 PM Luca Abeni

Allow to skip some frames from the original video

b26eff04 03/17/2011 03:58 PM Luca Abeni

Compile refiller-psnr by default

432d7e5f 03/17/2011 03:43 PM Luca Abeni

Allow to set the decoding delay

1c0159db 03/17/2011 03:24 PM Luca Abeni

Print the PSNR

75422c31 03/17/2011 03:24 PM Luca Abeni

Fix decoding (private_data cannot be changed by the user!)

1f0e2015 03/17/2011 03:04 PM Luca Abeni

Fix something in the null encoder and in the PSNR output

038897fc 03/17/2011 02:25 PM Luca Abeni

PSNR output

4aa3fdfc 03/17/2011 02:25 PM Luca Abeni

Add a null encoder, used for PSNR

2641d328 03/17/2011 02:22 PM Luca Abeni

Split encoding functions in a different file

caf3c222 03/17/2011 08:29 AM Luca Abeni

Better decoding function, that can be used to decode more streams in parallel

2ca74c58 03/17/2011 08:29 AM Luca Abeni

Rename a parameter to a more generic name

c0ec661a 03/17/2011 07:44 AM Luca Abeni

Rename output.c to output-avf.c and fix x264 compilation

69103c9f 03/02/2011 09:01 AM Luca Abeni

Hopefully fix the issue, for real!!!

1f10295c 03/01/2011 10:04 PM Luca Abeni

Fix the nth "off-by-one issue" (I hope :)

e5900cab 03/01/2011 09:55 AM Luca Abeni

Discard audio streams in the cutter

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