From 09/25/2009 to 10/24/2009


08:40 PM Revision c5898e86 (ffmpeg): compute codec bitrate in mov demuxer, patch by haim alon, haim dot al...
Originally committed as revision 20368 to svn:// haim alon
05:24 PM Revision d3ee7715 (ffmpeg): Support amdfam10 for --cpu, also avoids a warning about unknown cpu if
--cpu=host is used on AMD Phenom and newer at least.
Originally committed as revision 20367 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
05:24 PM Revision bd56505a (ffmpeg): Bump micro version after the FRWU decoder inclusion
Originally committed as revision 20366 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
05:01 PM Revision 8f1e4d4f (ffmpeg): Split, and create the script.
Originally committed as revision 20365 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:53 PM Revision 921da217 (ffmpeg): Just remove params understood by the demuxer
This should unbreak certain urls.
Originally committed as revision 20364 to svn://
Luca Barbato
03:18 PM Revision 7541f32e (ffmpeg): Suppress ?params in the rtsp uri
Right now rtsp demuxer receives it's ffmpeg specific params encoded in the url
That made the server receiving request...
Luca Barbato
03:10 PM Revision 224b4495 (ffmpeg): Use sdp c= line if the rtsp Transport line doesn't have a destination
Transport:destination in rtsp is optional, c= line in sdp is compulsory
Patch from Armand Bendanan (name.surnameATfr...
Luca Barbato
12:44 PM Revision 76e6e9c3 (ffmpeg): Remove ancient redir demuxer.
HTTP supports redirection just fine without it.
Originally committed as revision 20361 to svn://
Diego Biurrun
12:39 PM Revision 2189dbc4 (ffmpeg): Fix codectest
Originally committed as revision 20360 to svn:// Måns Rullgård


10:49 PM Revision f94e56cf (ffmpeg): Split, put all the code which can be shared by
other regression test scripts in the file.
Originally committed as revision 20359 to svn://svn.f...
Stefano Sabatini
11:51 AM Revision 329c01c5 (ffmpeg): Compile LPC code when CONFIG_LPC is set.
The codec dependencies on LPC are already described in configure,
so there is no need to duplicate this in the Makefi...
Diego Biurrun


11:08 PM Revision 54116673 (ffmpeg): Update the entry for the AVFilter.description field addition.
Originally committed as revision 20357 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:03 PM Revision cccd292a (ffmpeg): Move the description field of the filter from AVFilterContext to
AVFilter, where it should have had defined the first time.
Originally committed as revision 20356 to svn://svn...
Stefano Sabatini
10:49 PM Revision 01537e9f (ffmpeg): Add an entry for the AVFilterContext.description addition.
Originally committed as revision 20355 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:46 PM Revision 1551745c (ffmpeg): Add a description field to AVFilterContext.
Originally committed as revision 20354 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:29 PM Revision 29b5a3aa (ffmpeg): Refer again to the "width" and "height" crop parameter names
which were previously mentioned, rather than to "w" and "h".
Originally committed as revision 20353 to svn://svn.ffm...
Stefano Sabatini
10:00 PM Revision c38ae71f (ffmpeg): Add video vertical flip filter.
Originally committed as revision 20352 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:43 PM Revision debfab4a (ffmpeg): Refer to the "width" and "height" crop parameter names which were
previously mentioned, rather than to "w" and "h".
Originally committed as revision 20351 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:19 PM Revision 06da6943 (ffmpeg): Add clang to detected compilers
Originally committed as revision 20350 to svn:// David Conrad
08:43 PM Revision b74d42ee (ffmpeg): Build extradata in adpcm_ms encoder.
This fixes issue #1244.
Originally committed as revision 20349 to svn://
Daniel Verkamp
06:43 PM Revision df84d7d9 (ffmpeg): Fix infinite loop with size==0 && sample_size!=0 in non interleaved a...
Untested, i do not have a sample.
Originally committed as revision 20348 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
06:32 PM Revision 83a4d356 (ffmpeg): Support non interleaved avi files that have 0<size<sample_size.
(No i do not have a sample its thus also untested)
The new code is also simpler.
Originally committed as revision 20...
Michael Niedermayer
06:12 PM Revision 1b0e6d04 (ml): Some more bug corrections in ML
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
05:56 PM Revision a3fd121c (ml): Some bug corrections in ML
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
04:27 PM Revision c671ac40 (ffmpeg): Fixes detection and error reporting of non-existing files in img2.c.
Patch by Samuli Valo: name surname picturall com
Originally committed as revision 20346 to svn://
Samuli Valo
03:57 PM Revision bb7d0e87 (ffmpeg): Indicate that AdaptCoeff1 and 2 are functions of the actual coefficie...
Originally committed as revision 20345 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
03:43 AM Revision 1af63d85 (ml): Major revamp of ML. Still to be debugged!
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke


09:19 PM Revision 415e6d29 (ffmpeg): Sort video filter descriptions by name.
Originally committed as revision 20344 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:04 PM Revision 06718022 (ffmpeg): Make the pix_fmts var in query_formats() static const.
Originally committed as revision 20343 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:57 PM Revision 190c1669 (ffmpeg): Add video crop filter.
Originally committed as revision 20342 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:43 PM Revision 9abba21a (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: prefer "pix_fmts" over "pix_fmt" for the name of the
argument of avfilter_make_format_list(), as the argument represents a
list of elements.
Originally committed as revi...
Stefano Sabatini
08:39 PM Revision 1554fed2 (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_make_format_list() take in input a const argument.
Originally committed as revision 20340 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:36 PM Revision f2ed1a41 (ffmpeg): Fix the spelling for the project name, from "ffmpeg" to "FFmpeg".
Originally committed as revision 20339 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:22 PM Revision dba755fa (ffmpeg): Rename vfilters.texi to libavfilter.texi, as the file is meant to
document libavfilter and not only its video filtering facilities.
Originally committed as revision 20338 to svn://sv...
Stefano Sabatini
03:19 PM Revision e05d4d29 (ml): fixes here (repoclient_test) and there (ml)
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 TivadarSzemethy
01:25 AM Revision a3faf694 (ffmpeg): Add comment on #endif about condition that triggers it.
Originally committed as revision 20337 to svn:// Ramiro Polla


07:27 PM Revision 61ee5045 (ffmpeg): Seek function for TMV
Originally committed as revision 20336 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
07:07 PM Revision 0319ba5e (ffmpeg): Parenthesize correctly in TMV probe
Originally committed as revision 20335 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
05:47 PM Revision 380cf1b9 (ml): Backup version please use previous version (154)!
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
03:37 PM Revision 2bc70a76 (ffmpeg): Print "NOPTS" when AV_NOPTS_VALUE is encountered during seek regressi...
This makes the output nicely aligned even in for those cases, and might
also avoid some issues with printf implementa...
Reimar Döffinger
03:27 PM Revision 711e69a7 (ffmpeg): Improve sofdec dectection to avoid false positives for MP2.
Patch by tralph11, tralph11 yahoo
Originally committed as revision 20333 to svn://
02:16 PM Revision 558dbb84 (ffmpeg): sin_tables.c is a generated file, so add it to CLEANFILES
Originally committed as revision 20332 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
11:19 AM Revision a0b909fb (ffmpeg): Remove SHIFT_TEMPS from jfdct code.
Patch by avcoder: our_beloved_project AT gmail DOT com
See thread [FFmpeg-devel] Patch: remove useless SHIFT_TEMPS de...
09:22 AM Revision 351ad48b (ml): Imporved mon_test: two version
passive: listening to incoming connections (no socketId specified)
active: you specify from command line the socketI...
06:40 AM Revision 08580cb0 (ffmpeg): Make url_resetbuf() assert on wrong flags passed and make it static o...
version bump.
See thread: [FFmpeg-devel] & vs. &&
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:21:06 +0200
Originally committed as revi...
Benoit Fouet


11:22 PM Revision 0cd0a224 (ffmpeg): Move function that is only used by the MP3 muxer below the correspond...
This removes the dependency of the MP2 muxer on the id3v2 object file.
Originally committed as revision 20329 to svn...
Diego Biurrun
10:45 PM Revision 2ab9be3a (ffmpeg): Add missing dependency of the S/PDIF muxer on the AAC parser.
Fixes build with --disable-parsers.
Originally committed as revision 20328 to svn://
Diego Biurrun
10:36 PM Revision ff06d76a (ffmpeg): Add '#include "libavutil/intreadwrite.h"', necessary for AV_RB32.
This fixes the build with demuxers disabled.
Originally committed as revision 20327 to svn://
Diego Biurrun
10:32 PM Revision cd69fa69 (ffmpeg): The MP2/MP3 muxer uses ff_id3v2_tags, so add the correct object depen...
Originally committed as revision 20326 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:26 PM Revision 96ff02f1 (ffmpeg): Get rid of some pointless '== NULL' / '!= 0' conditions in if stateme...
Originally committed as revision 20325 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:10 PM Revision 6f571d89 (ffmpeg): Remove some duplicate object dependencies for the RTSP demuxer.
They are already covered by its dependency on the SDP demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 20324 to svn://svn.f...
Diego Biurrun
10:03 PM Revision 47e9f621 (ffmpeg): Add missing rdt.o dependency for SDP demuxer.
This fixes the build when the RTSP demuxer is disabled.
Originally committed as revision 20323 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Diego Biurrun
09:59 PM Revision 3a408eff (ffmpeg): Move up the $test variable definition, together with the other
definitions of variables defined using the positional arguments of the
Should ease the split of the file.
Stefano Sabatini
09:54 PM Revision dd65909a (ffmpeg): Give symbolic names to the positional parameters of the script.
Originally committed as revision 20321 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
07:22 PM Revision c0da46c8 (ffmpeg): Break over-80-chars-long line.
Originally committed as revision 20320 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:55 PM Revision 72017ea1 (ffmpeg): check stream index validity in av_program_add_stream_index
Originally committed as revision 20319 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
06:53 PM Revision 8425ceca (ffmpeg): request mp3 frame_size to be set in has_codec_parameters, fix issue #...
Originally committed as revision 20318 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
06:45 PM Revision b0bef342 (ffmpeg): Add additional long names for the Flash Video decoder and encoder.
Originally committed as revision 20317 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:44 PM Revision 2917367c (ffmpeg): Add additional long names for the Sorenson Vector Quantizer 3 decoder.
Originally committed as revision 20316 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:43 PM Revision 1c062b55 (ffmpeg): Add additional long names for the Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 decoder
and encoder.
Originally committed as revision 20315 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
05:21 PM Revision 9adcccde (ffmpeg): mpegaudiodec, mpc and qdm2 all use the same mpa_synth window, so make
them use the same variable/global storage.
Saves 4 kB in .bss.
Originally committed as revision 20314 to svn://svn.f...
Reimar Döffinger
03:51 PM Revision 8767fb4c (ffmpeg): whitespace cosmetics: prettyprinting, K&R style
Originally committed as revision 20313 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
03:41 PM Revision 643fc8f1 (ffmpeg): Flip (M)JPEG frames encoded by Intel JPEG library.
Fixes issues 1464 and 1468.
Originally committed as revision 20312 to svn://
Carl Eugen Hoyos
03:14 PM Revision 11eb3cea (ffmpeg): Remove pointless parentheses.
Originally committed as revision 20311 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
12:47 PM Revision d91aac1c (ffmpeg): cosmetics: Remove pointless parentheses from return statement.
Originally committed as revision 20310 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
12:40 PM Revision 933018e2 (ffmpeg): Align the seek regression test output for better readability.
Originally committed as revision 20309 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
09:35 AM Revision 19538981 (ffmpeg): Update libx264.c for x264 API change
Change behavior of b-pyramid option.
Originally committed as revision 20308 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
02:20 AM Revision f2c061ec (ffmpeg): reindent after commit
Originally committed as revision 20307 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
02:12 AM Revision 7edbcfb7 (ffmpeg): In dump_format, print streams not associated with any program.
Fixes issue #1366.
Originally committed as revision 20306 to svn://
Baptiste Coudurier
01:42 AM Revision cbd8a722 (ffmpeg): Fix wrong comparison in r20304
Originally committed as revision 20305 to svn:// Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet


11:56 PM Revision 9cf6bbb9 (ffmpeg): If missing, calculate width or height from bpp and
image size lowering the probe score too.
Originally committed as revision 20304 to svn://
Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
11:45 PM Revision 027e85d8 (ffmpeg): Add an entry for the avfilter_make_format_list() interface change.
Originally committed as revision 20303 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:39 PM Revision 6b5dc050 (ffmpeg): Rename avfilter_make_format_list2() to avfilter_make_format_list().
Originally committed as revision 20302 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:35 PM Revision e768cb76 (ffmpeg): Remove avfilter_make_format_list(), it has been replaced by
Originally committed as revision 20301 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:27 PM Revision c3a58c4e (ffmpeg): fix indentation
Originally committed as revision 20300 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:06 PM Revision f6a1fa85 (ffmpeg): Implement avfilter_make_format_list2(), which is going to replace
See the thread:
"[PATCH] Implement avfilter_make_format_list2(enum PixelFormat pix_fmt,...
Stefano Sabatini
11:00 PM Revision f28b385d (ffmpeg): Make clear in the doxy that this is a *video* filter.
Originally committed as revision 20298 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:58 PM Revision f6112d7f (ffmpeg): Split the "Introduction" chapter in two chapters as suggested by
Originally committed as revision 20297 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:43 PM Revision 94ec3aca (ffmpeg): Support FourCC mjpa as MJPEG.
Fixes issue 1492.
Originally committed as revision 20296 to svn://
Carl Eugen Hoyos
10:33 PM Revision 9dd08b4e (ffmpeg): Fix recursive avfilter_poll_frame(). It was doing
min = FFMIN(min, avfilter_poll_frame(link->src->inputs[i]))
which, since FFMIN is a macro, was calling itself
twice f...
Vitor Sessak
09:44 PM Revision b07781b6 (ffmpeg): fix linking on systems with a function name prefix (10l in r20287)
Originally committed as revision 20294 to svn:// Loren Merritt
09:42 PM Revision 29e4edbb (ffmpeg): sync yasm macros to x264
Originally committed as revision 20293 to svn:// Loren Merritt
09:41 PM Revision 807e4e81 (ffmpeg): mux all stream types except audio as one pes packet per avpacket, iss...
Originally committed as revision 20292 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:08 PM Revision 10a693b5 (ffmpeg): fix sar for dvcpro hd, patch by Charles Yates, charles dot yates at g...
Originally committed as revision 20291 to svn:// Charles Yates
08:47 PM Revision e17ccf60 (ffmpeg): huffyuv: add some const qualifiers
Originally committed as revision 20290 to svn:// Loren Merritt
08:25 PM Revision 7857d3cc (ffmpeg): fix indentation and add braces
Originally committed as revision 20289 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
08:11 PM Revision 45a49840 (ffmpeg): handle_packets takes number of packets as arg, avoid reading too much
Originally committed as revision 20288 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
08:10 PM Revision 2f77923d (ffmpeg): simd add_hfyu_left_prediction
2.2x faster than C on conroe, 3.6x on penryn.
4-6% faster huffyuv decoding if using left or plane mode and yuv
Loren Merritt
08:08 PM Revision 1303d62d (ffmpeg): Increase max resync size, fix demuxing of dvgrab-2009.03.28_19-07-22.m2t
Print error when max resync size is reached and return EAGAIN instead of
INVALIDDATA, so user can retry if wanted.
Baptiste Coudurier
07:51 PM Revision f4d608e3 (ffmpeg): add CONFIG_LPC to the build system for lpc dsputil functions. fixes b...
problems when lpc.c is not compiled.
Originally committed as revision 20285 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
06:51 PM Revision 4df254f1 (ffmpeg): WMAPRO: use some type punning in decode_coeffs()
Originally committed as revision 20284 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:02 PM Revision f122ef36 (ffmpeg): Smarten mtv's probe a bit. Check for non zero
on bpp and width|height header fields. This
change is among the ones suggested by Vitor
Sessak in his '[FFmpeg-devel]...
Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
04:33 PM Revision a828d48c (ffmpeg): Replace seek test error return numbers by the corresponding E* strings.
Hopefully this fixes regression tests on DOS.
It breaks alignment of the output a bit more, but this should be easy t...
Reimar Döffinger
04:29 PM Revision a0228397 (ffmpeg): Replace big square-root table by a call to ff_sqrt(). Based on a patch
by Reimar Döffinger.
Originally committed as revision 20281 to svn://
Vitor Sessak
04:13 PM Revision 8da1d52c (ffmpeg): remove old and useless debug code
It uses the old, deprecated metadata API and prints exactly the same thing
as what ffmpeg/ffplay does.
Originally co...
Aurelien Jacobs
03:28 PM Revision c4d438c2 (ffmpeg): Read metadata in WavPack files.
Patch by Anton Khirnov (acronym("What You Should Know About Something"), gmail)
Originally committed as revision 202...
Anton Khirnov
02:34 PM Revision 53bc53ae (ffmpeg): Fix typo that mistakenly slipped into previous commit:
patch by Onur Küçük, onur delipenguen net
Onur Küçük
12:17 PM Revision 2bd0758e (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Add support for writing chapters.
patch by Anton Khirnov wyskas _at_ gmail _dot_ com
Originally committed as revision 20277 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
10:47 AM Revision 15674f12 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: Break overly long lines.
Originally committed as revision 20276 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:44 AM Revision 7b018b1d (ffmpeg): Add the null video filter.
Originally committed as revision 20275 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:31 AM Revision 930aa451 (ffmpeg): Use 'enum PixelFormat *' rather than 'int *' as type for the
AVFilterFormats.formats field.
Cleaner / safer.
Originally committed as revision 20274 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:31 AM Revision c3b27a3d (ffmpeg): Add an entry for the avfilter_get_video_buffer() API change operated
in r20272.
Originally committed as revision 20273 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:16 AM Revision 0eb4ff9e (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_get_video_buffer() recursive.
When called on a link with a filter whose destination pad has not a
get_video_buffer callback defined, it will call
Stefano Sabatini
07:46 AM Revision 1f09ab5e (ffmpeg): Add documentation for libavfilter video filters.
Originally committed as revision 20271 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:01 AM Revision 5d660598 (ffmpeg): Support more than 64 channels in RTMP input
Originally committed as revision 20270 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
06:58 AM Revision 8f648b74 (ffmpeg): Accept RTMP packets with one-byte header
Originally committed as revision 20269 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
06:54 AM Revision f836fa17 (ffmpeg): Last parameter in RTMP "play" call was optional and some servers seem...
understand it, so drop it.
Originally committed as revision 20268 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov


09:30 PM Revision 961057de (ffmpeg): Remove unnecessary entries in ff_vorbiscomment_metadata_conv. VorbisC...
keys are case-insensitive.
Originally committed as revision 20267 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
09:00 PM Revision fde82ca7 (ffmpeg): Move autocorrelation function from flacenc.c to lpc.c. Also rename the
corresponding dsputil functions and remove their dependency on the FLAC
Fixes Issue1486.
Originally committ...
Justin Ruggles
08:37 PM Revision a4cb6751 (ffmpeg): Avoid segfault for empty input files
Originally committed as revision 20265 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
07:35 PM Revision c69b3e0d (ffmpeg): Revert r20249, it seems the union trick works everywhere
Original commit message:
Very evil missuse of svn to test if AVOption and AVOption2 are compatible.
If this test tr...
Michael Niedermayer
02:07 PM Revision cf671d05 (ffmpeg): Remove extraneous const keyword
Originally committed as revision 20263 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
11:15 AM Revision 56e6f830 (ffmpeg): Emit the SDP lines in the correct order
Originally committed as revision 20262 to svn:// Luca Abeni
08:04 AM Revision 215dab5f (ffmpeg): alacenc : use private compression_level value consistently.
Originally committed as revision 20261 to svn:// Jai Menon


11:06 PM Revision f076fe44 (ffmpeg): Remove a meaningless 'inline' from add_hfyu_left_prediction_bgr32_c().
Originally committed as revision 20260 to svn:// Alexander Strange
11:04 PM Revision 2d4bbdec (ffmpeg): Huffyuv: Add missing const to src pointers in dsputil functions.
Originally committed as revision 20259 to svn:// Alexander Strange
10:55 PM Revision 8471a187 (ffmpeg): Huffyuv: Remove unnecessary allocation in alloc_temp().
RGB only needs one temp array.
Originally committed as revision 20258 to svn://
Alexander Strange
10:52 PM Revision 6ec8eadd (ffmpeg): Huffyuv: Fix a valgrind warning in get_vlc2().
The padding in bitstream_buffer wasn't initialized.
Originally committed as revision 20257 to svn://
Alexander Strange
04:50 PM Revision a0992374 (ffmpeg): alacenc : Move some code around for clarity.
Originally committed as revision 20256 to svn:// Jai Menon
04:12 PM Revision 52ae1e86 (ffmpeg): mlp: Indent.
Originally committed as revision 20255 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
04:10 PM Revision 7fd88069 (ffmpeg): mlp: Only initialize VLC tables once. This caused a crash when multiple
instances of the decoder were started at different times.
Bug reported by Maxim Anisiutkin.
Originally committed as ...
Ramiro Polla
04:03 PM Revision 33815fa1 (ffmpeg): mlp: Use smaller CRC tables if CONFIG_SMALL.
Patch by Reimar.
Originally committed as revision 20253 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
03:16 PM Revision 45fc24a0 (ffmpeg): Do not try to free memory that was never allocated (partial revert of...
Originally committed as revision 20252 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
02:50 PM Revision 0b7f39c9 (ffmpeg): Release unreleased buffers found by make test.
Originally committed as revision 20251 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
02:46 PM Revision bc2d2a07 (ffmpeg): Make enum CodecID and use CODEC_ID_NONE instead of 0.
Originally committed as revision 20250 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
12:35 PM Revision b388d5e4 (ffmpeg): Very evil missuse of svn to test if AVOption and AVOption2 are compat...
If this test triggers anywhere for anyone, revert this commit immedeatly.
Ill revert this in a day or 2, its just so ...
Michael Niedermayer
12:31 PM Revision f1cb9858 (ffmpeg): Add an experimental AVOption2 that uses an union instead of double fo...
Originally committed as revision 20248 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:04 AM Revision 68677dd8 (ffmpeg): Log a clearer warning message when muxing FLV with Speex containing m...
8 frames per packet.
Originally committed as revision 20247 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
07:55 AM Revision c76911bd (ffmpeg): Split parts of dvdata.h into dvdata.c, this ensures that things like
work_chunks_* and dv_idct_factor_* variables appear only once in the binary
instead of 3 times.
Saves 3264 bytes in ....
Reimar Döffinger
03:02 AM Revision 046c4001 (ffmpeg): Add Speex support to the FLV muxer.
Originally committed as revision 20245 to svn:// Justin Ruggles


06:04 PM Revision 75df2edb (ffmpeg): Add support for hardcoded ff_sin_* tables.
Originally committed as revision 20244 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:55 PM Revision 4ee726b6 (ffmpeg): Move/add COSTABLE/SINTABLE macros to dsputil to add extern definitions
for ff_cos_* and ff_sin_* without introducing too much code duplication.
Originally committed as revision 20243 to s...
Reimar Döffinger
05:19 PM Revision 91405541 (ffmpeg): Remove silly casts to the same type as we already have.
Originally committed as revision 20242 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:16 PM Revision 77edf866 (ffmpeg): Add missing release_buffer at decode end for asv1 decoder.
Originally committed as revision 20241 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:10 PM Revision a57afd29 (ffmpeg): Partially revert r20233, exp2f is not available on some BSDs, DOS and...
Originally committed as revision 20240 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
03:11 PM Revision e8b78541 (ffmpeg): Raise MAX_THREADS to 16.
Patch by Frank Barchard, fbarchard google com
Originally committed as revision 20239 to svn://
Frank Barchard
01:55 PM Revision 2e3ca1ff (ffmpeg): Skip padding bytes correctly in ID3 tags.
This fixes a regression introduced in r20170.
Originally committed as revision 20238 to svn://
Jai Menon
11:50 AM Revision aafd6595 (ffmpeg): Do not initialize ff_cos_* tables again in rdft_init, they are already
initialized by ff_fft_init and using different code can result in slightly
different values, in addition it crashes w...
Reimar Döffinger
09:49 AM Revision 0fa0fa29 (ffmpeg): 10l: update Makefile after rename
Originally committed as revision 20236 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:46 AM Revision 5855e4e0 (ffmpeg): Rename aiff.c to aiffdec.c
Originally committed as revision 20235 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:45 AM Revision 47b47bbd (ffmpeg): Split up the AIFF muxer and demuxer into separate files.
Originally committed as revision 20234 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:59 AM Revision 686884da (ffmpeg): Use cbrtf and exp2f instead of pow to calculate tables for MPEG audio...
This hopefully is fast enough so that it is reasonable to use the same formula
directly instead of the table for CONF...
Reimar Döffinger


09:41 PM Revision 16aec747 (ffmpeg): Use hardcoded instead of runtime-calculated ff_cos_* tables if
--enable-hardcoded-tables was used.
Due to the size, the code for the tables is generated at compile time.
Reimar Döffinger
05:28 AM Revision 6d924b5a (ffmpeg): Release frame after decoding is done
Originally committed as revision 20231 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov


08:48 PM Revision ea09f691 (ffmpeg): Print a warning message when avcodec_default_free_buffers finds unrel...
buffers, this hopefully should help detect codecs that do not release all
buffers e.g. in the decode_end function.
Reimar Döffinger
08:13 PM Revision 4a49ab77 (ffmpeg): Remove unnecessary calls to avcodec_check_dimensions, the check is al...
done at a higher level.
Originally committed as revision 20229 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
06:31 PM Revision 0fbb0185 (ffmpeg): Call release_buffer on close for v210dec and v210x
Originally committed as revision 20228 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
06:28 PM Revision 4b5fee02 (ffmpeg): Add missing release_buffer on close
Originally committed as revision 20227 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
06:15 PM Revision d8b35b85 (ffmpeg): Add decoder for "forward uncompressed".
Fixes issue 1467.
Originally committed as revision 20226 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
01:40 PM Revision 7537726f (ffmpeg): Implement execute2 for w32thread
Originally committed as revision 20225 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
01:03 PM Revision 1e6ff470 (ffmpeg): Fix w32thread implementation to handle job count > thread_count.
Originally committed as revision 20224 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
10:30 AM Revision 5bd1fc6f (ffmpeg): fft_dispatch array should be const
Originally committed as revision 20223 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
08:23 AM Revision c522b4e9 (ffmpeg): Simplify: use FFSWAP
Originally committed as revision 20222 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
08:08 AM Revision 1e699993 (ffmpeg): MXF: simply ignore tracks that are invalid due to not having a valid ...
part instead of failing completely.
This partly fixes issue 1470 (broken files created by BBC ingex recorder).
Reimar Döffinger
01:46 AM Revision 87462968 (ffmpeg): Add Speex support to the Ogg muxer.
Originally committed as revision 20220 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
12:19 AM Revision 24c6f152 (ffmpeg): Do not read data past the end of the SSND chunk in the AIFF demuxer.
Fixes Issue 1455.
Originally committed as revision 20219 to svn://
Justin Ruggles


10:00 PM Revision dd9d5a1e (ffmpeg): Support Midvid JPEG Video Codec (still flipped).
Originally committed as revision 20218 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
09:35 PM Revision 54089ecd (ffmpeg): Support Intel JPEG Library Video Codec (still flipped).
Originally committed as revision 20217 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
09:30 PM Revision 15299b38 (ffmpeg): Calculate correct packet durations when demuxing Ogg/Speex. This invo...
determining if there is any delay in the first packet and/or any truncation in
the final packet.
Originally committe...
Justin Ruggles
07:50 PM Revision 933e8667 (ffmpeg): extend description of avcodec_decode_audio3:
- clarify when 0 is returned
- explain that decode_audio3 has to be called multiple times when there
are multiple f...
Sascha Sommer
04:38 PM Revision 90aa6ace (ffmpeg): Merge declaration and initialization
Originally committed as revision 20214 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
04:36 PM Revision 098d8e09 (ffmpeg): Simplify: use FFMIN
Originally committed as revision 20213 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
02:46 PM Revision b5ca9cd3 (ffmpeg): Reindent after removing the outer for loops in the execute2 patch
Originally committed as revision 20212 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
02:43 PM Revision 2a1294b9 (ffmpeg): Move dnxhdenc to execute2 multithreading API.
This allows for some simplifications like removing some outer loops
and gives much better performance for thread_coun...
Reimar Döffinger
11:35 AM Revision 8d23a86f (ffmpeg): Add an execute2 function that is more flexible and allows to use para...
processing with jobs > threads without wasting too much memory.
It also avoids needing a separate int array when the ...
Reimar Döffinger


11:09 PM Revision febd1c90 (ffmpeg): Detect Windows Media DRM protected files and display warning if no key
was provided.
Patch by Daniel G. Taylor, dan programmer-art org
Originally committed as revision 20209 to svn://svn...
Daniel G. Taylor
04:16 PM Revision 0115b3ea (ffmpeg): ARM: align stack in NEON h264 mc functions
A certain rotten fruit operating system doesn't provide the 8-byte stack
alignment required by the standard ARM ABI, ...
Måns Rullgård
02:32 PM Revision e276d9e8 (ffmpeg): ARM: force PIC for shared libs only with ARMv6T2 and later
Originally committed as revision 20207 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
11:56 AM Revision b8c0db99 (ffmpeg): Allow autodetection of E-AC3.
Originally committed as revision 20206 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
11:50 AM Revision a9b02043 (ffmpeg): Do the dnxhd_720p_rd test with -threads 4 in order to also test the t...
Originally committed as revision 20205 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
10:15 AM Revision 3e6015cc (ffmpeg): ARM: simplify movrel definition as CONFIG_PIC is now set for shared libs
Originally committed as revision 20204 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:15 AM Revision 1fce58c2 (ffmpeg): ARM: enable PIC for shared libs
Recent versions of gcc generate movw/movt pairs, and the linkers fail
to handle the associated relocations properly. ...
Måns Rullgård
07:05 AM Revision 9881d05d (ffmpeg): 100l in avpicture_layout: width of chroma planes depends on format de...
Fixes issue 1465
Originally committed as revision 20202 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
05:36 AM Revision 53b04467 (ffmpeg): Warn when WVC1 cannot be decoded
Originally committed as revision 20201 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov


09:17 PM Revision 0096d766 (ffmpeg): Allow demuxing of E-AC3 (stream type 0x84) in MPEG-TS.
Originally committed as revision 20200 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
02:43 PM Revision 3bb98498 (ffmpeg): Hack: set the coded frame PTS to the incoming PTS.
This is not correct, but libtheora does not seem to provide a way
to get the correct value, and this is necessary to ...
Reimar Döffinger
10:40 AM Revision 04670366 (ffmpeg): Document the additon of the w and h fields to AVFilterPic.
Originally committed as revision 20198 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:49 AM Revision 268fcbe2 (ffmpeg): Fix 100l incorrect bitmask check.
Originally committed as revision 20197 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:35 AM Revision 9e553f7a (ffmpeg): Print error message when true interlaced VC-1 frames are encountered
to inform user why decoder produces no output.
Originally committed as revision 20196 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov


06:29 PM Revision 54eb4ae0 (ffmpeg): Do not allow 0 sample rate in TMV demuxer
Originally committed as revision 20195 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
06:24 PM Revision f19ae9ea (ffmpeg): Stricter TMV probe
Originally committed as revision 20194 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
03:38 PM Revision 0359289d (ffmpeg): AAC: Fix regression introduced in r20067 where ADTS files would alway...
signalled as having a channel configuration of 1 in output_configure().
Previously this didn't matter but it does now...
Robert Swain


05:12 PM Revision 2c702104 (ml): ml: corrected a misplaced break
monl: corrected some bugs, added RTT measure
02:40 PM Revision 144fec83 (ffmpeg): dca and aac decoders use float_to_int16_interleave, so check for
the C version of that rather than float_to_int16.
Fixes output on ARM/VFP
Originally committed as revision 20192 to ...
David Conrad


09:35 PM Revision 12bf71b6 (ffmpeg): ARM: whitespace cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20191 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:35 PM Revision bef966e3 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON avg_pixels8 and avg_h264_qpel8_mc00
Originally committed as revision 20190 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:23 PM Revision f13764ee (ml): tests/peer
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 TivadarSzemethy
06:50 PM Revision 46c40e48 (ffmpeg): Add w and h fields to AVFilterPic.
See the thread:
"[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add w,h fields to AVFilterPic".
Originally committed as revision 20189 to sv...
Stefano Sabatini


11:10 PM Revision 8885ed28 (ml): ml: bug correcte in open_connection and TX packet callback\nmonl: finishe...
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
10:47 PM Revision 9797ce58 (ffmpeg): Add ALAC encoding and decoding regression tests.
Originally committed as revision 20188 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
10:07 PM Revision 96da1c51 (ffmpeg): Implement trace messages logging in the filterchain processing.
It is only enabled when the DEBUG symbol is defined.
Originally committed as revision 20187 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:55 PM Revision 2ad4c241 (ffmpeg): ARM: make function names all-lowercase
Originally committed as revision 20186 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:55 PM Revision cf57bea6 (ffmpeg): ARM: enable ARMv4 add_pixels_clamped
Somehow this function was never used.
Originally committed as revision 20185 to svn://
Måns Rullgård
09:55 PM Revision 153f4957 (ffmpeg): ARM: ARMv6 optimised add_pixels_clamped()
Originally committed as revision 20184 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:55 PM Revision c8315e91 (ffmpeg): ARM: whitespace cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20183 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
05:51 PM Revision 70d8c762 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 20182 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
05:50 PM Revision 811e0fc2 (ffmpeg): Add RF64 support to wav demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 20181 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
05:42 PM Revision 7ae8fb8f (ffmpeg): Add my GPG key fingerprint
Originally committed as revision 20180 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
04:06 PM Revision 73c6f598 (ffmpeg): Move HuffYUV left prediction to dsputil.
Patch by Nathan Caldwell, saintdev gmail
Originally committed as revision 20179 to svn://
Nathan Caldwell
03:30 PM Revision 95ce961d (ffmpeg): Since some junk may be or may be not present before actual VC-1 extra...
search for real extradata start instead of always skipping one byte.
Patch by Andrew Dennison gmailify(${name}d, lis...
Andrew Dennison
10:48 AM Revision 8601bccf (ml): ml: corrected 2 bugs
monl: added hopcount
git-svn-id: a72f678d-442...
06:33 AM Revision 01418506 (ffmpeg): Remove casts that are useless since the argument is void *.
Originally committed as revision 20177 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
06:18 AM Revision 1c38da85 (ffmpeg): Allow building api-example from outside of libavcodec and also
make it more consistent with libavformat/output-example.
Originally committed as revision 20176 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Jai Menon


09:36 PM Revision 7fd5aeb3 (ffmpeg): Only read ID3v1 tag if ID3v2 isn't present or is empty.
This prevents the demuxer from exporting multiple semantically identical but
differently named tags.
Patch by Anton ...
Anton Khirnov
09:33 PM Revision 9a9964c5 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: reindent and line wrap after last commit
Originally committed as revision 20174 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:27 PM Revision d6eee9f3 (ffmpeg): alacenc: add a fixed LPC coefficient mode as compression level 1. old
compression level 1 is now compression level 2 and is still the default.
Originally committed as revision 20173 to s...
Justin Ruggles
08:18 PM Revision 1fe4abf3 (ffmpeg): Revert:
r18826 | stefano | 2009-05-14 20:50:58 +0200 (Thu, 14 May 2009) | 2 lines
Make av_set_string3() print a message in c...
Michael Niedermayer
08:10 PM Revision 41770abf (ffmpeg): id3v2: Export all text information frames with correct names.
Patch by Anton Khirnov <wyskas at gmail dot com>
Originally committed as revision 20171 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
04:06 PM Revision 078d89a2 (ffmpeg): MP3 muxer: Write all metadata.
Patch by Anton Khirnov <wyskas at gmail dot com>
Originally committed as revision 20170 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
09:19 AM Revision 79c07907 (ffmpeg): Fix pcm_read_seek () when the position it calculates is greater than ...
pcm_read_seek() puts the return value of url_fseek() in an int and then
compares < 0 to see if an error occurred; if ...
Daniel Verkamp
08:38 AM Revision 63380b5e (ffmpeg): Allow the combined TrueHD/AC3 tracks on Blu-Ray discs to be demuxed a...
Patch by Ian Caulfield, ian D caulfield A gmail
Originally committed as revision 20168 to svn://
Ian Caulfield


09:50 PM Revision 4f1a41e6 (ml): ml: changed open_connection callbacks to a list of callbacks
mon: control message use now the ml
01:13 PM Revision 55c0e1e6 (ffmpeg): ARM: add ff_ prefix to lots of functions
Originally committed as revision 20167 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:13 PM Revision 9abcc9a6 (ffmpeg): ARM: cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20166 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:13 PM Revision f67e0b82 (ffmpeg): ARM: replace some #if with if()
Originally committed as revision 20165 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:13 PM Revision 701c618f (ffmpeg): ARM: clean up file/function naming conventions
Originally committed as revision 20164 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:12 PM Revision 84d430f8 (ffmpeg): ARM: clean up dsputil initialisation
- Move v5 and v6 initialisation to separate files.
- Move NEON IDCT selection to ff_dsputil_init_neon()
Originally c...
Måns Rullgård
08:42 AM Revision 384f26f4 (ffmpeg): Sun Raster RGB support
Originally committed as revision 20162 to svn:// Peter Ross


07:40 PM Revision e18027ac (ffmpeg): Add FIXME about low_delay vs has_b_frames.
Originally committed as revision 20161 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
07:30 PM Revision f4a4be3f (ffmpeg): H264 allows B frames without requiring a >=1 sized buffer.
Patch by wallak, wallak free fr
Originally committed as revision 20160 to svn://
06:22 PM Revision 1febba1e (ffmpeg): ARM: shorten some long macro names
Originally committed as revision 20159 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:22 PM Revision 2e823300 (ffmpeg): ARM: update ldm/stm instructions to modern syntax
Originally committed as revision 20158 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:22 PM Revision abff992d (ffmpeg): ARM: whitespace cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20157 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:59 PM Revision f640478b (ffmpeg): Reindent after channel layout commit from yesterday
Originally committed as revision 20156 to svn:// Robert Swain
10:01 AM Revision aac4b0a4 (ffmpeg): increase maximum compressed frame size
fixes playback of piece.wmv
Originally committed as revision 20155 to svn://
Sascha Sommer
09:44 AM Revision 037396d0 (ffmpeg): return AVERROR_INVALIDDATA when the bitstream could not be decoded
Originally committed as revision 20154 to svn:// Sascha Sommer
05:18 AM Revision dae0d1e2 (ffmpeg): Support decoding of uncompressed PCX scanlines
Originally committed as revision 20153 to svn:// Peter Ross


11:11 PM Revision c61e40b7 (ffmpeg): ARM: use plain labels for pc-relative addressing
Originally committed as revision 20152 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:35 PM Revision b44c6d8e (ffmpeg): ARM: remove unnecessary .fpu neon directives
Originally committed as revision 20151 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:35 PM Revision fd818a21 (ffmpeg): ARM: use undocumented .syntax directive to enable UAL syntax
Originally committed as revision 20150 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:06 PM Revision 43d160fd (ffmpeg): Prefer "loglevel" over "logging level number or string" as argname of
the loglevel command line option.
Make the loglevel option help message more clear, since the option
argument is sho...
Stefano Sabatini
12:59 PM Revision 53a71e1b (ffmpeg): Add vorbis channel layout support according to those defined in the V...
Originally committed as revision 20148 to svn://
Robert Swain
11:18 AM Revision b503768a (ml): just a fast backup of work in progress. does not compile. please use prev...
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
08:42 AM Revision e654b7c2 (ffmpeg): ARM: apply extern symbol prefix where needed
Originally committed as revision 20147 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
08:41 AM Revision c7f7978a (ffmpeg): configure: define extern symbol prefix without quotes for for asm files
Originally committed as revision 20146 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
08:41 AM Revision 8dfa86f7 (ffmpeg): Do not use -mdynamic-no-pic if PIC is enabled
Originally committed as revision 20145 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
08:41 AM Revision 50fa82e6 (ffmpeg): ARM: add -marm flag since we do not support Thumb
Originally committed as revision 20144 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:27 AM Revision 3fcb5113 (ffmpeg): wav demuxer: return AVERROR_EOF instead of AVERROR(EIO) when the end of
the file is reached normally, without any error.
Originally committed as revision 20143 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
07:22 AM Revision e581b628 (ffmpeg): wav: return av_get_packet errors unchanged.
Originally committed as revision 20142 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:19 AM Revision 4bd7cb8b (ffmpeg): Fix seek regression test: several AVERROR(EIO) correctly changed to A...
Originally committed as revision 20141 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:05 AM Revision fbc66301 (ffmpeg): Remove url_feof check that would be triggered only after incorrectly ...
an empty packet and also av_get_packet already handles EOF now.
Originally committed as revision 20140 to svn://svn....
Reimar Döffinger
07:03 AM Revision 8a62a378 (ffmpeg): Remove useless setting of pkt->size, av_get_packet already handles that.
Originally committed as revision 20139 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
06:42 AM Revision a7a9dd0e (ffmpeg): Return special EOF checking for aiff and au demuxers, the check was at
the wrong place, causing an empty packet to be read before EOF was
detected and the eof detection is already now hand...
Reimar Döffinger
06:40 AM Revision c3db0bc6 (ffmpeg): Return any error return values from av_get_packet, get_buffer etc. un...
in the raw demuxers.
Also remove special handling of 0-size reads, if they are due to an error/eof,
these are already...
Reimar Döffinger
06:38 AM Revision 593b50ce (ffmpeg): Make seek regression tests fit after previous get_buffer change.
The au and aiff demuxers would always return an empty packet before
detecting EOF, this is now fixed with av_get_pack...
Reimar Döffinger
06:36 AM Revision 7f7686df (ffmpeg): Make get_buffer and get_partial_buffer return url_ferror or AVERROR_E...
appropriate if it couldn't read any data at all.
This should make handling of EOF and error simpler or make it work r...
Reimar Döffinger


09:38 PM Revision de27f4d9 (ffmpeg): Check whether 32-bit x86 is really 64-bit
Fixes configure on OS X 10.6
Originally committed as revision 20134 to svn://
David Conrad
09:15 PM Revision 553e9f75 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: cosmetics: indentation
Originally committed as revision 20133 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:14 PM Revision ff0d5a74 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: don't overwrite extradata already read by ff_get_wav_hea...
Originally committed as revision 20132 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:14 PM Revision 038146e9 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: fix handling of A_MS/ACM track with no extradata
Originally committed as revision 20131 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
05:32 PM Revision 22a7e19b (ffmpeg): Make rawvideo_read_packet return partial frames.
This is consistent with other demuxers and also fixes a memleak (memory
allocated for partial frame data was leaked)....
Reimar Döffinger
05:26 PM Revision 8cb724c5 (ffmpeg): Simplify: remove pointless {} and else
Originally committed as revision 20129 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:22 PM Revision d4c1803e (ffmpeg): Remove pointless setting of pkt->size, av_get_packet already handles ...
Originally committed as revision 20128 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:08 PM Revision b46c98bf (ffmpeg): au demuxer: pass av_get_packet error on unchanged instead of converti...
Originally committed as revision 20127 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
04:10 PM Revision c67031e7 (ffmpeg): av_new_packet failing should return ENOMEM, not EIO.
Originally committed as revision 20126 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
03:54 PM Revision 681c180d (ffmpeg): Make avcodec_open set codec_id and codec_type if they haven't been set.
This fixes the API breakage introduced by the check that avctx codec id and type
match the opened codec and should ma...
Reimar Döffinger
03:40 PM Revision 43d7c611 (ffmpeg): put_bits can only reliably write up to 31 bit bits, above it relies on
undefined shift behaviour.
Document this, fix the assert and add a put_bits32 to handle writing 32
bits and use that ...
Reimar Döffinger
03:30 PM Revision ec656755 (ffmpeg): Use MANGLE in cavsdsp, the current version using "m" constraints will...
compile on e.g. OpenBSD due to running out of registers.
Originally committed as revision 20123 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Reimar Döffinger
01:48 PM Revision f0ef7bee (ffmpeg): Document -sn option.
Originally committed as revision 20122 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
01:43 PM Revision 510f7930 (ml): (hopefully) corrected some bugs in ml: tests/mol/mon_test should run with...
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
12:21 PM Revision 05ec0c00 (ffmpeg): Fix indentation after last commit.
Originally committed as revision 20121 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
12:20 PM Revision e23dd95d (ffmpeg): Add support for TARGA images without RLE compression.
Patch by Anne-Laure de Smit: gmail_address(annelaure, desmit)
Originally committed as revision 20120 to svn://svn.ff...
Anne-Laure de Smit
11:58 AM Revision 07f77dad (ffmpeg): Explain the process of patch review and commit a bit.
Originally committed as revision 20119 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:24 AM Revision e471e3c4 (ffmpeg): Fix playback of strange AVI files with stray LIST.
fix suggested by Michael
Originally committed as revision 20118 t...
Aurelien Jacobs
09:30 AM Revision 2499f4e0 (ffmpeg): Fix wrongly indented block.
Originally committed as revision 20117 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:13 AM Revision 081c14a3 (ffmpeg): Use "!exp" instead of "exp == NULL" in if condition.
Originally committed as revision 20116 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:11 AM Revision 37a4269d (ffmpeg): cosmetics: K&R coding style, prettyprinting
Originally committed as revision 20115 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
06:31 AM Revision a8b95021 (ffmpeg): Do not attempt to decode TIFF files containing fax data with uncompre...
mode allowed for there is no code to decode it (yet).
Originally committed as revision 20114 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov
05:52 AM Revision 8355572f (ffmpeg): lavc MJPEG decoder is capable of decoding some extended sequential
Huffman-compressed JPEG files, so make it decode those files
(samples are welcome).
This fixes issue 1420
Kostya Shishkov
05:46 AM Revision 5073cca4 (ffmpeg): Make BMP decoder produce flipped picture with RLE compression.
This fixes issue 1415
Originally committed as revision 20112 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov
05:42 AM Revision b08de903 (ffmpeg): Make MS RLE decoder produce both bottom-up and top-down pictures
Originally committed as revision 20111 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
12:06 AM Revision 535497f1 (ffmpeg): Change an error to a warning to support broken AC-3 files known to ex...
Fixes Issue 1426.
Originally committed as revision 20110 to svn://
Justin Ruggles


10:25 PM Revision 6945c2bc (ffmpeg): Support constant-quant encoding for libtheora
Based on a patch by j f (gonzaz-z # operamail (d) com)
Originally committed as revision 20109 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
David Conrad
10:08 PM Revision 7cee5421 (ffmpeg): configure: break a long line
Originally committed as revision 20108 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:57 PM Revision e04a3c96 (ffmpeg): Re-add check for compilation failure with ebx clobber, and only set
ebx_available if both "b" constraint and exb clobber code compile.
This is to fix compilation with Mac OSX 10.5.8's g...
Reimar Döffinger
09:51 PM Revision 3fdccca0 (ffmpeg): 10l: wrong operation in stereo rematrixing
Originally committed as revision 20106 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:38 PM Revision 49214f61 (ffmpeg): configure: return result of test from check_asm
This makes it possible to use check_asm in conditionals.
Originally committed as revision 20105 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Måns Rullgård
09:23 PM Revision 2aa6e87a (ffmpeg): Add support for SGI images without RLE compression.
patch by Anne-Laure de Smit, annelaure.desmit gmail com
Originally committed as revision 20104 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Anne-Laure de Smit
08:47 PM Revision 5200b901 (ffmpeg): Do not needlessly add 7 to put_buts_count before dividing by 8,
flush_put_bits ensures it is divisible 8.
Originally committed as revision 20103 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
06:27 PM Revision f2ad9070 (ffmpeg): 10l in code reading codec_name, the first byte is the length and shou...
become part of the string.
Originally committed as revision 20102 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
04:55 PM Revision 5baaf9ad (ffmpeg): Use a "b" constraint instead of ebx clobber to detect if EBX is avail...
The test using clobber incorrectly indicates ebx to be available with the
default compilers on OpenBSD 4.5 and Haiku....
Reimar Döffinger
03:13 PM Revision 391dbb54 (ffmpeg): Use floating point mathematics when encoding mpeg audio.
Fixes issue 975: high db peak levels when encoding mp2
Original patch by Lasse Reinhold, lassemikkelreinhold hotmail...
Lasse Reinhold
01:35 PM Revision 5dd76bd7 (ffmpeg): Return an error when the parsed mpc chunk size is negative, otherwise we
might end up in an endless loop where the same chunk is parsed over and over.
Fixes a hang near the end for http://sa...
Reimar Döffinger
01:01 PM Revision 58f873dd (ffmpeg): Fix compilation of beosaudio.cpp, not tested if it actually works tho...
Originally committed as revision 20098 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
12:39 PM Revision f494213c (ffmpeg): Fix typo in comment.
Originally committed as revision 20097 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
10:48 AM Revision 75ddee0a (ffmpeg): Use skip_put_bytes in MJPEG encoder instead of filling all bytes with 0
with put_bits.
Originally committed as revision 20096 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
10:37 AM Revision eb0d04c3 (ffmpeg): Use ff_put_string in vorbis encoder.
Originally committed as revision 20095 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
09:49 AM Revision 00312109 (ffmpeg): Replace several #ifdef PIC with the more obvious and correct
#if !HAVE_EBX_AVAILABLE, since all it does is avoid using ebx.
Originally committed as revision 20094 to svn://svn.f...
Reimar Döffinger
09:46 AM Revision c9da676d (ffmpeg): Disable parsing for ogg streams where no ogg header was found,
if no header was found the parser was not initialized and thus will
crash when trying to use it.
Originally committe...
Reimar Döffinger
09:43 AM Revision 19635234 (ffmpeg): Convert latin1 codec_name in mov to UTF-8, since all strings in FFmpeg
must be valid UTF-8.
Originally committed as revision 20092 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
05:49 AM Revision 53f9f9c9 (ffmpeg): When BitsPerSample tag is not present in TIFF, that means file is
monochrome, so initialize picture before decoding.
This fixes decoding monochrome files produced by lavc TIFF encoder...
Kostya Shishkov
01:25 AM Revision 2ed44396 (ffmpeg): Simplify stereo rematrixing by only using one temporary variable. It ...
about 1.8% faster on my system.
Originally committed as revision 20090 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
01:09 AM Revision 16c91d2b (ffmpeg): remove unneeded assignment in inner loop. rematrixing bands are conti...
Originally committed as revision 20089 to svn:// Justin Ruggles


09:53 PM Revision e935fa9e (ffmpeg): Prefer -vcodec rawvideo over -vcodec huffyuv for lavfi regression
tests, as the use of huffyuv may cause the auto-insertion of a scale
filter, thus masking the mis-behavior of some fi...
Stefano Sabatini
09:08 PM Revision a392f82a (ffmpeg): Remove disabled code cruft.
Originally committed as revision 20087 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
07:49 PM Revision 0e829974 (ffmpeg): Fix md5 program invocation for BSD.
patch by Michael Kostylev, michael.kostylev gmail com
Originally committed as revision 20086 to svn://
Michael Kostylev
07:18 PM Revision 8f1e203a (ffmpeg): Use context instead of NULL for logging.
Originally committed as revision 20085 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:17 PM Revision ebb651d5 (ffmpeg): Make sure that dv encoder initializes all encoded packet data.
The specification does not say which value to use for unused
parts, so fill all unused bytes with 0xff, which is cons...
Reimar Döffinger
06:03 PM Revision 8a8720c1 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: K&R coding style, prettyprinting
Originally committed as revision 20083 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
05:34 PM Revision 8ea08bec (ffmpeg): Fix indentation in avcodec.h
Originally committed as revision 20082 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
02:54 PM Revision 19c6ca17 (ml): fixed another pointer bug, added DNS resolver for stunserver
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 TivadarSzemethy
02:05 PM Revision 352af546 (ml): fixed pointer typo in udpSocket.c
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 TivadarSzemethy
02:04 PM Revision 90cb1b52 (ml): Reorganized ml.h and transmissionhandler.h, introduced stdbool
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 TivadarSzemethy
12:48 PM Revision 0e71841b (ffmpeg): WMA: fix loop unrolling in decode_exp_vlc()
The count can be a non-multiple of 4 after all.
Originally committed as revision 20081 to svn://
Måns Rullgård
11:43 AM Revision a7adcf29 (ffmpeg): whitespace cosmetics, prettyprinting, K&R coding style
Originally committed as revision 20080 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
11:06 AM Revision badce93d (ffmpeg): Simplify r20025: use align_get_bits instead of reimplementing it.
Originally committed as revision 20079 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
10:38 AM Revision 076a9dea (ffmpeg): WMA: store level_table as floats, use type punning for sign flip in d...
Originally committed as revision 20078 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:38 AM Revision ff00b94e (ffmpeg): WMA: use type punning and unroll loops in decode_exp_vlc()
GCC does stupid things if these assignments are done using floats
directly, so fill the runs using integer operations...
Måns Rullgård
10:38 AM Revision c0d1463d (ffmpeg): WMA: use a table instead of pow() in decode_exp_vlc
Originally committed as revision 20076 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:23 AM Revision 4b4ac5c7 (ffmpeg): Sync AC3 probe values with MP3 probe values, they have to avoid simil...
This fixes ffmpeg-generated files with -acodec ac3 being detected as raw ac3
instead of MPEG.
Originally committed a...
Reimar Döffinger
10:12 AM Revision f6765f3f (ffmpeg): Extend DV autodetection to also reliably detect single-frame DVs with
a higher score that MAX/4.
It checks that there are at least 10 DIF headers and at least one per
24000 bytes, and if ...
Reimar Döffinger
08:34 AM Revision 472bb222 (ml): corrected small compilation bug with wrong #include in ml
git-svn-id: a72f678d-4428-462c-85b4-08f063ced704 RobertBirke
07:05 AM Revision 6378b062 (ffmpeg): Add id3v2 metadata conversion table and use it in mp3 muxer.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, wyskas gmail
Originally committed as revision 20073 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
05:55 AM Revision a5568f46 (ffmpeg): Make sure all the bits are written to output in fax data decoder.
This fixes decoding TIFF images with fax compression and width being not
multiple of eight (and issue 1429).
Kostya Shishkov


09:46 PM Revision 0b8e7ab0 (ffmpeg): some more linebreak and brace placement cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20071 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:13 PM Revision 5e56b30e (ffmpeg): brace placement and linebreak cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 20070 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
03:37 PM Revision 754ff9a7 (ffmpeg): Refactor channel element configuration and mapping code into its own ...
to allow reuse
Originally committed as revision 20069 to svn://
Robert Swain
03:35 PM Revision 2309923c (ffmpeg): Reindent after last commit
Originally committed as revision 20068 to svn:// Robert Swain
03:35 PM Revision e22da6b6 (ffmpeg): AAC: Add channel layout support for channel configuration as defined ...
Originally committed as revision 20067 to svn://
Robert Swain
05:19 AM Revision d2cdf201 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: reindent and reformat function declarations
Originally committed as revision 20066 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
05:17 AM Revision 8da5d3dc (ffmpeg): Finally distinguish TIFF_CCITT_RLE and TIFF_G3 1-D case, so both of them
will be decoded correctly.
This fixes issue 1423.
Originally committed as revision 20065 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov
05:15 AM Revision 7c6f5238 (ffmpeg): Make TIFF decoder load compression options only for corresponding codec
Originally committed as revision 20064 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov


04:52 PM Revision ec71a8e0 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON optimised vector_fmul_add
Originally committed as revision 20063 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:52 PM Revision 35de5d24 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: fix indentation after previous commit
Originally committed as revision 20062 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:51 PM Revision 952e8721 (ffmpeg): Drop unused args from vector_fmul_add_add, simpify code, and rename
The src3 and step arguments to vector_fmul_add_add() are always zero
and one, respectively. This removes these argum...
Måns Rullgård
10:29 AM Revision 7f5c1421 (ffmpeg): Remove duplicated / stray code which slipped in with r20057.
Originally committed as revision 20060 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:06 AM Revision 06d7f30a (ffmpeg): Get rid of "function" "keywords" in lavfilter testing code, hopefully...
make regressions tests runnable again with all shells.
Originally committed as revision 20059 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Reimar Döffinger
09:43 AM Revision eec69b39 (ffmpeg): Do not compile ZLib data uncompressing function in TIFF decoder when ...
not present.
Patch by Martin Storsjö
($firstname <at> $firstname <dot> two first letters of $lastname)
Originally co...
Martin Storsjö
09:33 AM Revision 40e02409 (ffmpeg): Implement a lavfitest target for testing regressions in libavfilter.
The target is disabled.
See the thread: "[PATCH] libavfilter-soc: regression test for libavfilter".
Originally comm...
Stefano Sabatini
08:16 AM Revision d975e5e9 (ffmpeg): WMAPRO: use vector_fmul_scalar from dsputil where possible
Originally committed as revision 20056 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:16 AM Revision 8b11b44e (ffmpeg): Rearrange loop structure for approx. 35-50% faster calc_transform_coe...
depending on content.
Originally committed as revision 20055 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
07:01 AM Revision e96f885a (ffmpeg): Looks like ZLib uncompress() cannot deal with some kinds of TIFF defl...
so replace it with custom code.
This fixes issue 1419.
Originally committed as revision 20054 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Kostya Shishkov
06:38 AM Revision 3b6c5ad2 (ffmpeg): Move variable declaration to inside of loop.
Originally committed as revision 20053 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:38 AM Revision 02587373 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Rename some variables.
Originally committed as revision 20052 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:33 AM Revision b5f4639b (ffmpeg): Simplify coupling band loop.
Originally committed as revision 20051 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:16 AM Revision 09e03847 (ffmpeg): Remove unneeded table lookup.
Originally committed as revision 20050 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:13 AM Revision 444ce49a (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Rename some variables to be more descriptive of their use.
Originally committed as revision 20049 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:10 AM Revision 4e745ea8 (ffmpeg): Move some variable declarations to inside of loops.
Originally committed as revision 20048 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:01 AM Revision 3538a2e4 (ffmpeg): Remove unneeded variable.
Originally committed as revision 20047 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:48 AM Revision 84cb4bc6 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Rename some variables to be more descriptive of their use.
Originally committed as revision 20046 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:39 AM Revision 8a547c25 (ffmpeg): Remove some unneeded variables.
Originally committed as revision 20045 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:36 AM Revision 403b1543 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Rename some variables
Originally committed as revision 20044 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:57 AM Revision f805d5fc (ffmpeg): simplify 2 lines into 1 using FFMIN
Originally committed as revision 20043 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:55 AM Revision 612bdf18 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Do some basic pretty-printing.
Originally committed as revision 20042 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:47 AM Revision bf864383 (ffmpeg): Simplify by combining increment with array access.
Originally committed as revision 20041 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:46 AM Revision 89e6317b (ffmpeg): cosmetics: Rename some variables to be more descriptive of their use....
pretty-printing as well.
Originally committed as revision 20040 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
04:41 AM Revision a7e7417c (ffmpeg): Move 2 variable declarations to inside of loop.
Originally committed as revision 20039 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:37 AM Revision 20520421 (ffmpeg): simplify by combining increment with array access
Originally committed as revision 20038 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:32 AM Revision be5830ea (ffmpeg): Remove unneeded variable
Originally committed as revision 20037 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:07 AM Revision b05e4195 (ffmpeg): Hardcode AC-3 critical band tables when CONFIG_HARDCODED_TABLES is set.
Originally committed as revision 20036 to svn:// Justin Ruggles


11:30 PM Revision 7087a0f5 (ffmpeg): Add a -loglevel command line option to ffserver.
The -loglevel option makes possible to set the logging level used by
the libav* libraries.
Originally committed as r...
Stefano Sabatini
10:54 PM Revision 65935bc7 (ffmpeg): simplify format string for writing pix_fmt string.
Originally committed as revision 20034 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:06 PM Revision a42bf191 (ffmpeg): 100l, typo
Originally committed as revision 20033 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
08:51 PM Revision 7b5252ce (ffmpeg): Export mov/mp4 major and compatible brands as metadata.
Patch by haim alon, haim dot alter at gmail dot com
Originally committed as revision 20032 to svn://
haim alon
07:55 PM Revision f331cec4 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON optimised vector_clipf
Originally committed as revision 20031 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:23 PM Revision 0a07e9d0 (ffmpeg): WMA: remove some unused variables
Originally committed as revision 20030 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:23 PM Revision b9b1ad9c (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON optimised vector_fmul_reverse
Originally committed as revision 20029 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
05:21 PM Revision 13d41a19 (ffmpeg): Document the -loglevel option in the ffmpeg man page.
Originally committed as revision 20028 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
05:18 PM Revision 5a6d6664 (ffmpeg): Add a -loglevel command line option to ffplay.
The -loglevel option makes possible to set the logging level used by
the libav* libraries.
Originally committed as r...
Stefano Sabatini
04:04 PM Revision a55247e7 (ffmpeg): Specify maximum sample rate of MLP by defining the factor relative to...
instead of directly.
This makes clear that the code assumes the maximum sample rate to be
a multiple of 48000 and als...
Reimar Döffinger
05:48 AM Revision a8c7a3d2 (ffmpeg): Fix decoding of TIFF CCITT RLE compressed data.
This fixes issue 1417.
Originally committed as revision 20025 to svn://
Kostya Shishkov


01:31 AM Revision 84e30ef9 (ffmpeg): Align pix_fmt list by allowing one more char for the pix_fmt name.
Originally committed as revision 20024 to svn:// Justin Ruggles

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