From 03/10/2010 to 04/08/2010


09:47 AM Revision 7a6fe01f (ffmpeg): Seeking forward in non-seekable media by discarding data, regardless ...
Originally committed as revision 22822 to svn:// Tomas Härdin
09:02 AM Revision 01d91b9b (ffmpeg): Reusing the probe buffer to rewind the ByteIOContext in ff_probe_inpu...
Originally committed as revision 22821 to svn:// Tomas Härdin
06:27 AM Revision ba659bed (ffmpeg): Reindent read_sbr_extension.
Originally committed as revision 22820 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:27 AM Revision 73c27046 (ffmpeg): Print an error and skip PS when PS is found but explicitly found but
signaled to be absent.
Originally committed as revision 22819 to svn://
Alex Converse
06:27 AM Revision ed23d319 (grapes): Fix compilation after the last API change
Luca Abeni
06:25 AM Revision 92bdbfcd (grapes): Add the possibility to pass a user-defined fd set to wait4data()
Luca Abeni
06:04 AM Revision d14662f6 (ffmpeg): Add support for PS sync extensions.
Originally committed as revision 22818 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:04 AM Revision 37216b99 (ffmpeg): Use get_bits_left() in the sync extension check.
Originally committed as revision 22817 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:04 AM Revision 702b73bc (ffmpeg): Fix ext_object_type.
In the case of explicit non-backwards compible PS, the extension object
type should be set to SBR. See 14496-3:2009 (...
Alex Converse


08:06 PM Revision 58f48adb (ffmpeg): Add DynamicACL support for FFserver.
Originally committed as revision 22815 to svn:// Benjamin Larsson
07:40 PM Revision c6cf6ae6 (ffmpeg): Don't write an empty spdif header in spdif muxers write_header functi...
Patch by Elupus.
Originally committed as revision 22814 to svn://
Joakim Plate
01:05 AM Revision e0728d79 (ffmpeg): Add unsharp video filter.
Contributed by Daniel G. Taylor (dan/at/programmer-art/dot/org)
Originally committed as revision 22813 to svn://svn....
Bobby Bingham


10:31 PM Revision b9bd6589 (ffmpeg): Clarify doxy for av_fifo_alloc().
Originally committed as revision 22812 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:52 AM Revision 77a670e7 (ffmpeg): Fix segfault when encoder initialization fails.
Patch by Craig Thomasson $(name) dot $(surname) ripcode com
Originally committed as revision 22811 to svn://svn.ffmp...
Craig Thomasson


07:55 PM Revision 2100348c (ffmpeg): Add actually correct rXXXXX here.
Originally committed as revision 22810 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
07:54 PM Revision 46e6fb4c (ffmpeg): Simplify writing stream metadata.
Patch by Anton Khirnov <wyskas gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 22809 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:53 PM Revision 1a6498d7 (ffmpeg): Don't overwrite user-supplied metadata with metadata mapped from an i...
Patch by Anton Khirnov <wyskas gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 22808 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:50 PM Revision 56a8242f (ffmpeg): Actually add flag (somehow got lost in my previous patchset?), fixes ...
Originally committed as revision 22807 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
07:46 PM Revision 3dd6180f (ffmpeg): Add a flag to not overwrite existing tags
Patch by Anton Khirnov <wyskas gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 22806 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
05:26 PM Revision 0950e170 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22805 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:25 PM Revision 0e4b185a (ffmpeg): Fix leaks in the AAC RTP depacketizer
Originally committed as revision 22804 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
04:13 PM Revision 1da1e193 (ffmpeg): Add void to a function prototype that takes no arguments. Fixes a pot...
compiler warning.
Originally committed as revision 22803 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje


10:19 PM Revision 0e1f78f9 (ffmpeg): Fix rounding direction for calculation of AVPacket.duration.
Fixes issue1579
Originally committed as revision 22802 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
09:59 PM Revision 3370289a (ffmpeg): Zero-initialize the reply struct
The status_code field is read in the fail codepath, where it could be
read uninitialized earlier. Found by clang.
Martin Storsjö
03:35 PM Revision 1e4dd198 (ffmpeg): Document minimum binutils requirements on Unix-like platforms.
based on a patch by Michael Kostylev, michael.kostylev gmail com
Originally committed as revision 22800 to svn://svn...
Diego Biurrun
02:21 PM Revision 5b33a553 (ffmpeg): Implement support to the AVSEEK_SIZE operation in file_seek().
Avoid the need to use seeking for getting the file size, use fstat
instead, which is significantly faster.
See threa...
Stefano Sabatini
01:50 PM Revision 685598f5 (ffmpeg): Reindent.
Originally committed as revision 22798 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:50 PM Revision ac61f59a (ffmpeg): Rename av_encode() to av_transcode(), the new name is more meaningful.
Originally committed as revision 22797 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:20 PM Revision 37f57ab4 (ffmpeg): Allow AVFormatContext.duration to be set if no individual stream dura...
Demuxers already do this ...
Originally committed as revision 22796 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
07:18 AM Revision 2819760b (ffmpeg): Avoid division by zero
Based on clang-scan report
Originally committed as r...
Reinhard Tartler


03:29 PM Revision 2bb96256 (ffmpeg): Remove variable whose value was never read. Found by clang.
Originally committed as revision 22794 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
03:05 PM Revision c99baf05 (ffmpeg): Add help for (I)RDFT test in fft-test
Originally committed as revision 22793 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
03:04 PM Revision c2b774a0 (ffmpeg): Make code using 1d-DCT consistent with the API change
Originally committed as revision 22792 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
02:15 PM Revision 2874c81c (ffmpeg): Replace all remaining occurrences of AVERROR_NOMEM with
AVERROR_NOMEM is deprecated and will be dropped at the next libavutil
major bump.
Originally commi...
Stefano Sabatini
12:16 PM Revision 0e642188 (ffmpeg): Remove a redundant assignment, found by clang
Originally committed as revision 22790 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:45 AM Revision bee694bc (ffmpeg): Group Unix-like platforms together in the platform documentation.
patch by Michael Kostylev, michael.kostylev gmail com
Originally committed as revision 22789 to svn://
Michael Kostylev
09:42 AM Revision 57a80d79 (ffmpeg): minor spelling fixes
Originally committed as revision 22788 to svn:// Diego Biurrun


11:08 PM Revision 18590be6 (ffmpeg): Use AVDISCARD_DEFAULT for 0 where appropriate.
Originally committed as revision 22787 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
10:08 PM Revision ff273dda (ffmpeg): Fix buffer size; should hold 2 32-bit integers in hex = 16 chars + te...
zero, so should be 17 bytes, not 9.
Originally committed as revision 22786 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
08:14 PM Revision f3c68c5b (ffmpeg): ETIME -> ETIMEDOUT. Patch by Sam Gerstein <sgerstein bluefinlab com>.
Originally committed as revision 22785 to svn:// Sam Gerstein
04:26 PM Revision 52342922 (ffmpeg): aacenc: Error when an unsupported profile is requested
Originally committed as revision 22784 to svn:// Alex Converse
02:58 PM Revision 7b374c9f (ffmpeg): Another uninitialized value.
Originally committed as revision 22783 ...
Ronald S. Bultje
02:58 PM Revision 190413cf (ffmpeg): Fix uninitialized value in codepath.
Originally committed as revision 22782 ...
Ronald S. Bultje
02:56 PM Revision ddf8e75e (ffmpeg): Remove dead initialization.
Originally committed as revision 22781 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
02:55 PM Revision 0b9535b9 (ffmpeg): Remove dead initialization.
Originally committed as revision 22780 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
02:19 PM Revision 636da41a (ffmpeg): aacenc: Don't lowpass the input unless specifically requested.
The heuristic for estimating a good cutoff is busted.
Originally committed as revision 22779 to svn://
Alex Converse
02:08 PM Revision 008593be (ffmpeg): Change default for bidir_refine to 1.
Originally committed as revision 22778 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
02:04 PM Revision fd8277ff (ffmpeg): Optimize bidir_refine a bit.
compiled code is less tham 1/4 the size.
a tiny bit faster
Originally committed as revision 22777 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Michael Niedermayer
01:33 PM Revision fea9bb2f (ffmpeg): Replace the last occurrance of CODEC_TYPE_ with AVMEDIA_TYPE_
Originally committed as revision 22776 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:34 PM Revision a69220cc (ffmpeg): Change bidir refine hash code so we only need to perform a single
hash calculation for the whole function.
negligibly faster (about 0.1%)
Originally committed as revision 22775 to sv...
Michael Niedermayer
11:33 AM Revision 4bebf2cf (ffmpeg): Change a case of CODEC_TYPE_ into AVMEDIA_TYPE_
This was accidentally overwritten in the recent merge of the theora/vorbis codepaths
Originally committed as revisio...
Martin Storsjö
11:06 AM Revision 2d603902 (ffmpeg): Reduce the size of the bidir refine hashtable from 4096 to 256 and
change the hash function to something more sane and simple.
about 1/3 faster, no meassureable change in psnr or size ...
Michael Niedermayer
01:13 AM Revision e056d2a2 (ffmpeg): Move comment that belonged to cmp() back to cmp().
Originally committed as revision 22772 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:07 AM Revision 919e7497 (ffmpeg): slice dice, inline and outline cmp()
motion_est.o is now less than half its previous size.
No speedchange meassureable.
Originally committed as revision ...
Michael Niedermayer
01:03 AM Revision 4ed39eed (ffmpeg): av_builtin_constant_p()
Originally committed as revision 22770 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


10:34 PM Revision 458b062d (ffmpeg): Implement cmdutils.c:read_file(), and use it in ffmpeg.c for reading
the second pass encoding log file.
Originally committed as revision 22769 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:43 PM Revision 339f5f39 (ffmpeg): Merge Vorbis / Theora depayloaders.
Patch by Josh Allmann <joshua DOT allmann AT gmail DOT com>.
Originally committed as revision 22768 to svn://svn.ffm...
Josh Allmann
09:42 PM Revision cb92a9c0 (ffmpeg): Reindent after r22766.
Patch by Josh Allmann <joshua DOT allmann AT gmail DOT com>.
Originally committed as revision 22767 to svn://svn.ffm...
Josh Allmann
09:41 PM Revision 96070b8b (ffmpeg): Rename functions / comments from "Theora" to "Xiph" where relevant.
Patch by Josh Allmann <joshua DOT allmann AT gmail DOT com>.
Originally committed as revision 22766 to svn://svn.ffm...
Josh Allmann
09:40 PM Revision 06a36faf (ffmpeg): Rename rtpdec_theora.[ch] to rtpdec_xiph.[ch], as a preparation for m...
the Vorbis / theora depacketizers.
Patch by Josh Allmann <joshua DOT allmann AT gmail DOT com>.
Originally committe...
Josh Allmann
08:56 PM Revision d834d63b (ffmpeg): Add -t option to ffplay.
Patch by Robert Krüger, krueger signal7 de
Originally committed as revision 22764 to svn://
Robert Krüger
06:51 PM Revision 00bbc093 (ffmpeg): Store range coder state transition table.
Use a better table, 2% compression gain for foreman
Originally committed as revision 22763 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
05:54 PM Revision fa034b44 (ffmpeg): Allow hardcoding of ulaw and alaw tables.
Originally committed as revision 22762 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:11 PM Revision 8eaa6e0e (ffmpeg): Change/simplify the tableprint/tablegen API.
Originally committed as revision 22761 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
04:56 PM Revision 26379a77 (chunker-player): corrected many memory leaks (not all)
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
04:52 PM Revision 27eecec3 (ffmpeg): Convert two "m" constraints to MANGLE to fix compilation with some co...
Originally committed as revision 22760 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
03:52 PM Revision d749da7e (ffmpeg): Fix typo: CODEC_FLAG2_SSIM is in flags2, not in flags.
Patch by Takashi Mochizuki mochi (A) da2 (.) so (dash) net (dot) ne (.) jp
Originally committed as revision 22759 to...
Takashi Mochizuki
12:09 PM Revision ccf8c294 (ffmpeg): Limit probing to probesize.
Originally committed as revision 22758 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:13 AM Revision a6664ae2 (chunker-player): added compile file for net_helper version
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
11:13 AM Revision 13e7856d (chunker-player): added new chunk pusher that uses net_helper
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
11:13 AM Revision 3a6d10b3 (chunker-player): added new chunk puller that uses net_helper
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
11:13 AM Revision 5425e640 (chunker-player): remove curl stuff from chunk_pusher_stdio
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
08:02 AM Revision 527c2e64 (ffmpeg): Fix flvdec start-of-frame.
Patch by Howard Chu hyc highlandsun com
Originally committed as revision 22757 to svn://
Howard Chu
06:41 AM Revision cf097cbc (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: indentation
Originally committed as revision 22756 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
06:41 AM Revision c41c5b02 (ffmpeg): Don't create unnecessary refereces to pictures
Originally committed as revision 22755 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
06:41 AM Revision dd0c789b (ffmpeg): Hook decoder up to libavfilter's direct rendering for ffplay
Originally committed as revision 22754 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
06:41 AM Revision 0fb49b59 (ffmpeg): Add function to export EDGE_WIDTH from libavcodec.
Originally committed as revision 22753 to svn:// Bobby Bingham


09:10 PM Revision c846a984 (ffmpeg): Document API addition of avcodec_copy_context().
Originally committed as revision 22752 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
09:02 PM Revision d9521cb1 (ffmpeg): Fix FFM-based streaming from ffmpeg to ffserver. The basic problem is...
we'd memset() the codec context to zero, thereby setting audio input to U8
and video to YUV420P. For most video encod...
Ronald S. Bultje
08:40 PM Revision d1032180 (ffmpeg): Add avcodec_copy_context().
Originally committed as revision 22750 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
07:06 PM Revision e33f1fa0 (ffmpeg): Add entry for the addition of av_match_ext() to the public API.
Originally committed as revision 22749 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:03 PM Revision 1a70d127 (ffmpeg): Make av_match_ext() declaration public (move its declaration out of
the #ifdef HAVE_AV_CONFIG_H block in avformat.h).
Originally committed as revision 22748 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
05:00 PM Revision 5b03661f (ffmpeg): Replace some "m" constraints by MANGLE to avoid issues with some comp...
being able to compile it and deduplicate the code at the same time.
Originally committed as revision 30978 to svn://...
Reimar Döffinger
03:01 PM Revision 3a7c271b (chunker-player): fixed http headers that screwed up communication with libeven...
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
02:58 PM Revision f9cf0a8d (chunker-player): counters for frame statistics, insertion sort in the frames q...
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
02:48 PM Revision 11e39d44 (chunker-player): new sync algortithm, debug symbols, fprintf to stderr the deb...
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
02:15 PM Revision c7512f6b (ffmpeg): Fix a few typos/grammar nits from r22739.
Originally committed as revision 22747 to svn:// Jai Menon
02:13 PM Revision a4585e78 (ffmpeg): Fix likely typo in r15937.
Originally committed as revision 22746 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
12:55 PM Revision fe8344a2 (ffmpeg): Add AVFMT_FLAG_NOFILLIN and AVFMT_FLAG_NOPARSE.
Originally committed as revision 22745 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:29 PM Revision cc947f04 (ffmpeg): Replace all occurences of PKT_FLAG_KEY with AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY.
Patch by Jean-Daniel Dupas, devlists shadowlab org
Originally committed as revision 22744 to svn://
Jean-Daniel Dupas
10:45 AM Revision 46da7fa1 (ffmpeg): Probe aac codecs for CODEC_ID_PROBE.
Patch by Joakim Plate, elupus ecce se
Originally committed as revision 22742 to svn://
Joakim Plate
09:22 AM Revision 8166c498 (ffmpeg): Remove superfluous space from a conversion table.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, wyskas gmail
Originally committed as revision 22741 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
03:55 AM Revision 7a5c850b (ffmpeg): H264: Copy h264dsp when creating new slice threads
Fixes slice multithreading (broken in r22565)
Fixes issue1815
Originally committed as revision 22740 to svn://svn.ff...
Alexander Strange
12:41 AM Revision 49553ec8 (ffmpeg): Better documentation of -vsync
Originally committed as revision 22739 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


11:46 PM Revision 330d86f5 (ffmpeg): Issue a more general message when the function which sets an option
It may fail not only because of an invalid value for the option, but
also for other reasons, e.g. memory prob...
Stefano Sabatini
11:42 PM Revision fc8b1075 (ffmpeg): Update APIchanges after the enum CodecType -> enum AVMediaType
Originally committed as revision 22737 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:31 PM Revision 11491503 (ffmpeg): Move AVMediaType from libavcodec to libavutil.
This allows applications/libraries which require that symbol
(e.g. libavfilter) to be compiled without to depend on t...
Stefano Sabatini
11:30 PM Revision 72415b2a (ffmpeg): Define AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum CodecType, which
is deprecated and will be dropped at the next major bump.
Originally committed as revision 22735 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Stefano Sabatini
10:11 PM Revision 33aea5f5 (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
10:11 PM Revision 4ae5a3e9 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
10:09 PM Revision ca6e7708 (ffmpeg): Add spectral extension to the E-AC-3 decoder.
Original patch by Justin, updated and resubmitted by
Christophe Gisquet, christophe D gisquet A gmail
Originally com...
Carl Eugen Hoyos
10:08 PM Revision 0c46c105 (streamers): update overflow handling code to 32bit wire timestamps
Csaba Kiraly
10:07 PM Revision ff4d09f3 (streamers): change to 64 bit timestamps to interface with avformat
This change is only for the values used internally.
On the wire 32 or 16 bits can still be used.
Csaba Kiraly
09:53 PM Revision 69ae8acb (streamers): Add support for missing PTSs
Luca Abeni
09:53 PM Revision c404be8a (streamers): Implement shared payload header and frame header writers
Luca Abeni
09:52 PM Revision 4f7ec627 (streamers): Use the new payload stuff in the dummy out module
Luca Abeni
09:52 PM Revision 421c2dc2 (streamers): Move payload handling in a proper header file
Luca Abeni
09:52 PM Revision b5e34f09 (streamers): Update, and switch to new PTS size
Luca Abeni
09:51 PM Revision be894e4d (streamers): Rename the dummy output module
Luca Abeni
09:05 PM Revision 1052b76f (ffmpeg): Fix implicit weight for b frames in mbaff.
Originally committed as revision 22733 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:46 PM Revision c28112fa (ffmpeg): Make sure the EC code does not attempt to use inter based concealment...
is no reference frame available. (this can happen because the EC code will attempt
to use reference frames even for I...
Michael Niedermayer
07:37 PM Revision aa1de0d9 (ffmpeg): Split out code that auto-chooses a default pix_fmt/sample_fmt in thei...
Originally committed as revision 22731 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
04:28 PM Revision 13cb2187 (ffmpeg): configure: restore -mdynamic-no-pic on darwin (missing since r20497)
Darwin compilers default to PIC on, so -mdynamic-no-pic (which disables it
again) needs to be added to cflags before ...
Alexander Strange
03:50 PM Revision 32e543f8 (ffmpeg): Replace @returns by @return.
Originally committed as revision 22729 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
09:17 AM Revision c4983616 (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
09:17 AM Revision 3a1f076c (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
09:13 AM Revision d67ef29a (streamers): update GRAPES
Csaba Kiraly
08:20 AM Revision 54f4d42f (streamers): exit gracefully if input file not found
Csaba Kiraly
08:20 AM Revision 919f2faa (streamers): removed hostname based IP autodetect
Csaba Kiraly
08:19 AM Revision 27ee9207 (streamers): moved the hostname based part of IP autodetect in separate function
Csaba Kiraly
08:10 AM Revision 3bccd93a (ffmpeg): Set VDPAU H264 picture parameter field_order_cnt and frame_num at the
start of decoding a picture instead of at the end.
Fixes mmco01.264
Patch by Stephen Warren
Originally committed as...
Stephen Warren
07:52 AM Revision e5efbafd (ffmpeg): Fix VDPAU for H.264 streams with long reference frames.
Patch by Stephen Warren.
Originally committed as revision 22727 to svn://
Stephen Warren
06:45 AM Revision 20ddf9e8 (chunker-player): changing compile to link with chunkstream i/o
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:44 AM Revision 70ee24d2 (chunker-player): compile fixes
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:44 AM Revision 939af979 (chunker-player): added compile for stdio version
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:35 AM Revision 0ef85829 (chunker-player): adding stdin chunkstream input
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:35 AM Revision 1f9b07d5 (chunker-player): adding stdout chunkstream output
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:35 AM Revision 1f425cb8 (chunker-player): writing error/debug/info messages to stderr instead of stdout
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly
06:35 AM Revision 9c597fd1 (chunker-player): temporarily disable check that was not working on 64bit machine
git-svn-id: c54fac... Csaba Kiraly


11:34 PM Revision 38b9d8b8 (ffmpeg): Add missing entry for the YOP demuxer and video decoder addition.
Originally committed as revision 22726 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:29 PM Revision 8a36b59b (ffmpeg): Document url_exist().
Originally committed as revision 22725 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:17 PM Revision 148bcae9 (ffmpeg): Implement YOP demuxer and video decoder.
Patch by Mohamed Naufal gmailify(naufal11).
Originally committed as revision 22724 to svn://
Mohamed Naufal
09:32 PM Revision 30ad1a66 (ffmpeg): Include appropriate header in table generators instead of using a dummy
av_cold define.
Originally committed as revision 22723 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
09:01 PM Revision 4f798a6a (ffmpeg): Add some documentation about the table generation code.
Originally committed as revision 22722 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
08:58 PM Revision 5b9c11ff (ffmpeg): Fix indentation.
Originally committed as revision 22721 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:17 PM Revision c2bfd816 (ffmpeg): Some spelling fixes.
Originally committed as revision 22720 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:37 PM Revision 8ff5d1f3 (ffmpeg): Simplify interleaving code.
Originally committed as revision 22719 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
05:36 PM Revision 9cba6f5f (ffmpeg): Add a timeout to the select() call. Patch by Sam Gerstein <sgerstein ...
Originally committed as revision 22718 to svn://
Sam Gerstein
12:53 PM Revision a0d5f3d3 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics : add a space after ",".
Originally committed as revision 22717 to svn:// Jai Menon
02:50 AM Revision b23cf13c (ffmpeg): indent
Originally committed as revision 22716 to svn:// Loren Merritt
02:50 AM Revision 32240799 (ffmpeg): optimize init_vlc().
Reduce worst case time from O(N^2) to O(N*log(N)).
Speedup average case by a factor of 10 in ffv2 (total decoding spe...
Loren Merritt
01:34 AM Revision 7ef7ae93 (ffmpeg): Update x264 presets in line with latest x264 changes.
Patch by Lou Logan.
Originally committed as revision 22714 to svn://
Lou Logan


08:16 PM Revision e69decae (ffmpeg): Clarify (Open)Solaris section of the documentation.
patch by Michael Kostylev, michael.kostylev gmail com
Originally committed as revision 22713 to svn://
Michael Kostylev
05:21 PM Revision 6aaa9bc9 (ffmpeg): Add myself as co-maintainer of tta.c
Originally committed as revision 22712 to svn:// Jai Menon
05:17 PM Revision bac6ed4a (ffmpeg): TTA : Check if the output buffer size is within bounds.
Fixes issue 1848.
Originally committed as revision 22711 to svn://
Jai Menon
01:39 PM Revision 0f943ce6 (ffmpeg): Implement support to RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE, RTMPS protocols via
Patch by Howard Chu <hyc * highlandsun * com>.
Originally committed as revision 22710 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Howard Chu
10:31 AM Revision 9bee2459 (ffmpeg): Document url_seek().
Originally committed as revision 22709 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:04 AM Revision 4bfe67da (ffmpeg): Implement -convert_tags option, which converts showed tag names to the
FFmpeg generic tag names.
Originally committed as revision 22708 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:59 AM Revision f990f6e3 (ffmpeg): Fix NUT (de)muxer warnings:
CC libavformat/nutdec.o
libavformat/nutdec.c: In function ‘read_seek’:
libavformat/nutdec.c:862: warning: passing ...
Vitor Sessak
08:48 AM Revision 4c1202f7 (ffmpeg): Initialize ssrc and base_timestamp using ff_random_get_seed()
Originally committed as revision 22706 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:15 AM Revision 9b1db5ec (ffmpeg): correct first pts for ogg skeleton
Originally committed as revision 22705 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs


09:14 PM Revision 66b6c745 (ffmpeg): Document the behavior of av_metadata_get() if the prev parameter is
Originally committed as revision 22704 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
07:10 PM Revision d14f5391 (ffmpeg): Use more appropriate return values in txd demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 22703 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:09 PM Revision 36031c20 (ffmpeg): eacdata: fix a memleak, return partial packets and use proper return ...
Originally committed as revision 22702 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
01:30 PM Revision 227d1b98 (ffmpeg): misc wording and grammar fixes
Originally committed as revision 22701 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
01:22 PM Revision 9b489e02 (ffmpeg): Clearer CODEC_CAP_DR1 documentation.
Originally committed as revision 22700 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
01:17 PM Revision c08b9856 (ffmpeg): Clarify where the list of supported formats is.
Originally committed as revision 22699 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
12:35 PM Revision efe8bb09 (ffmpeg): 10l: Initialize tag to NULL in show_stream, fix metadata showing in
Originally committed as revision 22698 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:31 AM Revision c271ad21 (ffmpeg): Clarify which parts of libswscale remain GPL.
Originally committed as revision 22697 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
11:31 AM Revision 819ee683 (ffmpeg): libswscale: Relicense almost all x86 assembler optimizations as LGPL.
This is of course done with permissions from the authors. The only GPL
component left are MMX optimizations for YUV t...
Diego Biurrun


10:46 PM Revision 7a5bdd79 (ffmpeg): Use av_strerror() in print_error().
Originally committed as revision 22696 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:40 PM Revision 94052341 (ffmpeg): Use the newly available x264 parameters in ffmpeg in the x264 preset ...
Patch by Lou Logan.
Originally committed as revision 22695 to svn://
Lou Logan
04:04 PM Revision cae9a15c (ffmpeg): Don't report EINTR from select as an error, retry select instead
Originally committed as revision 22694 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:56 AM Revision 3fd427cd (ffmpeg): Add (Open)Solaris section to platform documentation.
Originally committed as revision 22693 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:39 AM Revision c2b157e7 (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
09:39 AM Revision b3b1299e (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
09:39 AM Revision fc637fed (streamers): updated GRAPES to 0.8.2
Csaba Kiraly
07:57 AM Revision f25b1c4b (ffmpeg): HAVE_MMX2 implies HAVE_MMX, so checking the latter is enough.
Originally committed as revision 30961 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
05:04 AM Revision 767738f7 (ffmpeg): h264: Use + instead of | in some places
6 insns less on x86-64/gcc 4.2.
Originally committed as revision 22692 to svn://
Alexander Strange
04:12 AM Revision e644db61 (ffmpeg): libxvid: Clear extradata pointer when freeing it.
Fixes crash when avcodec_close() tried freeing it again.
Fixes issue 1846.
Originally committed as revision 22691 to...
Ramiro Polla
03:31 AM Revision 601ca8c5 (ffmpeg): h264: Remove unused function argument
Originally committed as revision 22690 to svn:// Alexander Strange
03:29 AM Revision f7ba470d (ffmpeg): h264: Simplify decode_cabac_residual() specialization
Gives more consistent inlining with some compilers (such as llvm).
Originally committed as revision 22689 to svn://s...
Alexander Strange
01:12 AM Revision 532aa889 (ffmpeg): Fix updating condition for the probe_size variable in the internal
loop of ff_probe_input_buffer(), making sure that probe_size is always
set to probe_max_size in the last iteration.
Micah F. Galizia
12:38 AM Revision fd12dd95 (ffmpeg): Reorder platform sections alphabetically.
Originally committed as revision 22687 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
12:37 AM Revision 54dab567 (ffmpeg): Add FreeBSD subsection with compilation instructions.
Originally committed as revision 22686 to svn:// Diego Biurrun


10:52 PM Revision 82ba847e (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after av_strerror() addition.
Originally committed as revision 22685 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:46 PM Revision 87958234 (ffmpeg): Implement av_strerror().
Originally committed as revision 22684 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:46 PM Revision 0394c928 (ffmpeg): Prefer '///< ...' doxygen inline syntax over '/**< ... */'.
Originally committed as revision 22683 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:46 PM Revision b748b9d6 (ffmpeg): Use consistent punctuation rules for the error message descriptions.
Originally committed as revision 22682 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:21 PM Revision 4bc5cc23 (ffmpeg): Reassemble the RTSP URL before replacing hostname with the numerical IP
Originally committed as revision 22681 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:04 PM Revision 7b4a3645 (ffmpeg): Simplify ff_rtsp_send_cmd_with_content_async, remove an unnecessary b...
Originally committed as revision 22680 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:53 PM Revision 60f198a7 (ffmpeg): Remove a redundant null pointer check
Originally committed as revision 22679 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:49 PM Revision 30af0779 (ffmpeg): Don't force basic auth in RTSP, but retry with the server-specified m...
Originally committed as revision 22678 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:48 PM Revision 2626308a (ffmpeg): Actually parse the auth headers in RTSP
Originally committed as revision 22677 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:47 PM Revision aa8bf2fb (ffmpeg): Make RTSP use the generic http authentication code
Still hardcoded to use Basic auth, without parsing the reply headers
Originally committed as revision 22676 to svn:/...
Martin Storsjö
09:46 PM Revision b17d11c6 (ffmpeg): Add separate method/url parameters to the rtsp_send_cmd functions
Originally committed as revision 22675 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:01 PM Revision c5c20ae4 (ffmpeg): Make wmaprodec.c:decode_init() return AVERROR_INVALIDDATA /
AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME in case of invalid / unsupported number of
channels specified, rather than return AVERROR_NOTSUP...
Stefano Sabatini
08:45 PM Revision ab379c67 (ffmpeg): 10l, update ref value for ffm since default flags changed and are sto...
Originally committed as revision 22673 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:47 PM Revision e9fea405 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22672 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:39 PM Revision dac99c35 (ffmpeg): Enable mbtree by default, and remove it from presets
Originally committed as revision 22671 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:25 PM Revision f3b3b489 (ffmpeg): Enable more libx264 options, aq, psy, rc lookahead and ssim
Originally committed as revision 22670 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
02:34 PM Revision 4896dd57 (ffmpeg): Matroska muxer : Don't create audio tracks for unsupported audio codecs.
Originally committed as revision 22669 to svn:// Jai Menon
02:01 PM Revision b26708d5 (ffmpeg): Add a changelog entry for http digest auth
Originally committed as revision 22668 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:58 PM Revision 855e7732 (ffmpeg): Add support for http digest authentication
Originally committed as revision 22667 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:14 AM Revision d8f92957 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22666 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:13 AM Revision ddbeb954 (ffmpeg): Add a lowercase parameter to ff_data_to_hex
Originally committed as revision 22665 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:41 AM Revision bd01c393 (ffmpeg): Make audio_read_packet() return AVERROR_EOF rather than AVERROR(EOF) =
AVERROR(-1) = 1.
Originally committed as revision 22664 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini


11:06 PM Revision b1cc5540 (ffmpeg): Make ff_rtsp_send_cmd simply call ff_rtsp_send_cmd_with_content
Originally committed as revision 22663 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:44 PM Revision 3bfb30b9 (ffmpeg): Fix warnings in NUT demuxer:
libavformat/nutdec.c: In function ‘read_seek’:
libavformat/nutdec.c:862: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘av_tree_find...
Vitor Sessak
10:38 PM Revision 7ed8211b (ffmpeg): Issue a warning if the received CSeq isn't the expected one
Originally committed as revision 22661 to svn:// Luca Barbato
10:32 PM Revision 9405f733 (ffmpeg): Split out http authentication handling into a separate file
This prepares for adding support for more authentication methods
Originally committed as revision 22660 to svn://svn...
Martin Storsjö
07:58 PM Revision 59856b98 (ffmpeg): Fix warning:
libavformat/nut.c: In function ‘ff_nut_free_sp’:
libavformat/nut.c:80: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘av_tree_enumer...
Vitor Sessak
06:52 PM Revision 3032276b (ffmpeg): Handle errors returned from ff_rtsp_read_reply in udp_read_packet pro...
Originally committed as revision 22657 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
06:40 PM Revision 852e0ca5 (ffmpeg): Move put_le16_nolen() to asf.c and give it a ff_ prefix. This way, it...
to share it with e.g. MMS.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 22656 to svn...
Zhentan Feng
05:09 PM Revision 508f092a (ffmpeg): aacenc: Merge quantize_band_cost() with quantize_and_encode_band().
If these two functions aren't matched results may be unexpected.
Originally committed as revision 22655 to svn://svn...
Alex Converse
03:20 PM Revision 0393e54c (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
03:19 PM Revision 69155ab4 (streamers): increased topology timeout to 5 seconds
Csaba Kiraly
03:16 PM Revision 54500884 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
03:15 PM Revision fc342f90 (streamers): GRAPES upgrade to 0.8.1
Csaba Kiraly
03:07 PM Revision 8de6681e (chunker-player): h264 input fix
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
11:11 AM Revision d692850b (ffmpeg): Silence ridiculous gcc warning.
Originally committed as revision 22654 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
10:41 AM Revision c6a5e087 (ffmpeg): Mask away AVSEEK_FORCE properly in some checks in url_fseek()
Patch by Tomas Härdin $(name).$(s/ä/a/ $(surname)) AT codemill DOT se
Originally committed as revision 22653 to svn:...
Tomas Härdin


11:58 PM Revision 06ebe916 (ffmpeg): Put ff_flac_write_header() in a separate C file to allow it to be sha...
duplicating code or adding a dependency on vorbiscomment.o.
Originally committed as revision 22652 to svn://svn.ffmp...
Justin Ruggles
11:35 PM Revision 85f273c7 (ffmpeg): x11grab: AVFormatParameters are always passed from av_open_input_stre...
there is no need to check for it.
Originally committed as revision 22651 to svn://
Ramiro Polla
10:59 PM Revision f684f3c5 (ffmpeg): AltiVec implies a PPC CPU, so there is no need to check for both.
Originally committed as revision 30954 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
08:12 PM Revision 13bc1ac3 (ffmpeg): Do not compile AltiVec code when AltiVec is not available; not even in
runtime cpudetection mode.
Fixes compilation with '--enable-runtime-cpudetect --disable-altivec'.
Originally committ...
Diego Biurrun
08:03 PM Revision 69087742 (ffmpeg): Bump minor version, I forgot in the last commit
Originally committed as revision 22650 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
07:48 PM Revision e1484ebe (ffmpeg): Implement the discrete sine/cosine transforms DCT-I and DST-I
Originally committed as revision 22649 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
05:58 PM Revision be548816 (ffmpeg): Always check if ff_alloc_picture() succeeds.
Patch by Pavel Pavlov, pavel summit-tech ca
Originally committed as revision 22648 to svn://
Pavel Pavlov
05:55 PM Revision 6f2c72c1 (ffmpeg): Remove unused variable, fixes the warning:
libavcodec/h264.c:1562: warning: unused variable `s'
Originally committed as revision 22647 to svn://
Diego Biurrun
05:39 PM Revision 1922c0a7 (ffmpeg): Add a loop option to ffplay.
Patch by Robert Krüger, krueger signal7 de
Originally committed as revision 22646 to svn://
Robert Krüger
05:22 PM Revision d40a999a (ffmpeg): Fix seeking in DV when filesize is unknown.
Patch by Tomas Härdin, tomas D hardin A codemill D se
Originally committed as revision 22645 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Tomas Härdin
08:00 AM Revision 7a033e08 (ffmpeg): Handle multiple RTSP transport options properly by adding all of them...
Originally committed as revision 22644 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:59 AM Revision 602eb779 (ffmpeg): Parse options in the RTSP URL only from the last question mark onwards
This helps if the URL (erroneously?) contains question marks within the path.
Originally committed as revision 22643...
Martin Storsjö
07:55 AM Revision 2a21adf9 (ffmpeg): Reconstruct the RTSP URL, in order to remove the auth part from the U...
Don't modify the user-specified s->filename at all, keep all modifications
locally and in rt->control_uri.
Martin Storsjö
03:35 AM Revision a8bb9ea5 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON optimised RDFT
Originally committed as revision 22641 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:17 AM Revision fc4a2d1e (ffmpeg): Change ref_index structure so it matches how its organized in h264.
Also revert the related error concealment hotfix.
Originally committed as revision 22640 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer


09:58 PM Revision 19de452a (ffmpeg): Move ff_flac_write_header() to flacenc.h, which removes the Matroska ...
dependency on flacenc.o and fixes the unnecessary dependency on vorbiscomment.o.
Originally committed as revision 22...
Justin Ruggles
09:12 PM Revision ef768b0c (ffmpeg): Disallow VLC coding with more than 8 bits as there are several bugs
in that code that could lead to broken files.
AC coding is unaffected.
Originally committed as revision 22638 to svn...
Michael Niedermayer
08:18 PM Revision c5113129 (ffmpeg): Dont senselessly fail on rawvideo that isnt 3 files per frame.
Originally committed as revision 22637 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
04:26 PM Revision 887af2aa (ffmpeg): RTP depacketization of Theora
Patch by Josh Allmann (joshua allmann gmail com)
Originally committed as revision 22636 to svn://
Josh Allmann
03:07 PM Revision 685e76b5 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22635 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
03:07 PM Revision b7dc88fc (ffmpeg): Add support for TCP as lower transport in the RTSP muxer
Originally committed as revision 22634 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
03:04 PM Revision 5d7bc46c (ffmpeg): Throw out last experimental warning that was printed for colorspaces ...
8 bits per component. This does no good except scaring users away.
Originally committed as revision 22633 to svn://s...
Michael Niedermayer
02:57 PM Revision d6461900 (ffmpeg): Add doxygen docs for av_xiphlacing
Patch by Josh Allmann (joshua allmann gmail com)
Originally committed as revision 22632 to svn://
Josh Allmann
02:44 PM Revision 9dff2308 (ffmpeg): Interpret valueless attributes in AMR ftmp lines as being 1
Originally committed as revision 22631 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:42 PM Revision 6e69f6c4 (ffmpeg): Use the caller's RTSPMessageHeader in rtsp_setup_input_streams
Currently, the caller doesn't get the status_code and location for rediects,
since rtsp_setup_input_streams uses a co...
Martin Storsjö
02:26 PM Revision 0e22d688 (ffmpeg): Remove the word "experimental"
Originally committed as revision 22629 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:50 AM Revision db97be63 (fifo): change fds to non-blocking mode
Csaba Kiraly
07:49 AM Revision fe2c0307 (fifo): change debug output
Csaba Kiraly


10:23 PM Revision e1c9d266 (ffmpeg): Ignore x264 build=0 as there is no such version, this restores previous
behavior approximately.
Originally committed as revision 22628 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
06:06 PM Revision bb45237e (ffmpeg): Fix FLAC demuxer dependencies.
Patch by James Darnley <james darnley at gmail>
Originally committed as revision 22627 to svn://
James Darnley
04:34 PM Revision 68006ed0 (ffmpeg): Drop AVERROR_NOFMT at the next libavutil major bump.
Originally committed as revision 22626 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:34 PM Revision 2928b83c (ffmpeg): Make av_open_input_file() return AVERROR_INVALIDDATA rather than
AVERROR_NOFMT if the format is unknown / cannot be recognized.
It is returned AVERROR_INVALIDDATA, in the sense that...
Stefano Sabatini
04:34 PM Revision e4445e9c (ffmpeg): Make g729dec.c:decode_frame() return AVERROR_INVALIDDATA rather than
AVERROR_NOFMT in case of invalid / unknown packet size.
Originally committed as revision 22624 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Stefano Sabatini
04:29 PM Revision e99f8d32 (ffmpeg): Do not use puts, it adds additional newlines making the generated files
needlessly ugly.
Originally committed as revision 22623 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
04:03 PM Revision c787cb33 (ffmpeg): Add support for hard-coding the 256kB large dv_vlc_map table.
Originally committed as revision 22622 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
02:46 PM Revision 8de0859b (ffmpeg): Extend and move macros to create table printing functions to header.
Simplifies creating custom functions for printing DV VLC-related tables.
Originally committed as revision 22621 to s...
Reimar Döffinger
02:43 PM Revision 10249a5f (ffmpeg): Split VLC-related tables out of dvdata.h to make it easier to add sup...
for hard-coding tables.
Originally committed as revision 22620 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
11:36 AM Revision b531e1ab (ffmpeg): Reindent after r22618.
Originally committed as revision 22619 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
11:35 AM Revision 8305c76b (ffmpeg): Split DCT-II and DCT-III in different functions, they do not share an...
Originally committed as revision 22618 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
11:31 AM Revision e30ab38e (ffmpeg): Call DCT by function pointer. Needed for any future ASM implementatio...
allows further cleanup.
Originally committed as revision 22617 to svn://
Vitor Sessak
11:28 AM Revision 89d7df7c (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: move ff_dct_init() to the bottom of the file
Originally committed as revision 22616 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
11:24 AM Revision 2758004f (ffmpeg): DCT: remove unused field from context
Originally committed as revision 22615 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
10:26 AM Revision b78a985a (ffmpeg): fix minor typo
Originally committed as revision 22614 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
09:24 AM Revision e547328b (ffmpeg): Revert removal of _NETBSD_SOURCE definition.
It is indeed necessary to compile on NetBSD.
Originally committed as revision 22613 to svn://
Diego Biurrun


11:18 PM Revision 3546fa8d (ffmpeg): fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-decoder=mpeg2video
Originally committed as revision 22612 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:39 PM Revision 4903b5ca (ffmpeg): Move variable declaration, fixes the warning:
ffplay.c:1703: warning: unused variable `pos'
Originally committed as revision 22611 to svn://
Diego Biurrun
09:27 PM Revision 1366f059 (ffmpeg): rdft: reorder functions to avoid static prototype
Originally committed as revision 22610 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:27 PM Revision 2881c831 (ffmpeg): Call rdft by function pointer
Call the RDFT by a function pointer like other FFT related transforms.
This makes instruction set optimized versions ...
Måns Rullgård
04:51 PM Revision b297129b (ffmpeg): Hotfix for regtest-error failure
a proper fix appears to require changing h263/mpeg2/motion est to index ref_index like
h264. Ill do this change and t...
Michael Niedermayer
01:42 PM Revision 59b4b540 (ffmpeg): Add Changelog entry and bump lavf micro version for the addition of
VorbisComment writing for FLAC, Ogg/FLAC, and Ogg/Speex files.
Originally committed as revision 22607 to svn://svn.f...
Justin Ruggles
01:39 PM Revision aeef3ec6 (ffmpeg): Add VorbisComment writing to Ogg/FLAC and Ogg/Speex files.
Patch by James Darnley <james darnley at gmail>
Originally committed as revision 22606 to svn://
James Darnley
01:36 PM Revision 66061a12 (ffmpeg): Add VorbisComment writing to FLAC files.
Patch by James Darnley <james darnley at gmail>.
Originally committed as revision 22605 to svn://
James Darnley
01:02 AM Revision 64f6e357 (ffmpeg): 10l: fix build without termios.h
Originally committed as revision 22604 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:52 AM Revision 673fc638 (ffmpeg): Error concealment of h264 with multiple references.
Originally committed as revision 22603 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:09 AM Revision 1bafdcbd (ffmpeg): List the FFserver specific options under a "Main options" section, to
distinguish them from the generic common options.
Originally committed as revision 22602 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini


11:34 PM Revision 72af5d8a (ffmpeg): Change the definition of AVERROR_INVALIDDATA at the next libavutil
major bump, using an FFmpeg specific error code rather than EINVAL,
which has a quite different semantics.
Stefano Sabatini
11:34 PM Revision 00291565 (ffmpeg): Extend description for AVERROR_INVALIDDATA.
Originally committed as revision 22600 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:25 PM Revision 9a9509e6 (ffmpeg): Register atexit handler only when needed
Originally committed as revision 22599 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:23 PM Revision 5bc2469e (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
04:22 PM Revision 7d624a77 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
04:20 PM Revision 3076a802 (streamers): upgraded GRAPES to newest version
Csaba Kiraly
04:06 PM Revision 8e14c74c (streamers): makefile changed for easier merge
Csaba Kiraly
04:03 PM Revision 51dbf323 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer-IO2' into DumbStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
03:59 PM Revision 7a86f98f (streamers): some debug output for out-stream-avf
Csaba Kiraly
03:58 PM Revision 529d08a9 (streamers): added pts/dts overflow handler to out-stream-avf
Csaba Kiraly
03:56 PM Revision bec77fd1 (streamers): some debug output in input-stream-avs
Csaba Kiraly
03:55 PM Revision 87c82f76 (streamers): fix loop support in input-stream-avs
Csaba Kiraly
12:29 PM Revision 78344779 (streamers): Merge remote branch 'abeni/io_consolidation' into DumbStreamer-IO2
Csaba Kiraly
11:57 AM Revision a7177cd5 (chunker-player): fixes is StreamerPlayer
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
11:54 AM Revision 3b1df622 (streamers): Write PTS and DTS in the frame header
Luca Abeni
09:58 AM Revision f5af8f16 (ffmpeg): Replace wrong condition name in #endif comment by correct instance.
Originally committed as revision 30938 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:57 AM Revision 81bbd840 (ffmpeg): Check whether COMPILE_ALTIVEC is defined, not if it is set to a 0/1 v...
COMPILE_ALTIVEC is never set to 1, it is just #defined.
Originally committed as revision 30937 to svn://svn.mplayerh...
Diego Biurrun
08:12 AM Revision 7c7bb98b (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
08:09 AM Revision 7e3653fa (streamers): added missing signaling reception code to loop-mt
Csaba Kiraly
08:00 AM Revision a8dd4c42 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
07:59 AM Revision 9d6a53c3 (streamers): handle some receive errors
Csaba Kiraly
07:44 AM Revision 7a39f142 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg.c: copy chapters by default.
Patch by Anton Khirnov wyskas gmail com
Originally committed as revision 22598 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:41 AM Revision 1a8f1a2d (streamers): changed output to stdout
Csaba Kiraly
07:40 AM Revision 9cc07b6c (streamers): move definition of output format and filename
Csaba Kiraly


11:36 PM Revision 5388f0b4 (ffmpeg): Reinitialize the h264 decoder context on every valid aspect ratio
change, not only size changes.
Patch by Janusz Krzysztofik foo=zyszt <jkr$>.
Originally committed a...
Janusz Krzysztofik
11:13 PM Revision 15ba015f (ffmpeg): The vflip filter does not need to keep ownership of a picture reference.
Avoid creating and releasing useless extra picture references in the
start_frame and end_frame callbacks.
Bobby Bingham
11:13 PM Revision d313e17a (ffmpeg): Use the new null callbacks to simplify filters and reduce duplicated ...
Originally committed as revision 22595 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
11:12 PM Revision 91d1c741 (ffmpeg): Create a set of null callback functions.
These are useful for filters which don't modify the image data.
Originally committed as revision 22594 to svn://svn....
Bobby Bingham
11:02 PM Revision 22e8222f (ffmpeg): Extend the generic path of the yuv2rgb converter with support for rgb444
output format.
Patch by Janusz Krzysztofik, jkrzyszt A tis D icnet D pl
Originally committed as revision 30934 to s...
Janusz Krzysztofik
07:36 PM Revision 60c05f2e (streamers): debug output instead of real data only if DEBUGOUT is specified
Csaba Kiraly
03:32 PM Revision 9d8a82ea (streamers): fixed ip address autodetection
re-added line that was accidentally removed in a cleanup Csaba Kiraly
03:27 PM Revision 6bcb761d (streamers): differentiate threaded version in executable name
Csaba Kiraly
03:00 PM Revision d343d598 (ffmpeg): Replace remaining uses of ATTR_ALIGNED with DECLARE_ALIGNED
Originally committed as revision 22593 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:45 PM Revision 8e0aa9cb (chunker-player): ok missing file
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
01:01 PM Revision 1e69ae95 (chunker-player): clean version of UserLayer external player/chunker/video source
git-svn-id: c54fac... GiuseppeTropea
09:04 AM Revision cab9a9fb (streamers): added some debug output to loop-mt
Csaba Kiraly
09:04 AM Revision c386efc6 (streamers): increasing buffer size in loop-mt
Csaba Kiraly
09:04 AM Revision 6abd9b83 (streamers): upgrading loop-mt with changes from loop
Csaba Kiraly
12:24 AM Revision 35a3bd84 (ffmpeg): It is difficult nowadays to compile without swscale support.
Originally committed as revision 22592 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
12:23 AM Revision fd7cbc7f (ffmpeg): Make g729dec.c:decoder_init() return AVERROR(EINVAL) rather than
AVERROR(NOFMT) if one channel if the number of channels specified
is different than 1.
Originally committed as revis...
Stefano Sabatini
12:22 AM Revision 8d5e638f (ffmpeg): Make url_fseek() return AVERROR_EOF rather than AVERROR(EPIPE) if end
of file is reached.
Originally committed as revision 22590 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini


11:51 PM Revision 8bab85e5 (ffmpeg): Remove printing of frame sizes and frame rate abbreviations from
The list of abbreviations is both outdated and out of context.
Originally committed as revision 2...
Stefano Sabatini
11:39 PM Revision 076db5ed (ffmpeg): Add a -window_title option, which sets the FFplay window title.
Patch by Robert Krüger "krueger ET signal7 DOT de".
Originally committed as revision 22588 to svn://
Robert Krüger
11:23 PM Revision 1400bd5a (ffmpeg): Make ad-hoc lavfi tests use random values for the slice height used
per each frame, useful for testing slicification.
Originally committed as revision 22587 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:23 PM Revision cec96e8d (ffmpeg): Add some ad-hoc tests for libavfilter.
A patched version of ffmpeg supporting video filters is required for
getting this working; thus make lavfitest is sup...
Stefano Sabatini
03:14 PM Revision a7a85dc4 (ffmpeg): Cast sample_fmt (as read from bitstream as a 16-bit value) to int16, ...
negative values, e.g. SAMPLE_FMT_NONE (-1), are read correctly also.
Originally committed as revision 22585 to svn:/...
Ronald S. Bultje
03:06 PM Revision 9109cdca (ffmpeg): Fix compilation on PPC 470.
Originally committed as revision 22584 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
02:43 PM Revision 838c7c74 (ffmpeg): Remove $(MSG) override for install-lib targets
This is no longer needed and causes incorrect output in some cases.
Originally committed as revision 22583 to svn://...
Måns Rullgård
02:43 PM Revision de5aba8c (ffmpeg): Make ranlib silent in brief output mode
Running ranlib is quick and uninteresting, no need to print it.
Originally committed as revision 22582 to svn://svn....
Måns Rullgård
01:04 PM Revision 57937d61 (ffmpeg): qtrleenc: add rgb555 output
Patch by Alexis Ballier std_gmail_addr(name.surname)
Originally committed as revision 22581 to svn://
Alexis Ballier
12:58 PM Revision b3a9fb04 (streamers): Merge remote branch 'abeni/io_consolidation' into DumbStreamer-IO2
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision 85229967 (streamers): handle some more compile warnings
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision ea78ed9a (streamers): handle some compile warnings
Csaba Kiraly
12:47 PM Revision 525bb486 (streamers): handle some receive errors
Csaba Kiraly
12:38 PM Revision 625dbc20 (streamers): increase buffer size to accomodate large messages
Csaba Kiraly
07:53 AM Revision ace38c36 (ffmpeg): Correct reference buffer switching in Indeo 5 decoder.
Patch by Maxim ($indeo5decauthor)
Originally committed as revision 22580 to svn://
Maxim Poliakovski
07:49 AM Revision 6eec969d (ffmpeg): document two variables in Indeo5 decoding context
Originally committed as revision 22579 to svn:// Kostya Shishkov
04:37 AM Revision e88c9dac (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: vertical align
Originally committed as revision 22578 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
04:37 AM Revision c0bc2fed (ffmpeg): Allow format and noformat filters to be more completely disabled when...
other is enabled.
Originally committed as revision 22577 to svn://
Bobby Bingham
04:37 AM Revision 55fd1bbc (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: rearrange functions to simplify ifdeffery
Originally committed as revision 22576 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
04:36 AM Revision ad8eede7 (ffmpeg): vfwcap: Free remaining packets on vfw_read_close().
Originally committed as revision 22575 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
04:24 AM Revision ce03ed4d (ffmpeg): Do not store a copy of AVFormatContext *s in vfw_ctx.
Save *s directly in SetWindowLongPtr instead.
Originally committed as revision 22574 to svn://
Ramiro Polla
03:43 AM Revision 3922deb5 (ffmpeg): Add video filter to manipulate aspect ratio
Originally committed as revision 22573 to svn:// Bobby Bingham
02:59 AM Revision 68f0bc7e (ffmpeg): Use H264s MC instead of mpeg4-asp qpel for h264 error resilience.
Originally committed as revision 22572 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


09:45 PM Revision c7f625ee (ffmpeg): Fix erroneous behaviour when format probe hits end of file
If the format probe hits end of file, do not add the error code
to the buffer position. This is obviously wrong, and...
Måns Rullgård
09:23 PM Revision 3bd74e92 (ffmpeg): Simplify arch-specific object file lists
Originally committed as revision 22570 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:22 PM Revision 43f60eba (ffmpeg): Move arch-specific makefile parts into $arch/Makefile
Originally committed as revision 22569 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:22 PM Revision e0e335a0 (ffmpeg): configure: do not use $_
Both bash and ksh abuse this variable even in POSIX mode, leading
to unpleasant surprises.
Originally committed as r...
Måns Rullgård
06:32 PM Revision 2f821b03 (ffmpeg): Add compilation hints for Cygwin 1.7 and remove the ones for 1.5
Originally committed as revision 22567 to svn:// Víctor Paesa
03:48 PM Revision 562f22a6 (ffmpeg): Typo: if output (video) stream's pix_fmt is not set, then the stream ...
be ENcoded, not DEcoded.
Originally committed as revision 22566 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
12:31 PM Revision 5557f497 (streamers): Support various video codec ids
Luca Abeni
11:58 AM Revision 0afd03fd (streamers): Output cleanup
Luca Abeni
11:50 AM Revision 21ec2f15 (streamers): Copyright
Luca Abeni
11:27 AM Revision cc6a39bf (streamers): Small cleanup
move payload header writing to a separate function Luca Abeni
01:17 AM Revision 4693b031 (ffmpeg): Move H264 dsputil functions into their own struct
This moves the H264-specific functions from DSPContext to the new
H264DSPContext. The code is made conditional on CO...
Måns Rullgård


11:50 PM Revision 30686299 (streamers): Merge remote branch 'abeni/io_consolidation' into DumbStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
11:40 PM Revision f5beb9a8 (ffmpeg): 100L, revert r22560, already present
Originally committed as revision 22564 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:32 PM Revision 4a0cf686 (ffmpeg): patcheck: Escape parentheses in grep calls
Originally committed as revision 22563 to svn:// Daniel Verkamp
11:15 PM Revision 972ffe62 (ffmpeg): rename av_read_frame_flush to ff_read_frame_flush
it is an internal function, not part of public API
Originally committed as revision 22562 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
11:14 PM Revision 588af13f (ffmpeg): rename av_program_add_stream_index to ff_program_add_stream_index
it is an internal function, not part of public API
Originally committed as revision 22561 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
11:11 PM Revision 48b2ef95 (ffmpeg): mpegts muxer now needs mpeg4audio code like adts muxer
Originally committed as revision 22560 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:04 PM Revision fbe8c56d (ffmpeg): Correctly write last 0 lacing value when packet size is multiple of 2...
Originally committed as revision 22559 to svn:// Greg Maxwell
11:00 PM Revision 404793f4 (ffmpeg): H264: fix signed overflow in constant multiplication
This fixes libavcodec/h264.h:1100: warning: integer overflow in expression
Originally committed as revision 22558 to...
Måns Rullgård
10:54 PM Revision 493f54ad (ffmpeg): Add AVSEEK_FORCE flag to indicate that the code should attempt to seek
by any means.
Originally committed as revision 22557 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
10:49 PM Revision 53f66cee (ffmpeg): Add ff_ prefix for mpeg2_dc_scale_table.
Originally committed as revision 22556 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:37 PM Revision 6dfa52c8 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: fix missing dependency
Originally committed as revision 22555 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:27 PM Revision 6506c3d2 (ffmpeg): Support intra_dc_precision>8 in jpeg
Originally committed as revision 22554 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:45 PM Revision 80232350 (ffmpeg): Allow mpeg style yuv in jpeg when strict standard compliance is small...
Originally committed as revision 22553 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:23 PM Revision 2fad0977 (ffmpeg): Add FATE tests
This adds a "fate" make target which runs the full FATE test suite.
Individual tests can be run with "make fate-$test...
Måns Rullgård
07:03 PM Revision f75ab7a6 (ffmpeg): cosmetics : Print newline after error message.
Originally committed as revision 22551 to svn:// Jai Menon
04:37 PM Revision bd57cae8 (ffmpeg): use mpeg2 quantization bias for mjpeg.
this seems to improve RD performance.
Originally committed as revision 22550 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
04:36 PM Revision db128802 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22549 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
04:36 PM Revision ad2ae6db (ffmpeg): Don't let ff_rtsp_read_reply skip interleaved RTP/TCP packets in rtsp...
Skip interleaved packets manually and recheck if there's more to be read.
Originally committed as revision 22548 to ...
Martin Storsjö
04:31 PM Revision ec55edba (ffmpeg): Make rtsp_skip_packet non-static, add ff prefix
Originally committed as revision 22547 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
04:15 PM Revision c040badb (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 22546 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:42 PM Revision d74bb0e5 (streamers): First shot at a libav-based output module
Luca Abeni
02:20 PM Revision c07c6f81 (ffmpeg): RTSP: Synchronize the start time of the chained RTP muxers
This makes sure that the streams get correctly synchronized when viewed,
previously the streams were out of sync by a...
Martin Storsjö
02:03 PM Revision 4a287145 (ffmpeg): Remove avcodec_thread_execute from avcodec.h, and make static functio...
need it in *thread.c.
Originally committed as revision 22544 to svn://
Benoit Fouet
01:13 PM Revision 74ff12bb (streamers): Put the frame rate in the payload header...
Luca Abeni
10:37 AM Revision b1d55e5e (ffmpeg): Use AVFormatContext.start_time_realtime in the RTP muxer
Originally committed as revision 22543 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:36 AM Revision 2dad0dce (ffmpeg): Move the NTP offset definitions to internal.h
Originally committed as revision 22542 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:30 AM Revision a5b3d34b (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry for AVFormatContext.start_time_realtime
Originally committed as revision 22541 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:29 AM Revision b8819c85 (ffmpeg): Add a new field AVFormatContext.start_time_realtime
Currently intended to be used by the RTP muxer
Originally committed as revision 22540 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
10:19 AM Revision e0f42ea7 (streamers): Correctly decode the chunk payload header
Luca Abeni
08:49 AM Revision 63100f58 (ffmpeg): riff: don't pad extradata when writing ASF.
Patch by Anton Khirnov mirror(moc liamg saksyw)
Originally committed as revision 22539 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
08:35 AM Revision 0298cc04 (ffmpeg): Add dependencies used by the RDT and ASF/RTP code
Originally committed as revision 22538 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:33 AM Revision d55065a2 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: Combine variable declaration and definition
Originally committed as revision 22537 to svn:// Alexander Strange
02:32 AM Revision 47b229db (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: Factor out redundant sync_ipts calculation
Originally committed as revision 22536 to svn:// Alexander Strange
12:19 AM Revision e536ccd6 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: use more appropriate error code
Originally committed as revision 22535 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs


11:59 PM Revision e4a9e3cc (ffmpeg): move ff_url_split() and ff_url_join() declarations to internal.h
those functions are not part of the public API
Originally committed as revision 22534 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
11:52 PM Revision 66b50bc0 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Fix a comment.
Originally committed as revision 22533 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
10:40 PM Revision eadd495d (ffmpeg): Move the probe loop from av_open_input_file() into its own method
av_probe_input_buffer() so that it can be reused. Here are a few
differences to the original way things were probed:
Micah F. Galizia
10:29 PM Revision 1e470fad (ffmpeg): DWT: x86 init should depend on HAVE_MMX
The init function is only compiled if MMX is enabled, the call
must use the same condition.
Originally committed as ...
Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision 6d2877f4 (ffmpeg): error.h: test EDOM instead of EINVAL
C99 doesn't require EINVAL, only EDOM, EILSEQ, and ERANGE.
Originally committed as revision 22530 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision e4836e3c (ffmpeg): Add missing includes to libavutil/error.h
Originally committed as revision 22529 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:16 PM Revision 73ddbd9d (ffmpeg): Change the definition of AVERROR_NUMEXPECTED at the next libavutil
major bump, using an FFmpeg specific error code rather than EDOM,
which has a quite different semantics.
Originally ...
Stefano Sabatini
07:59 PM Revision c26bce10 (ffmpeg): Allow hard-coding of the 32kB cubic-root table for AAC.
Originally committed as revision 22527 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:48 PM Revision 7732f641 (ffmpeg): Fix brief make output for generated tables
Originally committed as revision 22526 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:30 PM Revision 062777b3 (ffmpeg): Allow hard-coding several QDM2 tables (about 32 kB size).
Originally committed as revision 22525 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:27 PM Revision 108d262c (ffmpeg): Add some more table-printing functions needed for future patches.
Originally committed as revision 22524 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
06:14 PM Revision 526c3729 (streamers): fix problem with growing bmaps
if no bmaps arrived, jsut offers, the bmap of the peer was growing infinitely.
This is just a workaround. A better fi...
Csaba Kiraly
05:50 PM Revision 33996217 (ffmpeg): Add ff_ prefix to dwt functions
Originally committed as revision 22523 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
05:50 PM Revision 05aec7bb (ffmpeg): Separate DWT from snow and dsputil
This moves the DWT functions from snow.c and dsputil.c to a file of
their own. A new struct, DWTContext, holds the f...
Måns Rullgård
01:38 PM Revision 28eb5773 (ffmpeg): Avoid creating tiny (possibly only 64 bytes large) audio packets resu...
huge processing and memory usage overhead for avi files with raw PCM audio.
Originally committed as revision 22521 t...
Reimar Döffinger
01:52 AM Revision 686c7817 (ffmpeg): Make sure all mvs of a mb are set in the error concealment code.
Originally committed as revision 22520 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:32 AM Revision c6a7b97c (ffmpeg): Mark AVERROR_ENOENT for deletion at the next libavutil major bump.
The symbol is currently unused, AVERROR(ENOENT) must be used instead.
Originally committed as revision 22519 to svn:...
Stefano Sabatini
01:32 AM Revision 9b359f51 (ffmpeg): Lexically sort the error code definitions.
Originally committed as revision 22518 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:42 AM Revision bb4fcfa3 (ffmpeg): Ensure that the deblock filter accesses the correct MVs for h264.
Originally committed as revision 22517 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


09:12 PM Revision b3e5931d (ffmpeg): aacsbr: DSPUtilize analysis input scaling.
Originally committed as revision 22516 to svn:// Alex Converse
09:12 PM Revision f8a93a20 (ffmpeg): aac: Don't bias output during the IMDCT if SBR will be used.
Originally committed as revision 22515 to svn:// Alex Converse
07:35 PM Revision b14ec756 (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
07:35 PM Revision 0d6547a4 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
07:33 PM Revision 9aa083be (streamers): upgrade GRAPES ref
Csaba Kiraly
07:19 PM Revision 7c074320 (ffmpeg): Mark AVERROR_ENOMEM to be deleted at the next major bump.
AVERROR(ENOMEM) must be used instead, and there are no occurrences of
AVERROR_ENOMEM in the FFmpeg basecode so it can...
Stefano Sabatini
07:19 PM Revision 5ae092ee (ffmpeg): Replace all the occurrences of AVERROR_EIO with AVERROR(EIO), and mark
AVERROR_EIO for deletion at the next major bump.
Originally committed as revision 22513 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
07:19 PM Revision 0edfa79b (ffmpeg): Make iff.c:decode_init return the value returned by
avctx->get_buffer() in case of error, rather than AVERROR_UNKNOWN
which is deprecated, and mark AVERROR_UNKNOWN for d...
Stefano Sabatini
06:19 PM Revision 382b5b3a (ffmpeg): CODEC_ID_XVID is not used anywhere, remove it at next major bump
Originally committed as revision 22511 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:17 PM Revision 74dc70c4 (ffmpeg): bump minor avcodec version for libxvid codec id change (r22489)
Originally committed as revision 22510 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:53 PM Revision 19096da1 (streamers): increased buffer size
Csaba Kiraly
12:33 PM Revision 89fb9ae9 (ffmpeg): Make the scale filter pass the pkt.pos information to the output
Originally committed as revision 22509 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:41 AM Revision 8955a324 (ffmpeg): Bump libavfilter minor version and add APIchanges entry after the
addition of the AVFilterPicRef.pos field.
Originally committed as revision 22508 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:27 AM Revision bb409513 (ffmpeg): Make ffplay pass the packet.pos information to the filterchain, get it
again from the filterchain and pass it back to output_picture2().
Originally committed as revision 22507 to svn://sv...
Stefano Sabatini
11:27 AM Revision 5bb5c1dc (ffmpeg): Add AVFilterPicRef.pos field and make libavfilter propagate stream
byte position information, as stored in the pkt.pos, through the
Note that the pos field is added *non*...
Stefano Sabatini
11:23 AM Revision 85deb6ec (streamers): minor
Csaba Kiraly
11:17 AM Revision 613263e9 (streamers): change default to IP address autodetect
Csaba Kiraly
11:17 AM Revision b3e7f2cb (streamers): adding ip address autodetection
Csaba Kiraly
10:41 AM Revision ec7ab610 (ffmpeg): Extend the slice filter to make it issue slice height values randomly
choosen between 8 and 32 when the supplied parameter is the string
This is useful for testing the slice su...
Stefano Sabatini
10:25 AM Revision 14268254 (ffmpeg): vp3: Split out motion vectors to their own array
1.5% faster overall decode on my penryn
Originally committed as revision 22504 to svn://
David Conrad
09:59 AM Revision 99de2b59 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry for the libavutil/error.h addition.
Originally committed as revision 22503 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:52 AM Revision dbfa5e78 (ffmpeg): Add missing parentheses around the AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME macro
Originally committed as revision 22502 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:45 AM Revision 984f5a9b (streamers): force link creation in makefile
Csaba Kiraly
09:43 AM Revision 60c144f7 (ffmpeg): Move error code definitions from libavcodec/avcodec.h to
Error code definitions and handling code belong to libavutil, where
they can be shared by all the...
Stefano Sabatini
05:59 AM Revision 1e76a1da (ffmpeg): theora: Add support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 subsampling
Originally committed as revision 22500 to svn:// David Conrad
05:59 AM Revision 1a856042 (ffmpeg): vp3: remove unneeded error, this is internal and doesn't happen
Originally committed as revision 22499 to svn:// David Conrad
05:56 AM Revision 57783884 (ffmpeg): vp3: Make fragment_width _height by plane
Originally committed as revision 22498 to svn:// David Conrad
05:56 AM Revision 1c183aa4 (ffmpeg): vp3: we only need a temp MV array of size 4
Originally committed as revision 22497 to svn:// David Conrad
05:56 AM Revision 703acd54 (ffmpeg): vp3: Use memset to clear the fragment array
Originally committed as revision 22496 to svn:// David Conrad
05:56 AM Revision cd9c03f5 (ffmpeg): vp3: Init MVs to 0
Originally committed as revision 22495 to svn:// David Conrad
05:56 AM Revision a16389c1 (ffmpeg): vp3: Simplify init_block_mapping
Originally committed as revision 22494 to svn:// David Conrad
05:55 AM Revision 3477897e (ffmpeg): oggdec: Set packet duration for ogm streams
Originally committed as revision 22493 to svn:// David Conrad


11:49 PM Revision 6b10228a (ffmpeg): matroskadec: add support for SIPR audio tracks
Originally committed as revision 22492 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:35 PM Revision 1ab0406d (ffmpeg): export rm_reorder_sipr_data() for future use by matroska demuxer
Originally committed as revision 22491 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:34 PM Revision adae9fa6 (ffmpeg): export sipr_subpk_size for future use by matroska demuxer
Originally committed as revision 22490 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:24 PM Revision 2325bdad (ffmpeg): libxvid is producing standard mpeg4 so it don't need its own codec id
Originally committed as revision 22489 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
05:29 PM Revision 4f4e4008 (ffmpeg): Replace BSD-specific integer types by their POSIX equivalents.
Mark bktr_init function as av_cold.
Tested to work by Michael Kostylev on the NetBSD FATE box.
Originally committed ...
Diego Biurrun
05:28 PM Revision 2138dc99 (ffmpeg): Add _XOPEN_SOURCE=600 to CPPFLAGS on NetBSD.
This make NetBSD compile out of the box at the cost of a hack, but a
locally contained one that is preferable to the ...
Diego Biurrun
04:59 PM Revision 2c4bc23e (ffmpeg): Fix guess_mv() so that it works correctly with 4x4 MV blocks.
Originally committed as revision 22485 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
03:23 PM Revision 5820b90d (ffmpeg): Fix indention
Originally committed as revision 22484 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
03:21 PM Revision 2ce1c2e0 (ffmpeg): Always reset slice_table.
Previously, the area of a lost slice would be left at the slice number of the previous
frame which could occasionally...
Michael Niedermayer
03:12 PM Revision 382f3a5b (ffmpeg): Print skip_frames variable.
Originally committed as revision 22482 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:03 PM Revision bb55e3a3 (ffmpeg): Document --disable-everything in configure --help.
Originally committed as revision 22481 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
12:26 PM Revision 7a397a2e (ffmpeg): fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-muxer=mpegts
Originally committed as revision 22480 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:25 PM Revision 97197beb (ffmpeg): fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-decoder=twinvq
Originally committed as revision 22479 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:10 AM Revision 3ee4345d (streamers): Write some interesting information in the chunk payload header...
Luca Abeni
05:17 AM Revision 81b743eb (ffmpeg): oggdec: Pass packets to header() until the stream is done with them
This fixes some old ogm files that had the 3rd vorbis header after a data
packet in another stream. This is invalid i...
David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision 8730fad5 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Parse ogm chapters
Originally committed as revision 22477 to svn:// David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision 2e508585 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 22476 to svn:// David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision d8ba7483 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Read ogm metadata
Originally committed as revision 22475 to svn:// David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision 533c30fc (ffmpeg): Const correctness for vorbis_comment
Originally committed as revision 22474 to svn:// David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision b53cde48 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Metadata is per-stream; don't merge multiple streams' together
Originally committed as revision 22473 to svn:// David Conrad
05:16 AM Revision e4d2d8c5 (ffmpeg): Add ff_ prefix to vorbis_comment
Originally committed as revision 22472 to svn:// David Conrad
02:23 AM Revision 2972e36e (ffmpeg): Don't use shell syntax to set variables for make.
Originally committed as revision 22471 to svn:// Ramiro Polla


05:42 PM Revision 95c6b5eb (ffmpeg): Fix spelling.
Originally committed as revision 22470 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
04:26 PM Revision 34056cbb (ffmpeg): Fix a crash in the H.263 RTP packetizer
If size == 1 and buf[0] == 0 and buf[1] == 0 (the first byte after the
buffer), it would set size = -1 and crash in t...
Martin Storsjö
03:49 PM Revision 06cae981 (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
03:06 PM Revision 557f9297 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
03:05 PM Revision 9132cb6f (streamers): print output-buffer
Csaba Kiraly
03:05 PM Revision fc0260a4 (streamers): print chunk buffer
Csaba Kiraly
03:05 PM Revision 3c50e0b1 (streamers): protect buffer_print with DEBUG to save some cycles
Csaba Kiraly
03:04 PM Revision b45e7201 (streamers): protect cb_print with DEBUG to save some cycles
Csaba Kiraly
02:56 PM Revision fdcdce95 (streamers): added output-buffer_print
Csaba Kiraly
02:56 PM Revision d3a242ab (streamers): added cb_print to visualize the chunk buffer
Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision 41f12636 (grapes): Add support for large messages in the net helper
Luca Abeni
12:29 PM Revision 70b462cc (ffmpeg): Prevent memory leak introduced in r22389 in Bink demuxer: pass partia...
Originally committed as revision 22468 to svn:// Peter Ross
11:25 AM Revision 2b3da32f (ffmpeg): Make rdft speed user configureable.
Change default speed back to a slower variant.
Originally committed as revision 22467 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
10:52 AM Revision b41ec742 (ffmpeg): Make binkaudio work with ff_float_to_int16_interleave_c (martin at ma...
Originally committed as revision 22466 to svn:// Peter Ross
10:07 AM Revision e1069ecc (streamers): update GRAPES version
Csaba Kiraly
09:41 AM Revision 1e879f6b (streamers): remove dclog dependence
Csaba Kiraly
08:33 AM Revision 5c7fd910 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics, break a long line, fix brace placement
Originally committed as revision 22465 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:24 AM Revision 26cb700c (ffmpeg): RTSP muxer: Create the SDP with the numerical IP of the peer
instead of using the original host name
Originally committed as revision 22464 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
07:18 AM Revision d8b91fae (ffmpeg): oggdec: Seek to keyframes
Originally committed as revision 22463 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 873d117e (ffmpeg): oggdec: Determine pts and filepos on a packet basis in read_timestamp
This takes into account whether the granule defines the start or end times
of packets, and sets the correct file offs...
David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 6abaa272 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Move PTS/DTS calculation to a function
Originally committed as revision 22461 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 2ac41150 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Fix memory leak in setting up vorbis headers
Originally committed as revision 22460 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 8f8320d7 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Don't use ogg_stream's seq for vorbis or speex headers
Originally committed as revision 22459 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 77560b0e (ffmpeg): oggdec: Fix duration calculation for streams with non-zero start
Originally committed as revision 22458 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 32ad8692 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Parse skeleton to determine the start time of each stream
Originally committed as revision 22457 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 296bdf9c (ffmpeg): oggdec: Check that we have a codec in gptopts (needed for skeleton)
Originally committed as revision 22456 to svn:// David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision dfaed51f (ffmpeg): oggdec: Move ogg_find_stream and ogg_gptopts to oggdec.h
(skeleton will need them)
Originally committed as revision 22455 to svn://
David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 50a9d323 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Set data_offset to the right value
Otherwise it gets set automatically to a page midstream and prevents seeking
to the first page.
Originally committed...
David Conrad
07:17 AM Revision 73823cb9 (ffmpeg): oggdec: Save offset of the page needed to reconstruct the current packet
Originally committed as revision 22453 to svn:// David Conrad
02:35 AM Revision d38c9e7a (ffmpeg): Implement framedrop.
Replace SDL timer by a seperate thread, more accurate and less annoying.
frame drop is enabled by default, bug report...
Michael Niedermayer
02:32 AM Revision 5de91783 (ffmpeg): indent
Originally committed as revision 22451 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:32 AM Revision 49e92878 (ffmpeg): random_seed: try other alternatives if reading /dev/random fails
Originally committed as revision 22450 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:32 AM Revision 32f40ace (ffmpeg): sha: add missing include
Originally committed as revision 22449 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:32 AM Revision cc1e807f (ffmpeg): snow: remove unused stub functions
w53_32_c() and w97_32_c() are defined as stubs when snow encoder is
disabled. In this case, those functions are not ...
Måns Rullgård
02:32 AM Revision 8a3ceaf4 (ffmpeg): ffplay: use correct format specifiers in printf()
Originally committed as revision 22447 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:32 AM Revision 2023cfea (ffmpeg): Add some required casts
These casts are correct and safe. The pointers are guaranteed to
have proper alignment, and aliasing is not a proble...
Måns Rullgård
12:42 AM Revision 3952471d (ffmpeg): configure: remove stray semicolon
Originally committed as revision 22445 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:39 AM Revision 54a2ae37 (ffmpeg): configure: use map() function in a couple of places
Originally committed as revision 22444 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:39 AM Revision 36e2dea0 (ffmpeg): configure: add --disable-everything option
This disables all codecs, formats, etc. It saves some typing when
only a few components are desired.
Originally com...
Måns Rullgård


10:43 PM Revision 122dcdcb (ffmpeg): Fix some apparent +- errors in the audio vissualization.
The bugs become only vissible at higher time resolution than what is
used currently.
Originally committed as revisio...
Michael Niedermayer
10:24 PM Revision 86decad6 (ffmpeg): sparc: fix a few pages of cast warnings
Originally committed as revision 22441 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:24 PM Revision ad403802 (ffmpeg): sparc: fix dsputil prototypes
Originally committed as revision 22440 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:24 PM Revision 47b1860e (ffmpeg): configure: allow mips64el and powerpc64 as values for --arch
Originally committed as revision 22439 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:21 PM Revision 594a9aeb (ffmpeg): Make the ntp_time function available to other parts of libavformat, a...
Originally committed as revision 22438 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:39 PM Revision 18c31f6f (ffmpeg): Only use .size in ARM assembly when targeting ELF
This fixes compilation on mingw32ce
Originally committed as revision 22437 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
04:11 PM Revision d9427e84 (ffmpeg): Only reschedule refresh if we successfully removed the scheduled one.
Fixes some spurious error messages.
Originally committed as revision 22435 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
03:45 PM Revision 562f382c (ffmpeg): Increase VIDEO_PICTURE_QUEUE_SIZE to 2.
this allows more asynchronous decoding and display thus improving
video smoothness.
It also seems to improve absolute...
Michael Niedermayer
03:39 PM Revision d3d7b12e (ffmpeg): Do not call SDL_SetVideoMode() with the same size as previously
as this blanks the window.
Originally committed as revision 22433 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
02:26 PM Revision 114a93c7 (ffmpeg): Fix ffm_close return type.
Originally committed as revision 22432 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
01:17 PM Revision 2dc22a64 (ffmpeg): Fix memory leak in FFM demuxer
Originally committed as revision 22431 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
12:29 PM Revision 9a894c48 (ffmpeg): undef av_always_inline before redefining
Fixes numerous warnings with --enable-small or --disable-optimizations.
Originally committed as revision 22430 to sv...
Måns Rullgård
10:37 AM Revision 19571fef (streamers): Merge branch 'RockStreamer' into OfferStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
10:37 AM Revision 4e49f1c5 (streamers): Merge branch 'DumbStreamer' into RockStreamer
Csaba Kiraly
10:36 AM Revision f7c16b43 (streamers): updated GRAPES revision
Csaba Kiraly
09:55 AM Revision 9885284c (ffmpeg): Check level_prefix a bit (this just checks the max our bitreader can ...
as i did nt find a limit in the spec)
This should stop cavlc_decode_residual() on a zero bitstream
Originally commit...
Michael Niedermayer
09:20 AM Revision 83c2bc7a (ffmpeg): In mpegts muxer, free adts context and temporary data
Originally committed as revision 22428 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:19 AM Revision e3433702 (ffmpeg): reindent
Originally committed as revision 22427 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:44 AM Revision cbfa66d0 (ffmpeg): Include os_support.h which has a fallback declaration of socklen_t
This fixes compilation on some OSes
Patch by Dave Yeo, daveryeo at telus dot net
Originally committed as revision 2...
Dave Yeo
07:43 AM Revision 611b17d7 (ffmpeg): Using struct timeval requires sys/time.h, fixes compilation on some OSes
Patch by Dave Yeo, daveryeo at telus dot net
Originally committed as revision 22425 to svn://
Dave Yeo
05:25 AM Revision e24080f0 (ffmpeg): vfwcap: Add support for UYVY pixel format.
Originally committed as revision 22424 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
03:10 AM Revision 0853a2b4 (ffmpeg): 10l: fix version.h generation
Note to self: always test in a clean directory
Originally committed as revision 22423 to svn://
Måns Rullgård
02:57 AM Revision 0680c40a (ffmpeg): Remove .SECONDARY directive
The presence of the .SECONDARY directive caused thing to not always
be correctly rebuilt. Mentioning the object file...
Måns Rullgård
02:56 AM Revision f82bf850 (ffmpeg): Make version.h depend on git changes
Originally committed as revision 22421 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:56 AM Revision 6a53fffd (ffmpeg): Improve version.h generation
Force to run whenever the version might have changed,
regardless of what is being built. This is done by ...
Måns Rullgård
02:56 AM Revision 93bff1de (ffmpeg): Replace $(G) with more generic $(M) in silent make rules
Originally committed as revision 22419 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:56 AM Revision 86be2bc3 (ffmpeg): Prettify make output for documentation
Originally committed as revision 22418 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:56 AM Revision b91cd809 (ffmpeg): Change dir into doc/ when running texi2html
This silly program always writes its output to the current directory.
Changing directory is better than moving the fi...
Måns Rullgård
12:59 AM Revision f50dafa8 (ffmpeg): vp3: avoid buffer overread in coeff decode
I couldn't measure it to be slower for normal interframe videos.
For the worst case, high-bitrate intra-only videos, ...
David Conrad

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