From 05/15/2010 to 06/13/2010


09:32 AM Revision 30d93310 (ffmpeg): Document what av_get_token() returns in case of allocation failure.
Originally committed as revision 23596 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:32 AM Revision 053a79b2 (ffmpeg): Resort @param in av_get_token() doxy to reflect the same order they
have in the function.
Originally committed as revision 23595 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:27 AM Revision 5ba949fe (ffmpeg): Add missing check to av_get_token().
Originally committed as revision 23594 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:06 AM Revision 29708427 (ffmpeg): Fix av_compare_mod() doxy.
Originally committed as revision 23593 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:04 AM Revision 276b45af (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry and bump minor after av_compare_mod() addition.
Originally committed as revision 23592 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini


05:16 PM Revision bddd1d93 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: fix type of the length field in ebml_read_master()
Also use the correct value for unknown size (instead of a truncated
and sign extended value).
Originally committed a...
Aurelien Jacobs
04:45 PM Revision 73917810 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: cosmetic: indentation
Originally committed as revision 23590 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:43 PM Revision 8dbe48fc (ffmpeg): matroskadec: add support for live broadcast containing unknown size c...
This interrupt parsing and goes one ebml level up when encountering
a cluster start inside an unknown sized element w...
Aurelien Jacobs
04:36 PM Revision 80702035 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: simplify parsing of the first cluster
Now that we save the currently parsed ebml element ID after an interruption,
we don't need to special case the parsin...
Aurelien Jacobs
04:34 PM Revision c3ade62c (ffmpeg): matroskadec: store the ID of the currently parsed ebml element
This allows to interrupt parsing after reading an ID, and then properly
recover parsing.
Originally committed as rev...
Aurelien Jacobs
04:27 PM Revision 6c58adf3 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: cosmetic: split a line to make it more readable
This also simplifies further modifications.
Originally committed as revision 23586 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
02:43 PM Revision b046c027 (ffmpeg): Remove filename from doxy comment
Originally committed as revision 23585 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
02:42 PM Revision dbe88f40 (ffmpeg): Remove useless include. Should fix compilation in MacOS X.
Originally committed as revision 23584 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
01:44 PM Revision 3a1350e8 (ffmpeg): Generalize ID3v2 functions to support ID3v2-like ID headers with a
different magic in the header (mainly targeted to Sony's .oma/.aa3
Patch by Michael Karcher, ffmpeg A mkarc...
Michael Karcher
01:28 PM Revision 1c169711 (ffmpeg): Fix raw vc1 decoding - this is supposed to break FATE.
Patch by Michael.
Originally committed as revision 23582 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
09:49 AM Revision 07ff7825 (ffmpeg): Move indeo5-specific quant table selection to decode_gop_hdr.
Originally committed as revision 23581 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
09:42 AM Revision 36a9b369 (ffmpeg): Include float.h to provide FLT_MAX define. Should fix compilation on ...
Originally committed as revision 23580 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
09:01 AM Revision d31ba231 (ffmpeg): RealAudio 14.4k encoder.
Patch by Francesco Lavra (
Originally committed as revision 23579 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Francesco Lavra
08:58 AM Revision b6c265ec (ffmpeg): Improve rule for possibly never read variables.
Originally committed as revision 23578 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
08:49 AM Revision c404e783 (ffmpeg): Move transform declarations out of IVIBandDesc so indeo4 can use them...
Originally committed as revision 23577 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
08:05 AM Revision 756e3467 (ffmpeg): Split do_output_subblock() into common code and decoder specific parts
Patch by Francesco Lavra (
Originally committed as revision 23576 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Francesco Lavra
08:04 AM Revision 5ec29bee (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: indent
Patch by Francesco Lavra (
Originally committed as revision 23575 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Francesco Lavra
08:03 AM Revision 6ea6c8eb (ffmpeg): Add ff_ prefix to non-static functions
Patch by Francesco Lavra (
Originally committed as revision 23574 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Francesco Lavra
08:01 AM Revision 0acaf8b0 (ffmpeg): Split ra144.c in common code (to be shared with the future encoder) and
Patch by Francesco Lavra (
Originally committed as revision 23573 to svn://...
Francesco Lavra
08:01 AM Revision ede13f55 (ffmpeg): Use a bitstream filter for converting the extradata syntax when gener...
This allows to generate correct SDPs for H.264 video in "MP4 syntax".
Originally committed as revision 23572 to svn:...
Luca Abeni


07:50 PM Revision e91376d1 (ffmpeg): 10l: audio_buf is already a uint8_t* so no need to cast it
Originally committed as revision 23571 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
07:40 PM Revision 79c85beb (ffmpeg): Allocate enough memory for audio_buf to fit a full output frame.
Also, use audio_buf when encoding the final frame.
Fixes Issue 1921.
Originally committed as revision 23570 to svn:/...
Justin Ruggles
05:31 PM Revision 79d46cbe (ffmpeg): Quant changes only once per MB so move the corresponding scale factor...
out of the block decoding loop. Indeo4 doesn't use any scale table but the quant
level itself as scale. Therefore acc...
Maxim Poliakovski
05:23 PM Revision c1b85795 (ffmpeg): Remove broken BeOS audio interface.
Originally committed as revision 23568 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
05:20 PM Revision 108caaaa (ffmpeg): Haiku: Disable beosaudio for now, it's broken. We need -lnetwork.
Originally committed as revision 23567 to svn:// François Revol
04:59 PM Revision 4dbcfa6f (ffmpeg): Set bits_per_raw_sample in the pcm decoder.
Originally committed as revision 23566 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:58 PM Revision 63ae7e7c (ffmpeg): Apparently nowadays things should be installed in /boot/common on Haiku.
Originally committed as revision 23565 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
04:56 PM Revision d3c9697c (ffmpeg): Remove unneeded -nostart SHFLAG for Haiku.
Originally committed as revision 23564 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
04:52 PM Revision 411e859b (ffmpeg): Remove unused parameter.
Originally committed as revision 23563 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
04:51 PM Revision a1629e28 (ffmpeg): Remove support for pre-Haiku, non-POSIX, non-C99 BeOS variants.
BeOS support has been broken for many years and the "maintainer" of the port
has not reacted to countless requests to...
Diego Biurrun
08:39 AM Revision c1bdc930 (ffmpeg): avcodec.h: Clarify AVCodecContext::pix_fmt documentation since its va...
rawdec.c: Only perform bits_per_coded_sample -> pix_fmt guesswork if pix_fmt hasn't been set
Originally committed as...
Tomas Härdin
06:00 AM Revision bb5cfc48 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: alignment and long line break.
Originally committed as revision 23559 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
06:00 AM Revision 1f7d2f54 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: use and place braces correctly in if ... else statements.
Originally committed as revision 23558 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
05:59 AM Revision 639c697c (ffmpeg): Sanitize av_realloc() use in h264 mp4toannexb bistream filter.
Originally committed as revision 23557 to svn:// Benoit Fouet


09:28 PM Revision 25e25617 (ffmpeg): Make all the numeric options accept in input an expression which is
evaluated through av_strtod().
Fix roundup issue #551.
Originally committed as revision 23556 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Stefano Sabatini
06:30 PM Revision db16e3ca (ffmpeg): log.c: Use parameter passed to macro instead of the equivalent local ...
in the only function that uses the macro.
Originally committed as revision 23555 to svn://
Ramiro Polla
06:13 PM Revision 4855f867 (ffmpeg): Add win32 console color output.
Based on patches by James Darnley <james dot darnley at gmail dot com>.
Originally committed as revision 23554 to sv...
Ramiro Polla
06:10 PM Revision 6e34a558 (ffmpeg): Move ansi color array to outside of av_log_default_callback(). Do not...
ansi color code to colored_fputs(), and pass instead the error level so the
proper color code may be used.
Ramiro Polla
06:07 PM Revision a1c027e9 (ffmpeg): Rename use_ansi_color to use_color so it is not ANSI-specific.
Originally committed as revision 23552 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
05:27 PM Revision 65db0587 (ffmpeg): Add av_compare_mod()
Originally committed as revision 23551 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:19 AM Revision 130b096a (ffmpeg): Make sure the http protocol handler returns errors if a delayed open ...
Originally committed as revision 23548 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:59 AM Revision 461628c6 (ffmpeg): Fix printf format warnings
patch by Eli Friedman <eli dot friedman at gmail dot com>
Originally committed as revision 23547 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Eli Friedman
08:29 AM Revision bdb57a91 (ffmpeg): Initialize the http connection in http_seek, too
This makes url_fsize return correct values for delay opened connections
that have not yet been initialized.
This fixe...
Martin Storsjö
06:47 AM Revision d5cc1ed7 (ffmpeg): Improve the mp4toannexb BSF to convert the extradata.
Originally committed as revision 23545 to svn:// Luca Abeni


11:03 PM Revision 4db96065 (ffmpeg): Make process @include texinfo directives wherever they are
placed, and not only if inside @c man begin/end sections.
Originally committed as revision 23544 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Stefano Sabatini
11:03 PM Revision 22cb270c (ffmpeg): Tweak to make it print the various sections in the
generated document following the same order as that used in the texi
Also allow rendering of *all* the section...
Stefano Sabatini
11:03 PM Revision 299b8be2 (ffmpeg): Remove a rule triggered by @man begin WORD WORDS. This rule only
outputs the section if WORDS has been defined in the list of options
The meaning of this rule is not clear, a...
Stefano Sabatini
10:32 PM Revision a66d8cd9 (ffmpeg): Rename the ff* tools @chapters "Invocation" to "Synopsis", and place
them at the beginning of the file, for consistency with the final
ordering of the corresponding man pages.
Also crea...
Stefano Sabatini
09:15 PM Revision 6d636da6 (streamers): update makefile to grapes
Alessandro Russo
07:31 PM Revision 120a083f (ffmpeg): Do not attempt to seek to index for streamed files and if the user ex...
requested us not to read the index.
Originally committed as revision 23540 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
07:28 PM Revision c31f00ed (ffmpeg): Fix the MATROSKA_ID_TAGDEFAULT to match the specification (instead of
libmatroska etc. typo) but continue to support the "old" value.
Originally committed as revision 23539 to svn://svn....
Reimar Döffinger
07:27 PM Revision b659c8b4 (ffmpeg): In case of stream copy, copy the extradata from the input codec conte...
the output codec context (instead of just copying a pointer to the extradata).
Originally committed as revision 2353...
Luca Abeni
07:25 PM Revision 8764389d (ffmpeg): Fix vp3_draw_horiz_band to calculate chroma offsets correctly
for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 formats.
Originally committed as revision 23537 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
12:40 PM Revision f5d33f52 (ffmpeg): Add RTSP tunneling over HTTP
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail dot com
Originally committed as revision 23536 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Josh Allmann
12:26 PM Revision a26c3c21 (ffmpeg): Make the RTSP muxer use rtsp_hd_out, for consistency
Originally committed as revision 23535 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
11:58 AM Revision e4f28e08 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 23534 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
11:55 AM Revision 971c3c98 (ffmpeg): Add Pictor/PC Paint to image2 muxer/demuxer
Originally committed as revision 23533 to svn:// Peter Ross
11:55 AM Revision a526d619 (ffmpeg): Pictor/PC Paint decoder
Originally committed as revision 23532 to svn:// Peter Ross
11:48 AM Revision f2b9b19f (ffmpeg): Add support for disabling chunked transfer encoding for the http prot...
Patch by Josh Allmann, josh dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23531 to svn://
Josh Allmann
11:42 AM Revision b995a6a8 (ffmpeg): Add ff_ega_palette
Originally committed as revision 23530 to svn:// Peter Ross
11:18 AM Revision 701ea516 (ffmpeg): Fix handling of errors in the http protocol
If http_connect fails, we've already stored the new connection handle in s->hd,
so clear it so http_close won't doubl...
Martin Storsjö
11:06 AM Revision 4ceb8b34 (ffmpeg): Fix bugs in the http custom header handling
Initialize the buffer av_strlcatf writes into.
Add the dash at the end of the Range header.
10l to me for not spotti...
Martin Storsjö
10:44 AM Revision 5150dd53 (ffmpeg): matroska: move LFG state from muxer context to local variable
The LFG is only used in one place, so there is no need to keep it in
the context.
Originally committed as revision 2...
Måns Rullgård
10:26 AM Revision 6964d510 (ffmpeg): Add the capability to write custom HTTP headers
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23526 to svn://
Josh Allmann
10:04 AM Revision 0f3254b8 (ffmpeg): Modify the behaviour of http_open to implicitly delay connection esta...
The connection is made on the first http_read, http_write or http_seek.
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at...
Josh Allmann
09:55 AM Revision 8190f62f (ffmpeg): Support presets in ffserver.conf
Originally committed as revision 23524 to svn:// Howard Chu
09:20 AM Revision 0933f558 (ffmpeg): Prepare Indeo4 (step 1): upscale indeo5 base tables by 2 and convert ...
Originally committed as revision 23523 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
09:01 AM Revision 00ce2cbe (ffmpeg): libvpx: Set the libvpx frame dropping threshold to frame_skip_threshold
The default for frame_skip_threshold is 0, which thus disables the libvpx
frame dropping.
Originally committed as re...
Martin Storsjö
08:47 AM Revision 07777c2d (ffmpeg): libvpx: Don't use the VPX_KF_FIXED mode
This mode emits no keyframes at all, despite its name.
Patch by James Zern, jzern at google dot com
Originally comm...
James Zern
07:28 AM Revision 46de5041 (streamers): add comments in the streamer file
Alessandro Russo
07:28 AM Revision 8e85b948 (streamers): fix warning
Alessandro Russo
07:27 AM Revision abef9fcd (streamers): Revert Makefile GRAPES -> GRAPES/som
Alessandro Russo
02:02 AM Revision bc330b5f (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Fold constants and re-indent after last commit.
Originally committed as revision 23520 to svn:// Alex Converse
01:57 AM Revision 712209d5 (ffmpeg): Base downsampled SBR synthesis filterbank on a single IMDCT.
Based on Han-Wen Hsu, et al. "Fast Complex Quadrature Mirror Filterbanks for
Originally committed as ...
Alex Converse
12:15 AM Revision 9b98479e (ffmpeg): Declare myself (Maxim Poliakovski) maintainer for the OMA Demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 23518 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski


10:55 PM Revision 388c7955 (ffmpeg): 10l: Fix types and now unused variables after last commit.
Originally committed as revision 23517 to svn:// Alex Converse
09:52 PM Revision 932963b8 (ffmpeg): Rewrite the SBR decoder QMF analysis filter on top of the IMDCT inste...
This is based on a procedure to implement the filterbank on the DCT-IV described in
Hsu, H.W. et al. "A Complex Quadr...
Alex Converse
09:34 PM Revision 082a0a33 (ffmpeg): Use new macro AV_BASE64_SIZE.
Patch by James Zern, jzern google com
Originally committed as revision 23515 to svn://
James Zern
11:43 AM Revision 525ac37f (ffmpeg): Optimize 1D DCT transform used in MP{1,2,3}. Makes also this function...
for being moved to the shared DCT framework in the future.
Originally committed as revision 23514 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Vitor Sessak
11:27 AM Revision 77d3f1f7 (ffmpeg): Added M701 codec_tag for mpeg2video
Originally committed as revision 23513 to svn:// Tomas Härdin


07:48 PM Revision 8850c69d (ffmpeg): 10l, there is no aac.c any more, so no need for a dependency.
Originally committed as revision 23512 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:35 PM Revision 3a9bc39e (ffmpeg): librtmp may link to different ssl implementations
Make sure we link using the right libs by using pkg-config
Originally committed as revision 23511 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Luca Barbato
06:50 PM Revision e59cfd78 (ffmpeg): Do not exclude anymore the pixel formats rgb444, bgr444, rgb4_byte,
and bgr4_byte from the lavfi-pix_fmts test.
The formats are now supported by NUT.
Originally committed as revision ...
Stefano Sabatini
06:48 PM Revision c32b7017 (ffmpeg): Do not read the RM index when input is streamed (since it requires se...
forward and then back again) or AVFMT_FLAG_IGNIDX is set.
Originally committed as revision 23509 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Reimar Döffinger
06:29 PM Revision d588e3f5 (ffmpeg): Add support to B4BY and R4BY NUT codec tags added in NUT r672.
Originally committed as revision 23508 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:29 PM Revision 2839c56e (ffmpeg): Fix width computation for nv12/nv21 in ff_get_plane_bytewidth().
Originally committed as revision 23507 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:50 PM Revision 48ede394 (ffmpeg): regtest: add seektest reference files for rgb/yuv in avi
Originally committed as revision 23506 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
03:27 PM Revision 44d4616e (ffmpeg): aacdec also depends on cbrt_tables.h for hardcoded-tables.
Originally committed as revision 23505 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
11:43 AM Revision 63455b8c (ffmpeg): bgr/rgb444 for nut
Originally committed as revision 23504 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:00 AM Revision de51f22d (ffmpeg): fix rgb444 support in avi.
Originally committed as revision 23503 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:51 AM Revision 48b5a2fa (ffmpeg): Support AVFMT_FLAG_IGNIDX in gxf demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 23502 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
12:05 AM Revision 59b847d3 (ffmpeg): Add simple rgb/yuv in avi regression test.
Originally committed as revision 23501 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


11:13 PM Revision 7686ab07 (ffmpeg): Fix muxing rgb rawvideo in avi regression.
Originally committed as revision 23500 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:58 PM Revision 538c0e13 (ffmpeg): Improve grammar and readability
Patch by Rodney Baker, rodney dot baker at iinet dot net dot au
Originally committed as revision 23499 to svn://svn....
Rodney Baker
07:49 PM Revision fc490fcf (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: Reindent/align/wrap
Originally committed as revision 23498 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:45 PM Revision d0382374 (ffmpeg): RTSP: Propagate errors up from ff_rtsp_send_cmd*
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23497 to svn://
Josh Allmann
07:43 PM Revision c453d1bb (ffmpeg): Remove unused local variables
Originally committed as revision 23496 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:41 PM Revision 614842a9 (ffmpeg): Cleanup apply_window_and_mdct().
Originally committed as revision 23495 to svn:// Alex Converse
07:41 PM Revision b8c2c41d (ffmpeg): RTSP: Add a second URLContext for outgoing messages
Done in preparation for RTSP over HTTP.
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as r...
Josh Allmann
05:00 PM Revision 19da45f2 (ffmpeg): Make look for section "AUTHORS" rather than "AUTHOR", as
the corresponding sections in the man page have been renamed that way.
Originally committed as revision 23493 to svn...
Stefano Sabatini
04:21 PM Revision aeadb328 (ffmpeg): Replace "Fabrice Bellard" with "The FFmpeg developers" as the authors
of the ff* tools man pages.
Originally committed as revision 23492 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:36 PM Revision c909d482 (ffmpeg): Whitespace cosmetics
Originally committed as revision 23491 to svn:// Alex Converse
03:31 PM Revision 8e5998f0 (ffmpeg): aac: Move an initialization macro used only by the decoder out of the...
Originally committed as revision 23490 to svn:// Alex Converse
03:27 PM Revision 77b8320a (ffmpeg): Rename aac.c to aacdec.c.
Originally committed as revision 23489 to svn:// Alex Converse
03:22 PM Revision dd8871a6 (ffmpeg): aacdec: Rename avccontext to avctx.
Originally committed as revision 23488 to svn:// Alex Converse
12:06 PM Revision 4cd5100c (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after eval API publication.
Originally committed as revision 23486 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:01 PM Revision 0b99215c (ffmpeg): Move eval.c and eval.h from libavcodec to libavutil, and make the eval
API public.
Originally committed as revision 23485 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:28 AM Revision 6532c6f9 (ffmpeg): Bump lavu minor and add APIchanges entry after AV_BASE64_SIZE()
Originally committed as revision 23484 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:01 AM Revision 788c82e3 (ffmpeg): libvpx now has an (L)GPL-compatible license.
Originally committed as revision 23482 to svn:// Diego Biurrun


11:33 PM Revision 3511242d (ffmpeg): More mov rawvideo fourcc supported by the rawvideo decoder
Originally committed as revision 23481 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:31 PM Revision 414ba8e3 (ffmpeg): More mov rawvideo fourcc
Originally committed as revision 23480 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:30 PM Revision a7cc89e2 (ffmpeg): fix raw 555 pixel format, add abgr fourcc
Originally committed as revision 23479 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
10:41 PM Revision e7ddafd5 (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Don't write a second seekhead for the clusters; mkvalida...
with me that it's unnecessary.
Originally committed as revision 23478 to svn://
David Conrad
10:41 PM Revision d06735a3 (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Check that tracks was allocated
Originally committed as revision 23477 to svn:// David Conrad
10:41 PM Revision 1f4280e7 (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Use av_get_random_seed -> lfg for segment UID
Originally committed as revision 23476 to svn:// David Conrad
10:40 PM Revision 4a6bef1f (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Make put_ebml_binary take a void pointer
Originally committed as revision 23475 to svn:// David Conrad
10:40 PM Revision 316d6c15 (ffmpeg): Add WebM muxer
Patch by James Zern <jzern at google>
Originally committed as revision 23474 to svn://
James Zern
10:40 PM Revision ac9baa71 (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Mux clusters better
Start them on keyframes when reasonable, and delay writing audio packets
to help ensure that there's audio samples av...
James Zern
10:40 PM Revision 3ad0b189 (ffmpeg): Add myself as libvorbis.c maintainer
Originally committed as revision 23472 to svn:// David Conrad
10:40 PM Revision 57ebbccf (ffmpeg): libvorbis: Disable strict bitrate management when not requested
This is 3 times faster in a quick benchmark
Originally committed as revision 23471 to svn://
David Conrad
10:40 PM Revision ed638b5c (ffmpeg): libvorbis: OV_ECTL_RATEMANAGE_AVG is depreciated in favor of
Originally committed as revision 23470 to svn://
David Conrad
10:40 PM Revision e5a5ea9e (ffmpeg): libvorbis: Hook up min/max bitrate
Originally committed as revision 23469 to svn:// David Conrad
01:52 PM Revision 160c896c (ffmpeg): metadata: mention how to remove tags.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, wyskas at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23468 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:33 AM Revision acf85d7b (ffmpeg): reindent after previous commit.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, wyskas at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23467 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:32 AM Revision 795c6a6b (ffmpeg): metadata: make conversion to the same format a noop.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, wyskas at gmail
Originally committed as revision 23466 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
06:42 AM Revision 35d8ecc5 (ffmpeg): rtspenc: Write the interleaving header in the same buffer as the pack...
Originally committed as revision 23465 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
06:35 AM Revision dd798dcd (ffmpeg): http: Set http_code to 200 when doing a POST
This avoids reading and comparing uninitialized memory.
Originally committed as revision 23464 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Martin Storsjö
04:46 AM Revision 413abbe1 (ffmpeg): Add bitexact versions of put_no_rnd_pixels8 _x2 and _y2 for vp3/theora
Originally committed as revision 23463 to svn:// David Conrad
01:15 AM Revision 784824a6 (ffmpeg): Use AV_BASE64_SIZE() macro
Originally committed as revision 23462 to svn:// Howard Chu
01:15 AM Revision 31878fcf (ffmpeg): Add AV_BASE64_SIZE() macro
Originally committed as revision 23461 to svn:// Howard Chu


11:53 PM Revision 27b0d365 (ffmpeg): Raise default vorbis encoding quality.
Patch by Frank Barchard, fbarchard google com
Originally committed as revision 23460 to svn://
Frank Barchard
10:20 PM Revision bb756b2f (ffmpeg): Fix typo.
Originally committed as revision 23459 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:17 PM Revision 8456d947 (ffmpeg): Exclude from the lavfi_pix_fmts regression test the output pixel
formats which are not currently supported by NUT and which cannot be
played by ffplay.
Originally committed as revis...
Stefano Sabatini
09:59 PM Revision 28f5ea78 (ffmpeg): Clarify that get/release_buffer() overriding only works with CODEC_CA...
Originally committed as revision 23457 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:53 PM Revision 3bc4e21b (ffmpeg): Document the frames returned by the decoder better.
Originally committed as revision 23456 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:23 PM Revision 4fff6084 (ffmpeg): Rename ffplay-doc.texi @chapter "Introduction" to "Description", for
consistency with the corresponding man section.
Originally committed as revision 23454 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:23 PM Revision 016ea628 (ffmpeg): Rename ffprobe-doc.texi @chapter "Introduction" to "Description", for
consistency with the corresponding man section.
Originally committed as revision 23453 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:23 PM Revision 103578f2 (ffmpeg): Rename ffserver-doc.texi @chapter "Introduction" to "Description", for
consistency with the corresponding man section.
Originally committed as revision 23452 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:08 PM Revision 98aea87b (ffmpeg): Deprecate PIX_FMT_YUVJ*
Originally committed as revision 23451 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:58 PM Revision f475f35f (ffmpeg): ffserver: Calculate cur_pts using first_pts as origin instead of ist-...
This fixes cases where ist->start_time wasn't initialized. This also makes
cur_pts calculated against the same origin...
Martin Storsjö
08:47 PM Revision ee0e9146 (ffmpeg): VP8 encoding via libvpx.
Patch by James Zern, Google, Inc.
Originally committed as revision 23449 to svn://
James Zern
08:41 PM Revision f1dfaa7a (ffmpeg): win32: Use _fstati64() instead of plain old fstat() on Windows to sup...
sizes greater than 4gb.
Patch by kemuri <kemuri9 at gmail dot com>
Originally committed as revision 23448 to svn://...
08:31 PM Revision 3c80491d (ffmpeg): httpauth: Fix the length passed to av_strlcat
Since the buffer always was large enough, this bug didn't have any
effect in practice.
Originally committed as revis...
Martin Storsjö
08:11 PM Revision 76561924 (ffmpeg): Move section EXAMPLES towards the end of the ffmpeg-doc.texi file.
This is consistent with the the rendered ordering of the ffmpeg man
Originally committed as revision 23445 to ...
Stefano Sabatini
07:16 PM Revision b26247ed (ffmpeg): Make consistent the various SEE ALSO sections in the FFmpeg man pages.
Also replace "the HTML documentation of @file{ffmpeg}" with "the FFmpeg
HTML documentation", which is more generic.
Stefano Sabatini
07:07 PM Revision cadbccb6 (ffmpeg): Put @ignore-d man page specific trailer at the end of the file.
This makes the ordering of the sections in the file more consistent
with that of the final man output.
Originally co...
Stefano Sabatini
06:53 PM Revision 94f49823 (ffmpeg): Fix misc typos.
Originally committed as revision 23442 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:40 PM Revision 83a36b2e (ffmpeg): Change type of {audio,video,subtitle}_codec_tag variables from int to
unsigned int, as the corresponding variable set in
AVCodecContext.codec_tag is unsigned int.
Originally committed as...
Stefano Sabatini
04:51 PM Revision 48790d8b (ffmpeg): Remove stray and possibly wrong line, rtpdec.c sets that already
Originally committed as revision 23440 to svn:// Luca Barbato
02:17 AM Revision 7caee063 (ffmpeg): aacdec: Work around illegal files with all elem_id tags set to the sa...
Fixes issue 1882.
Originally committed as revision 23439 to svn://
Alex Converse


10:41 PM Revision c0f8ee0f (ffmpeg): ARM: struct offsets for Apple ABI
Originally committed as revision 23438 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:07 PM Revision 30d87675 (ffmpeg): ARM: remove some unnecessary ifdefs, fix implicit declaration warnings
Originally committed as revision 23437 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:05 PM Revision 68dacb4e (ffmpeg): ARM: check struct offsets only when they are used
The offsets differ depending on configuration, so only check them when
they will actually be used. Presently, this i...
Måns Rullgård
10:00 PM Revision 48a783f3 (ffmpeg): Remove weird empty line and perform vertical align.
Originally committed as revision 23435 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:57 PM Revision fa586439 (ffmpeg): Make write_streamheader() log a message if there is no codec tag
Originally committed as revision 23434 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:57 PM Revision ffd5f098 (ffmpeg): Make write_streamheader() return a meaningful error code if no codec
tag is defined, rather than return -1.
Originally committed as revision 23433 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:57 PM Revision fc0c4124 (ffmpeg): Make write_header() and write_headers() return an error code in case of
Originally committed as revision 23432 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:57 PM Revision da9e6c42 (ffmpeg): Make write_streamheader() and write_headers() accept an
AVFormatContext * in input rather than a NUTContext *, which allows to
log messages with av_log().
Originally commit...
Stefano Sabatini
08:05 PM Revision 652d9d24 (ffmpeg): Properly initialize x264_picture_t in libx264.
Bump libx264 version requirement accordingly.
Originally committed as revision 23430 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
06:56 PM Revision d04c13f7 (ffmpeg): Remove useless variables in get_common_elements().
Originally committed as revision 23429 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:55 PM Revision 42719e20 (ffmpeg): Use .p2align in ASMALIGN() macro
The test for .align syntax was apparently unreliable with some compilers.
Using the .p2align directive instead avoids...
Måns Rullgård
06:49 PM Revision a76eec3b (ffmpeg): ARM: fail build if hardcoded struct offsets are wrong
Originally committed as revision 23427 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:09 PM Revision 83b70761 (ffmpeg): Avoid division by zero that caused noise, typically at the beginning or
end of a file.
Patch by Frank Barchard, fbarchard google
Originally committed as revision 23426 to svn://svn.ffmpeg...
Frank Barchard
03:22 PM Revision 5dc051f4 (ffmpeg): bink: correctly align local arrays
Originally committed as revision 23425 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:59 AM Revision 2a00992f (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry for av_get_codec_tag_string().
Originally committed as revision 23424 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:54 AM Revision b603ab8d (ffmpeg): Make the error message issued in case of invalid codec tag more
Originally committed as revision 23423 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:54 AM Revision ab0b5378 (ffmpeg): Make avcodec_string() use av_get_codec_tag_string().
Originally committed as revision 23422 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:54 AM Revision 7e566bbe (ffmpeg): Implement av_get_codec_tag_string() and use it in ffprobe.
Originally committed as revision 23421 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:09 AM Revision 3b963552 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Allow floating point audio bit rates
This allows setting bit rates that aren't an exact multiple of 1000.
Originally committed as revision 23419 to svn:/...
Martin Storsjö


08:59 PM Revision 6a7d7b88 (ffmpeg): arm neon: Add missing mangle to external symbol
Originally committed as revision 23418 to svn:// David Conrad
08:26 PM Revision edd43c95 (ffmpeg): Do not check_lib for -lva if vaapi is disabled, having -lva in extralibs
if vaapi is disabled is at best pointless.
Originally committed as revision 23417 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
08:05 PM Revision 7f464a0a (ffmpeg): Add an entry to APIchanges for the addition of sws_convertPalette8ToP...
Originally committed as revision 23415 to svn:// Reinhard Tartler
08:00 PM Revision 03a3fcee (ffmpeg): Change default number of channels (used if unspecified in the format ...
from 2 to 1, which is the actual value used in the spec. Fixes issue1978.
Path by John Wimer <john at god dot vtic d...
Ronald S. Bultje
07:49 PM Revision b742a12e (ffmpeg): Print an error when MAX_STREAMS is reached.
Originally committed as revision 23413 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:35 PM Revision 2b991422 (ffmpeg): deprecate palette8topacked32 in favor of public API functions sws_con...
additionallym deprecate palette8torgb16 and its bgr variant without
replacement. These functions are not meant to be ...
Reinhard Tartler
05:21 PM Revision 73404a44 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON clear_block[s]
Originally committed as revision 23412 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:36 PM Revision 522d3930 (ffmpeg): Move get_buffer() calls from decode_init() to decode_frame(). Anythin...
unsupported and causes crashes when libavfilter is enabled.
Patch by Sebastian Vater <cdgs basty googlemail com>.
Sebastian Vater
02:08 PM Revision 54b11f17 (ffmpeg): Rename @chapter "Quick Start" to "Examples", for consistency with the
corresponding man page section.
Originally committed as revision 23410 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:00 PM Revision 9f41ed5a (ffmpeg): Fix rendering of the Tips section by putting each @item
command on its own line, and create a corresponding "TIPS" man page
Note that such section is not displayed...
Stefano Sabatini
02:00 PM Revision acbdbf81 (ffmpeg): Make accept @itemize commands with no following character
or texinfo command for specifying how to generate @item marks, and
make it use by default the mark symbol "*".
This ...
Stefano Sabatini
01:09 PM Revision 12f8341a (ffmpeg): Merge @chapter Introduction and @chapter Description into a single
section, and make the whole rendered in the man output.
Simplify layout, and make it more consistent with that of th...
Stefano Sabatini
11:30 AM Revision 0093ac5b (ffmpeg): Move internal scale context fields initialization from
sws_setColorspaceDetails() to ff_yuv2rgb_c_init_tables().
Allow to factorize duplicated code.
Originally committed ...
Stefano Sabatini
08:07 AM Revision 79513857 (ffmpeg): Fix eval-test compilation.
Originally committed as revision 23406 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:07 AM Revision b851dd9e (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: reindent and break some overly long line.
Originally committed as revision 23405 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:07 AM Revision 0cd28d94 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: consistently apply K&R style.
Make me and Diego happy.
Originally committed as revision 23404 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:07 AM Revision 9711439b (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: rename ff_parse_expr() and ff_parse_and_eval_expr() parame...
const_name -> const_names
const_value -> const_values
func[12]_name -> func[12]_names
func[12] -> funcs[12]...
Stefano Sabatini
08:07 AM Revision 9ace13b4 (ffmpeg): Make ff_parse_expr() and ff_parse_and_eval_expr() return an int
containing an error code.
Allow these functions to convey the reason of the failure to the
calling function, failure...
Stefano Sabatini
07:46 AM Revision 27241cbf (ffmpeg): Declare the url_write buffer parameter as const
Originally committed as revision 23401 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
06:53 AM Revision 3d9408f4 (ffmpeg): remove palette8torgb15 and palette8tobgr15
They contain exactly the same code as their 16bit variants, so this is
effectively code de-duplication.
Originally c...
Reinhard Tartler


10:35 PM Revision 770e50ae (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: offer alternatives for experimental codecs if they exist
Originally committed as revision 23398 to svn:// Janne Grunau
10:31 PM Revision 4e605bc3 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: fail if user selected codec is experimental and strict_std_co...
Originally committed as revision 23397 to svn:// Janne Grunau
10:01 PM Revision 9ad7dfc1 (ffmpeg): Pass codec pixel format list to get_format, if present, fix vdpau dec...
Originally committed as revision 23396 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:41 PM Revision 879c9d1a (ffmpeg): Add a short note about libvpx.
Originally committed as revision 23394 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:47 AM Revision 0a624147 (ffmpeg): Prevent au_read_packet() looping endlessly when .au file contains uns...
Originally committed as revision 23392 to svn:// Peter Ross
08:36 AM Revision 9008e1d2 (streamers): Add .gitignore to remove .o file from status
Alessandro Russo
08:33 AM Revision 513e75ef (streamers): Move sig-init in streaming.
Alessandro Russo
08:33 AM Revision b865a917 (streamers): Move sig-buffermap in GRAPES
Alessandro Russo
08:33 AM Revision d029edd1 (streamers): move sig-accept in grapes
Alessandro Russo
08:33 AM Revision 62e3c01d (streamers): move sig-offer in GRAPES
Alessandro Russo
08:33 AM Revision 6546a0c0 (streamers): add sig_ha header
Alessandro Russo
08:31 AM Revision c45cea07 (streamers): add init signaling of GRAPES - 1
Alessandro Russo


11:57 PM Revision 274793de (ffmpeg): Make dequantization equation use less registers on some CPUs.
Originally committed as revision 23391 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
05:12 PM Revision 25e20240 (ffmpeg): Remove unused variables.
Originally committed as revision 23389 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
12:19 PM Revision 21ae6790 (ffmpeg): automatically enable buffer_filter when compiling ffmpeg
Fixes issue 1949
Originally committed as revision 23388 to svn://
Peter Ross
08:44 AM Revision 870a6f40 (ffmpeg): Rename yuv2rgb_template2.c --> yuv2rgb_template.c now that the other ...
Originally committed as revision 31279 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
08:31 AM Revision eb55f3da (ffmpeg): The GPL-licensed optimizations in libswscale have been replaced.
Originally committed as revision 23387 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
08:31 AM Revision 531f97b0 (ffmpeg): Remove GPL-licensed YUV to RGB MMX routines.
We now have an LGPL replacement that is at least equally fast.
Originally committed as revision 31278 to svn://svn.m...
Diego Biurrun


03:29 PM Revision 41331b65 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON optimised dct_unquantize_h263_{intra,inter}
Originally committed as revision 23386 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:40 AM Revision 2c780abf (ffmpeg): Require --enable-nonfree flag for libvpx.
The license of libvpx is incompatible with the (L)GPL. As long as this is
the case, the only way to use it is by mar...
Diego Biurrun
07:28 AM Revision 1c100b13 (ffmpeg): 321l: do not use shifted s->linesize instead of correct s->uvlinesize.
This should fix chroma issues in WMV3/VC-1 decoder with avfilter enabled.
Originally committed as revision 23370 to ...
Kostya Shishkov


11:15 PM Revision 0435fb16 (ffmpeg): In h264 decoder, use jpeg yuv pixel format when full range is set in vui
Originally committed as revision 23369 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:29 PM Revision c91dce99 (ffmpeg): aacenc: Remove an unnecessary division from the TLS.
Originally committed as revision 23368 to svn:// Alex Converse
08:45 PM Revision 911fbc45 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: whitespace
Originally committed as revision 23367 to svn:// Alex Converse
08:42 PM Revision 04d6a54e (ffmpeg): aacenc: Remove unnecessary variables and scopes in the TLS.
Originally committed as revision 23366 to svn:// Alex Converse
08:14 PM Revision 82f1ffc7 (ffmpeg): Cleanup prev commit, flag variable should start with 0
Originally committed as revision 23364 to svn:// Howard Chu
06:50 PM Revision 23584bec (ffmpeg): Parse avctx->extradata if available.
Fixes many "non-existing PPS referenced" error messages
Originally committed as revision 23363 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Howard Chu
06:21 PM Revision 22a25584 (ffmpeg): Reindent after r23361.
Patch by Francesco Lavra <francescolavra interfree it>.
Originally committed as revision 23362 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Francesco Lavra
06:21 PM Revision cff87f04 (ffmpeg): Use ff_rm_codec_tags[] in RM muxer. This, incidentally, also allows m...
other audio codecs rather than only AC-3, so add some code that makes
word byte-swapping only happen for AC-3, not fo...
Francesco Lavra
06:18 PM Revision 74e8ccad (ffmpeg): Move rm_codec_tags to rm.c so muxer/demuxer can share it.
Patch by Francesco Lavra <francescolavra interfree it>.
Originally committed as revision 23360 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Francesco Lavra
07:22 AM Revision c0fda017 (ffmpeg): vp3: 10l Fix DC-only IDCT for C and ARM too
Originally committed as revision 23359 to svn:// David Conrad
07:01 AM Revision 179655b6 (ffmpeg): vp3: The DC-only IDCT is surprisingly not supposed to be bitexact to the
full IDCT. Fix this.
Originally committed as revision 23358 to svn://
David Conrad


09:23 PM Revision 173bb37f (ffmpeg): On2 IVF demuxer
Originally committed as revision 23357 to svn:// David Conrad
05:11 PM Revision a5266a47 (ffmpeg): Make sure that when the parser is feeded with frame==packet that the
packets are passed through and wont be marked as static which would
require them to be copied by av_dup_packet().
Michael Niedermayer
02:50 PM Revision 5d55bb9f (ffmpeg): aacdec: Clarify a channel mapping comment.
Patch by Cyril Russo >stage nexvision laposte net<
Originally committed as revision 23351 to svn://
Cyril Russo
02:46 PM Revision e84c276f (ffmpeg): Mark AAC encoder as experimental.
Originally committed as revision 23350 to svn:// Alex Converse
02:20 PM Revision 29ab6bd0 (grapes): Hopefully fix rand_peer(), in the correct way!
Luca Abeni
02:07 PM Revision ac9b476d (grapes): Use different cache update strategies for TMAN and NCAST
Luca Abeni
02:03 PM Revision 72b666da (grapes): Test for TMAN
Luca Abeni
12:52 PM Revision bb14413e (grapes): Fix tmanGetNeighbourhoodSize()
Luca Abeni
12:47 PM Revision 81108160 (grapes): Remove void**
Luca Abeni
09:26 AM Revision 8a0aa150 (grapes): Update to latest version from Marco
Luca Abeni
04:39 AM Revision 4717f872 (ffmpeg): VP8 parser
Originally committed as revision 23349 to svn:// David Conrad
04:39 AM Revision 910b9f30 (ffmpeg): Add const to ff_emulated_edge_mc
Originally committed as revision 23348 to svn:// David Conrad
04:39 AM Revision 94b303ba (ffmpeg): Add more const to _l4 pixel functions
Originally committed as revision 23347 to svn:// David Conrad
04:39 AM Revision a4501a45 (ffmpeg): vp3: Skip the loop filter when strength is 0 or when requested
Originally committed as revision 23346 to svn:// David Conrad
04:25 AM Revision 3491a9b2 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics : Fix typo.
Originally committed as revision 23345 to svn:// Jai Menon
01:29 AM Revision 71dab7be (ffmpeg): Some fields were incorrectly reset (to NULL) when calling avcodec_cop...
Patch by Jean-Daniel Dupas, devlists shadowlab org
Originally committed as revision 23344 to svn://
Jean-Daniel Dupas
12:31 AM Revision 867ab7fb (ffmpeg): Fix pts reordering code.
This fixes a regression introduced when libavfilter support was added to ffplay.
Originally committed as revision 23...
Michael Niedermayer


10:26 PM Revision ab8f6009 (ffmpeg): Add support for the newly added Nut codec tags (added in Nut r669):
Y1[00][16], [16][00]1Y, Y3[11][16], [16][11]3Y, Y3[10][16],
[16][10]3Y, Y3[00][16], [16][00]3Y, Y4[11][ 8], Y2[00][ 8...
Stefano Sabatini
08:22 PM Revision 9c6b3b97 (ffmpeg): Add the forgotten ff_ prefix to the shareable scan patterns.
Originally committed as revision 23341 to svn:// Maxim Poliakovski
07:00 PM Revision 05e95319 (ffmpeg): Factorize ff_h264_decode_extradata().
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc highlandsun com
Originally committed as revision 23340 to svn://
Howard Chu
06:54 PM Revision 35f7c39a (ffmpeg): Mark vorbis encoder as experimental.
Originally committed as revision 23339 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
06:45 PM Revision fe9c2007 (ffmpeg): Bump minor version bump and add an APIchanges entry after addition of
Originally committed as revision 23338 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:34 PM Revision 31cd5a9a (ffmpeg): Bump minor version and add Changelog entry after r23334.
Originally committed as revision 23337 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
05:23 PM Revision d3752b15 (ffmpeg): Treat SIPP like xvid, fixed issue1966
Originally committed as revision 23336 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
03:34 PM Revision df98cd3a (grapes): First shot at TMAN
Luca Abeni
01:25 PM Revision 220f2bd9 (ffmpeg): move indeo5 scan patterns into ivi_common.c
so those can be shared by indeo4.
Originally committed as revision 23335 to svn://
Maxim Poliakovski
12:42 PM Revision 315d210f (grapes): Change the prototype of the *_ranked functions
Luca Abeni
10:38 AM Revision 93ebfeea (ffmpeg): Add CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL and prefer encoders without it.
Patch by Janne Grunau, janne-ffmpeg jannau net
Originally committed as revision 23334 to svn://
Janne Grunau
04:22 AM Revision 1ed87f80 (ffmpeg): Parse and repack the first frame of H.264 in ASF because SPS+PPS live...
Originally committed as revision 23333 to svn:// Alex Converse
04:20 AM Revision 74a6df59 (ffmpeg): Add an AVSTREAM_PARSE_FULL_ONCE parsing mode to parse headers and com...
Originally committed as revision 23332 to svn:// Alex Converse


11:25 PM Revision 9069b7d3 (ffmpeg): Fix declaration after statement
Originally committed as revision 23331 to svn:// Alex Converse
10:55 PM Revision 37dd2356 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: avoid potential crash after r23169
Originally committed as revision 23330 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
10:53 PM Revision 344f5c9f (ffmpeg): Do not invert samples when encoding Vorbis.
Patch by Frank Barchard, fbarchard google
Originally committed as revision 23329 to svn://
Frank Barchard
09:51 PM Revision f4348e6c (ffmpeg): Check for VUI overeading and reset num_reoder_frames.
This helps the video from issue1831
Originally committed as revision 23328 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
07:23 PM Revision 577ee948 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Send a Content-Base header in the reply to RTSP DESCRIBE re...
This is needed for QuickTime Player to be able to connect properly.
Originally committed as revision 23325 to svn://...
Martin Storsjö
07:16 PM Revision 8ac942d8 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: reindent after the previous commit
Originally committed as revision 23324 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:13 PM Revision 11f6181a (ffmpeg): api-example: Try to avoid decoding incomplete frames
Use a larger input audio buffer, refill it when it has less than 4 KB data
Originally committed as revision 23...
Martin Storsjö
06:35 PM Revision 0ecfa7b7 (ffmpeg): aacenc: Split find_max_val() from find_min_book() to eliminate duplic...
Originally committed as revision 23322 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:32 PM Revision af2ee6fc (ffmpeg): Remove useless costly inf checks from the trellis scalefactor search.
Originally committed as revision 23319 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:31 PM Revision acc9f51f (ffmpeg): aacenc: Trellis over scalefactors using an estimated codebook rather ...
The minimal codebook to encode the band without clipping is used (as is done in the TLS).
Originally committed as re...
Alex Converse
06:28 PM Revision 144c5e3d (ffmpeg): aacenc: Only trellis over a column of 61 scalefactors (reduced from 2...
This still provides plenty of dynamic range, makes every move legal, and greatly reduces the search space.
Alex Converse
06:24 PM Revision 05e659ef (ffmpeg): aacenc: Factor out find_min_book so it can be used by multiple coeffi...
Originally committed as revision 23316 to svn:// Alex Converse
03:39 PM Revision aafb822b (ffmpeg): We're using generic tag-to-ID functions, so specific codec_id assignm...
are no longer necessary. Patch by Zhou Zongyi <zhouzy AT os pku edu cn>.
Originally committed as revision 23312 to s...
Zhou Zongyi
02:23 PM Revision 31a7a6eb (ffmpeg): Correct golomb vlc decoding tables.
Fixes issue 1930
Originally committed as revision 23311 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
01:02 PM Revision b4cf3f6c (ffmpeg): mmst_protocol depends on network
Originally committed as revision 23310 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:35 AM Revision 74c853b6 (ffmpeg): Samsung uses SIPP as FourCC for MPEG-4 ASP.
Originally committed as revision 23309 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
09:21 AM Revision c4c302f1 (ffmpeg): Look for libvpx headers in the vpx subdirectory in configure, too
Originally committed as revision 23308 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:58 AM Revision a7890f44 (ffmpeg): Headers for libvpx are installed into vpx subdirectory.
Originally committed as revision 23307 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
07:26 AM Revision 4fb9792c (ffmpeg): Fix VP8 listing in general.texi
Originally committed as revision 23306 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:01 AM Revision aae9a093 (ffmpeg): 24l trocadero: RTMP reader forgot to shift high byte of timestamp to its
proper position
Patch by trueice (his gmail account is obvious)
Originally committed as revision 23305 to svn://svn...
03:19 AM Revision cc46005f (ffmpeg): theora: Don't read an excess bit for maximum length long bit runs if ...
exactly ends the remaining blocks.
Originally committed as revision 23304 to svn://
David Conrad
01:19 AM Revision 8299a7f8 (ffmpeg): VP8 decoding via libvpx.
Patch by James Zern for Google, Inc., jzern google com
Originally committed as revision 23303 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
James Zern


11:37 PM Revision ce2a9bc3 (ffmpeg): In ogg muxer, use random serial number of each ogg streams
Originally committed as revision 23302 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:59 PM Revision a2403986 (ffmpeg): MMS-over-TCP protocol support. Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail c...
Originally committed as revision 23301 to svn:// Zhentan Feng
08:38 PM Revision e34d5db5 (ffmpeg): Add libavfilter 1-input - 1-output regression test, corresponding to the
target regtest-lavfi_pix_fmts.
The lavfi_pix_fmts test is disabled, this because there are
many tests which are fail...
Stefano Sabatini
08:35 PM Revision 781cf5fd (ffmpeg): Add missing codec id <-> codec tag entries:
Stefano Sabatini
08:24 PM Revision 111c9359 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Fix one of the codec parameter checks
This is probably what was originally intended; the codec pointers are all NULL.
Fix by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsu...
Martin Storsjö
08:08 PM Revision a5ba4ced (ffmpeg): ffserver: Fix streaming with more than one stream
Fix by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23294 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
07:59 PM Revision e175b55e (ffmpeg): ffserver: Fix extradata handling
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23293 to svn://
Howard Chu
07:23 PM Revision c966c912 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Fix an out of bounds read
Fix by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23292 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
07:12 PM Revision 9cc9a155 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Fix another memory leak
Don't allocate st->codec, it will be overwritten by the memcpy a few
lines further down.
Fix by Howard Chu, hyc at h...
Martin Storsjö
07:05 PM Revision ea4f8aab (ffmpeg): ffserver: Plug some memory leaks
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23290 to svn://
Howard Chu
05:49 PM Revision 0e765181 (ffmpeg): Add -f framemd5 muxer similar to framecrc.
Originally committed as revision 23289 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
04:42 PM Revision 9bbe9a0d (ffmpeg): Display a more descriptive log message when probe buffer limit is
Originally committed as revision 23288 to svn://
Jai Menon
02:19 PM Revision 12bd3c1f (ffmpeg): FFplay : Implement custom reget_buffer for the input filter.
Originally committed as revision 23287 to svn:// Jai Menon
12:32 PM Revision 612dc023 (ffmpeg): Skip pes payload during probing to avoid start code emulation.
Patch by Janne Grunau, janne-ffmpeg jannau net
Originally committed as revision 23286 to svn://
Janne Grunau
10:11 AM Revision d3d87481 (ffmpeg): Fix documentation of av_audio_convert.
Patch by Cyril Russo, stage D nexvision A laposte net
Originally committed as revision 23285 to svn://
Cyril Russo
08:58 AM Revision 7bb83d8d (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Write codec time base as default duration for video tracks.
This isn't exactly semantically equivalent, but the field has already been
long abused to mean this, and writing it h...
David Conrad
12:44 AM Revision 31fdd641 (ffmpeg): Convert NaN to 0/0 in av_d2q
This fixes aspect ratio calculation for encoding from files with 0/0 stored,
common with ogg/theora
Originally commi...
David Conrad


11:33 PM Revision f1a05185 (ffmpeg): Enable AVFMT_GENERIC_INDEX for Ogg demuxer. This avoids the many
seeks needed for binary search when seeking to a previously seen
Originally committed as revision 23279 to...
Reimar Döffinger
11:19 PM Revision 21d52447 (ffmpeg): small wording fix
Originally committed as revision 23277 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
11:17 PM Revision a8d9a56a (ffmpeg): Mention some more changes related to HTML 5 issues.
Originally committed as revision 23276 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:20 PM Revision 8daed34e (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Revert adding the doctype to metadata; it has no meaning...
Originally committed as revision 23275 to svn:// David Conrad
10:01 PM Revision 50eae970 (ffmpeg): Reduce the score for the aea demuxer probing function.
Originally committed as revision 23273 to svn:// Benjamin Larsson
09:56 PM Revision 946da736 (ffmpeg): Fix detection of some stereo atrac files by not comparing the
block size mode and info byte.
Originally committed as revision 23272 to svn://
Benjamin Larsson
09:19 PM Revision fbe347d6 (ffmpeg): Reflect the 0.6 branch in the Changelog.
Originally committed as revision 23270 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:10 PM Revision 2da6050c (ffmpeg): oups, 100l, revert unrelated hunk from commit r23266
Originally committed as revision 23269 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:06 PM Revision a4de2b6e (ffmpeg): write 3gp perf tag for artist metadata
Originally committed as revision 23268 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:04 PM Revision 221ed486 (ffmpeg): albm 3gp tag has optional track field not date
Originally committed as revision 23267 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:03 PM Revision ea4c4d7f (ffmpeg): change author metadata to artist in mov de/muxer
Originally committed as revision 23266 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:14 PM Revision e53ca636 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics : re-indent after last commit.
Originally committed as revision 23265 to svn:// Jai Menon
07:13 PM Revision 3635c07b (ffmpeg): FFplay : Avoid manipulating NULL data pointers so that future checks
remain valid. This fixes segfaults for those cases where data copy to
this invalid pointer is attempted.
Originally ...
Jai Menon
07:11 PM Revision 47f0704e (ffmpeg): Prefix value for flags with "0x", to make it clear that it is an
hexadecimal value.
Originally committed as revision 23262 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:34 PM Revision 49837b8d (ffmpeg): Make the nut decoder read the ff_nut_video_tags to detect codec id of
the input file.
This is required as Nut codec tags are not contained in
Originally committed as ...
Stefano Sabatini
06:34 PM Revision 2e01def0 (ffmpeg): Define ff_nut_video_tags and make Nut muxer and demuxer set it in
Originally committed as revision 23259 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:34 PM Revision 6d9b7a7d (ffmpeg): Document CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE and avcodec_align_dimensions interaction.
Originally committed as revision 23258 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
01:07 PM Revision 944a1b6b (ffmpeg): Add a md5 muxer that allows checking the md5 sums of generated stream...
needing an external MD5 command.
Originally committed as revision 23257 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
10:02 AM Revision d458b7d4 (ffmpeg): Add empty newline to separate function declarations, for better
Originally committed as revision 31192 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:47 AM Revision cca68a54 (ffmpeg): Add an entry to APIchanges for the addition of av_get_random_seed
Originally committed as revision 23256 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:45 AM Revision 99778631 (ffmpeg): Bump libavutil minor version for the addition of av_get_random_seed
Originally committed as revision 23255 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:53 AM Revision 576fb48e (ffmpeg): Make ff_random_get_seed public, rename to av_get_random_seed, export ...
Keep an old ff_ named function for binary compatibility until the
next major bump.
Originally committed as revision ...
Martin Storsjö


09:52 PM Revision e1745e2f (ffmpeg): Make av_write_header() return AVERROR(EINVAL) rather than -1 if the
input parameters are not valid.
Originally committed as revision 23253 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:52 PM Revision cf5b33d9 (ffmpeg): Store in a dedicated array the format name - codec id - codec type
mapping. Simplify.
Originally committed as revision 23252 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:32 PM Revision c56e9e05 (ffmpeg): Open 2-pass logfile in binary mode for both reading and writing.
This fixes a regression on Windows introduced by r22769 in which the data read
from the file was not properly zero te...
Ramiro Polla
04:01 PM Revision 80b39e1c (ffmpeg): Move AVCodecTag from riff.h into internal.h.
Patch by Francesco Lavra, francescolavra interfree it
Originally committed as revision 23250 to svn://
Francesco Lavra
03:56 PM Revision 83c27079 (ffmpeg): Prefer enum CodecID over int in ff_codec_get_tag().
Originally committed as revision 23249 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:13 AM Revision 85e86b68 (ffmpeg): Update regression tests after removing track timecode scale from mkvenc
Originally committed as revision 23248 to svn:// David Conrad
01:41 AM Revision 577abedb (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: Don't write track timecode scale
It's not required for mkv and unsupported in webm
Originally committed as revision 23247 to svn://
David Conrad
01:41 AM Revision c7b913c8 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Allow unknown EBML doctype
Originally committed as revision 23246 to svn:// David Conrad
01:41 AM Revision 470491fa (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Support webm doctype
Patch by James Zern <jzern at google>
Originally committed as revision 23245 to svn://
James Zern


11:19 PM Revision 6a2c9b8b (ffmpeg): Rename pixelFormatBpsAVI to pix_fmt_bps_avi and pixelFormatBpsMOV to
The new names are consistent with the predominant FFmpeg style.
Originally committed as revision 2...
Stefano Sabatini
11:19 PM Revision 1beff414 (ffmpeg): Rename findPixelFormat() to find_pix_fmt().
Less ugly and more consistent with the FFmpeg predominant style.
Originally committed as revision 23243 to svn://svn...
Stefano Sabatini
09:41 PM Revision ff85f586 (ffmpeg): remove unused field
Originally committed as revision 23232 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:38 PM Revision 95ca3b1e (ffmpeg): In ogg muxer, pack multiple frames into one page, much lower overhead
Originally committed as revision 23231 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:59 AM Revision 686d6f40 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Avoid busylooping while reading non-blocking input
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23210 to svn://
Howard Chu
07:12 AM Revision 38d4a217 (ffmpeg): Change the default codecs for the rtsp muxer to mpeg4 and aac
These codecs in RTP are supported by many players.
Originally committed as revision 23209 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
07:08 AM Revision 648e41b3 (ffmpeg): Take ff_write_chained in use in the mov rtp hinter and in the rtsp muxer
Originally committed as revision 23208 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:07 AM Revision 9a761250 (ffmpeg): Add a libavformat internal function ff_write_chained
Originally committed as revision 23207 to svn:// Martin Storsjö


11:09 PM Revision 6531b5c9 (ffmpeg): Rename ff_raw_pixelFormatTags symbol to ff_raw_pix_fmt_tags.
The new name is shorter and consistent with the FFmpeg style.
Originally committed as revision 23206 to svn://svn.ff...
Stefano Sabatini
09:27 PM Revision 4d2f703a (ffmpeg): Fix doxy reference to unexisting function.
Originally committed as revision 23203 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:04 PM Revision c21014a4 (grapes): reduced nccache size to 10
Csaba Kiraly
09:03 PM Revision ffb61393 (grapes): Fix the most stupid error ever
Luca Abeni
09:03 PM Revision 2c634391 (grapes): Do not reply with too many IDs, and do not free NULL
Luca Abeni
09:02 PM Revision 0606288e (grapes): SOM: fixed peerset include guard
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913 Csaba Kiraly
09:02 PM Revision 02909584 (grapes): SOM: fix memory leak in peerset
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913 Csaba Kiraly
06:34 PM Revision fbfccc04 (ffmpeg): Disable non interleaved avi code when there is no index available.
Fixes issue1956.
Originally committed as revision 23202 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
03:05 PM Revision 0e66f272 (streamers): upgrade references to GRAPES/som to GRAPES
Csaba Kiraly


10:56 PM Revision b8dbff33 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: make more compact the code for handle_jpeg(), this also al...
vertical alignment. Improve readability.
Originally committed as revision 31186 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:55 PM Revision 2b65bb45 (ffmpeg): Change eval API to take parent log context and log level offset.
this is based on stefanos work, especially all bugs are his fault ;)
Originally committed as revision 23201 to svn:/...
Michael Niedermayer
10:51 PM Revision 4880cfd9 (ffmpeg): Print parent log context too, if available.
Originally committed as revision 23200 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:50 PM Revision 2c1bb265 (ffmpeg): Make it possible for a log context to keep track of its parent context.
This is usefull to keep track and display relations where things are a
bit more complex (like AVProtocols or demuxers...
Michael Niedermayer
10:49 PM Revision 4e74187d (ffmpeg): Remove PI definition and use M_PI instead.
M_PI is defined by the included file libavutil/mathematics.h.
Originally committed as revision 31185 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:45 PM Revision 8d2a5139 (ffmpeg): av_default_item_name() so Simply AVClasses need 1 function less.
Originally committed as revision 23198 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:48 PM Revision d545fa56 (ffmpeg): fix x264 encoding when delay is > number of input frames
Originally committed as revision 23197 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
08:18 PM Revision c2341b85 (ffmpeg): Add a chomp BSF to consume zero padding at the end of a packet.
Originally committed as revision 23196 to svn:// Alex Converse
08:18 PM Revision c16d5a6f (ffmpeg): Make aac_decode_frame() consume zero padding at the end of a packet.
Originally committed as revision 23195 to svn:// Alex Converse
08:13 PM Revision 7382617a (ffmpeg): Bump minor version for CODEC_ID_VP8
Originally committed as revision 23194 to svn:// David Conrad
04:50 PM Revision 6c7c6293 (ffmpeg): Add VP80 fourcc
Patch by Google
Originally committed as revision 23193 to svn://
04:50 PM Revision 23966972 (ffmpeg): matroska: Add V_VP8
Patch by Google
Originally committed as revision 23192 to svn://
04:50 PM Revision a98c2dfa (ffmpeg): Add VP8 CODEC_ID
Patch by Google
Originally committed as revision 23191 to svn://
01:31 PM Revision 8a26b2c6 (ffmpeg): 13% faster yuv420 to rgb15 mmx.
It is now faster than the old gpl version on conroe.
Originally committed as revision 31181 to svn://svn.mplayerhq.h...
Loren Merritt
09:46 AM Revision 8d168a92 (ffmpeg): Fix a crash when opening WMS RTSP streams
Fixes issue 1948
Originally committed as revision 23181 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
08:21 AM Revision bffc36e0 (ffmpeg): 40% faster yuv420 to rgb24 mmx.
It is now faster than the old gpl version on conroe.
Originally committed as revision 31180 to svn://svn.mplayerhq.h...
Loren Merritt
08:16 AM Revision b724102a (ffmpeg): Add an APIchanges note regarding the new rtp hinting flag
Originally committed as revision 23180 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:13 AM Revision d4493e03 (ffmpeg): Late bump of the minor version, for the addition of AVFMT_FLAG_RTP_HINT
Originally committed as revision 23179 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:12 AM Revision 910cde56 (ffmpeg): Add a changelog entry for the RTP hinting in the mov muxer
Originally committed as revision 23178 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
06:46 AM Revision 15f9fa3d (ffmpeg): Fix signedness of q_delta field of the IVIMbInfo.
Patch by Maxim max_pole () gmx * de
Originally committed as revision 23170 to svn://
Maxim Poliakovski


09:21 PM Revision 5549aa6d (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Free ebml binary buffer on error
Based on a Chromium patch
Originally committed as revision 23169 to svn://
David Conrad
09:21 PM Revision 465c28b6 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Fix buffer overread in matroska_ebmlnum_uint
Based on a Chromium patch
Originally committed as revision 23168 to svn://
David Conrad
09:21 PM Revision d98bd80e (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Ensure time_scale is nonzero, fixes divide-by-zero if th...
has 0 written
Based on a Chromium patch
Originally committed as revision 23167 to svn://
David Conrad
09:21 PM Revision 1c664b23 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: Use av_freep in ebml_read_ascii
Based on a Chromium patch
Originally committed as revision 23166 to svn://
David Conrad
07:48 PM Revision 44bf251a (ffmpeg): Use a heuristic for describing the RTP packets using sample data
Originally committed as revision 23165 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:47 PM Revision e977af6f (ffmpeg): Add initial support for RTP hinting in the mov muxer
Originally committed as revision 23164 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:40 PM Revision 27a826c9 (ffmpeg): Make mov_write_packet non-static, add ff_ prefix
Originally committed as revision 23163 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:38 PM Revision f72dad41 (ffmpeg): Move the mov muxer structures to a separate header
Originally committed as revision 23162 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:34 PM Revision 796ac233 (ffmpeg): Add a flag for enabling RTP hinting
Originally committed as revision 23161 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:32 PM Revision 0341b699 (ffmpeg): Make ff_sdp_write_media a lavf-internal function
This is in preparation for RTP hinting in the MOV muxer, where
it needs to be able to create SDP fragments for each m...
Martin Storsjö
07:23 PM Revision 698f4cc7 (ffmpeg): Validate AVCodecTag vs CodecID.
Patch by Francesco Lavra, francescolavra interfree it
Originally committed as revision 23159 to svn://
Francesco Lavra
07:16 PM Revision 603a5f04 (ffmpeg): Factorize some code into the new function ff_toupper4().
Patch by Francesco Lavra, francescolavra interfree it
Originally committed as revision 23158 to svn://
Francesco Lavra
05:28 PM Revision b74f67eb (ffmpeg): In ts demuxer, output pes packet as soon as they are complete.
This is needed for subtitles where packets are infrequent.
Patch by Janne Grunau, janne-ffmpeg at jannau dot net.
Janne Grunau
11:46 AM Revision 90c92100 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: reindent
Originally committed as revision 23156 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
11:45 AM Revision 1bf5228e (ffmpeg): ffserver: Don't set me_method unconditionally
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23155 to svn://
Howard Chu
11:16 AM Revision 0156fcf2 (ffmpeg): ffserver: Write proper GMT date/times in Date headers
Patch by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com
Originally committed as revision 23154 to svn://
Howard Chu


10:49 PM Revision fecd7b45 (ffmpeg): Add log_level_offset to AVCodecContext.
Originally committed as revision 23153 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:12 PM Revision 1095d442 (ffmpeg): set avg frame rate in mkv demuxer
Originally committed as revision 23152 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
06:11 PM Revision 1636ed65 (streamers): changing delay measurement unit to seconds
Csaba Kiraly
06:06 PM Revision 19d6b4ca (streamers): calculate and publish playout delay
Csaba Kiraly
05:34 PM Revision 43d09faf (ffmpeg): ffserver: Make sure a destination URL is set when creating the SDP
Debugged by Howard Chu, hyc at highlandsun dot com.
Originally committed as revision 23151 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
05:19 PM Revision efb3861d (streamers): add chunk delay measurement
Csaba Kiraly
05:17 PM Revision 9f051e26 (streamers): initialize chunk timestamp in source to current time
Csaba Kiraly
05:16 PM Revision d112a6fb (streamers): initialize first chunk ID in source based on current time
Csaba Kiraly
05:15 PM Revision 0e7105fe (streamers): fix clean in Makefile
one .o file was not removed Csaba Kiraly
02:08 PM Revision 4c9f8d7f (streamers): publish variance of hop count as well
Csaba Kiraly
01:36 PM Revision 049189f8 (streamers): slightly increaseing measurement publish rate to 120 sec
Csaba Kiraly
10:54 AM Revision b07667ee (streamers): improve logging of pushes to the source
Csaba Kiraly
10:25 AM Revision cf6aaf5b (streamers): fix new-line at some debug outputs
Csaba Kiraly
10:13 AM Revision ccfc425d (streamers): measure and publish average number of overlay hops to peer
Csaba Kiraly
09:53 AM Revision f40f329e (ffmpeg): Fix typo ('B', 'O', 'W', '1') => ('B', '0', 'W', '1')
Originally committed as revision 23150 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
09:06 AM Revision f5d9663e (streamers): add deadline to chunk attributes
Csaba Kiraly
09:06 AM Revision e99600d8 (streamers): add chunk attributes (hopcount) filling and update
Csaba Kiraly


11:00 PM Revision edd259f9 (ffmpeg): Change the order of parameters for ff_eval_expr() and
ff_parse_and_eval_expr(), place the names for constants/functions
before the corresponding values.
This looks more r...
Stefano Sabatini
09:03 PM Revision ec1d1afc (ffmpeg): Factorize code into a single function.
Patch by Sebastian Vater, cdgs D basty A gmail
Originally committed as revision 23148 to svn://
Sebastian Vater
06:13 PM Revision 03c3bb5c (ffmpeg): use filter name when graph parser add filters
Originally committed as revision 23147 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
05:08 PM Revision ed395eb4 (ffmpeg): Add missing rawvideo pixel formats to codec tags mappings for nut.
Originally committed as revision 23146 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:56 AM Revision 73762de1 (ffmpeg): Add NV12 and NV21 AVI tags.
Both are listed in
Originally committed as revision 23145 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
07:56 AM Revision c75b3d2e (ffmpeg): Clarify description for the MONOWHITE and MONOBLACK pixel formats.
Originally committed as revision 23144 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini


05:34 PM Revision 65929418 (ffmpeg): Avoid mixed declaration and code, fix C89 compatibility.
Patch by François Revol revol free fr.
Originally committed as revision 23143 to svn://
François Revol
12:33 PM Revision 9121b8ca (ffmpeg): Clarify descriptions for RGB4, BGR4, NV12, NV21,
RGB48BE, and RGB48LE pixel formats.
Originally committed as revision 23142 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini

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