From 07/31/2010 to 08/29/2010


10:21 PM Revision 4bc16e83 (ffmpeg): simplify code by using the AV_NE() macro
Originally committed as revision 24986 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
10:15 PM Revision 8f389040 (ffmpeg): move null muxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24985 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
10:06 PM Revision 1ac301ca (ffmpeg): cleanup includes which are not used anymore in raw.c
Originally committed as revision 24984 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
10:02 PM Revision 9e0d8241 (ffmpeg): move ac3/eac3 demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24983 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:51 PM Revision 66e35c5f (ffmpeg): move dnxhd demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24982 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:44 PM Revision 170a250f (ffmpeg): move dirac demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24981 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:37 PM Revision 99392a61 (ffmpeg): move h261 demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24980 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:34 PM Revision b30593c7 (ffmpeg): move h263 demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24979 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:28 PM Revision 9243ed3f (ffmpeg): move h264 demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24978 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:23 PM Revision 187186c6 (ffmpeg): cosmetic
Originally committed as revision 24977 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:23 PM Revision e3507058 (ffmpeg): move m4v demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24976 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:14 PM Revision c3ed4b2d (ffmpeg): move cavsvideo demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24975 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:36 PM Revision 8c51530f (ffmpeg): move mpegvideo demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24974 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:16 PM Revision b47a5a95 (ffmpeg): move ingenient demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24973 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:00 PM Revision 6d0678d1 (ffmpeg): move DTS demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24972 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:33 PM Revision 85a2aada (ffmpeg): simplify code by using the AV_NE() macro
Originally committed as revision 24971 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:28 PM Revision 26aa6811 (ffmpeg): 10l: aacdec and idroqenc still depend on raw.o
Originally committed as revision 24970 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:37 PM Revision 2aa751d2 (ffmpeg): rename idroq.c to idroqdec.c
Originally committed as revision 24969 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:35 PM Revision 54a73bb5 (ffmpeg): move id roq muxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24968 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:18 PM Revision 49824cb6 (ffmpeg): move ADTS AAC demuxer to its own file
Originally committed as revision 24967 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
03:46 PM Revision ef4a9342 (ffmpeg): Include stdint.h instead of inttypes.h, it is enough for what this fi...
Originally committed as revision 24966 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
10:25 AM Revision b20359f5 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Return AVERROR_EOF when all streams have received an RTCP BYE p...
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24965 to svn://
Josh Allmann
10:20 AM Revision 682d28a9 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24964 to svn://
Josh Allmann
10:19 AM Revision ff328c02 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Read RTCP compound packets
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24963 to svn://
Josh Allmann
10:16 AM Revision a1ba71aa (ffmpeg): rtsp: Check the RTCP file handle for new packets, too
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24962 to svn://
Josh Allmann


11:56 PM Revision 6a1712dd (ffmpeg): Fix two compiler arnings related to printf-format of sizeof()-stateme...
Originally committed as revision 24961 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
11:55 PM Revision 37c506e8 (ffmpeg): stream_selection can be freed in the fail case, in which case it's un...
Therefore, init it with NULL to prevent a crash on invalid streams.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Zhentan Feng
09:17 PM Revision 774b20ca (ffmpeg): Hopefully fix the fate-ws_snd breakage on PPC
Originally committed as revision 24959 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
09:03 PM Revision 19d929f9 (ffmpeg): cosmetics in imdct_sse
Originally committed as revision 24958 to svn:// Loren Merritt
02:51 PM Revision 2d0cdf3c (ffmpeg): Add fate test for Westwood SND1 codec
Originally committed as revision 24957 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
02:45 PM Revision 0a24503d (ffmpeg): Remove CCITT fax G4 tests (partial revert of r24954). This test is
corrupting memory somehow and segfaulting in the BSDs.
Originally committed as revision 24956 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Vitor Sessak
02:07 PM Revision 601090b5 (ffmpeg): cosmetic
Originally committed as revision 24955 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:46 AM Revision 3b619cab (ffmpeg): CCITT Fax Group compression fate tests
Originally committed as revision 24954 to svn:// Vitor Sessak


10:22 PM Revision db7515fd (ffmpeg): configure: move config.fate creation after OS section
The OS label can be changed, and we want this to be reflected.
Originally committed as revision 24953 to svn://svn.f...
Måns Rullgård
07:49 PM Revision 6f9ea29e (ffmpeg): configure: write config.fate file as early as possible
Originally committed as revision 24952 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:15 PM Revision 25432e85 (ffmpeg): configure: improve error message for missing yasm
Originally committed as revision 24951 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:29 PM Revision 9cca1e40 (ffmpeg): x86: Require yasm OR --disable-asm OR --disable-mmx OR --disable-yasm...
Originally committed as revision 24950 to svn:// Alex Converse
06:21 PM Revision e90aa6ed (ffmpeg): Revert "Disable MMX for i686 and pentiumpro"
To avoid being burned at the stake by an angry mob, I am forced to
revert this commit.
Originally committed as revis...
Måns Rullgård
02:33 PM Revision 4eca52ed (ffmpeg): Fix typos when converting inline asm to yasm, fixes MMX-only fate-ea-...
Originally committed as revision 24948 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
01:58 PM Revision d29d9ccc (ffmpeg): fate: print list of tests with "make fate-list"
Originally committed as revision 24947 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:46 PM Revision 0a6cf0af (ffmpeg): Disable MMX for i686 and pentiumpro
Originally committed as revision 24946 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:52 PM Revision bcafde61 (ffmpeg): configure: select warning suppression syntax based on armcc version
Release 4.1 changed the flag used to pass options through the gcc
translation layer. Detect which version is used, a...
Måns Rullgård
10:03 AM Revision 133cc989 (ffmpeg): Cosmetic changes.
Originally committed as revision 24944 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
10:03 AM Revision 2fdb2b54 (ffmpeg): Insert info from extradata into header
Originally committed as revision 24943 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
10:03 AM Revision 9e906bb1 (ffmpeg): Added option to write frames interleaved (yet disabled)
For this reason, a MuxerContext and write_trailer()-function was added,
to track the previous packet and flush the la...
Tobias Bindhammer
10:03 AM Revision 3156df45 (ffmpeg): Clarify code/avoid possible bugs by using precalculated values that a...
Originally committed as revision 24941 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
10:03 AM Revision 6cd94998 (ffmpeg): enable a flexible lifetime
Originally committed as revision 24940 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
10:02 AM Revision 99d8166d (ffmpeg): Setting proper values in extradata for future use in muxer
Originally committed as revision 24939 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
07:39 AM Revision e0ae6c17 (ffmpeg): Flush the PutBitsContext at the end of each block when encoding ADPCM...
Originally committed as revision 24938 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:41 AM Revision 798dc641 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after the addition of
avcodec_get_channel_layout() of r24936.
Originally committed as revision 24937 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
12:38 AM Revision 5da19b53 (ffmpeg): Implement avcodec_get_channel_layout().
Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram smeenaks:ucsd+edu.
Originally committed as revision 24936 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram


09:07 PM Revision f06d6c75 (ffmpeg): Make stub version of ff_sdp_write_media() match its prototype
Used when compiled without CONFIG_RTP_MUXER
Fallout from r24915
Originally committed as revision 24935 to svn://svn...
Andreas Öman
08:36 PM Revision 6697bc33 (ffmpeg): Revert r24931, it broke Win32 and some BSD compiles (yay fate).
Originally committed as revision 24934 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
08:14 PM Revision 3d1b1caa (ffmpeg): Remove duplicate definitions of fullpel MC functions
This removes duplicated definitions of 8x8 and 16x16 fullpel MC
functions with various names reducing dsputil.o by 8k...
Måns Rullgård
08:14 PM Revision 694c5a28 (ffmpeg): sp5x: remove broken code under #if 0
Originally committed as revision 24932 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
07:57 PM Revision 72f64240 (ffmpeg): Mark xmm6 and xmm7 as clobbered in ff_vp3_idct_sse2(), which is contr...
to the VP6 fate failures on Win64.
Originally committed as revision 24931 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
06:37 PM Revision 74c847e0 (ffmpeg): fate: build with --enable-gpl
Originally committed as revision 24930 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
05:32 PM Revision 186f1ec5 (ffmpeg): Add rtp_get_rtcp_file_handle function
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24929 to svn://
Josh Allmann
05:23 PM Revision 4574b815 (ffmpeg): VP3 fate test
Originally committed as revision 24928 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
04:05 PM Revision b8521394 (ffmpeg): Add changelog entry for MMSH support.
Originally committed as revision 24927 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
04:01 PM Revision 115d74b9 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Some more debug output and sanity checks.
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
03:41 PM Revision 69dad87c (ffmpeg): VP6: fix vp6_filter_diag4_mmx/sse on 64-bit
The stride can be negative and must be sign extended before being
used in pointer arithmetic.
Originally committed a...
Måns Rullgård
03:32 PM Revision 7934b15d (ffmpeg): Handle IPv6 in the RTSP code
Originally committed as revision 24925 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
03:32 PM Revision 3fbd12d1 (ffmpeg): Handle IPv6 in the SDP demuxer
Originally committed as revision 24924 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
03:22 PM Revision 7a232ee3 (streamers): topology-ALTO.c : do not add an unknown peer if neighborhood is al...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:45 PM Revision 94f8b2d7 (ffmpeg): ARM: update struct offsets
Originally committed as revision 24923 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:42 PM Revision 26d17ff2 (chunker-player): UL player
- renewed channels.conf that contains TN-TV1 and 3 plus a CT_Local_TV for local tests (to differentiate from Local_TV... GiuseppeTropea
02:39 PM Revision 0fc29f27 (ffmpeg): swscale: simplify selection of optimizations to compile.
Originally committed as revision 32013 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:38 PM Revision 8f028616 (ffmpeg): swscale: Always define COMPILE_xxx to either 0 or 1.
Originally committed as revision 32012 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:18 PM Revision aa041505 (chunker-player): * UL chunker_player
- instant_skips evaluation modified: there was an error in estimating the instant_skips queue member (we should not d... GiuseppeTropea
02:01 PM Revision 8612d586 (streamers): temporary commit to make statistics happen with HTTP I/O
this is only a temporary commit for the demo, should be cleaned later on!
git-svn-id: https://repository.napa-wine.e...
Csaba Kiraly
01:44 PM Revision 89fa3504 (ffmpeg): Move vp6_filter_diag4() x86 SIMD code from inline ASM to YASM. This s...
help in fixing the Win64 fate failures.
Originally committed as revision 24922 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
01:42 PM Revision 3a088514 (ffmpeg): Move vp6_filter_diag4() from DSPContext to VP56DSPContext.
Originally committed as revision 24921 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
01:42 PM Revision 2401660d (ffmpeg): rtsp: Return EOF if the TCP control channel is closed
Originally committed as revision 24920 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:31 PM Revision 5a8693ef (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 24919 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:30 PM Revision 7ad526d2 (ffmpeg): Simplify resolve_destination in sdp.c further, now that we don't enfo...
Originally committed as revision 24918 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:07 PM Revision eac72849 (chunker-player): UL player
- fixed memleak in EnqueueBlocks
12:51 PM Revision 1272ae7e (ffmpeg): 10l, add new function parameters to resolve_destination for !config_n...
Originally committed as revision 24917 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:36 PM Revision 856ff2d8 (streamers): small updates to the config file comments
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
12:34 PM Revision cc83027c (ffmpeg): Reindent, rewrap lines
Originally committed as revision 24916 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:29 PM Revision 7ad1dc54 (ffmpeg): Properly handle IPv6 addresses in the SDP generation
Originally committed as revision 24915 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
11:47 AM Revision d09c0a16 (ffmpeg): cleanup a bit in a64multi_encode_frame()
Originally committed as revision 24914 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:47 AM Revision 9f638104 (ffmpeg): added/extended some comments in a64multi_encode_frame()
Originally committed as revision 24913 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:18 AM Revision 97523fd3 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Small changes to try to improve HTTP stability.
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
09:15 AM Revision 7f3468d3 (ffmpeg): rtp: Replace hardcoded RTCP packet types with defines
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24912 to svn://
Josh Allmann
08:59 AM Revision b4dc1ea0 (chunker-player): * UL chunker_player
- bugfix in channel name redraw


08:48 PM Revision d21caa95 (ffmpeg): Renderware TeXture Dictionary FATE test
Originally committed as revision 24911 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
05:56 PM Revision 66ac25e2 (ffmpeg): configure: enable fast_cmov for 'atom'
Originally committed as revision 24910 to svn:// Janne Grunau
05:47 PM Revision c0ec9918 (ffmpeg): Remove global mm_flags variable
Originally committed as revision 24909 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:52 PM Revision 3611c45a (ffmpeg): Mark xmm registers as clobbered in simple loopfilter. Should fix the ...
two VP8-related fate failures on Win64.
Originally committed as revision 24908 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
04:52 PM Revision a7638957 (ffmpeg): configure: fix typo in test deps
Originally committed as revision 24907 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:10 PM Revision 4c399dc8 (ffmpeg): Fix undefined expressions that use multiple calls to get_bits().
Because the order of evaluation of subexpressions is undefined, two
get_bits() calls may not be part of the same expr...
Alex Converse
03:48 PM Revision 37b97061 (ffmpeg): Factorize opt_new_{audio,video,subtitle} definitions.
Originally committed as revision 24905 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:48 PM Revision dfd57757 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: rename out_video_filter to output_video_filter, for
consistency with input_video_filter.
Originally committed as revision 24904 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:48 PM Revision 4ddf0d29 (ffmpeg): Make configure_filters() return a meaningful error code rather than
always -1.
Originally committed as revision 24903 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:40 PM Revision b3c1652b (ffmpeg): msmpeg4v1: fix undefined behaviour in msmpeg4_decode_picture_header()
Because the order of evaluation of subexpressions is undefined, two
get_bits() calls may not be part of the same expr...
Måns Rullgård
03:21 PM Revision e2f402f1 (ffmpeg): added interlacing option and compression option for colorram (lut)
Originally committed as revision 24901 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
03:12 PM Revision eedca998 (ffmpeg): Implement ff_get_ref_perms_string() and use it for tracing.
Originally committed as revision 24900 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:08 PM Revision 668338c5 (ffmpeg): avformat: free decryption key in av_close_input_stream()
Originally committed as revision 24899 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:02 PM Revision bb07ab7c (ffmpeg): fixed some return values and deprecated CODEC_TYPE_VIDEO.
dithering (faster) along a linear gradient now.
Originally committed as revision 24898 to svn://
Tobias Bindhammer
01:42 PM Revision ac9c19da (ffmpeg): asfcrypt: fix unaligned accesses with armcc
Compilers may assume a pointer has natural alignment, even if it was
assigned from a pointer type with weaker alignme...
Måns Rullgård
12:08 PM Revision f603ec0c (grapes): Merge branch 'makefiles'
Luca Abeni
11:58 AM Revision 6ecbac4a (grapes): Merge branch 'fixes'
Luca Abeni
09:55 AM Revision 9adf384d (chunker-player): fixing chunk timestamp in chunker_streamer
chunk timestamp is absolute time in struct timeval format
Csaba Kiraly
09:30 AM Revision dae4a53f (chunker-player): UL player
- basic Quality evaluation module
- statistics now computed with sliding windows
- bugfixes in computation and displa...
09:23 AM Revision a000e0f1 (grapes): Merge branch 'topman'
Luca Abeni
09:11 AM Revision 3c631927 (grapes): Fix a valgring complaint
Luca Abeni
08:38 AM Revision 7f1af825 (ffmpeg): Add fifo filter.
Originally committed as revision 24896 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:37 AM Revision 5a9dd3de (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_start_frame() invoke avfilter_get_video_buffer() on the
link rather than avfilter_default_get_video_buffer().
This is required as the buffer requested may be greater than t...
Stefano Sabatini
12:46 AM Revision 3f1710e7 (ffmpeg): indent
Originally committed as revision 24894 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
12:31 AM Revision 2ad3c6ee (napa-baselibs): rep: add some error handling in make_post_request
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... Csaba Kiraly


09:22 PM Revision 66842fe8 (ffmpeg): swscale: fix unaligned accesses in (RGB|BGR)32_1 to YUV conversion
Originally committed as revision 32011 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:22 PM Revision 83761d5b (ffmpeg): swscale: remove unused macro parameter in BGR2UV template
Originally committed as revision 32010 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
09:12 PM Revision 91880e46 (ffmpeg): Add _XOPEN_SOURCE definition for usleep().
patch by Dave Yeo, daveryeo telus net
Originally committed as revision 24893 to svn://
Dave Yeo
08:00 PM Revision 62147469 (ffmpeg): acenc: LAME-inspired window decision
This performs quite a bit better than the current 3GPP-inspired window decision
on all the samples I have tested. On ...
Nathan Caldwell
07:35 PM Revision c36b2c01 (ffmpeg): Revert unintended changes to fft.h from r24890.
Originally committed as revision 24891 to svn:// Alex Converse
07:27 PM Revision af00ddde (ffmpeg): aacenc: Rename Psy3gpp* structs to AacPsy*
This allows cleaner implementation of other psymodels using the existing
structs. It also will make it easier to inte...
Nathan Caldwell
05:34 PM Revision 078ae66b (ffmpeg): fate: set LC_ALL=C to avoid locale interference
Originally committed as revision 24889 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:41 PM Revision 1ee39ebd (ffmpeg): BinkAudio FATE tests
Originally committed as revision 24888 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
03:51 PM Revision cb4f1246 (ffmpeg): imdct/x86: Use "s->mdct_size" instead of "1 << s->mdct_bits".
It generates smaller cleaner code.
Originally committed as revision 24887 to svn://
Alex Converse
03:38 PM Revision e955bf3b (ffmpeg): asfcrypt: fix unaligned read in ff_asfcrypt_dec()
Originally committed as revision 24886 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
03:31 PM Revision 573af754 (ffmpeg): Add missing parentheses to AV_NE macro.
Originally committed as revision 24885 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
03:24 PM Revision 1a9b74ea (chunker-player): UL player:
- testing is underway
03:23 PM Revision ad4c71f2 (napa-baselibs): fix some MONL uninitialized values
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... Csaba Kiraly
02:46 PM Revision c4ab519e (ffmpeg): Make "-fs ss" mean "make output file of size equals or less than ss"
instead of current "make output file of size less than ss".
Also use it to make MP3 tests more readable (using -fs x...
Vitor Sessak
01:23 PM Revision 7f50caa7 (ffmpeg): Adding of a64-codec: there were changes to be documented in changelog
Originally committed as revision 24883 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
01:19 PM Revision e4d2ab52 (ffmpeg): removed an unnecessary blank line
Originally committed as revision 24882 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
01:04 PM Revision db362720 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Added some more asserts for better error checking ...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
12:27 PM Revision 1c109780 (ffmpeg): fix fate breakage, 10l to me (too much copy and pasting)
Originally committed as revision 24881 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
12:17 PM Revision 680aefa2 (ffmpeg): MP3 float decoder FATE tests
Originally committed as revision 24880 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
11:53 AM Revision 952139a3 (ffmpeg): Do not use the server SSRC as client SSRC in the RTP demuxer
Originally committed as revision 24879 to svn:// Luca Abeni
11:52 AM Revision b7cf4e4f (ffmpeg): enabling codec and muxer by registering it in allcodec.c and allforma...
Originally committed as revision 24878 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:51 AM Revision 40c5ee99 (ffmpeg): added codec-ids for the a64 codec
Originally committed as revision 24877 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:48 AM Revision 8fb9e198 (ffmpeg): documentation added for the a64 codec
Originally committed as revision 24876 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:47 AM Revision 901694f1 (ffmpeg): Corresponding muxer for the a64 codec
Originally committed as revision 24875 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:46 AM Revision 07862680 (ffmpeg): Add FATE test for WMV8 DRM
Originally committed as revision 24874 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
11:46 AM Revision 7bf7833f (ffmpeg): Initial version of the a64 (multicolor charset) codec
Originally committed as revision 24873 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
04:45 AM Revision 620918e4 (ffmpeg): Add truemotion1 tests.
Originally committed as revision 24872 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
02:41 AM Revision 684d608b (ffmpeg): Fix segfaults in VP8 SIMD code on Win64 (and FATE/win64 failures).
Originally committed as revision 24871 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje


03:20 PM Revision b56a9c8e (ffmpeg): fate: remove unused variable in
Originally committed as revision 24870 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:39 PM Revision 78b5c97d (ffmpeg): Convert ff_imdct_half_sse() to yasm.
This is to avoid split asm sections that attempt to preserve some
registers between sections.
Originally committed a...
Alex Converse
02:24 PM Revision 715e9be2 (ffmpeg): fate: remove pointless fate/fate2 separation
Originally committed as revision 24868 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:03 PM Revision c60a2d70 (ffmpeg): mmsh depends on http
Originally committed as revision 24867 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
11:53 AM Revision 8226e977 (ffmpeg): fate: allow specifying relative path to config file in
Originally committed as revision 24866 to svn:// Måns Rullgård


08:57 PM Revision 3d6bd1c7 (ffmpeg): Add FATE test for ANSI/ASCII animation and TTY demuxer
Originally committed as revision 24865 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
07:50 PM Revision 2a86d4b9 (ffmpeg): The 24-bit ydt also should not depend on endianness,
since all of it ends up in a single 32-bit pixel.
This seems likely to be wrong though, since it is different
from th...
Reimar Döffinger
07:40 PM Revision 47af6239 (ffmpeg): Since the 24 bit format is decoded to endian-dependant
BGR32 and not BGR24, do not swap red and blue on big-endian
for this format as well.
Originally committed as revisio...
Reimar Döffinger
07:37 PM Revision 751c5093 (ffmpeg): Do not swap red and blue when decoding truemotion
on big-endian.
Originally committed as revision 24862 to svn://
Reimar Döffinger
07:04 PM Revision f5ea69b2 (ffmpeg): MMSH support, the most popular and widely used of all MMS variants. W...
Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com> as part of Google's Summer of Code program.
Originally committed as revision 24861 ...
Ronald S. Bultje
03:18 PM Revision c901f6ab (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: remove useless ().
Originally committed as revision 24860 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:18 PM Revision be7110cd (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: if( -> if (.
Originally committed as revision 24859 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:52 AM Revision a29b1700 (ffmpeg): Export the presentation video dimensions as avctx->width/avctx->height.
Originally committed as revision 24858 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
11:50 AM Revision bf23eaf6 (ffmpeg): Add myself as maintainer for the PGS subtitle decoder.
Originally committed as revision 24857 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger


11:16 PM Revision 99046339 (ffmpeg): Add null audio filter.
Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram -af smeenaks,ucsd,edu.
Originally committed as revision 24856 to svn://svn.f...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
11:16 PM Revision f59e9eaf (ffmpeg): Add AUDIO FILTERS section.
Originally committed as revision 24855 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:49 PM Revision 375fb9f1 (ffmpeg): dv: fix alignment of scratch buffer
Originally committed as revision 24854 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:28 PM Revision 8bdf1181 (ffmpeg): Fixed mpeg12 top field first flag value with field picture encoding.
The relevent extract of the iso 13818-2 about the value of the syntaxical
element top_field_first of the Picture Codi...
Laurent Aimar
04:55 PM Revision 26553088 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges for av_fill_image_max_pixstep() rename of r24851.
Originally committed as revision 24852 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:52 PM Revision e3443361 (ffmpeg): Rename av_fill_image_max_pixstep() to av_fill_image_max_pixsteps().
The plural form is preferred as it is more consistent with the other functions:
Stefano Sabatini
04:34 PM Revision d1a991f2 (ffmpeg): Add missing period in av_fill_image_max_pixstep() doxy.
Originally committed as revision 24850 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:16 PM Revision 014df3a2 (ffmpeg): Make ff_dprintf_ref() print audio related information if available.
Originally committed as revision 24849 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:16 PM Revision e29b451a (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: merge two lines in ff_dprintf_ref().
Originally committed as revision 24848 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:16 PM Revision 0055b2d1 (ffmpeg): Make ff_dprintf_ref() print the information related to the referenced
Originally committed as revision 24847 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:15 PM Revision b5fbb31e (ffmpeg): Rename ff_dprintf_picref() to ff_dprintf_ref().
The function is going to be used to represent also audio data.
Originally committed as revision 24846 to svn://svn.f...
Stefano Sabatini
02:41 PM Revision 801ab980 (ffmpeg): Extend ff_dprintf_picref() to make it print video interlaced and
top_field_first information.
Originally committed as revision 24845 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:41 PM Revision 382ecd35 (ffmpeg): Make ff_dprintf_picref() print video properties only if available.
Originally committed as revision 24844 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:41 PM Revision 28c52b1e (ffmpeg): Only print the pointer to the first plane in ff_dprintf_picref().
To display the other planes is usually not useful and add noise to the
Originally committed as revision 2484...
Stefano Sabatini
02:19 PM Revision 3fa3e4f4 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: add an empty newline between the function description and
the list of @params.
Improve consistency and possibly enhance readability.
Originally committed as revision 24842 t...
Stefano Sabatini
11:37 AM Revision 65c853f8 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Bugfixes and better error handling.
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
09:57 AM Revision eca395a2 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Fixed bug in HTTP receive. Added code that sets de...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
09:24 AM Revision 69cf2223 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Improved HTTP-POST handling, added XML trace when ...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
06:47 AM Revision aa8b089c (chunker-player): UL: remove check on metadata size
The UL does not need the metadata in the current version
Csaba Kiraly


11:48 PM Revision 53bc0dc2 (ffmpeg): fix anonymous memory mapping for NetBSD
mmap() with MAP_ANONYMOUS requires the file descriptor to be -1 in NetBSD.
Linux just ignores this parameter.
Patch ...
Grant Carver
09:28 PM Revision 364cacc7 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_URL_RESETBUF define to disable the deprecated url_resetbuf()
public function
Originally committed as revision 24841 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
09:21 PM Revision 838b27b4 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_REGISTER_PROTOCOL define to disable the deprecated
register_protocol() function
Originally committed as revision 24840 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
05:07 PM Revision b2125520 (ffmpeg): applehttp: define _XOPEN_SOURCE=600 as required for usleep()
Originally committed as revision 24839 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:51 PM Revision dd5f3238 (ffmpeg): imc: fix undefined float to int conversion
Conversion of an out of range float to int is undefined. Clipping to
the final range first avoids such problems. Th...
Måns Rullgård
04:51 PM Revision b42c483f (ffmpeg): fate-run: use 'run' function in 'ffmpeg' function
Originally committed as revision 24837 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:51 PM Revision 91de2c0a (ffmpeg): fate: add -v 0 to ffmpeg flags
Originally committed as revision 24836 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:49 PM Revision 404eba44 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_URL_CLASS define to enable usage of URLContext as a AVClass
Originally committed as revision 24835 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
03:13 PM Revision 6004cb2c (grapes): Remove commented line
Luca Abeni
03:08 PM Revision c5947928 (grapes): Automatically generate the list of object lists, and recompile if som...
Luca Abeni
02:54 PM Revision cd223e0b (ffmpeg): Add Apple HTTP Live Streaming demuxer
Originally committed as revision 24834 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:50 PM Revision e55ebcc3 (ffmpeg): Move the definition of the maximum url size for static buffers to int...
Originally committed as revision 24833 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:49 PM Revision f9c399c4 (ffmpeg): Make parse_key_value from httpauth a common lavf internal function
Originally committed as revision 24832 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:36 PM Revision 8d884020 (ffmpeg): swscale-test: add CRC output
Originally committed as revision 31982 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:32 PM Revision dc46661a (ffmpeg): Enable and change the log level to DEBUG for the message printed in
case of picref copy.
Originally committed as revision 24831 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:32 PM Revision ca857431 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: apply misc spacing style fixes.
Originally committed as revision 24830 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:21 PM Revision 38deeb45 (grapes): Better Makefile rework
Luca Abeni
12:52 AM Revision 5b69e75b (streamers): HTTP I/O: add some statistics (not yet complete)
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
12:34 AM Revision 7f80cdc0 (streamers): fix: chunk attribute was not set to null
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
12:17 AM Revision aefb4c43 (streamers): HTTP I/O: remove local attribs and add streaming attribs
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
12:16 AM Revision 5ba8c167 (chunker-player): chunker_player: remove dependence on chunk attributes
git-svn-id: c54fa... Csaba Kiraly
12:05 AM Revision 5873d237 (streamers): fixing ALTO query list size when target neighbourhood size is limited
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly


09:07 PM Revision 7fe82bd7 (ffmpeg): Fix braino: @flip -> @file.
Originally committed as revision 24829 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:07 PM Revision 33d2e7b3 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after the addition of av_fill_image_max_pixstep()
of r24827.
Originally committed as revision 24828 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:02 PM Revision a6ddf8bf (ffmpeg): Implement inline function av_fill_image_max_pixstep() and use it for
factorizing code.
Originally committed as revision 24827 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:37 PM Revision 25ae798c (ffmpeg): add a comment to clarify that FF_API_* defines are not part of public...
Originally committed as revision 24826 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:35 PM Revision b5910020 (chunker-player): fix pthread linking
git-svn-id: c54fa... Csaba Kiraly
08:34 PM Revision 54036be1 (ffmpeg): rename LAVF_API_* defines to FF_API_* to clarify that it is not publi...
Originally committed as revision 24825 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:37 PM Revision a42c29fe (ffmpeg): validate input data and linesizes
Originally committed as revision 31976 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
05:22 PM Revision 487fe1b5 (streamers): fix: add -lz to ALTO
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
04:29 PM Revision 18bbe9df (ffmpeg): Support unsynchronisation for id3v2 tags.
Patch by Alexander Kojevnikov, alexander kojevnikov com
Originally committed as revision 24824 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Alexander Kojevnikov
03:59 PM Revision ea5857ec (streamers): fix pthread handling in Makefile
there was a mixed use of -lpthread and -pthread, which is wrong
Csaba Kiraly
12:31 PM Revision 5a04fb17 (grapes): Try to fix parallel make
Luca Abeni
11:13 AM Revision 8b839ec7 (ffmpeg): Remove "CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL added" entry from the Changelog.
That's an API related change, no point to advertise it in the
Originally committed as revision 24822 to s...
Stefano Sabatini
10:57 AM Revision 1bf75aec (ffmpeg): Fix configure .pc files generation and make install when
--build-suffix is used.
Patch by Anatoly Nenashev ${surname}
Originally committed as revision 24821 to ...
Anatoly Nenashev
10:28 AM Revision a003594e (napa-baselibs): ALTO: added libxml2 lib path
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... Csaba Kiraly
10:00 AM Revision 4815b48c (streamers): fix linking with libxml2
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
09:39 AM Revision df4f1d51 (ffmpeg): Add AVC EOS tag to H264-encoded FLV files.
Patch by Thierry Foucu, tfoucu gmail
Originally committed as revision 24820 to svn://
Thierry Foucu
08:59 AM Revision b629e081 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient Makefile : fixing the path to libxml2
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... MarcoBiazzini
08:59 AM Revision 3d6747ad (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology-ALTO.c : remove older peers from peerset be...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
08:58 AM Revision 0f1c2120 (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology-ALTO.c : always add current peerset to news...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
08:58 AM Revision b2c34e56 (streamers): Offerstreamer/topology-ALTO.c : pick ALTO results only once per query
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
08:58 AM Revision be521750 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient : improved thread handling
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... MarcoBiazzini
08:58 AM Revision b27e5c1b (streamers): Offerstreamer/Makefile : mods to compile with ALTO if flag is defined
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
08:58 AM Revision 088c9e88 (streamers): OfferStreamer: introducing new files for ALTO
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
07:55 AM Revision c3f6c77b (ml): ML: decode ICMP error sender
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... CsabaKiraly
07:55 AM Revision b0be061a (napa-baselibs): ML: decode ICMP error sender
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... Csaba Kiraly


08:36 PM Revision 32a15a24 (ffmpeg): fate: store last version in per-slot file
This allows the same workdir to be used by multiple slots.
Originally committed as revision 24819 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Måns Rullgård
08:23 PM Revision dd872bf4 (ffmpeg): add LAVF_API_OLD_METADATA define to disable the deprecated metadata API
Originally committed as revision 24818 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:58 PM Revision 7bdb74f9 (chunker-player): build_ul: more conservative parallelism for make
git-svn-id: c54fa... Csaba Kiraly
07:53 PM Revision 4c6cd5d3 (streamers): removing half-dynamic-half-static linking
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
07:30 PM Revision 072e3efd (ffmpeg): add LAVF_API_MAX_STREAMS define to disable the deprecated MAX_STREAMS...
Originally committed as revision 24817 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:48 PM Revision 6a36facc (ffmpeg): Fix out-of-tree build
Originally committed as revision 24816 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:27 PM Revision 7f38d28c (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after the addition of AV_NE in r24814.
Originally committed as revision 24815 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:25 PM Revision 4f2d2e4e (ffmpeg): Define macro AV_NE() and use it in libavdevice.
Help further refactoring.
Originally committed as revision 24814 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:13 PM Revision 3f52a907 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after libavfilter audio framework addition of
Originally committed as revision 24813 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:08 PM Revision 371cbff8 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: apply misc style fixes.
Originally committed as revision 24812 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:08 PM Revision ad2c9501 (ffmpeg): Implement libavfilter audio framework.
Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram * smeenaks * ucsd * edu *.
Originally committed as revision 24811 to svn://s...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
06:07 PM Revision a8542e43 (ffmpeg): Set the correct type for the output links.
Originally committed as revision 24810 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:12 PM Revision 65d4cab5 (ffmpeg): Add missing checks in avfilter_default_get_video_buffer().
Originally committed as revision 24809 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:12 PM Revision 4f9ce3c4 (ffmpeg): Add missing NULL checks in avfilter_ref_buffer().
Originally committed as revision 24808 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:02 PM Revision 6fa5a91b (ffmpeg): Remove dep/depend targets and related variables.
We no longer create dependency files directly, so the rules are now pointless.
Originally committed as revision 2480...
Diego Biurrun
02:59 PM Revision a1e171df (ffmpeg): Add hflip filter.
Originally committed as revision 24806 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:58 PM Revision 3123823c (ffmpeg): Skip adding SDL_CFLAGS to CFLAGS for the ffplay.d target.
We no longer create .d files directly, so the rule is pointless.
Originally committed as revision 24805 to svn://svn...
Diego Biurrun
02:25 PM Revision e110e968 (ffmpeg): matroskadec: minor simplification
patch from reimar
Originally committed as revision 24804 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
02:05 PM Revision 4f90688b (ffmpeg): matroskadec: fix integer overflow
patch from reimar
Originally committed as revision 24803 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
12:55 PM Revision 0cbefdcc (napa-baselibs): MONL: removed sum_var_samples which was not used anymore
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
09:44 AM Revision 821cc939 (streamers): less frequent tman logging
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
09:42 AM Revision 0711317b (streamers): control tman logging period with a define
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
08:13 AM Revision aa78a6d6 (ffmpeg): Mention lowres if SDL can't provide the needed resolution.
Originally committed as revision 24802 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
07:47 AM Revision cb036f90 (ffmpeg): Fix SDL crash on specific hardware.
Patch by Mike Scheutzow, mjs973 optonline net
Originally committed as revision 24801 to svn://
Mike Scheutzow
07:46 AM Revision f7b8c814 (ffmpeg): Move do_exit() up for upcoming patch.
Patch by Mike Scheutzow, mjs973 optonline net
Originally committed as revision 24800 to svn://
Mike Scheutzow


10:51 PM Revision 20deb49b (streamers): turning off tman temporarily
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
10:47 PM Revision 193622ac (streamers): add net_helper configuration option (-n)
Csaba Kiraly
10:47 PM Revision 8977e724 (streamers): minor: remove some commented lines and fix usage description
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
08:34 PM Revision ead7ef82 (ffmpeg): fft-test: format error output more readably
Originally committed as revision 24799 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
03:56 PM Revision a43234ea (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology.c : stetting a max peerset size to 20
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
03:56 PM Revision 01a25012 (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology.c : more newscast iterations before tman bo...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
03:56 PM Revision 2323102b (streamers): OfferStreamer/loop.c : dispatching the tman msg_type correctly
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
03:56 PM Revision de23a1a9 (napa-baselibs): fix the ml_keepalive msg type, that was overlapping with the t...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... MarcoBiazzini
02:23 PM Revision 51291e60 (ffmpeg): Add RTP depacketization of VP8
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24798 to svn://
Josh Allmann
02:21 PM Revision 7b18d94c (ffmpeg): Add RTP packetization of VP8
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24797 to svn://
Josh Allmann


04:56 PM Revision 09e7891d (chunker-player): assign default values in build_ul
git-svn-id: c54fa... Csaba Kiraly
04:56 PM Revision c0014e78 (streamers): fixed makefile: httpevent I/O module requires dclog
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
12:37 PM Revision 45c3eb04 (streamers): improved warning output for chunk attributes
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly


08:34 PM Revision 63638a3c (ffmpeg): Print error messages in case of connection failure or name resolution...
in tcp.c.
Originally committed as revision 24796 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje


08:06 PM Revision afbc4d2d (ffmpeg): Prevent overflow on random input.
Originally committed as revision 24795 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
05:30 PM Revision 67197656 (ffmpeg): Remove use of MAX_STREAMS in MMSContext->streams[] array. Instead, dy...
allocate the array.
Originally committed as revision 24794 to svn://
Ronald S. Bultje
05:08 PM Revision c46000c1 (ffmpeg): Set fixed chunksize for ASF header in MMS streams, as per MSDN docume...
This fixes playback of at least one MMST stream.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as...
Zhentan Feng
05:02 PM Revision 99ab8ff0 (ffmpeg): Fix wrong command prefix for timing test in MMST protocol.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 24792 to svn://
Zhentan Feng
02:09 PM Revision f0b37018 (streamers): updating loop-mt with tman msg type
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:09 PM Revision a2a76ebd (streamers): topology.c : local support nodeID** var becomes static for conveni...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:09 PM Revision 33d23b91 (streamers): topology : binding topology-related msg_types from within topology...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:09 PM Revision 7e39164f (streamers): Offerstreamer/topology : mods to integrate tman
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:09 PM Revision f088e50e (streamers): streamer.c : mods to call the new topology interface
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... MarcoBiazzini
02:02 AM Revision 2b476e02 (ffmpeg): Remove some stray +s in VP8
Originally committed as revision 24791 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser


09:07 PM Revision 1ddc176e (ffmpeg): Add RTP depacketization of MP4A-LATM
Originally committed as revision 24790 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
06:20 PM Revision f607cc18 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: put "{" on the same line of the "struct" keyword in struct
More consistent with the rest of FFmpeg.
Originally committed as revision 24789 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Stefano Sabatini
03:09 PM Revision d1a04371 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after the addition of av_get_image_linesize() of
Originally committed as revision 24788 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:06 PM Revision 81c1ecab (ffmpeg): Deprecate ff_get_plane_bytewidth() in favor of
Originally committed as revision 24787 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:05 PM Revision 7906e2b9 (ffmpeg): Implement av_get_image_linesize() and use it in
The new implementation is more generic, more compact and more correct.
Originally committ...
Stefano Sabatini
01:39 PM Revision 27014bf5 (ffmpeg): Send OPTIONS request at a regular basis to standard RTSP servers as w...
this prevents a time-out which closes the TCP connection and kills our
see "Re: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] rtsp...
Ronald S. Bultje
06:48 AM Revision aa0c558d (napa-baselibs): MONL: During publishing peer B is now empty if no dst peer has...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
02:01 AM Revision d68776d5 (ffmpeg): Add another missing file from r24799.
Originally committed as revision 24784 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
01:11 AM Revision 05c04cdf (ffmpeg): VP5/6/8: ~7% faster arithmetic decoding
Grab from the bitstream in 16-bit chunks instead of 8-bit chunks.
TODO: grab in 32-bit chunks on 64-bit systems.
Jason Garrett-Glaser
12:35 AM Revision d2064fd4 (ffmpeg): Fix segv when stream copy and validate_tag fails, st->codec->codec is...
Originally committed as revision 24782 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
12:33 AM Revision e4cc9f20 (ffmpeg): 100L, fix vf_scale, since copy_ref_props now copy w and h, we must up...
Originally committed as revision 24781 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier


11:45 PM Revision 6ef14e57 (ffmpeg): Add missing mms.c from r24779.
Originally committed as revision 24780 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
10:50 PM Revision fcd11c61 (ffmpeg): Move functions and structs shared between MMSH and MMST into their ow...
mms.c. Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 24779 to svn://
Zhentan Feng
10:43 PM Revision edce9353 (ffmpeg): Extract fields that are to be shared between MMST/MMSH into a common ...
MMSContext. The other MMST-specific members go into MMSTContext.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Zhentan Feng
10:27 PM Revision a46cd6e1 (ffmpeg): Use FFALIGN() in mmst.c where appropriate. Noticed by Benoit Fouet.
Originally committed as revision 24777 to svn:// Ronald S. Bultje
04:22 PM Revision a4fb0ada (ffmpeg): Apply misc cosmetics: add empty newlines for separating function
declarations and fix weird indent.
Originally committed as revision 24776 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:38 PM Revision 382ac60e (ffmpeg): Set type on buffer in get_video_buffer().
Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram reverse("skaneems") + "".
Originally committed as revision 24775 to...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
03:29 PM Revision 5bf840c4 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry for the AVFilterBufferRef changes in r24773.
Originally committed as revision 24774 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
03:25 PM Revision c1db7bff (ffmpeg): Resize data and linesize in AVFilterBufferRef to 8.
This is required to make AVFilterBufferRef able to contain also audio
data, required by audio filtering integration.
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
02:49 PM Revision e1f4dd6d (ffmpeg): Extend and clarify documentation for -ac ffmpeg option.
Fix roundup issue #2061.
Originally committed as revision 24772 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:38 PM Revision 983ec304 (ffmpeg): Add documentation for the pm parameter of the av_metadata_set*
Originally committed as revision 24771 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:38 PM Revision 32e6f246 (ffmpeg): Fix reference to a wrong parameter name in the metadata API functions
Originally committed as revision 24770 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
02:22 PM Revision c6a34954 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after av_picture_data_copy() addition.
Originally committed as revision 24769 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:18 PM Revision 9f08d803 (ffmpeg): Add av_picture_data_copy() and reimplement av_picture_copy() as a
wrapper of it.
The new function is more generic, and does not depend on the
definition of the AVPicture struct.
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
11:49 AM Revision 4bf2d6e8 (ffmpeg): Fix typo.
Originally committed as revision 24767 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:49 AM Revision c7c7feaa (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after avfilter_open() change in r24765.
Originally committed as revision 24766 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:44 AM Revision 84c03869 (ffmpeg): Change avfilter_open() signature, from:
AVFilterContext *avfilter_open(AVFilter *filter, const char *inst_name);
int avfilter_open(AVFilterContext **filt...
Stefano Sabatini
11:10 AM Revision ad0d70c9 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after AVFilterBufferRef changes in r24763.
Originally committed as revision 24764 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:06 AM Revision cc80caff (ffmpeg): Separate video specific BufferRef properties into VideoProps.
Define a new struct AVFilterBufferRefVideoProps and add a type field
to AVFilterBufferRef.
Video specific properties...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
09:13 AM Revision fd7b11d0 (ffmpeg): Nit: fix weird spacing.
Originally committed as revision 24762 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:13 AM Revision 26cc5310 (ffmpeg): Add empty newlines between function descriptions and @params, improve
Originally committed as revision 24761 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
08:27 AM Revision aa93c52c (ffmpeg): remove b4_stride/mb_stride.
correct mb_xy to use mb_width.
tighten allocations.
reduce the amount of zeroing.
Originally committed as revision 2...
Pascal Massimino
07:34 AM Revision b4f81b74 (ffmpeg): Add a mapping for the V4L2_PIX_FMT_NV12 format to PIX_FMT_NV12 for
video4linux2 devices. This is used by Sensoray Model 2253 cards.
Patch by Pete Eberlein (pete AT sensoray DOT com)
Pete Eberlein
05:24 AM Revision ccf13f9e (ffmpeg): fix over-allocation. confused b4_stride with mb_width.
Originally committed as revision 24758 to svn:// Pascal Massimino


05:27 PM Revision ec973f45 (ffmpeg): Fix mem leak when trying to open a non-existing image file (issue 2126).
Patch by Przemysław Sobala, psobala wp-sa pl
Originally committed as revision 24757 to svn://
Przemysław Sobala
04:49 PM Revision 21afed5e (ffmpeg): 2 lines spacing between versions in Changelog should be enough for re...
and may avoid some confusion for patch submitters
Originally committed as revision 24756 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
04:36 PM Revision 3c0eec06 (ffmpeg): get rid of MAX_STREAMS limit in nutdec
Originally committed as revision 24755 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:47 AM Revision 38617dba (chunker-player): UL streamer
- aligned H264 and mpeg4 codecs quality defaults to new values, which have changed with new ffmpeg versions
- changed...
11:43 AM Revision 7e4b3a0c (chunker-player): UL player
- fixed bug in calculating queue density
- queue density display as percentage (added percentge symbol)
- aligned x26...
11:37 AM Revision af0d4607 (chunker-player): UL player
- fixed bug with includes and defines avoiding the switch to H264, due to code restructuring
git-svn-id: https://re...
08:37 AM Revision f53b9a29 (ffmpeg): rtpenc_xiph: Clarify that num_frames shouldn't ever get larger than m...
Originally committed as revision 24754 to svn:// Martin Storsjö


11:21 PM Revision 6b2b3376 (ffmpeg): get rid of MAX_STREAMS limit in mpegts
Originally committed as revision 24753 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
11:00 PM Revision be73ba2f (ffmpeg): get rid of MAX_STREAMS limit in RTSP
Originally committed as revision 24752 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
10:58 PM Revision dfdb353c (ffmpeg): get rid of MAX_STREAMS limit in RDT
Originally committed as revision 24751 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
01:54 PM Revision af0a61cc (ffmpeg): Fix buffer overrun if idx is negative (it can be down to -23>>4), by ...
two padding zeroes before it. Should fix fate failures on openBSD and crashes
on MacOSX (that I cannot reproduce).
Ronald S. Bultje
10:31 AM Revision b5c4bb98 (ffmpeg): rtpenc_xiph: Set the ident value via a define
Originally committed as revision 24749 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:23 AM Revision 62c7e2c3 (ffmpeg): rtpenc_xiph: Don't needlessly cast pointers to integers
Originally committed as revision 24748 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:05 AM Revision 311baee7 (ffmpeg): Make hex_to_data a lavf internal function
This is useful for other future RTP depacketizers
Originally committed as revision 24747 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
09:27 AM Revision aed4b2b6 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Fixed the assert bug when doing pthread_create
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
08:14 AM Revision f240ed18 (ffmpeg): http: Return EOF at the end of the content even if the connection isn...
We do request Connection: close, but some servers ignore it.
Originally committed as revision 24746 to svn://svn.ffm...
Martin Storsjö
07:17 AM Revision 46a76dec (ffmpeg): Fix handling of truncated files. Should fix random FATE breakages.
Originally committed as revision 24745 to svn:// Vitor Sessak


06:18 PM Revision a4fc3bd5 (ffmpeg): indent
Originally committed as revision 31949 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
06:14 PM Revision 06c93cb7 (ffmpeg): swscale-test: get strides using av_fill_image_linesizes() from libavcore
Originally committed as revision 31948 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
08:51 AM Revision 7d07d6f5 (ffmpeg): Only check for for libvpx decoder/encoder if libvpx is enabled.
Originally committed as revision 24744 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
02:43 AM Revision f9c8cc4d (ffmpeg): fix configure when --enable-libvpx is not specified
Originally committed as revision 24743 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
12:06 AM Revision 762e2601 (ffmpeg): Split libvpx check into decoder and encoder check.
This allows using a libvpx that has been configured as decoder/encoder only.
patch by Frank Barchard, fbarchard googl...
Frank Barchard


11:10 PM Revision 4a384de5 (ffmpeg): Split h264dsp and h264pred in configure.
Many H.264 derivatives, like RV40 and VP8, use the H.264 prediction functions
but not the weight/loopfilter functions...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
09:30 PM Revision 73c44cb2 (ffmpeg): oggparsevorbis: Add some sanity checks to header packet ordering/pres...
Originally committed as revision 24740 to svn:// Alex Converse
09:06 PM Revision 2d7b5f09 (ffmpeg): Apply misc docs fixes spotted by Diego.
Originally committed as revision 24739 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:06 PM Revision 52c55330 (ffmpeg): Fix VfW spelling.
Originally committed as revision 24738 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:11 PM Revision 2901cc9a (ffmpeg): Fix spelling in comment(s)
Originally committed as revision 24737 to svn:// Reinhard Tartler
12:30 PM Revision b70c95e0 (ffmpeg): H.264: 8% faster CAVLC zero-run decoding
Originally committed as revision 24736 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
11:16 AM Revision 91af5601 (ffmpeg): Add RTP packetization of Theora and Vorbis
Patch by Josh Allmann, joshua dot allmann at gmail
Originally committed as revision 24735 to svn://
Josh Allmann
01:36 AM Revision a63dbf39 (ffmpeg): Fix the compilation of some libavcodec/lib* files which were not
including libavcore/imgutils.h, which was required since the recent
avcodec_check_dimensions() -> av_check_image_size...
Stefano Sabatini
01:24 AM Revision 711d14cf (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entries after the last recent libavfilter renames.
Originally committed as revision 24733 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:15 AM Revision 5d4890d7 (ffmpeg): Rename fields:
AVFilterLink.srcpic -> AVFilterLink.src_buf
AVFilterLink.cur_pic -> AVFilterLink.cur_buf
AVFilterLink.outpic ...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
01:15 AM Revision 7fce481a (ffmpeg): Rename functions and fields:
avfilter_(un)ref_pic -> avfilter_(un)ref_buffer
avfilter_copy_picref_props -> avfilter_copy_buffer_ref_props
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
01:15 AM Revision ecc8dada (ffmpeg): Rename AVFilterPicRef to AVFilterBufferRef.
The struct is going to be used for storing audio buffer references as
well, and the new name is more generic.
Patch ...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
12:19 AM Revision e11b104a (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after r24728.
Originally committed as revision 24729 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:02 AM Revision d54e0948 (ffmpeg): Move format from AVFilterBuffer to AVFilterPicRef.
Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram |smeenaks|ucsd|edu|.
Originally committed as revision 24728 to svn://svn.ffm...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram
12:02 AM Revision 59ff3fd5 (ffmpeg): Fix the size of the data to be copied from an AVFilterBuffer to an
AVFilterBuffereRef in avfilter_default_get_video_buffer().
The error was being caused by the previous patch which re...
S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram


11:15 PM Revision 209e451a (ffmpeg): Apply misc fixes spotted by Diego to protocols.texi.
Originally committed as revision 24726 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:15 PM Revision 63f805fc (ffmpeg): Remove audio_beos entries in indevs.texi and output.devs, BeOS audio
support has been dropped.
Originally committed as revision 24725 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:15 PM Revision 2f6bc4e7 (ffmpeg): Apply misc fixes spotted by Diego to indevs.texi and outdevs.texi.
Originally committed as revision 24724 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:15 PM Revision c32ccf7c (ffmpeg): Rename the chapter Devices -> Input Devices, as the file is about
input devices.
Originally committed as revision 24723 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:25 PM Revision 56e0d112 (ffmpeg): showfiltfmts: destroy filter context before exit
Originally committed as revision 24722 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision c61f84bf (ffmpeg): showfiltfmts: set media type of links to that of corresponding pad
Originally committed as revision 24721 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision 5a6fbf4c (ffmpeg): avfilter: indent
Originally committed as revision 24720 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision 0bb7408e (ffmpeg): avfilter: do not crash on null link src/dst in avfilter_destroy()
Originally committed as revision 24719 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:25 PM Revision f3b90d25 (ffmpeg): avfilter: free link in/out_formats in avfilter_destroy()
Originally committed as revision 24718 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:57 PM Revision 18b95d85 (ffmpeg): libvpxdec: Fix "error: implicit declaration of function ‘av_check_ima...
av_check_image_size() is declared in libavcore/imgutils.h.
Originally committed as revision 24717 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Alex Converse
06:36 PM Revision 12a14c43 (streamers): fix multi-threaded version: send offers instead of just pushing
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
04:10 PM Revision 51aaf511 (ffmpeg): vorbis_dec: Change partition_class[] to uint8_t.
When sizeof(uint_fast8_t) >= sizeof(int) there are unintended size effects.
Originally committed as revision 24716 t...
Alex Converse
11:37 AM Revision 139ffdc6 (napa-baselibs): Updated ALTOClient.h to latest version.
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
10:29 AM Revision 3447f12d (ffmpeg): Add a CONFIG_ variable for generic Huffman routines.
Originally committed as revision 24715 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
10:26 AM Revision d93fdcbf (ffmpeg): Preserve status reason
It is used to provide meaningful error messages.
Originally committed as revision 24714 to svn://
Luca Barbato
10:01 AM Revision 06a2ba23 (ffmpeg): Extend the gas-preprocessor section with basic installation instructi...
Originally committed as revision 24713 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:42 AM Revision 71cb41db (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry for the av_check_image_size() addition.
Originally committed as revision 24712 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:37 AM Revision 6ce9b431 (ffmpeg): Remove use of the deprecated function avcodec_check_dimensions(), use
av_check_image_size() instead.
Originally committed as revision 24711 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:36 AM Revision 899a507f (ffmpeg): Clarify av_check_image_size() log message.
Originally committed as revision 24710 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:36 AM Revision bf176f58 (ffmpeg): Deprecate avcodec_check_dimensions() in favor of the new function
av_check_image_size() declared in libavcore/imgutils.h.
Originally committed as revision 24709 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Stefano Sabatini
09:19 AM Revision b58aa798 (napa-baselibs): ALTOclient: Initial version of multi-threaded code.
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArminJahanpanah
07:09 AM Revision 85fbad45 (ffmpeg): fft-test: free buffers before exiting
Originally committed as revision 24708 to svn:// Måns Rullgård


08:03 PM Revision 7e13022a (ffmpeg): VP8: fix bug in prefetch
Motion vectors in VP8 are qpel, not fullpel.
Originally committed as revision 24707 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:45 PM Revision fa2d5d54 (ffmpeg): ARM: NEON H264 8x8 IDCT
Parts by David Conrad.
Originally committed as revision 24706 to svn://
Måns Rullgård
04:54 PM Revision 23ba30a4 (ffmpeg): configure: remove redundant extralibs settings
Originally committed as revision 24705 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
03:11 PM Revision 7c2ac59e (streamers): adding cb_size=0 to signal seeder
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:11 PM Revision 652c8557 (streamers): fixing message types in measures-monl
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:11 PM Revision b31bd3a2 (streamers): fix chunkID_set parameters in cb_to_bmap
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:11 PM Revision fdac07e1 (streamers): pass on chunk buffer size information from buffer map messages
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision b44ae8d2 (streamers): Revert "removing cb_size from buffermap messages"
This reverts commit 2d71da21f8ccb062ed4529ea58fb074ec0b35790.
Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision 4ea45ce0 (streamers): allow empty config string for udp output
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision 4c9e6c8b (streamers): handle more packets in a chunk
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision a3530a00 (streamers): add packet size to UDP based chunk format
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision f199c29e (streamers): fix udp output config string parsing
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision 005f0087 (streamers): set back ffmpeg output format to "nut"
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision b5da4b64 (streamers): separate publishing interval for peer level and for p2p measurements
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... Csaba Kiraly
03:10 PM Revision cfce8622 (streamers): configuring the ffmpeg output module
not finished!
Csaba Kiraly
01:18 PM Revision 4344fb25 (chunker-player): UL build process
- README file now included in distribution tarball
01:16 PM Revision 63b6bd17 (chunker-player): UL player
- added README file with instructions
01:11 PM Revision 730c29f4 (chunker-player): UL player
- cleanup of debug messages
12:36 PM Revision f5887924 (chunker-player): UL build process
- build script now check for executables being created and packages neatly the player binary into a tarball
10:36 AM Revision 5ca3d85e (chunker-player): UL chunker player
* bugfix in silent mode.
10:16 AM Revision 85775bd6 (chunker-player): UL chunker player
- channels configuration for 2 sources in TO and TN + 1 local source
10:10 AM Revision 19b05fc0 (chunker-player): UL chunker player
* added a command line parameter in order to select the first channel to tune in by channel name;
* removed the "-C c...
09:58 AM Revision df2ad829 (chunker-player): UL chunker streamer
- deactivated much of the debug messages
- close and reopen source in case of severe corruption of incoming frames' t...
09:34 AM Revision 6cd14f65 (chunker-player): UL build process
- some more robust checks in
04:42 AM Revision 504de2ec (ffmpeg): rtpdec_xiph: Split packets in the depacketizer
The vorbis decoder doesn't handle more than one audio frame packed into
the same AVPacket, so they need to be split i...
Martin Storsjö
12:49 AM Revision 98fe09df (ffmpeg): Add file missing in r24702
Originally committed as revision 24703 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
12:13 AM Revision c12d6955 (ffmpeg): H.264: SSE2/SSSE3 weighted prediction asm
Patch by Eli Friedman <eli.friedman at gmail dot com>
Originally committed as revision 24702 to svn://
Eli Friedman


11:04 PM Revision 905ef0d0 (ffmpeg): VP5/6/8: eliminate CABAC dependency
Create a custom table for VP5/6/8's renorm to avoid depending on H.264's.
Saves one instruction in the arithmetic dec...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
10:34 PM Revision aaa91aa0 (ffmpeg): Move read_mms_packet() code to be inlined in the calling function.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 24700 to svn://
Zhentan Feng
10:33 PM Revision 05fc9a1b (ffmpeg): Remove is_playing variable.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 24699 to svn://
Zhentan Feng
10:32 PM Revision b949875b (ffmpeg): Move send_media_packet_request() and clear_stream_buffers() up.
Patch by Zhentan Feng <spyfeng gmail com>.
Originally committed as revision 24698 to svn://
Zhentan Feng
09:39 PM Revision 159ff6bc (chunker-player): UL http event module
- removed debug message
09:36 PM Revision fbfb34fe (chunker-player): UL build process
- build script now allows to specify which offerstreamer to produce via the usual command line flags MONL IO THREADS
09:21 PM Revision afe4df97 (napa-baselibs): UL cleanup
- removed trailing traces of "ul" folder
09:16 PM Revision 557a58c6 (napa-baselibs): UL cleanup
- removed ul reference from
09:06 PM Revision f2766870 (napa-baselibs): UL components
- removed old ExternalBroadcaster
09:00 PM Revision 445bc053 (napa-baselibs): UL components
- removed "ul" folder from main NAPA-LIBS, mainly things moved to Applications/StreamerPlayerChunker/event_http
08:56 PM Revision 59c85ad1 (chunker-player): UL http communication with offerstreamer
- deployed a libevent-based version (no threads)
08:47 PM Revision 5805c339 (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- introduced two variants of http server: EVENT based and MHD libmicrohttpd (threads) based
- consequently modified a...
08:43 PM Revision 1ce8a1ab (chunker-player): UL build process
- removed a svn flag in fetching microhttpd, because not all svn versions accept it
- introduced the http MHD and EVE...
08:40 PM Revision 16d70adf (chunker-player): UL chunk transcoding
- just added a prototype to suppress some warnings, and a comment
08:37 PM Revision f8b1c4af (chunker-player): UL chunker_streamer
- better separated the includes, in order for curl module to be more independent
git-svn-id: https://repository.nap...
06:47 PM Revision 4c3fbd4f (ffmpeg): fate: move some groups of related tests to their own files
This moves some groups of tests for single codecs to separate files,
and adds shorthands for running all tests in a g...
Måns Rullgård
05:22 PM Revision 737b3972 (ffmpeg): rtpdec_xiph: Correct the bitmask for num_pkts
Originally committed as revision 24696 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
04:23 PM Revision 920851bb (chunker-player): UL build process
- more sophisticated checks in buil_ul script
- libbz2 and libz are downloaded and built locally if their devel files...
02:58 PM Revision f742c12b (chunker-player): UL chunker player
* minor changes in comments
02:52 PM Revision 3aafafc7 (chunker-player): UL chunker player
* segmentation fault bugfix in the RedrawStats() function (player_gui.c) ---- TO BE TESTED
git-svn-id: https://rep...
11:29 AM Revision a22455b3 (chunker-player): UL chunker player
* minor bugfixes and graphics enhancements
06:57 AM Revision 49d63851 (ffmpeg): fate: add fft tests
Originally committed as revision 24695 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:56 AM Revision dff1fc51 (ffmpeg): fate-run: add helper to run things on target
Originally committed as revision 24694 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
06:56 AM Revision a79e921e (ffmpeg): fft-test: exit with non-zero status if test failed
Originally committed as revision 24693 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
05:20 AM Revision 8d370d88 (ffmpeg): Fix VP8 decoder dependencies
This reverts rev 24674 - the VP8 decoder actually depends on cabac.o.
vp8.c includes vp56.h, which includes cabac.h, ...
Martin Storsjö
02:23 AM Revision 1e739679 (ffmpeg): VP8: partially inline decode_block_coeffs
Avoids a function call in the case of empty DCT blocks (most of the time).
Originally committed as revision 24691 to...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
01:40 AM Revision ffbf0794 (ffmpeg): Fix 100L in r24689
Accidentally committed some timing code.
Originally committed as revision 24690 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
01:38 AM Revision afb54a85 (ffmpeg): VP8: simplify decode_block_coeffs to avoid having to track nonzero co...
Slightly faster.
Originally committed as revision 24689 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
12:08 AM Revision d0c38ea0 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: add missing space to options.c
Originally committed as revision 24688 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser


11:21 PM Revision b0d58795 (ffmpeg): VP8: slightly faster DCT coefficient probability update
Originally committed as revision 24687 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
10:29 PM Revision 2eef5291 (ffmpeg): ARM: update struct offsets
Originally committed as revision 24686 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
08:59 PM Revision f079a64a (ffmpeg): Move cavs dsp functions to their own struct
Originally committed as revision 24685 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
02:54 PM Revision 333348bb (chunker-player): chunker_player
- introduced check of indefinitely growing frames queue and consequent reset
- eliminated useless parameter from Queu...
02:52 PM Revision a179f631 (chunker-player): chunker_player
- gui reverted to previous stable version due to buggy solution
02:51 PM Revision 651a036e (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- proper initialization via static macro of chunkbuffer mutex
- code changed to adhere to latest topology update_peer...
02:49 PM Revision b8d7817f (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- sorted out very nasty bug due to locking a mutex in the loop() function, which was crazy since the loop()
function ...
02:42 PM Revision 6d0c8116 (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- made available the 'multiply' variable to input-http in case of HTTPIO
- reverted back 'port' variable to static si...
11:35 AM Revision 61ee75bb (ffmpeg): Silence unused function warnings in vp56.h
Originally committed as revision 24684 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
11:34 AM Revision 476be414 (ffmpeg): VP8: make another RAC call branchy
1-2 clocks faster.
Originally committed as revision 24683 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
11:21 AM Revision 8b9b5e08 (ffmpeg): VP5/6/8: add one inline missed in r24677
Originally committed as revision 24682 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
11:10 AM Revision 0908f1b9 (ffmpeg): VP8: unroll partition type decoding tree
~34% faster partition type decoding.
Originally committed as revision 24681 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
10:37 AM Revision c5dec7f1 (ffmpeg): VP8: unroll splitmv decoding tree
Much faster splitmv mode decoding.
Originally committed as revision 24680 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
10:24 AM Revision 23117d69 (ffmpeg): VP8: unroll MB mode decoding tree
~50% faster MB mode decoding, plus eliminate a costly switch.
Originally committed as revision 24679 to svn://svn.ff...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
09:02 AM Revision be665c7d (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_copy_picref_props() copy w and h from src to dst.
Originally committed as revision 24678 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:01 AM Revision 0a98e1ad (streamers): APP: Updated offerstreamer to the new monl interface
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... RobertBirke
08:44 AM Revision ffd1cf3f (napa-baselibs): Added ignore property to kdev files
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
08:06 AM Revision cd2769c1 (ffmpeg): VP5/6/8: tweak some arithcoder inlining
Always inline the arithmetic coder, except in the case of header-parsing stuff,
in which case don't inline it at all ...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
12:27 AM Revision 55aa55f2 (ffmpeg): vorbisdec: Return AVERROR(ENOMEM) on malloc() failure.
This is especially important because classifs can be very large.
Originally committed as revision 24676 to svn://svn...
Alex Converse
12:25 AM Revision 366d9190 (ffmpeg): vorbisdec: Prevent a potential integer overflow.
If sizeof uint_fast8_t > 1 and sizeof size_t <= 4, the expression that mallocs
classifs is susceptible to integer ov...
Alex Converse


11:49 PM Revision 83abdf5f (ffmpeg): The VP8 decoder does not depend on cabac.o.
Originally committed as revision 24674 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
11:23 PM Revision efbc4559 (ffmpeg): The VP8 decoder does not depend on vp56.o and vp56data.o.
Originally committed as revision 24673 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
11:16 PM Revision 2e2ca506 (ffmpeg): Remove redundant h264pred.o from VP8 objects list.
It is already selected through the H264DSP dependency of VP8.
Originally committed as revision 24672 to svn://svn.ff...
Diego Biurrun
10:48 PM Revision 370b622a (ffmpeg): VP8: eliminate a dereference in coefficient decoding
Originally committed as revision 24671 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
08:57 PM Revision f311208c (ffmpeg): VP8: much faster DC transform handling
A lot of the time the DC block is empty: don't do the WHT in this case.
A lot of the rest of the time, there's only o...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
08:35 PM Revision c934562c (ffmpeg): vorbisdec: change a uint_fast32_t to 'unsigned', fix llvm-gcc build
Originally committed as revision 24669 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
08:18 PM Revision 827d43bb (ffmpeg): VP8: move zeroing of luma DC block into the WHT
Lets us do the zeroing in asm instead of C.
Also makes it consistent with the way the regular iDCT code does it.
Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:44 PM Revision 42907c6a (ffmpeg): lavfi-regression: trim \r line ends from showfiltfmts output
This is required when cross-testing on dos-like targets.
Originally committed as revision 24667 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Måns Rullgård
06:57 PM Revision 94f6127b (napa-baselibs): MONL: MonTestDist added better channel support
MONL: MonTestDist added the classic -h option
06:55 PM Revision 253e89e1 (napa-baselibs): MONL: added script launching sveral copies of the MOnT...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
06:53 PM Revision 40a7aea7 (napa-baselibs): MONL: corrected bug with GENERIC measure
MONL: changed publish name to not use spaces (substituts ' ' with '_')
MONL: changed interface of measurement capibil...
05:09 PM Revision 440e3b2f (ffmpeg): Add -Wno-parentheses to CFLAGS.
Without this flag -Wall generates warnings that nobody wants to see fixed or
worked around. Disabling those warnings ...
Diego Biurrun
04:40 PM Revision 85e3443f (streamers): added an THREADS define symbol which is useful for http version of...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815... GiuseppeTropea
04:38 PM Revision 81b601c1 (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- multithreaded version of offerstreamer updated to latest changes and made to compile, plus added switch for UL inte... GiuseppeTropea
04:36 PM Revision 033340ba (chunker-player): UL build process
- build_ul script now supports THREADS version and non DEBUG version of offerstreamer-http
git-svn-id: https://repo...
04:32 PM Revision 49fc7f55 (streamers): UL offerstreamer integration
- small bugfix: it includes now stdio in order to compile without DEBUG option
git-svn-id: https://repository.napa-...
11:56 AM Revision 546017fc (ffmpeg): Sort lavfi pixdesc tests.
Increase readability and robustness, as the test result is not going
to differ if the order of the pixfmts codes chan...
Stefano Sabatini
11:12 AM Revision 69fd123e (chunker-player): UL chunker_streamer
* added a sleep mechanism on not using a live source in order to do not saturate bandwitdh (encoded frames are sent i... GiuseppeTropea
09:44 AM Revision d2840fa4 (ffmpeg): only store intra prediction modes on the boundary for keyframes, not ...
inter-frame behaviour unchanged.
Originally committed as revision 24664 to svn://
Pascal Massimino
07:28 AM Revision eea72ee8 (ffmpeg): Fix doxygen comment.
Originally committed as revision 24663 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
07:26 AM Revision 497d7991 (ffmpeg): Change a doxy comment to a normal one.
Originally committed as revision 24662 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
07:25 AM Revision 1aa15491 (ffmpeg): Fix doxygen comments.
/**\u2264 => /**<
Originally committed as revision 24661 to svn://
Benoit Fouet
07:23 AM Revision 3ea4d942 (ffmpeg): Issue a warning when fed with misformatted one-line doxygen comments.
Originally committed as revision 24660 to svn:// Benoit Fouet
05:20 AM Revision 10bf2eeb (ffmpeg): VP8: simplify token_prob handling
~1.5% faster decode_block_coeffs
Originally committed as revision 24659 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser


11:34 PM Revision 9c87c037 (ffmpeg): lavfi-regression: use different temp file names for each pixfmt test
Originally committed as revision 24658 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
11:20 PM Revision 213a4cbb (ffmpeg): Add lavfi-pixfmts LE tests.
The corresponding lavfi-pixfmts BE tests are not yet added, as there
are some bugs in the scaler (scaling rgba, argb,...
Stefano Sabatini
11:20 PM Revision c22b4468 (ffmpeg): prevent access to vp8_coeff_band[16]
Originally committed as revision 24656 to svn:// Pascal Massimino
11:04 PM Revision 04307697 (ffmpeg): Reindent.
Originally committed as revision 24655 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:04 PM Revision 73177b6c (ffmpeg): Split lavfi pixfmts test.
Introduce the function do_lavfi_pixfmts(), and use it for generating a
pixfmts test for each different filter.
Stefano Sabatini
11:04 PM Revision 9c261f83 (ffmpeg): Implement set_ne_test_deps() and use if for the lavfi pixdesc test.
Originally committed as revision 24653 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
04:13 PM Revision 448f5b83 (ffmpeg): Fix suncc ident string (hopefully)
Originally committed as revision 24652 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
03:28 PM Revision 61a187b0 (ffmpeg): fate: fix non-standard use of bc
Originally committed as revision 24651 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:29 PM Revision 5b60c293 (ffmpeg): fate: fix signal name translation
Originally committed as revision 24650 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
12:29 PM Revision 8b0816cb (ffmpeg): fate: make tar command configurable
The 'tar' variable should be set to a command writing a tar archive
of the named files to stdout, typically "tar c" o...
Måns Rullgård
11:34 AM Revision 7e7fc4e9 (ffmpeg): Simplify lavfi-pixfmts test script
Originally committed as revision 24648 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
11:34 AM Revision 27971664 (ffmpeg): lavfi-showfiltfmts: print one format per line
Originally committed as revision 24647 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:47 AM Revision 79ec38d1 (ffmpeg): Remove temporary files in lavfi-pixfmts test
Originally committed as revision 24646 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
10:27 AM Revision 43d2c6a5 (ffmpeg): Fix fate-lavfi-pixfmts test cross-compilation.
Add the lavfi-showfiltfmts dependency in the Makefile, and correctly
use the $target_exec and $target_path variables ...
Stefano Sabatini
10:27 AM Revision 2b346e04 (ffmpeg): Use the ffmpeg specified in $ffmpeg in the pixfmts lavfi test,
otherwise the test will be running whatever ffmpeg is installed on the
host system.
Originally committed as revision...
Stefano Sabatini
12:46 AM Revision 0a87d541 (ffmpeg): Put the filter name before the pixel format name in the lavfi pixfmts
test output files, and add a prefix with the name of the test.
Make per-filter grouping of the generated output files...
Stefano Sabatini
12:46 AM Revision 65e17eae (ffmpeg): Introduce and use a variable $output in the lavfi pixfmts test code.
Consistent with the lavfi pixdesc test code, and slightly improve
Originally committed as revision 2464...
Stefano Sabatini
12:46 AM Revision fc25373b (ffmpeg): Split the lavfi pixfmts tests in _le and _be, this is required as the
test results and references depend on machine endianess.
Originally committed as revision 24641 to svn://svn.ffmpeg....
Stefano Sabatini
12:46 AM Revision 42bc7c8a (ffmpeg): Rename the not yet enabled test lavfi_pix_fmts to pixfmts, which is
simpler and consistent with the names of the other lavfi tests.
Originally committed as revision 24640 to svn://svn....
Stefano Sabatini
12:30 AM Revision f7cf0f31 (ffmpeg): Add WebM to the Matroska demuxer name.
Originally committed as revision 24639 to svn:// Alex Converse


11:13 PM Revision 6341838f (ffmpeg): Use word-writing instead of dword-writing (with two cached but otherwise
unchanged bytes) in the horizontal simple loopfilter. This makes the filter
quite a bit faster in itself (~30 cycles ...
Ronald S. Bultje
10:15 PM Revision ace7f813 (ffmpeg): dca: fix dynrange coefficient in xch
Patch by Nick Brereton
Originally committed as revision 24637 to svn://
Nick Brereton
10:02 PM Revision e07b1939 (ffmpeg): swscale-test: merge declaration and initialization
Originally committed as revision 31879 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
09:14 PM Revision 6768beb4 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: rename output_* to write_*
Originally committed as revision 24634 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
09:08 PM Revision 3d2cd42f (ffmpeg): Simplify verbatim mode fallback by checking the frame size before wri...
Originally committed as revision 24632 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
08:52 PM Revision 2249a7f3 (ffmpeg): Change max_framesize for small final frame.
Originally committed as revision 24631 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
08:32 PM Revision 7c29a5de (ffmpeg): Calculate an exact frame size before writing. Now the buffer size re...
can be known exactly, so larger frame sizes can be safely encoded without buffer
Originally committed as ...
Justin Ruggles
08:19 PM Revision 675eb677 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: rename find_subblock_rice_params() to find_subframe_rice_p...
Originally committed as revision 24629 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
08:17 PM Revision 089c18f3 (ffmpeg): Reduce number of input parameters to find_subblock_rice_params().
Originally committed as revision 24628 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
06:48 PM Revision d309f019 (ffmpeg): 10l: fix bit count for frame header
Originally committed as revision 24627 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:23 PM Revision b22f9d65 (ffmpeg): Simplify fallback to verbatim mode encoding.
Originally committed as revision 24626 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:07 PM Revision 45e29087 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: line wrap and vertical alignment
Originally committed as revision 24625 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
05:06 PM Revision 8fbb8d31 (ffmpeg): Combine calc_rice_params_fixed() and calc_rice_params_lpc() into a si...
Originally committed as revision 24624 to svn://
Justin Ruggles
04:53 PM Revision 4e705a68 (ffmpeg): fate: translate exit status to signal name
Originally committed as revision 24623 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
04:50 PM Revision 43b3273e (ffmpeg): Remove unneeded wrapper function.
Originally committed as revision 24622 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:46 PM Revision 0f5cc12c (ffmpeg): Remove duplicate code by adding a flag for encoding in verbatim mode.
Originally committed as revision 24621 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:46 PM Revision 05236ed7 (ffmpeg): Use av_fill_image_pointers/linesizes in place of ff_fill_pointer/line...
and drop the the ff_ variants at the next major bump.
Originally committed as revision 24620 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
04:37 PM Revision 93d65e3d (ffmpeg): Estimate frame size during encoding.
Originally committed as revision 24619 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
04:20 PM Revision fa738b3a (ffmpeg): Remove x86/mmx.h. It is not used anymore and has been deprecated for ...
Originally committed as revision 24618 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
04:17 PM Revision 0913a92a (ffmpeg): Fix compilation with --disable-yasm. 10l to me.
Originally committed as revision 24617 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
03:45 PM Revision 1de4cfe6 (ffmpeg): Add protocols.texi.
Originally committed as revision 24616 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:50 PM Revision de4bc44a (ffmpeg): Convert deinterlacing MMX code to YASM
Originally committed as revision 24615 to svn:// Vitor Sessak
08:51 AM Revision c2eae137 (ffmpeg): configure: set subarch for ARM
Originally committed as revision 24614 to svn:// Måns Rullgård

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