From 09/29/2010 to 10/28/2010


08:28 PM Revision 63e856df (ffmpeg): ffmpeg.c: dynamically allocate metadata maps
Originally committed as revision 25599 to svn:// Anton Khirnov
06:31 PM Revision ac19f4a3 (ffmpeg): indent
Originally committed as revision 25598 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
06:22 PM Revision cae05859 (ffmpeg): h264dsp: merge some more asm blocks
Originally committed as revision 25597 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
03:51 PM Revision 021951ae (streamers): fixing compile warning about missing struct chunk* declaration
Csaba Kiraly
03:51 PM Revision d94fc181 (streamers): recalculate measures for every time window and publish timestamp a...
Csaba Kiraly
03:51 PM Revision c4a89b29 (streamers): add stats for offer and accept rates
Csaba Kiraly
03:51 PM Revision 4c6ae584 (streamers): add stats for offers-in-filght and for queue-delay
Csaba Kiraly
03:44 PM Revision cc2d8644 (streamers): Changed the chunklock timeout to 1s. If 100ms is caused instabilit...
Stefano Traverso
01:20 PM Revision d0242e74 (ffmpeg): Factorize: opt_{audio,video,subtitle}_tag() -> opt_codec_tag().
Originally committed as revision 25596 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:15 PM Revision a0e7079a (ffmpeg): Fix 10l leak in ffv1.
Originally committed as revision 25595 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:15 PM Revision 73cbf868 (ffmpeg): Try to find a bit better initial states in ffv1 2pass.
Difference in filesizes to foreman ffv1 version=2, context=1 coder=1
18637016 adv-pass2-g300.avi
18638806 adv-pass1-g...
Michael Niedermayer
12:15 PM Revision 0ae0faa7 (ffmpeg): Keep track of how many slices*gops where encoded in ffv1 2 pass.
Originally committed as revision 25593 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:15 PM Revision 3f0671a2 (ffmpeg): factorize variable declaration in ffv1.
Originally committed as revision 25592 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


05:35 PM Revision 66849ce7 (ml): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/ml.c, RETRANSMISSIONS: timeout for sending NACK for the ...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... SzymonKuc
05:35 PM Revision 83069252 (napa-baselibs): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/ml.c, RETRANSMISSIONS: timeout for sending NA...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... SzymonKuc
05:25 PM Revision 9dd6abcf (napa-baselibs): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/ml.c, RETRANSMISSIONS-FIX: NACKs for the last...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... SzymonKuc
05:25 PM Revision 0a6f2367 (ml): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/ml.c, RETRANSMISSIONS-FIX: NACKs for the last missing pa...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... SzymonKuc
04:30 PM Revision 3dde6675 (ffmpeg): Fix crashes in vorbis decoding found by zzuf
Fixes issue 2322.
Originally committed as revision 25591 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
12:07 PM Revision c5995d35 (grapes): Merge branch 'topman'
Luca Abeni
11:23 AM Revision 31f83364 (grapes): implementing dumbTopman
Marco Biazzini
11:20 AM Revision 33d6f7d6 (grapes): make tman configurable by config string
Marco Biazzini
11:18 AM Revision 69a2ca53 (grapes): fixing neighbor removal in test file
Marco Biazzini
11:17 AM Revision af09f934 (grapes): enabling metadata updates in tman_test
Marco Biazzini
11:16 AM Revision 2f3db3cd (grapes): cleanup test files
Marco Biazzini
10:24 AM Revision b11b72a6 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg.c manual: clarify map_meta_data usage.
Originally committed as revision 25590 to svn:// Anton Khirnov
10:23 AM Revision 6fd9945c (grapes): prepare for multiple topology manager implementations
Marco Biazzini
10:17 AM Revision 2c6ce484 (ml): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/util/queueManagement.c, FIX: the arguments of setQueuesP...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... SzymonKuc
10:17 AM Revision e2f8bff6 (napa-baselibs): NAPA-BASELIBS/ml/util/queueManagement.c, FIX: the arguments of...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... SzymonKuc
08:15 AM Revision a71c9659 (grapes): Remove some cruft
Luca Abeni
08:13 AM Revision db6bff6c (grapes): Fix the cyclon protocol
When the received cache subset is not enough to fill the whole local cache,
some peers from the "in flight" cache hav...
Luca Abeni
06:36 AM Revision c8dcb9de (ffmpeg): aacenc: Remove energy 'normalization' modification from the 3GPP psym...
This greatly improves bitrate handling. You will now get within a few
kbps of your requested bitrate instead of 20-40...
Nathan Caldwell
05:54 AM Revision 4df5aebb (ffmpeg): aacenc: Fix threshold-in-quiet calculation in the 3GPP psymodel.
Removing the modification vastly improves quality (at a slight bitrate
cost) for some samples. castanets.wav is a goo...
Nathan Caldwell
05:54 AM Revision eafadada (ffmpeg): aacenc: Fix the conditions under which 3GPP pre-echo control is run.
According to the 3GPP spec:
"Thus the pre-echo control is inactive for the first short window (but
not all short wind...
Nathan Caldwell
05:02 AM Revision 042ca05f (ffmpeg): vorbiscomment: convert metadata before computing the header's length
Originally committed as revision 25586 to svn:// Anton Khirnov
12:42 AM Revision 47bfe49c (ffmpeg): rtsp: Add stub declarations of the setup_in/output_streams functions
This may be needed to avoid calls to implicitly defined functions
(that will be removed by dead code elimination late...
Martin Storsjö


11:01 PM Revision b7b5bccb (ffmpeg): FFV1 initial state 2pass code.
Originally committed as revision 25584 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:01 PM Revision 28a3f525 (ffmpeg): Read & write initial_states for ffv1
Originally committed as revision 25583 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:01 PM Revision 99a5e935 (ffmpeg): Add initial_states array to ffv1.
Originally committed as revision 25582 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:01 PM Revision 672e7e39 (ffmpeg): Add rc_stat2 to ffv1 this will be needed for finding good initial con...
Originally committed as revision 25581 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:01 PM Revision 19721b23 (ffmpeg): Optimize state initialization in ffv1 clear_state().
Originally committed as revision 25580 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:01 PM Revision c42c1007 (ffmpeg): Only allocate stats_out when needed in ffv1
Originally committed as revision 25579 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:00 PM Revision 2a317c6b (ffmpeg): Factorize litteral constents in ffv1 into STATS_OUT_SIZE.
Originally committed as revision 25578 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:00 PM Revision 349d7287 (ffmpeg): Make 1pass statistic collection in ffv1 put_symbol_inline() condition...
Originally committed as revision 25577 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:31 PM Revision 1c115d19 (grapes): Merge branch 'makefiles'
Luca Abeni
09:30 PM Revision 3e734a32 (grapes): Merge branch 'fixes'
Luca Abeni
09:30 PM Revision 4876398c (grapes): Fix the removing of *.d files
Luca Abeni
06:19 PM Revision 5dd97520 (ffmpeg): Bump required x264 version to X264_BUILD 99
Required after r25567.
Originally committed as revision 25576 to svn://
Jason Garrett-Glaser
06:04 PM Revision 02247217 (grapes): Merge branch 'fixes' into makefiles
Luca Abeni
06:04 PM Revision c3d9eba1 (grapes): Fix some includes
Luca Abeni
06:00 PM Revision 99a59a3d (grapes): Automatic generation of headers dependencies
Luca Abeni
05:52 PM Revision da0b7ce4 (grapes): Remove some cruft
Luca Abeni
05:50 PM Revision 60fa723d (grapes): Add/fix some include guards
Luca Abeni
07:37 AM Revision 9d777508 (ffmpeg): Remove dead code in theora_decode_tables
Reading 7 bits as an unsigned int can't result in a value exceeding 127.
Accordingly, remove error message (as it'll ...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:30 AM Revision 10f69158 (ffmpeg): Reindent after r25573
Originally committed as revision 25574 to svn:// Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:29 AM Revision 1a48a570 (ffmpeg): Fix Theora decoding bug if loopfilter is completely disabled
Bug caused by the fact that get_bits(gb, 0) is undefined.
Doesn't affect any streams generated by the official Theora...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:20 AM Revision 313b52fb (ffmpeg): Clean up ALACdec
Do decode init in the init function instead of at the first frame.
Fix some possible crash cases.
Originally committ...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
07:02 AM Revision 976b73be (grapes): Merge branch 'topman'
Luca Abeni
06:52 AM Revision f601563a (grapes): Remove the useless cache_update_tout() function
Luca Abeni
06:49 AM Revision c54e79cb (grapes): Merge the caches instead of performing a union... Allow to have order...
06:48 AM Revision cc72ee11 (grapes): Send a little bit more entries by default...
06:48 AM Revision b501da37 (grapes): Make the cache size and sent entries configurable
Luca Abeni
06:47 AM Revision 8bf781e5 (grapes): Cosmetic: remove empty line
Luca Abeni
06:46 AM Revision 380f01e0 (grapes): Free local cache before re-assigning it
06:45 AM Revision 6994dc0a (grapes): Remove debug printfs
Luca Abeni
06:44 AM Revision 1a101c0b (grapes): Fix the cyclon protocol (do not send the local entry in replies)
Luca Abeni
06:44 AM Revision 6c27d53c (grapes): Allow to use other gossipping protocols
06:43 AM Revision 1aa763ee (grapes): Scripts update
06:43 AM Revision fa213294 (grapes): Test scripts
06:42 AM Revision 66516e5e (grapes): Update the topology test program to allow checking the connectivity o...
06:42 AM Revision 194ec532 (grapes): Add a CYCLON protocol... Not tested yes, and still needs some work!
Luca Abeni
06:38 AM Revision 477826d1 (grapes): Split the newscast protocol functions in their own file
Luca Abeni
06:35 AM Revision 8d586a9c (grapes): Merge branch 'master' into topman
06:32 AM Revision e2b6ad48 (grapes): Restore the compilation of the dummy peer sampler
06:25 AM Revision a515fd33 (grapes): Prepare for multiple peer sampling implementations
01:59 AM Revision fc3128c9 (ffmpeg): Increase ffv1 encoding speed from 65 to 80 fps by forcing some inlining.
Originally committed as revision 25571 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:59 AM Revision e1f51b88 (ffmpeg): Add quant_table_index to ffv1 PlaneContext and use it instead of dupl...
Originally committed as revision 25570 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


08:29 PM Revision c6a908be (ffmpeg): dct32: mark xmm registers in clobber list in ff_dct32_float_sse()
Originally committed as revision 25569 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
06:02 PM Revision b32c9ca9 (ffmpeg): h264dsp: merge some asm blocks
Some code was initializing some xmm registers in one asm block and using them
in the following block, assuming they w...
Ramiro Polla
02:40 PM Revision 3ab354d7 (ffmpeg): Make libx264 take the pict_type input parameter into account,
thus making forced key frames work.
Patch by Nicolas George, nicolas d george a normalesup d org
Originally committ...
Nicolas George
06:15 AM Revision 276df9d8 (ffmpeg): aacenc: Fix bug in LAME windowing where only one channel got initalized
I used the same loop counter for the inner and outer initalization loops.
This caused initalization to only run for t...
Nathan Caldwell
04:28 AM Revision d545aea8 (ffmpeg): 100l: remove bogus inclusion of libavcodec/audioconvert.c in
Originally committed as revision 25565 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
04:15 AM Revision 3d17f4b9 (ffmpeg): Add example to the filter pad documentation.
Originally committed as revision 25564 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini


04:55 PM Revision ce3716bf (ffmpeg): Move ffv1 state transition table sorting to its own function.
Originally committed as revision 25563 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:35 PM Revision 19591033 (ffmpeg): Fix the case with swaping states 127 and 129 in ffv1
Originally committed as revision 25562 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:31 PM Revision 98d2f7a4 (ffmpeg): Optimize state transition table sorting in ffv1
Originally committed as revision 25561 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:31 PM Revision bc29ae4a (ffmpeg): 2 pass mode for ffv1 to optimally order the range coder states.
Originally committed as revision 25560 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:31 PM Revision 6019cd9f (ffmpeg): Factorize state_transition init out.
Originally committed as revision 25559 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:28 AM Revision c55f891c (ffmpeg): nutdec: when parsing info packet, set metadata var only once
Originally committed as revision 25558 to svn:// Anton Khirnov


04:22 PM Revision a5cea132 (ffmpeg): drop rtsp_default_protocols which is not part of public API and not u...
Originally committed as revision 25557 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:21 PM Revision a178edf2 (ffmpeg): drop rtp_get_file_handles() which is not part of public API and not u...
Originally committed as revision 25556 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:20 PM Revision fb660f40 (ffmpeg): drop rtp_get_local_port() which is not part of public API and not use...
Originally committed as revision 25555 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
04:19 PM Revision 67f34aaa (ffmpeg): use rtp_get_local_rtp_port() instead of the deprecated rtp_get_local_...
Originally committed as revision 25554 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
02:12 AM Revision fbd4a07d (ffmpeg): doc: fill documentation for vfwcap
Originally committed as revision 25553 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:11 AM Revision 1973e101 (ffmpeg): vfwcap: add option to print list of supported drivers
Originally committed as revision 25552 to svn:// Ramiro Polla


06:09 PM Revision 2aa72ecc (ffmpeg): Add new -slices option and use it for libvpx and libx264.
Patch by James Zern, jzern google
Originally committed as revision 25551 to svn://
James Zern
06:01 PM Revision f9b4eef4 (ffmpeg): Use forced key frames when encoding with libxvid.
Patch by Nicolas George, nicolas D george A normalesup D org
Originally committed as revision 25550 to svn://svn.ffm...
Nicolas George
02:25 AM Revision 4c3267aa (ffmpeg): Fix memleak in mjpeg decoder.
Originally committed as revision 25549 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


10:44 PM Revision a2d4dfd4 (ffmpeg): Optimize EOB check in mjpeg decode_block() by adjusting the VLC symbol.
Originally committed as revision 25548 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision e4463f21 (ffmpeg): Simplify last coeff check in mjpeg decode_block()
Originally committed as revision 25547 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 2111a191 (ffmpeg): Check index in mjpeg AC decode against overflowing.
This fixes a possibly exploitable buffer overflow and it will likely also be needed for future overreading fixes.
Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 5675a11f (ffmpeg): Add a seperate VLC table for progressive jpeg so we dont have to subt...
Originally committed as revision 25545 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 8870b251 (ffmpeg): Factor code&0xf out of if() in decode_block_progressive().
Originally committed as revision 25544 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 7f4a1e8f (ffmpeg): Cleanup decode_block_progressive()
Originally committed as revision 25543 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 61425286 (ffmpeg): Factorize ((unsigned) code) >> 4 out of decode_block_progressive() i...
Originally committed as revision 25542 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 76c80ef5 (ffmpeg): Move if() in mjpeg decode_block() to simplify condition.
Originally committed as revision 25541 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:44 PM Revision 19321824 (ffmpeg): Simplify build_vlc() by using init_vlc_sparse() in mjpeg.
Originally committed as revision 25540 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:07 PM Revision 85f56757 (ffmpeg): cosmetics: align fields, and remove useless ones, in img2.c
Originally committed as revision 25539 to svn:// Pascal Massimino
06:39 PM Revision fc068f9f (ffmpeg): Fixed DXVA_Slice_H264_Long::BitOffsetToSliceData value.
The 8 bits offset (nal unit type) should not be added, as the spec says:
"This bit offset is the offset within the R...
Rafaël Carré
12:25 PM Revision eced8fa0 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Move the rtsp_probe function to the demuxer code block
This function is only used by the RTSP demuxer.
Originally committed as revision 25537 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
12:19 PM Revision a66d44f0 (ffmpeg): Restore alphabetical order
Originally committed as revision 25536 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:18 PM Revision 44b70ce5 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Untangle the dependencies between the RTSP/SDP demuxers and RTS...
This allows compilation of one of them without requiring the others'
dependencies to be present.
Originally committe...
Martin Storsjö
12:13 PM Revision 8bf0f969 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Reorder functions
Originally committed as revision 25534 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:14 AM Revision 068fdfc5 (napa-baselibs): NAPA-BASELIBS,ml.c: changed the timeout for packet reception t...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... SzymonKuc
10:14 AM Revision 5d9fcc3e (ml): NAPA-BASELIBS,ml.c: changed the timeout for packet reception to 50 ms, ad...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... SzymonKuc
06:22 AM Revision b4a6c8fb (ffmpeg): cosmetics, indentation
Originally committed as revision 25533 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
06:21 AM Revision 12a5150b (ffmpeg): 10l fix h263+ encoder, format will be 8, array size is 8 not 7
Originally committed as revision 25532 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
12:57 AM Revision ac6d020f (ffmpeg): cleanup image2pipe_{de}muxer fields
Originally committed as revision 25531 to svn:// Pascal Massimino


09:45 AM Revision 96ea6ad2 (ffmpeg): Remove unused variables picture_crop_temp and picture_pad_temp.
Originally committed as revision 25530 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini


05:26 PM Revision c868524b (ffmpeg): Replace 5 by named constant MAX_CONTEXT_INPUTS in ffv1.c
Originally committed as revision 25529 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
02:12 PM Revision cd47e29c (chunker-player): BUILD: updated build system as to compile UL under MAC_OS
git-svn-id: c54fa... RobertBirke
07:50 AM Revision 095e5c0b (ffmpeg): sdp: Conditionally compile code using AF_INET6
Should fix compilation in environments unaware of IPv6.
Originally committed as revision 25528 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.o...
Martin Storsjö
07:38 AM Revision 44594cc7 (ffmpeg): Add a demuxer for receiving raw rtp:// URLs without an SDP description
The demuxer inspects the payload type of a received RTP packet and
handles the cases where the content is fully descr...
Martin Storsjö


09:47 PM Revision 4ad08021 (ffmpeg): Add a -force_key_frames option to ffmpeg.
The option is useful to ensure that there is a seek point exactly at a
place the user will probably want to jump prec...
Nicolas George
09:29 PM Revision 43945b27 (ffmpeg): Add transpose filter.
Originally committed as revision 25525 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:57 PM Revision ff0652e5 (ffmpeg): Implement a common get_filtered_video_frame(), shared between ffplay.c
and ffmpeg.c.
Originally committed as revision 25520 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
01:43 PM Revision 16b26913 (ffmpeg): Make help message for the -crop* options consistent with that of the
-pad* options and more direct.
Originally committed as revision 25519 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
01:34 PM Revision 5879ea6d (ffmpeg): Remove -crop* options.
Users are required to use the libavfilter crop filter.
Originally committed as revision 25518 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Stefano Sabatini
01:19 PM Revision f2f8fb10 (ffmpeg): Remove redundant text in the log.
Originally committed as revision 25517 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:19 PM Revision 082a8575 (ffmpeg): Make XAN decoder return meaningful error codes.
Originally committed as revision 25516 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
12:45 PM Revision a3a29c26 (ffmpeg): metadata: make av_metadata_set2 case insensitive by default
Originally committed as revision 25515 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs


09:31 PM Revision 94bdb1f8 (ffmpeg): Avoid negative SCR in mpeg ps muxer.
Fixes a scr issue reported with dvdauthor ([FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG encoded MPEG-2 video causes error in DVDAuthor)
Michael Niedermayer
09:31 PM Revision d721141f (ffmpeg): Move shared functions out of CONFIG_FFV1_ENCODER ifdef
Originally committed as revision 25511 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:57 PM Revision 3f2a7e42 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: use a more compact notation, improve readability and reduce
line count.
Originally committed as revision 25510 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
05:43 PM Revision badee1e9 (grapes): Merge branch 'marco_integration'
Luca Abeni
05:42 PM Revision 0a5b3237 (grapes): GRAPES/TopologyManager/tman.c : cosmetic cleanup
Marco Biazzini
05:42 PM Revision fff6ceed (grapes): GRAPES/TopologyManager/tman.c : changing restart logic - restart only...
Marco Biazzini
05:42 PM Revision 33ea04ee (grapes): implementing new blist_cache and blist_proto and making tman use them
Marco Biazzini
04:16 PM Revision dbabc277 (ffmpeg): Reset metadata after opt_output_file(), fix the previous commit.
Spotted by elenril on irc.
Originally committed as revision 25509 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:25 PM Revision 4bf65e2a (ffmpeg): Use an AVMetadata struct for storing metadata, simplify.
Originally committed as revision 25508 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:33 PM Revision 4712ed26 (ffmpeg): Make ffprobe print stream language only once, also remove usage of the
deprecated field AVStream.language.
Patch by Anton Khirnov %name%@%surname% dot net.
Originally committed as revisi...
Anton Khirnov
01:55 PM Revision e4b34e80 (ffmpeg): Remove docs for the not anymore existing option -convert_tags.
Originally committed as revision 25506 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:20 PM Revision ad7768f4 (ffmpeg): add ff_ prefix to metadata_conv()
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25505 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
01:07 PM Revision d60a9f52 (ffmpeg): lavf: simplify setting the encoder ident tag.
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25504 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
01:04 PM Revision a7e5a832 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg.c/ffprobe.c: remove all uses of av_metadata_conv()
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25503 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
10:20 AM Revision 2a24df93 (ffmpeg): Add avfilter_graph_config().
Originally committed as revision 25502 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:06 AM Revision 0b6d358a (ffmpeg): Place the bitstream_filters variable in the AVOutputStream, thus
greatly simplifying its handling and reducing code duplication.
Patch by Nicolas George -bsf nicolas*george|normales...
Nicolas George
10:06 AM Revision 9fdf4b58 (ffmpeg): Move the allocation of the AVOutputStream structure earlier in the
code flow, in the new_video_stream() / new_audio_stream() /
new_subtitle_stream() functions.
Patch by Nicolas George...
Nicolas George
08:50 AM Revision fb66c31d (ffmpeg): Fix building, include the header instead of the source file
Builds only seemed to have been broken in some configurations, though.
Originally committed as revision 25499 to svn...
Martin Storsjö


11:23 PM Revision 96d1e75a (ffmpeg): In mov muxer, write artist metadata tag
Originally committed as revision 25498 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
11:16 PM Revision edd33cb6 (ffmpeg): In mov muxer, use correct metadata tag for encoder, and use the gener...
Originally committed as revision 25497 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:32 PM Revision 946df059 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Return AVERROR(EAGAIN) for mpegts parsing errors
This indicates that there was no error that needs to be reported to the
caller, so we can move on to parse the next p...
Martin Storsjö
07:09 PM Revision aff88101 (ffmpeg): ffserver: use a local MAX_STREAMS limit
Originally committed as revision 25495 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:09 PM Revision 9389b925 (ffmpeg): ffserver: fix prepare_sdp_description() to dynamically allocate streams
Originally committed as revision 25494 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:04 PM Revision 03700d39 (ffmpeg): Export metadata in the generic format. Deprecate old conversion API.
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25493 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
06:30 PM Revision ed09233f (ffmpeg): cosmetic: alignment
Originally committed as revision 25492 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:25 PM Revision 13728334 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_SYMVER define to disable symver compatibility functions
Originally committed as revision 25491 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
03:08 PM Revision 04a7e275 (streamers): renaming branch to 0.9.x from 0.9 to higlight the difference compa...
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
02:57 PM Revision 58e0316a (streamers): renaming OfferStreamer folder to Streamer
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
02:44 PM Revision ad2d0fdf (ffmpeg): probetest: replace usage of deprecated first_iformat by av_iformat_ne...
Originally committed as revision 25490 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
02:25 PM Revision 114c9a59 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_FIRST_FORMAT define to drop deprecated first_?format from ...
Originally committed as revision 25489 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
02:19 PM Revision 0139fdea (ffmpeg): add FF_API_PARAMETERS_CODEC_ID define to disable the deprecated codec_id
fields in AVFormatParameters
Originally committed as revision 25488 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
02:12 PM Revision d1742ff7 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_LAVF_UNUSED define to disable the unused struct fields
Originally committed as revision 25487 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
02:08 PM Revision fc05e85d (napa-baselibs): REPO: corrected small bug due to typo probably
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
01:39 PM Revision 634e0304 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_READ_SEEK define to drop usage of AVInputFormat.read_seek
and delay this transition to v54 as it is currently not functional
Originally committed as revision 25486 to svn://s...
Aurelien Jacobs
01:33 PM Revision d87a521c (ffmpeg): add FF_API_PARSE_FRAME_PARAM define to disable the deprecated
parse_image_size() and parse_frame_rate() public functions
Originally committed as revision 25485 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Aurelien Jacobs
01:27 PM Revision f3cb7f57 (napa-baselibs): ML: added packet retransmission feature to ML (use RTX=1 ./bui...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
01:27 PM Revision edeaed1a (ml): ML: added packet retransmission feature to ML (use RTX=1 ./ t...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... RobertBirke
01:09 PM Revision ade800c5 (ffmpeg): properly check for FF_API_URL_CLASS instead of LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION_MAJOR
Originally committed as revision 25484 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:59 PM Revision ca51d86c (ffmpeg): add FF_API_ALLOC_FORMAT_CONTEXT define to disable the deprecated
av_alloc_format_context() public function
Originally committed as revision 25483 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
12:54 PM Revision 88e44314 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_URL_SPLIT define to disable the deprecated ff_url_split() ...
Originally committed as revision 25482 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:49 PM Revision 8ef30ac1 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_UDP_GET_FILE define to disable the deprecated udp_get_file...
public function
Originally committed as revision 25481 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
12:45 PM Revision 198ac67f (ffmpeg): add FF_API_GUESS_FORMAT define to disable the deprecated guess_format()
and guess_stream_format() public functions
Originally committed as revision 25480 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
11:22 AM Revision e385078e (streamers): don't use ALTOclient if an ALTO server is not configured
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
09:41 AM Revision a15c7fd6 (ffmpeg): Deprecate old API.
Patch by Anton Khirnov, anton khirnov net
Originally committed as revision 25479 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
02:05 AM Revision d56839fc (ffmpeg): Store slice position and size per keyframe in ffv1.2
Originally committed as revision 25478 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer


10:10 PM Revision 1da72577 (ffmpeg): Fix indention of ffv1.c after previous commits.
Originally committed as revision 25477 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:03 PM Revision e42393d1 (ffmpeg): Store quant table index per plane and slice.
Originally committed as revision 25476 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:03 PM Revision f08ed90d (ffmpeg): Assert that the context doesnt overflow in ffv1.
Originally committed as revision 25475 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:03 PM Revision e2b2f845 (ffmpeg): Rectangular slice support for ffv1.2
Originally committed as revision 25474 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:08 PM Revision 81e5ff7a (ffmpeg): vorbiscomment: change ff_vorbiscomment_write to take an AVMetadata**
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25473 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
07:47 AM Revision da754858 (ffmpeg): Fix crash when using iblock option (when a warning is logged).
Patch by James Zern, jzern google
Originally committed as revision 25472 to svn://
James Zern
07:04 AM Revision abb24ff7 (grapes): Merge branch 'marco_integration'
Luca Abeni


01:42 PM Revision a6214440 (streamers): Send extradata in the stream only for some specific codecs
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 139e664e (streamers): Set AVFMT_FLAG_GENPTS, to avoid having pts == AV_NOPTS_VALUE
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision cbae3c2c (streamers): remove default setting for ALTO server URL
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 5514fdca (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology-ALTO.c : improving robustness when (mis)usi...
Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 6e00ec61 (streamers): OfferStreamer/topology-ALTO.c : fix the way the peerset is filled
Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 5b842b55 (streamers): fix a mem leak in topology-ALTO
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 60784aa1 (streamers): various fixes in the built-in help
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision adb2a9b2 (streamers): change default input to stdin
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 37b749c8 (streamers): print usage if started without parameters
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:42 PM Revision 66f84460 (streamers): optimizing some default parameters for better performance
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:41 PM Revision 7c9d001b (streamers): remove -t option
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:41 PM Revision 43c2d7d6 (streamers): fix executable name in built-in help
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:41 PM Revision 500faa9e (streamers): remove outdated README
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:41 PM Revision 66a8e883 (streamers): adding ifndef to topology.h
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision bd6ce71b (streamers): fixing compile warning about missing struct chunk* declaration
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision da25233b (streamers): remove warning about unknown peer
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision 80d294e1 (streamers): write more explicit message when adding peer based on incoming mes...
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision 75c94279 (streamers): fix a memleak: ownerid of bmap messages was not freed
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision f6d22873 (streamers): compile gprof mode without optimizations
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision 091c5084 (streamers): remove some debug messages
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision a6b2a902 (streamers): fix a newline in log
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
01:40 PM Revision 1f1aa48f (streamers): chunk_log: joined two logs
the log of one event was done in 2 separate parts, sometimes other messages
were written in between
git-svn-id: http...
Csaba Kiraly
01:14 PM Revision 6fae8c54 (ffmpeg): Make the validity checks fail only if the corresponding luma or chroma
values are not zero.
Prevent aborting with the default values.
Originally committed as revision 25471 to svn://svn.f...
Stefano Sabatini
01:11 PM Revision aec96695 (ffmpeg): Add support for PIX_FMT_RGBA in the targa encoder.
Patch sponsored by Animoto.
Originally committed as revision 25470 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:09 AM Revision 54b2a423 (ffmpeg): sapdec: Include sys/time.h for struct timeval
This hopefully fixes compile errors on OS/2
Originally committed as revision 25466 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
10:39 AM Revision bbf874f1 (ffmpeg): Use named constants defined in targa.h.
Originally committed as revision 25465 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:39 AM Revision b5becbab (ffmpeg): Create a targa.h file to contain common definitions for targa encoder
and decoder.
Originally committed as revision 25464 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:06 AM Revision 01c8d258 (ffmpeg): Add a SAP demuxer
Originally committed as revision 25463 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:47 AM Revision 65cdee9c (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Don't use the no reordering codepath if there already is a queue
Originally committed as revision 25462 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:15 AM Revision ddcf8411 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Handle wrapping seq numbers in has_next_packet properly
Originally committed as revision 25461 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:14 AM Revision d678a6fd (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Parse the next packet in the sequence if it is available, if ...
Originally committed as revision 25460 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:13 AM Revision 91ec7aea (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Return AVERROR(EAGAIN) if out of data for mpegts, pass return...
Originally committed as revision 25459 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:13 AM Revision f6e138b4 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Don't call the depacketizer to return more data unless it act...
It may have returned a negative number for an error (e.g. AVERROR(EAGAIN),
if more data is required for it to be able...
Martin Storsjö
08:12 AM Revision 4ffff367 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Split out storing of the depacketization return value to a se...
This makes the code less fragile and easier to understand.
Originally committed as revision 25457 to svn://svn.ffmpe...
Martin Storsjö
07:33 AM Revision a0e4e8c9 (grapes): Merge branch 'next' of
Luca Abeni
06:40 AM Revision 2edb3e55 (grapes): Fix indentation and other cosmetics (should not affect behaviour)
Luca Abeni
06:17 AM Revision b95a5127 (grapes): Topology : implementing max parameter in rand_peer
Marco Biazzini
06:17 AM Revision e55fe1f8 (grapes): net_helper : adding node_ip function
Marco Biazzini
06:17 AM Revision 9341de0e (grapes): Tests/topology.c : small fix to shrink/grow functions to avoid possib...
Marco Biazzini
06:17 AM Revision 3c88391a (grapes): tman.c : checking for empty running cache to avoid faults
Marco Biazzini
06:17 AM Revision 5cf5fe25 (grapes): fixing a call to cache_del that might be dangerous
Marco Biazzini
06:17 AM Revision 86254c5e (grapes): topocache.c : enhancing metadata update
Marco Biazzini


10:32 PM Revision cf5fe8ec (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_config_links() use the timebase of the first input link
of a filter for setting the output timebase, if there is such a link,
rather than always use AV_TIME_BASE_Q.
This fi...
Stefano Sabatini
06:44 PM Revision e259eadc (ffmpeg): Make the targa encoder return sane error values rather than -1.
Originally committed as revision 25455 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:44 PM Revision 7c559bc7 (ffmpeg): Targa encoder: log error message in case the pixel format in input is
not supported.
Originally committed as revision 25454 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:40 PM Revision f7ead94c (ffmpeg): Factorize definition of the output_filter defined in both ffplay.c and
Replace it with a more generic definition which can be shared.
Originally committed as revision 25453 to s...
Stefano Sabatini
06:40 PM Revision f5b05b95 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: remove pointless empty line.
Originally committed as revision 25452 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:40 PM Revision 94498ec9 (ffmpeg): Extend buffer source to accept the time base for the output PTS.
Originally committed as revision 25451 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
06:40 PM Revision 387b4ac9 (ffmpeg): Fix timebase handling at the begin and at the end of the ffplay video
Set timebase in the ffplay input, and make get_filtered_video_frame()
rescale the output frames PTSes a...
Stefano Sabatini
02:11 PM Revision 872e1895 (grapes): Merge branch 'master' of
Luca Abeni
02:03 PM Revision 53eacb7b (grapes): Merge remote branch 'abeni/master' into next
Csaba Kiraly
02:02 PM Revision b21275b6 (grapes): Merge branch 'cbsize-in-signaling'
Csaba Kiraly
02:02 PM Revision 652fa0be (grapes): fix sendBufferMap description
Csaba Kiraly
01:56 PM Revision 610312e9 (ffmpeg): Remove unused symbol.
Originally committed as revision 25449 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:47 PM Revision 72ae4aa1 (ffmpeg): Do not pass an unused variable when initing filt_out. Less confusing.
Originally committed as revision 25448 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:08 PM Revision b1520c4c (grapes): Merge branch 'make-parallel'
Csaba Kiraly
01:08 PM Revision e210115b (grapes): Merge branch 'fixes'
Csaba Kiraly
01:07 PM Revision 5e6cbd5e (grapes): Merge branch 'nethelper-config'
Csaba Kiraly
01:07 PM Revision f88ba4ad (grapes): Merge branch 'cbsize-in-signaling'
Csaba Kiraly
12:57 PM Revision dd3cc823 (grapes): add chunk buffer size information to buffer map messages
Csaba Kiraly
12:50 PM Revision c9fe55e9 (grapes): add warning to grapes_msg_types.h
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision d1c5887c (grapes): increase config value max size
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision c78a4ff0 (grapes): verify config_parse return value in net_helper-ml
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision 7360415c (grapes): configure repo server
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision ebc13190 (grapes): configure stun server
Csaba Kiraly
12:48 PM Revision 55ee8e18 (grapes): parse config in net_helper_ml
Csaba Kiraly
12:36 PM Revision c919f1bf (grapes): adding config string to net_helper_init
Csaba Kiraly
09:22 AM Revision 68b79bfc (ffmpeg): Implement cropdetect filter.
Originally committed as revision 25447 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini


11:27 PM Revision 16134b7c (ffmpeg): Extend the nullsrc source, make it accept a parameter for specifying
the timebase. Useful for debugging timebase configuration issues.
Originally committed as revision 25446 to svn://sv...
Stefano Sabatini
04:05 PM Revision 79a13823 (grapes): just some more doc
Csaba Kiraly
04:05 PM Revision 830aa993 (grapes): describe cb_add_chunk return values in the .h
Csaba Kiraly
04:03 PM Revision bdb62f2f (grapes): fix sched: selection in case of BEST policy and tie was not uniform r...
It was supposed to be uniform random among those with equal score,
but it wasn't working.
Changed implementation to q...
Csaba Kiraly
03:58 PM Revision 7a6c9ad9 (grapes): fixing libevent2 and SIGPIPE error
program sometimes exited with
Program received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe.
0x085a989b in writev ()
(gdb) bt
#0 0x08...
Csaba Kiraly
03:57 PM Revision 0cde7f42 (grapes): fixing a warning in chunkID
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913 Csaba Kiraly
03:55 PM Revision 0eefcdd8 (grapes): allow CFLAGS from command line
Csaba Kiraly
03:54 PM Revision 7238266e (grapes): Automatically generate the list of object lists, and recompile if som...
Squashed commit of the following:
commit 6004cb2c99f643d6fde169d0a3afdf6fc7329264
Author: Luca Abeni <luca.abeni@uni...
Csaba Kiraly
02:00 PM Revision 214c0d42 (ffmpeg): Implement settb filter.
Originally committed as revision 25445 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:59 PM Revision 7913b03a (grapes): verify config_parse return value in various files
Csaba Kiraly
01:46 PM Revision 4b8e42f9 (grapes): fix: verify config token sizes before memcpy
Csaba Kiraly
01:43 PM Revision d741d4f3 (grapes): getting rid of old dangerous debugging code
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913 MarcoBiazzini
01:43 PM Revision 1763b1d2 (grapes): better signaling msg size handling
Csaba Kiraly
11:50 AM Revision ad64a807 (ffmpeg): Add forgotten minor bump and changelog entry for the SAP muxer
Originally committed as revision 25444 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:18 AM Revision a0e0d6ff (chunker-player): * bugfix in the build_ul script: an additional svn argument h...
* bugfix in the chunker_player's switchchannel function: a delay has been added to make sure the audio buffer is empt... CarmeloDaniele


10:30 PM Revision 77611295 (ffmpeg): Add APIchanges entry after r25441.
Originally committed as revision 25443 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:26 PM Revision 47453c0e (ffmpeg): Make graph2dot print information related to the link timebase.
Originally committed as revision 25442 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:26 PM Revision 867ae7aa (ffmpeg): Add a time_base field to AVFilterLink.
This is required for allowing a filter to use a time base different
from AV_TIME_BASE_Q, as it was previously assumed...
Stefano Sabatini
09:15 PM Revision d256d21e (ffmpeg): oggenc: Don't use char* to point to a string constant.
Originally committed as revision 25440 to svn:// Alex Converse
09:04 PM Revision c5ac275b (ffmpeg): Allow storing multiple quant tables in extradata that can then be sel...
Originally committed as revision 25439 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:04 PM Revision 0f27aca7 (ffmpeg): Store global things in extradata for ffv1 ver=2.
ver=2 is not set yet so this does not affect output.
Originally committed as revision 25438 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
09:04 PM Revision 228adaab (ffmpeg): Make sure version is not decreased for 16bit per sample colorspaces i...
Originally committed as revision 25437 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
09:04 PM Revision 4f22b3bb (ffmpeg): Factorize quant table read and write code in ffv1.c
Originally committed as revision 25436 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
07:35 PM Revision 54ce8a4c (ffmpeg): Clarify whitespace nitpicks in patcheck.
Originally committed as revision 25435 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
06:54 PM Revision f167a1a4 (ffmpeg): Rename out -> outlink, link -> inlink in various defaults.c functions,
improve readability / consistency.
Originally committed as revision 25434 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
06:54 PM Revision 69f73a89 (ffmpeg): Make avfilter_config_links() propagate the error code coming from the
callee functions.
Originally committed as revision 25433 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
12:06 PM Revision eae6e5e1 (napa-baselibs): added MACOS compatiblity ifdefs
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... MarcoMellia
02:20 AM Revision e4dccc0d (ffmpeg): Update rv30 FATE reference after last commit
The rm demuxer has timestamp bugs, so this test is sensitive to changes in
timestamp correction. The previous commit ...
Alexander Strange
02:17 AM Revision 0ff4f0c0 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: Use guess_correct_pts() to set decoded picture timestamps
Originally committed as revision 25431 to svn:// Alexander Strange
12:50 AM Revision 1e6f8d53 (ffmpeg): cafdec: Handle ALAC extradata.
This fixes roundup issue 2284.
Originally committed as revision 25430 to svn://
Peter Ross
12:39 AM Revision 47a5fba7 (ffmpeg): Add myself as the caf* maintainer
Originally committed as revision 25429 to svn:// Peter Ross


07:52 PM Revision bf2d43de (ffmpeg): Tool to analyze multimedia files and create directories and symlinks ...
container type and codecs in each file that point back to the file.
Originally committed as revision 25428 to svn://...
Michael Niedermayer
06:50 PM Revision 61c089a8 (ffmpeg): Document the SAP muxer
Originally committed as revision 25427 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:50 PM Revision 27d97fde (ffmpeg): Fix ffplay to keep calling av_read_frame even if EOF has been reached.
Patch by Michael Chinen, mchinen gmail
Originally committed as revision 25426 to svn://
Michael Chinen
02:58 PM Revision c689ccce (ffmpeg): libavformat: Always build id3v1.o and id3v2.o
Functions from these files are referenced from utils.c now. This fixes
building with --disable-everything.
Martin Storsjö
02:39 PM Revision 1b40d496 (ffmpeg): sapenc: Use the normal URL port as RTP port
This makes the URL handling consistent - the URL hostname is used as
destination for the RTP packets, so the URL port...
Martin Storsjö
12:42 PM Revision 8a49328f (streamers): r2142 has been selected as the baseline for release 0.9.x
git-svn-id: Csaba Kiraly
09:29 AM Revision 2aab70c4 (ffmpeg): sapenc: Declare a dependency on rtp_protocol, too
The SAP muxer uses network functions directly, uses the rtp protocol and the
udp protocol. The network functions and ...
Martin Storsjö
09:16 AM Revision a1fc29f5 (ffmpeg): sapenc: Include os_support.h, to provide a fallback definition for so...
Originally committed as revision 25422 to svn:// Martin Storsjö


11:45 PM Revision adbb9bca (ffmpeg): s/program/programs, as FFmpeg consists of many programs.
Originally committed as revision 25421 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:42 PM Revision 4ddade62 (ffmpeg): Install libavutil/opt.h, its API is public.
Fix issue #2265.
Originally committed as revision 25420 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
11:36 PM Revision 74d127b5 (ffmpeg): Add validity checks for the unsharp filter.
Prevent crash.
Originally committed as revision 25419 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
10:01 PM Revision fd0368e7 (ffmpeg): move av_find_stream_info() info struct to AVStream to avoid messy (re...
Originally committed as revision 25418 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:11 PM Revision f47d172f (ffmpeg): Check for more 'indent -kr' whitespace details.
Originally committed as revision 25417 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
06:07 PM Revision d1f676b8 (ffmpeg): Fix compilation on FreeBSD, use AF_UNSPEC instead of PF_UNSPEC
Originally committed as revision 25416 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:48 PM Revision fcc7f404 (ffmpeg): sapenc: Mark the muxer as depending on network functions
Hide all code mentioning IPv6 behind HAVE_STRUCT_SOCKADDR_IN6.
Originally committed as revision 25415 to svn://svn.f...
Martin Storsjö
03:41 PM Revision d03b93e3 (ffmpeg): Add a space between the else and { in mpegenc.c in the line i added.
Originally committed as revision 25414 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
02:55 PM Revision 8ccdca22 (napa-baselibs): Fix in double printout
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
12:05 PM Revision 011071e7 (ffmpeg): Add a SAP (Session Announcement Protocol, RFC 2974) muxer
Originally committed as revision 25413 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
11:58 AM Revision 6898677e (ffmpeg): sdp: Only specify the TTL for IPv4 addresses
According to RFC 4566, a TTL value must not be present for IPv6 multicast.
Originally committed as revision 25412 to...
Martin Storsjö
08:56 AM Revision 6ded3a04 (ffmpeg): Fix headers so that "make checkheaders" passes again
Originally committed as revision 25411 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:54 AM Revision a493f80a (ffmpeg): rtsp: Factorize out code for opening a chained RTP muxer
The new object file is added to the SDP demuxer in the makefile, since it
is needed in both the RTSP muxer and demuxe...
Martin Storsjö
08:51 AM Revision 3d742230 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Make rtsp_rtp_mux_open reusable
Originally committed as revision 25409 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:50 AM Revision 9e6acc78 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Remove the start_time field from RTSPState, use AVFormatContext...
Originally committed as revision 25408 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:49 AM Revision f6833fc1 (ffmpeg): Add protocol documentation on the connect option to the udp protocol
Originally committed as revision 25407 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:43 AM Revision 25968c39 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 25406 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:42 AM Revision 6766a354 (ffmpeg): udp: Add an option for connecting the udp socket
This allows us to find out the local sending address via getsockname,
otherwise we just get INADDR_ANY (or similar fo...
Martin Storsjö
08:40 AM Revision b7952ed1 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Set prev_ret properly when parsing more data from mpegts RTP ...
Originally committed as revision 25404 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:28 AM Revision 45658b74 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Store the previous return value for mpegts when it was -1, too
Originally committed as revision 25403 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:26 AM Revision 243ac3fd (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Keep track of the previous return value from rtp_parse_packet...
Patch by Robert Schlabbach, robert_s at gmx dot net
Originally committed as revision 25402 to svn://
Robert Schlabbach


07:41 PM Revision 8a451afe (ffmpeg): In gxf muxer, round up number of lines mod 16 in mpeg umf data, based...
Originally committed as revision 25401 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:37 PM Revision a7ba165a (ffmpeg): Update gxf regression tests because of r25399
Originally committed as revision 25400 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:35 PM Revision c6d04add (ffmpeg): In gxf muxer, fix number of flt entries based on patch by Reuben Mart...
Originally committed as revision 25399 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:25 PM Revision ca8064d2 (ffmpeg): fix bitstream filter option mapping when using -newvideo and friends
There was an off-by-one when addressing bitstream_filters[] in this situation.
Originally committed as revision 2539...
Aurelien Jacobs
07:18 PM Revision 6c214280 (ffmpeg): Add d modifier to asm argument to fix nasm compilation.
Originally committed as revision 25397 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
07:17 PM Revision 82ae56b3 (ffmpeg): In gxf muxer, write umf media for mpeg1video, patch by Reuben Martin,...
Originally committed as revision 25396 to svn:// Reuben Martin
07:15 PM Revision ad4c3c68 (ffmpeg): In gxf muxer, fix flt entry offset, patch by Reuben Martin, reuben do...
Originally committed as revision 25395 to svn:// Reuben Martin
07:10 PM Revision e99179de (ffmpeg): remove useless local variable
Originally committed as revision 25394 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:05 PM Revision 3e4318bf (ffmpeg): remove useless local allocated start_time array
Originally committed as revision 25393 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:56 PM Revision 8e4bb489 (chunker-player): * The player_ip command line parameter has been removed (unne...
git-svn-id: c54fa... CarmeloDaniele
11:18 AM Revision 0de7feff (ffmpeg): Set myself as maintainer for rtpenc* and sdp.c, as requested by Luca A
Originally committed as revision 25392 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
10:38 AM Revision 3b886ea1 (chunker-player): * offerstreamer filename modified in channels.conf (improved ...
git-svn-id: c54fa... CarmeloDaniele
10:07 AM Revision add73b22 (chunker-player): * chunker_player modifications:
* channels.conf updated (replaced the repository address)
* implemented the offerstreamer fork/kill mechanism in the ...
08:38 AM Revision 9b9d3868 (ffmpeg): libmp3lame: don't check unused function in detection
hip_decode_init() isn't used by the wrapper, and can be absent from the
library if lame was configured with --disable...
Rafaël Carré
08:00 AM Revision 87b2b40a (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 25390 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:59 AM Revision 10105c9b (ffmpeg): sdp: Don't require the explicit ?multicast option
No such option is used anywhere else. Instead, detect the address type.
Originally committed as revision 25389 to sv...
Martin Storsjö
07:58 AM Revision 55b6bd1c (ffmpeg): Convert ff_is_multicast_address to take a struct sockaddr parameter
Not all users of this function will have a full struct sockaddr_storage
available, and casting other sockaddrs to soc...
Martin Storsjö
07:54 AM Revision 7ac57fa5 (ffmpeg): Share the is_multicast_address function
The header probably isn't the right permanent place for this function, but
it is quite small, and consensus seems to ...
Martin Storsjö
07:53 AM Revision f63630cd (ffmpeg): Move multicast address identification fallback macros to network.h fr...
Originally committed as revision 25386 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
01:57 AM Revision 34b9e5bc (ffmpeg): Warn if muxing mpeg ps is attempted without a VBV buffer size.
Originally committed as revision 25385 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:57 AM Revision 2dec2bb8 (ffmpeg): Pass RC parameters on stream copy to the muxer.
Originally committed as revision 25384 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
12:32 AM Revision 9b272e32 (ffmpeg): Init SCR in mpeg muxer based on first DTS.
This fixes issues if the first DTS is far away from 0.
Originally committed as revision 25383 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Michael Niedermayer


09:43 PM Revision 61138c43 (ffmpeg): properly check for FF_API_MAX_STREAMS instead of LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION_...
Originally committed as revision 25382 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:56 PM Revision 38aab35f (ffmpeg): add new streams API without MAX_STREAMS limit
(disabled until next major bump)
Originally committed as revision 25381 to svn://
Aurelien Jacobs
08:52 PM Revision feb2440c (ffmpeg): dynamically use nb_streams instead of static use of MAX_STREAMS
Originally committed as revision 25380 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:49 PM Revision 2899a28c (ffmpeg): document the fact that av_new_stream() can't be called in a backgroun...
Originally committed as revision 25379 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:21 PM Revision 6612d8cf (ffmpeg): Move handling of ID3v2 to common utils.c code, reducing code duplication
and supporting it for more formats, fixing issue 2258.
Originally committed as revision 25378 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.or...
Reimar Döffinger
06:54 PM Revision 1136850d (ffmpeg): cosmetic: break long line
Originally committed as revision 25377 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:42 PM Revision 85c15960 (ffmpeg): Move the definitions of AVSEEK_SIZE to make it appear before the
description of url_seek(), which references it.
Originally committed as revision 25376 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
05:53 PM Revision 326ede48 (ffmpeg): custom build system documentation
Originally committed as revision 25375 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
05:50 PM Revision 2c5438aa (ffmpeg): Fix default value of time_offset_length.
Patch by John Stebbins stebbins jetheaddev com.
Originally committed as revision 25374 to svn://
John Stebbins
05:43 PM Revision 7c046049 (ffmpeg): Mention to send a patch before changing API or ABI.
Originally committed as revision 25373 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
04:59 PM Revision 9446b4bb (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Handle RTP header extension
This fixes roundup issue 2270.
Patch by Robert Schlabbach, robert_s at gmx dot net
Originally committed as revision...
Robert Schlabbach
03:24 PM Revision 9d74d627 (napa-baselibs): Even better protection against long publishes
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
03:24 PM Revision 6dfacccb (napa-baselibs): Fixed syntax error for Unix compile
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
02:51 PM Revision e4e7cb95 (napa-baselibs): MONL: Removed some debug code from MonTestDist
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... RobertBirke
02:30 PM Revision f88f3c9d (napa-baselibs): Make repo-less oparation possible when '-' is specified as add...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
02:27 PM Revision 4d8d9a46 (napa-baselibs): Protect memory agains extra long publish records (strangely lo...
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
02:25 PM Revision 47531428 (ml): Fixes for WIN build
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96... ArpadBakay
02:25 PM Revision 8146020a (napa-baselibs): Fixes for WIN build
git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-08... ArpadBakay
12:42 PM Revision 3ece3e4c (ffmpeg): Add RTP depacketization of the X-QT QuickTime format
Originally committed as revision 25371 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
12:30 PM Revision 9fd5f39b (ffmpeg): configure: Set _DARWIN_C_SOURCE while testing for struct ipv6_mreq
On OS X, this struct is only available if _DARWIN_C_SOURCE is defined,
when we have _POSIX_C_SOURCE defined. This all...
Martin Storsjö
11:40 AM Revision 0ada32c3 (ffmpeg): Remove unused variable.
Originally committed as revision 25369 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
11:18 AM Revision fe5feaeb (ffmpeg): Use retry_transfer_wrapper() in url_write() as its callers do not exp...
Originally committed as revision 25368 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:18 AM Revision a46f7516 (ffmpeg): Factor retry_transfer_wrapper() out of url_read_complete()
Originally committed as revision 25367 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
03:14 AM Revision e16c1569 (ffmpeg): doc,win32: add note about the use of dllimport for global data in MSVC++
Originally committed as revision 25366 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:58 AM Revision bc3836a1 (ffmpeg): doc,win32: update note on which files to use with shared libraries in...
Originally committed as revision 25365 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
02:46 AM Revision 2344dc6b (ffmpeg): doc: mention xmm clobber macros usage
Originally committed as revision 25364 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
01:27 AM Revision 326bf69a (ffmpeg): fft: mark xmm registers as clobbered in ff_imdct_calc_sse
Originally committed as revision 25363 to svn:// Ramiro Polla
01:26 AM Revision 6f74fb03 (ffmpeg): Check whether compiler supports xmm registers in asm clobber list
Originally committed as revision 25362 to svn:// Ramiro Polla


10:06 PM Revision dd68d4db (ffmpeg): MMX, MMX2, SSE2 and SSSE3 optimizations for pred16x16/8x8_plane H264 ...
prediction (plus some with different rounding for svq3/rv40). Speedup (for
SSSE3) about ~6-fold, 3.6% faster overall ...
Ronald S. Bultje
09:36 PM Revision 2f412421 (ffmpeg): movdec: Free the previous extradata
If multiple stsd atoms are parsed for the same stream, the old
extradata would be leaked.
Originally committed as re...
Martin Storsjö
09:35 PM Revision dc2cabd0 (ffmpeg): movdec: Split out ff_mov_read_stsd
Originally committed as revision 25359 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:05 PM Revision 6d342149 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: Fix prototype of some OPT_FUNC2 functions. They must return a...
Originally committed as revision 25358 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:11 PM Revision ec4913a8 (ffmpeg): vorbiscomment: add DISCNUMBER to the metadata conv table
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25357 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
08:10 PM Revision 038d46c9 (ffmpeg): configure: Consolidate rtsp/sdp deps to use _select
This makes e.g. --disable-everything --enable-demuxer=rtsp actually
enable the rtsp demuxer and everything else that ...
Martin Storsjö
07:47 PM Revision a8d69098 (ffmpeg): configure: Add the http protocol as an auto-enabled dependency of the...
Originally committed as revision 25355 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
07:46 PM Revision 5fe8021a (ffmpeg): rtsp/sdp: Move code into correct ifdefs
This makes the code dependencies correct. Previously, the SDP demuxer
wasn't buildable on its own.
This also reverts...
Martin Storsjö
07:33 PM Revision eb99f179 (ffmpeg): find_info_tag: Make sure the output buffer is null terminated
Originally committed as revision 25353 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:24 PM Revision 5dd7f994 (ffmpeg): Do not assume PIX_FMT_YUV420P will remain the only supported output f...
Originally committed as revision 25352 to svn:// Carl Eugen Hoyos
04:35 PM Revision 59612534 (ffmpeg): udp: Define _DARWIN_C_SOURCE
This is required in order to get the IP_MULTICAST_TTL define.
Originally committed as revision 25351 to svn://svn.ff...
Martin Storsjö
02:09 PM Revision 25a2ebb9 (ffmpeg): udp: Return the actual error code on errors, instead of AVERROR(EIO)
Originally committed as revision 25350 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
02:04 PM Revision 42f9582d (ffmpeg): Set proper error if server flags indicate that it doesn't support mms...
prevents a read-after-close-induced segfault later. Fixes issue 2266.
Patch by qrtt1 <chingyichan dot tw gmail com>....
12:14 PM Revision 2a26520a (ffmpeg): Cosmetics, lots of.
Originally committed as revision 25348 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
12:14 PM Revision bbc26bae (ffmpeg): Skip unnecessary calculations in 4col-mode.
Originally committed as revision 25347 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
12:14 PM Revision 90a3ffe2 (ffmpeg): Add possibility to crop screens inside of encoded frames.
Originally committed as revision 25346 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
12:14 PM Revision 93ee7f9c (ffmpeg): Add check for height when cropping.
Originally committed as revision 25345 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
12:14 PM Revision a4d26903 (ffmpeg): Introduce palette with dynamic size.
Originally committed as revision 25344 to svn:// Tobias Bindhammer
11:06 AM Revision a44da176 (ffmpeg): Remove some pointless CONFIG_RTSP_DEMUXER #ifdefs.
They reside within a large CONFIG_RTSP_DEMUXER block and are thus pointless.
Originally committed as revision 25343 ...
Diego Biurrun
11:03 AM Revision 2e802e38 (ffmpeg): Add some #endif comments to ease understanding.
Originally committed as revision 25342 to svn:// Diego Biurrun
09:40 AM Revision 9b75309c (ffmpeg): matroskaenc: write metadata
patch by Anton Khirnov anton _at_ khirnov _dot_ net
Originally committed as revision 25341 to svn://
Anton Khirnov
08:44 AM Revision 3a1429ec (ffmpeg): Update av_cmp_q() documentation after r25338.
Originally committed as revision 25340 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
07:02 AM Revision 12b8f562 (chunker-player): * Cross compiling checks added to the build_ul script.
* libpng is now built on the fly and statically linked to the player (no more local shared lib needed).
* Bugfix in t...
01:43 AM Revision 59a3bf0e (ffmpeg): Add selftest code for av_cmp_q().
Originally committed as revision 25339 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:43 AM Revision dec11269 (ffmpeg): Make av_cmp_q() work with infinities and NAN.
Originally committed as revision 25338 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
01:43 AM Revision cfa5a81e (ffmpeg): Move aspect ratio 0/0 avoidance code so the values in the sps struct ...
This preempts issues with av_cmp_q(0/0, X)
Originally committed as revision 25337 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer


08:23 PM Revision c9b87628 (ffmpeg): xdcam hd422 720p24 fourcc in mov
Originally committed as revision 25336 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
07:45 PM Revision 0f02a7e2 (ffmpeg): mms: remove dependency on MAX_STREAM API
Originally committed as revision 25335 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
01:41 PM Revision 00e962a2 (ffmpeg): Add a test for av_parse_video_rate().
Originally committed as revision 25334 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:41 PM Revision bc12b3b1 (ffmpeg): Use av_parse_and_eval_expr() in av_parse_video_rate(), simplify.
Originally committed as revision 25333 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:41 PM Revision 6b4ed22f (ffmpeg): Make av_d2q() manage the case in which the value to convert is inf.
Originally committed as revision 25332 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
01:08 PM Revision 9276bddd (ffmpeg): snowdsp: Explicitly state the operand sizes
Fixes compilation with clang's builtin assembler
Patch by İsmail Dönmez, ismail at namtrac dot org
Originally commi...
İsmail Dönmez
07:06 AM Revision 92c5052d (ffmpeg): Add protocol documentation on RTSP
Originally committed as revision 25330 to svn:// Martin Storsjö


08:23 PM Revision 59ac1da2 (ffmpeg): cosmetic: break long line
Originally committed as revision 25329 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:01 PM Revision 5ef42826 (ffmpeg): yadif: Explicit wordlength for compare. Fixes compile with clang.
Patch by İsmail Dönmez: ismail at namtrac dot org
Originally committed as revision 25328 to svn://
İsmail Dönmez
06:55 PM Revision 7fe3c270 (ffmpeg): rtpdec_svq3: Don't look for the unused RTP_FLAG_KEY flag
Originally committed as revision 25327 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:15 PM Revision 4c74d166 (ffmpeg): Fix typo, -flags 4mv => -flags mv4.
Originally committed as revision 25326 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
11:56 AM Revision d7810f45 (ffmpeg): rtsp: In the muxer, show the generated with verbose log level
It is only useful for debugging, so it doesn't have to be shown every time.
Originally committed as revision 25323 t...
Martin Storsjö
11:55 AM Revision 6ecd7417 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Show the received SDP
Originally committed as revision 25322 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:49 AM Revision 524aae86 (ffmpeg): Use SLIBSUF instead of .so, as a more generic dynamic library suffix.
Originally committed as revision 25321 to svn:// Víctor Paesa
07:53 AM Revision 12eef0d1 (ffmpeg): 100l, fix sws_getCachedContext. It did not set the colorspace details,
but worse it did not set up destination dimensions, thus every user
of it would necessarily fail.
Originally committ...
Reimar Döffinger


10:18 PM Revision 62784e37 (ffmpeg): Add the CODEC_CAP_CHANNEL_CONF capability code and add
that flag to the dca codec. This capability when set
will make sure the codec will initialize the channel
Benjamin Larsson
09:59 PM Revision ae8c28db (ffmpeg): applehttp: Add comments to make_absolute_url
Originally committed as revision 25319 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:58 PM Revision 9d229ef9 (ffmpeg): applehttp: Handle a .. path segment in the base url
Originally committed as revision 25318 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:58 PM Revision 978a5ce8 (ffmpeg): Reindent
Originally committed as revision 25317 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
09:57 PM Revision 8f7c2452 (ffmpeg): applehttp: Allow the base url to be a local file name, too
Originally committed as revision 25316 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
08:37 PM Revision 2e0559b7 (ffmpeg): Support decoding of FLAC files without a STREAMINFO header.
Originally committed as revision 25315 to svn:// Justin Ruggles
10:00 AM Revision f71abdbb (ffmpeg): Remove pointless -vn option, the file has no video stream.
Originally committed as revision 25314 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
09:56 AM Revision 01e4b675 (ffmpeg): Rename fate-gsm test to the more accurate fate-gsm-ms
and add a test for regular GSM as fate-gsm.
Fixes a 8kHz sample from issue 113.
Originally committed as revision 25...
Reimar Döffinger
09:51 AM Revision 645e7599 (ffmpeg): Fix GSM decoding: regular GSM and MSGSM do not use the same
bitstream endianness, so they cannot reuse the same code
without a lot of function call overhead.
Thus use templating...
Reimar Döffinger
09:50 AM Revision 1405782c (ffmpeg): Avoid cast of double nan to int.
It may cause exceptions on some platform.
Originally committed as revision 25311 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
09:16 AM Revision 8bf256bc (ffmpeg): Document url_get_filename().
Originally committed as revision 25310 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:44 AM Revision a5c33faa (ffmpeg): Add init and uninit functions to cmdutils, reduces code duplication
between ffmpeg and ffplay and avoids a valgrind error by freeing
Originally committed as revisio...
Reimar Döffinger
08:39 AM Revision 05931ab7 (ffmpeg): Make FRAPS decoder use PC range instead of TV range
FRAPS appears to output PC range streams. I can't guarantee this is true of
all versions.
Originally committed as r...
Jason Garrett-Glaser
01:26 AM Revision 35e33b9a (ffmpeg): 10l fix h263 encoder resolution test, array size is 8 not 7
Originally committed as revision 25305 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier


09:56 PM Revision 84fd51e5 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: replace MAX_STREAMS by an arbitrary sanity check
Originally committed as revision 25304 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:54 PM Revision 620a67d5 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate bitstream_filters
Originally committed as revision 25303 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:52 PM Revision 3a8e8824 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate stream_maps
Originally committed as revision 25302 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:51 PM Revision 0a6d97b3 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate output_codecs
Originally committed as revision 25301 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:41 PM Revision 311e223f (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate input_codecs
Originally committed as revision 25300 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:36 PM Revision 2c6958aa (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate input_files_ts_scale
Originally committed as revision 25299 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:34 PM Revision e640f261 (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: dynamically allocate streamid_map
Originally committed as revision 25298 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
09:29 PM Revision dba249ab (ffmpeg): ffmpeg: add a grow_array() helper function
Originally committed as revision 25297 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:32 PM Revision 33377121 (ffmpeg): Fix reference to nonexistent function.
Originally committed as revision 25296 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
05:52 PM Revision 321259c1 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Return a queued packet if it has been in the queue for longer t...
Originally committed as revision 25295 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:50 PM Revision 58ee0991 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Reorder received RTP packets according to the seq number
Reordering is enabled only when receiving over UDP.
Originally committed as revision 25294 to svn://
Martin Storsjö
05:46 PM Revision 02607418 (ffmpeg): rtpdec: Split out the part of rtp_parse_packet that does the parsing ...
Originally committed as revision 25293 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:45 PM Revision 27af8902 (ffmpeg): Fix indentation of ff_id3v2_read
Originally committed as revision 25292 to svn:// Reimar Döffinger
05:44 PM Revision c690fa97 (ffmpeg): Reindent/rewrap
Originally committed as revision 25291 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:44 PM Revision 38f8c80b (ffmpeg): rtsp: Reorganize if statements in rtsp_read_play
Originally committed as revision 25290 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
05:43 PM Revision ad4ad27f (ffmpeg): rtsp/rtpdec: Allow rtp_parse_packet to take ownership of the packet b...
Do the same change for ff_rdt_parse_packet, too, to keep the interfaces
Originally committed as revision 25...
Martin Storsjö
05:41 PM Revision 96a7c975 (ffmpeg): rtsp: Use a dynamically allocated receive buffer
Originally committed as revision 25288 to svn:// Martin Storsjö
04:02 PM Revision 6705dd5f (ffmpeg): Fix weird indent.
Originally committed as revision 25287 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
02:14 PM Revision 665f172d (streamers): accept offers from non-neighbours
Csaba Kiraly
01:55 PM Revision 0795b861 (ffmpeg): avassert: add missing #include <stdlib.h>
Originally committed as revision 25286 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:55 PM Revision f23ceeb8 (ffmpeg): avassert: prettify macro
Originally committed as revision 25285 to svn:// Måns Rullgård
01:55 PM Revision b64b4134 (ffmpeg): Rename libavutil/assert.h to avassert.h
This avoids conflicts with the system assert.h.
Originally committed as revision 25284 to svn://
Måns Rullgård
12:00 PM Revision 8a47d90b (ffmpeg): Fix av_cmp_q() with negative denominators.
Originally committed as revision 25283 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
11:37 AM Revision 1da299b7 (streamers): don't add to neighbourhodd just because a signaling msg is received
Csaba Kiraly
11:37 AM Revision 59b87dad (streamers): don't add to neghbourhood just because a chunk is received
Csaba Kiraly
11:37 AM Revision 32d70c26 (streamers): Merge branch '2010_streamers_paper' into back-offer
Csaba Kiraly
11:36 AM Revision cb6be841 (streamers): remove warning about unknown peer
Csaba Kiraly
11:08 AM Revision 0f4cd732 (ffmpeg): Add myself as maintainer of lxfdec.c
Originally committed as revision 25282 to svn:// Tomas Härdin
11:08 AM Revision 8878e3b2 (ffmpeg): Add demuxer for LXF (Leitch/Harris' VR native stream format)
Originally committed as revision 25281 to svn:// Tomas Härdin
11:08 AM Revision fbeabfca (ffmpeg): Add pcm_lxf, a decoder for the 20-bit planar PCM format used in LXF
Originally committed as revision 25280 to svn:// Tomas Härdin
10:55 AM Revision 147ee12e (streamers): configure whether to add peers to neighbourhood on signaling messa...
Csaba Kiraly
10:55 AM Revision 13d4c180 (streamers): configure whether to add peers to neighbourhood on chunk receive
Csaba Kiraly
10:53 AM Revision 6828703c (streamers): more frequent logging of neighbourhood size
Csaba Kiraly
10:53 AM Revision 18256383 (streamers): write more explicit message when adding peer based on incoming mes...
Csaba Kiraly


10:52 PM Revision c619572a (ffmpeg): Fix a typo in the nameing of av_assert0() in currently not compiled c...
Originally committed as revision 25279 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:22 PM Revision f1db76e1 (streamers): Merge branch '2010_streamers_paper' into back-offer
Csaba Kiraly
10:08 PM Revision 52c2cd41 (streamers): rotate neighbourhood when new peers arrive in a topo message
Csaba Kiraly
10:08 PM Revision de351684 (streamers): change neighbourhood only when topo message arrived
update_peers could also be called with null parameters as a heartbeat.
we don't want to update the peerset on these.
Csaba Kiraly
10:07 PM Revision 242b8bfc (streamers): we don't need metadata updates now
Csaba Kiraly
09:57 PM Revision b926b628 (ffmpeg): av_assert() system.
With this the developer can now choose if he wants an assert always enabled or at which
compile time assert level. Th...
Michael Niedermayer
08:40 PM Revision 59b4e5ba (ffmpeg): add FF_API_INOFFICIAL define to disable the deprecated 'inofficial' flag
Originally committed as revision 25277 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:34 PM Revision 838dc131 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_SET_STRING_OLD define to disable the deprecated av_set_str...
Originally committed as revision 25276 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:31 PM Revision 0743de4f (ffmpeg): add FF_API_USE_LPC define to disable the deprecated
Originally committed as revision 25275 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
08:24 PM Revision ab3efd00 (ffmpeg): Return AVERROR(EINVAL) rather than -1 in case of invalid values.
Originally committed as revision 25274 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
08:12 PM Revision 448ce925 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_SUBTITLE_OLD define to disable the deprecated decode_subti...
Originally committed as revision 25273 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
07:51 PM Revision 164bc38c (ffmpeg): add FF_API_VIDEO_OLD define to disable the deprecated decode_video API
Originally committed as revision 25272 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
06:12 PM Revision d8e45640 (ffmpeg): Correct tag is m2v1
Originally committed as revision 25271 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
03:37 PM Revision a377cfa6 (ffmpeg): add FF_API_AUDIO_OLD define to disable the deprecated decode_audio API
Originally committed as revision 25270 to svn:// Aurelien Jacobs
12:26 PM Revision e2f0214a (ffmpeg): Fix a yuv420p sample that was incorrectly detected as yuv411p
(576i50 25Mbps 4:1:1 special case was wrong).
Fixes issue2211
Patch by Niobos, niobos dest-unreach be
Originally co...
10:55 AM Revision f3f5eb6e (ffmpeg): Document url_filesize().
Originally committed as revision 25268 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:51 AM Revision 0a216bd1 (ffmpeg): Make register_protocol() use the function av_register_protocol2()
rather than av_register_protocol(), which is deprecated.
Fix the GCC warning:
avio.c: In function ‘register_protocol’...
Stefano Sabatini


11:06 PM Revision 0093ebc2 (ffmpeg): User application side of Codec specific parameters.
Originally committed as revision 25266 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
10:06 PM Revision f34fcdc8 (ffmpeg): Set default values for the scale context in sws_alloc_context().
Originally committed as revision 32415 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:06 PM Revision e60c906a (ffmpeg): Set the default value of param0 and param1 to SWS_PARAM_DEFAULT.
Originally committed as revision 32414 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
10:06 PM Revision 6d21d67b (ffmpeg): Set valid default values for the srcw, srch, dstw, dsth options in the
scale context. Prevent pointless warnings when using
av_opt_set_defaults() for setting the default values, as in a pe...
Stefano Sabatini
10:03 PM Revision 3c2014d5 (streamers): Merge branch 'measures' into 2010_streamers_paper
Csaba Kiraly
10:02 PM Revision 74bf94f2 (streamers): added traffic amount measurements
requires GRAPES update Csaba Kiraly
09:42 PM Revision 584b8edb (ffmpeg): Add missing case for FF_OPT_TYPE_DOUBLE in av_opt_set_defaults2().
Originally committed as revision 25265 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini
09:35 PM Revision 826481ea (ffmpeg): Remove duplicate entries
Originally committed as revision 25264 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
09:34 PM Revision 3432c263 (ffmpeg): Use new apple fourcc for mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 in mov, works natively on osx
Originally committed as revision 25263 to svn:// Baptiste Coudurier
05:42 PM Revision a52ffc3f (ffmpeg): Move static inline function to a macro, so that constant propagation in
inline asm works for gcc-3.x also (hopefully). Should fix gcc-3.x FATE
breakage after r25254.
Originally committed a...
Ronald S. Bultje
04:15 PM Revision fc7c40c2 (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: put "if (...)" and "av_log(...)" in the same line for
improving vertical alignment and readability.
Originally committed as revision 32405 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
03:58 PM Revision 0ab23257 (napa-baselibs): MONL:
1) reorganised stats computation: now for the more computational intensive it is on-demand and not per sample
2) corr...
03:43 PM Revision 1bb56bdb (ffmpeg): rawdec: Properly pass reordered_opaque through the decoder
Originally committed as revision 25261 to svn:// Alexander Strange
03:43 PM Revision 3dedbeff (ffmpeg): Check return value of get_chunk_header(). Since enum can be unsigned,...
current code wouldn't always error out on errors.
Based on patch by Stephen d'Angelo <sdangelo evertz com>.
Ronald S. Bultje
03:34 PM Revision 329d689f (ffmpeg): Use sse2 variant of put_pixels16() for no_rnd also. Provides a minor ...
increase to e.g. vc1, snow and mpeg decoding.
Patch by Eli Friedman <eli dot friedman gmail com>.
Originally commit...
Eli Friedman
03:09 PM Revision 77336a5e (ffmpeg): Allow setting the impulse block bias for libvorbis through a private ...
First example and test of private codec parameters.
Originally committed as revision 25258 to svn://
Michael Niedermayer
03:05 PM Revision dc51a72b (ffmpeg): Move allocation and init to defaults of the private codec contexts to...
That way the user app can set codec specific parameters in the private context
before opening it.
Originally committ...
Michael Niedermayer
02:04 PM Revision cd17285e (ffmpeg): Merge b_idx and edge variables, and optimize the ASM to directly load...
from memory locations/offsets depending on b_idx plus constants, rather than
having gcc do this. This saves several l...
Ronald S. Bultje
02:03 PM Revision 0cc8a5d0 (ffmpeg): Remove mv_mask variable. Replace the related pand -1/0 instructions b...
a pxor, or remove the instruction alltogether. Altogether, this saves 1
Originally committed as revisio...
Ronald S. Bultje
02:02 PM Revision c0673f2c (ffmpeg): Remove d_idx as a variable, and instead load it as a constant in the ...
This has no measurable speed effect because the surrounding code doesn't
take advantage of this yet.
Originally comm...
Ronald S. Bultje
01:35 PM Revision 2c3135f6 (ffmpeg): Unroll inner bidir loop in h264_loop_filter_strength_mmx2(), which ge...
of the d_idx variable and therefore allows for future optimizations. No speed
difference by this commit itself.
Ronald S. Bultje
01:34 PM Revision 4b81511c (ffmpeg): Unloop the outer loop in h264_loop_filter_strength_mmx2(), which allows
inlining various constants within the loop code. 20 cycles faster on
cathedral sample.
Originally committed as revis...
Ronald S. Bultje
01:02 PM Revision d29e863e (ffmpeg): Put if (...) av_log() in the same line, more compact and increase
Originally committed as revision 32404 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
01:02 PM Revision 5abd626e (ffmpeg): Amend constraints for the src_format and dst_format options in the
SWScale context.
Originally committed as revision 32403 to svn://
Stefano Sabatini
12:34 PM Revision 5ba24e49 (ffmpeg): Fix compile on Darwin (FATE). Compile error:
yadif.c:226: error: can't find a register in class 'GENERAL_REGS' while reloading 'asm'
yadif.c:220: error: 'asm' ope...
Alexander Strange
11:59 AM Revision 655c36b2 (ffmpeg): Add AVClass for the private context, this will be used for codec spec...
Originally committed as revision 25250 to svn:// Michael Niedermayer
08:44 AM Revision c24b404b (ffmpeg): Cosmetics: fix braces placement.
Originally committed as revision 32402 to svn:// Stefano Sabatini

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