From 07/03/2012 to 08/01/2012


03:06 PM Revision e9a66106 (streamers-build): fix segfault in chunker when -F is not specified
Csaba Kiraly
03:03 PM Revision 0d1a6a67 (streamers-build): Merge branch 'mingw-codec' into next
Csaba Kiraly
03:02 PM Revision b438f02d (streamers-build): Merge branch 'minGW-w64' into next
Csaba Kiraly
03:00 PM Revision 78bae7a8 (chunker-player): Merge branch 'minGW-w64' into next
Csaba Kiraly
02:58 PM Revision ee1a01d4 (chunker-player): Chunker: fix segfault if -F parameter is not specified
The error was due to an initialization order issue.
Now the config file is read only once, no after each
Csaba Kiraly
11:51 AM Revision bc99d9d4 (streamers-build): mingw: adding mp3lame to the mingw version
Csaba Kiraly
11:50 AM Revision ab2147bc (streamers-build): upgrading mp3lame to 3.99.5
problems with minGW-w64 build (configure stops on
int types because of a CR-LF) were solved in this version
Csaba Kiraly
11:48 AM Revision 56b651d6 (streamers-build): making mp3lame version configurable
Csaba Kiraly
09:50 AM Revision ec46ee6f (streamers-build): mingw: enabling x264 in mingw build
Csaba Kiraly
01:56 AM Revision 1881279b (streamers-build): fixing libconfuse compile issue
Csaba Kiraly
01:53 AM Revision da07e079 (napa-baselibs): minGW-w64: solving libconfuse configure string problem
--host was specified instead of --build. It was wonking
on some systems, but it was not working on others
Csaba Kiraly
12:25 AM Revision 4f6bc6d9 (streamers-build): ChunkerPlayer: fixing various compile issues with minGW-w64 ...
Csaba Kiraly
12:24 AM Revision 94256940 (streamers-build): linking streamer without libiberty
Csaba Kiraly
12:24 AM Revision e321d17b (streamers-build): upgrading NAPA-BASELIBS to version that does not need libiberty
Csaba Kiraly
12:20 AM Revision 4c4c94cc (streamers): do not link with libiberty
libiberty is not present in minGW-w64 on Ubuntu 12.04 Csaba Kiraly
12:19 AM Revision d276a373 (napa-baselibs): use rand instead of random in stun.c
random created problems with minGW-w64 Csaba Kiraly
12:18 AM Revision f277a0aa (napa-baselibs): use rand instead of random in dclog
random is only posix, creates problems with minGW-w64 Csaba Kiraly
12:16 AM Revision be371d24 (napa-baselibs): minGW-w64: fixing missing include in dclog.c
Signed-off-by: Rune K. Svendsen <> Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision a1b5e551 (chunker-player): remove libiberty from the linked libraries
libiberty is not used, why try to link to it?
it creates problems with minGW-w64, which does not have it
installed on...
Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision 2bf5dc96 (chunker-player): minGW-w64: fix ld-option detection script issue
for some reason i686-w64-mingw32-gcc does not
support output to /dev/null
workaroung: changed to /dev/stdout, it was ...
Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision a4ea896a (chunker-player): no need to link with microhttpd
it was a dummy link, we do not use libmicrohttpd anymore Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision 56f4cda4 (chunker-player): adding missing include in external_chunk_transcoding
Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision 7605ac7f (chunker-player): minGW-w64: detect it as windows build
Csaba Kiraly
12:00 AM Revision d0f7ce06 (chunker-player): mingw: adding possible dependence on libdxguid
new SDL seems to have this dependence on some systems
maybe we should start using pkg-config ...
Csaba Kiraly


11:50 PM Revision 52ea2506 (chunker-player): fixing minGW-w64 issue; do not build microhttpd by default
our default versions are not using microhttpd, and
it has compile issues with minGW-w64, so we simply
exclude it from...
Csaba Kiraly
11:48 PM Revision 255fc724 (chunker-player): fix minGW-w64 issue: upgrading CURL version to 7.27.0
fixing some compile issues with minGW-w64 Csaba Kiraly
11:47 PM Revision 39f3cb5b (chunker-player): making CURL version configurable
Csaba Kiraly
04:34 PM Revision 2c644c8b (chunker-player): making plibc version configurable
Csaba Kiraly
02:38 PM Revision 33b57058 (chunker-player): upgrade pthreads version to 2.9.1
otherwise ming32 version on Ubuntu 12.04 fails to compile with
"pthread.h:307:8: error: redefinition of ‘struct times...
Csaba Kiraly
02:35 PM Revision 24f16a1c (chunker-player): make pthreads version configurable
Csaba Kiraly
02:33 PM Revision 7f736ef7 (chunker-player): fixing cross-compiler for pthreads
Csaba Kiraly
02:33 PM Revision b811dbfa (chunker-player): fixing plibc download URL
Csaba Kiraly


04:03 PM Revision 8605f54d (streamers-build): ChunkerPlayer: fixing libmicrohttpd version for ming32 compa...
Csaba Kiraly
03:27 PM Revision 8647f8a0 (chunker-player): fixing version of libmicrohttpd to 0.9.20
newer ones fail either on Ubuntu 10.10 or on Ubuntu 12.04 under mingw32 Csaba Kiraly


02:30 PM Revision 3db6932f (streamers-build): mingw32: add some autodetection code for the mingw version t...
this is just part of the solution, but at least it should be
backwards compatible
Csaba Kiraly
12:33 PM Revision c4848c3f (grapes): chunkiser: changing default media in avf chunkiser to audio/video fro...
earlier this was set to video to simplify experiments Csaba Kiraly


08:58 PM Revision 20901dbd (streamers-build): left out part of x264 build command in ./Makefile
Rune K. Svendsen
08:53 PM Revision 207561b5 (streamers-build): initial commit
trying to make the win32 compile process more general. also suited for mingw32-w64 Rune K. Svendsen
05:06 PM Revision 68bd0f9b (streamers-build): mingw32: using external CROSSPREFIX in the ffmpeg configure ...
Csaba Kiraly
05:06 PM Revision 89c6ac99 (streamers-build): mingw32: generalizing senenv-mingw script a bit
Csaba Kiraly

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