From 10/23/2014 to 11/21/2014


05:16 PM Revision 68eae03e (streamers-build): refactor topology
Luca Baldesi
05:02 PM Revision f71afac2 (streamers): add --neighbourhood_log function
Luca Baldesi


02:03 PM Revision 67700aad (grapes): generic bugfixing
fix warning alert on peerset_for_each
fix peers comparison crash bug
fix nodeid comparison crash bug
Luca Baldesi
01:58 PM Revision 69f0cc30 (streamers): refactor topology_update code
introduce the locked neighbours Luca Baldesi


05:01 PM Revision a6c12f77 (streamers): fix random topology building bug, fix integer rounding bugs, fix c...
Luca Baldesi
04:58 PM Revision 0ed4d0e8 (streamers): fix nodeid uninitialised parameters
Luca Baldesi


10:26 AM Revision f872ab6f (grapes): fix node_ip bug in the net_helper
this bug will affect nodeids with invalid AF family Luca Baldesi


02:11 PM Revision 4e8fa692 (streamers): fix bug on topological peer comparison
Luca Baldesi


05:04 PM Revision 528be4de (streamers-build): refactor streamer code, move to ANS remine repos
Luca Baldesi
04:24 PM Revision 8f446863 (grapes): fix compilation warning and suppress fprintf
Luca Baldesi
03:49 PM Revision 8bf10d7b (streamers): fix critical bug about gossiping sending messages
Luca Baldesi


10:50 AM Revision d33b65c0 (streamers): add hopcount option for cross-layer optimization
Luca Baldesi
10:01 AM Revision 443a3edc (streamers): add logging functions for the topology module
Luca Baldesi
10:00 AM Revision 9e66538d (streamers): important bug fix for set structure (int_bucket,string_indexer,xlw...
unsigned integers are useful but trick whenever they are subtracted... Luca Baldesi
09:53 AM Revision 176b8de8 (grapes): export configuration structure files.
configuration tool has changed its name into grapes_config and it's now available as a public interface of the GRAPES... Luca Baldesi


09:21 AM Revision 2c6bf157 (peerstreamer-logs-analyzer): add correlated visualizer
Luca Baldesi
09:09 AM Revision a60088f6 (peerstreamer-logs-analyzer): add generic fixes
Luca Baldesi


03:26 PM Revision d626ac01 (streamers): integrate the cross layer optimization module in the streamer
binary can be launched with '--xloptimization' option in order to activate this feature Luca Baldesi
01:43 PM Revision 4c683f6c (streamers): add XLayerWeighter module and test file
Cross Layer Weighter gives a quality metrics for a given peer based on underlying network information.
Currently XLW ...
Luca Baldesi
09:07 AM Revision 6a7dd306 (streamers): fix string_indexer and int_bucket memory leak bug
Luca Baldesi

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