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streamers-build @ 528be4de

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528be4de 11/11/2014 05:04 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor streamer code, move to ANS remine repos

f034c2b5 10/14/2014 03:25 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor code, some bugfixes

2ade863a 06/11/2014 03:48 PM Luca Baldesi

improve push functions

b981ee69 06/05/2014 12:59 PM Luca Baldesi

bugfix measures procedures

986d5a5a 04/07/2014 07:43 AM Luca Baldesi

use push strategy for the source in order to reduce the first hop loss

8537715d 04/01/2014 02:29 PM Luca Baldesi

add source capability of registering acknowledgements for initial pushed chunks

ee042274 04/01/2014 01:32 PM Luca Baldesi

fix topology issue of the GRAPES incarnation

f67461e8 04/01/2014 09:37 AM Luca Baldesi

refactor code removing TMAN refernces

d52ca673 04/01/2014 07:49 AM Luca Baldesi

fix non-MAC bug

bc9563ae 03/31/2014 04:11 PM Luca Baldesi

switch to halo gitolite repos

76ca8492 03/31/2014 04:06 PM Luca Baldesi

fix topology issue, fix GRAPES node comparison issue

8f88c498 03/26/2014 10:56 AM Luca Baldesi

bug fixing

ecfe44d4 03/26/2014 10:04 AM Luca Baldesi

increase chunk logs detail

a576924c 02/06/2014 02:51 PM Luca Baldesi

fix sockaddr_storage initialization bug

fcd86a10 02/06/2014 09:34 AM Luca Baldesi

add Streamers commit to solve the Mac execution bug

80a37508 01/31/2014 02:16 PM Luca Baldesi

add setenv script for 32bit cross-compiling

45bf7a3a 01/31/2014 02:09 PM Luca Baldesi

enable 32bit cross-compiling

0e803bdb 12/12/2013 07:24 PM Luca Baldesi

fix ml connection bug

f1abd72b 12/11/2013 09:03 AM Luca Baldesi

fix win compilation bug for libx264

ba24c59d 12/11/2013 08:59 AM Luca Baldesi

change default launcher for Windowns in order to not show the shell

58047c63 12/11/2013 08:41 AM Luca Baldesi

fix ipv6-ML NetworkID bug

b393f0b9 12/03/2013 12:21 PM Luca Baldesi

add GRAPES russo ipv6

a2d2b48e 11/27/2013 09:15 AM Luca Baldesi

add smart chunk_loss_interval option

51ff6aca 11/26/2013 04:57 PM Luca Baldesi

add chunk loss feature

adedd4cc 11/21/2013 08:34 AM Luca Baldesi

change Streamers module repo to point to baldesi@halo

a78d4e90 11/20/2013 05:57 PM Luca Baldesi

minor changes in Streamers

82f9e7b8 11/20/2013 05:09 PM Luca Baldesi

modify the way the streamer logs chunk data

f079e6e0 11/07/2013 10:18 AM Luca Baldesi

add ipv6 support

00e564a2 10/11/2013 03:09 PM Luca Baldesi

change ChunkerPlayer url for baldesi repo

3fd0b87a 10/11/2013 03:03 PM Luca Baldesi

add execution scripts for Windows and modified chunker_player in order to make it more reliable..

c77a3689 05/22/2013 12:24 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'installer' into next

9d8a10cb 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

Creating desktop icon in windows installer

92235696 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

updating RPM packaging

90058e01 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

Updating debian installer

78b68894 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

Identifying architecture

58723d93 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

Adding new icon

da534ac3 05/22/2013 12:23 PM Alessandro Russo

update installer

448588c3 05/22/2013 12:22 PM Alessandro Russo

updating Windows installer for 1.1.0

2f5400f1 05/22/2013 12:22 PM Alessandro Russo

Adding icons and images

54d5ab4f 05/22/2013 12:22 PM Alessandro Russo

Adding License

acd597bf 03/07/2013 03:24 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix a chunkstream error: infinite loop if the chunkstream is closed badly

fd6615c7 03/07/2013 03:24 PM Csaba Kiraly

making STUN discovery more robust

c65a95bd 03/07/2013 03:23 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'master' into next

8d1684fb 03/07/2013 03:17 PM Csaba Kiraly

fixing libvga link error in player

9e4a1f8b 01/24/2013 11:53 AM Csaba Kiraly

move net_helper-ml from GRAPES to Streamers

9df8fe9b 01/23/2013 09:51 AM Csaba Kiraly

fixes to ChunkerPlayer compilation

29f20d00 08/24/2012 11:53 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'minGW-w64' into next


11a0d1a4 08/24/2012 11:19 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix libconfuse compile error due to --build instead of --host

8b829935 08/24/2012 10:04 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix some more HOSTARCH checks

14e296fe 08/24/2012 10:03 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix compile error on missing zlib.h

The error was due to a download error from a specific sourceforge

759754a2 08/24/2012 09:01 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge remote-tracking branch 'runeksvendsen/next' into minGW-w64


848a1c1e 08/06/2012 12:12 PM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading Streamers to version that fixes -I lo error under Win32

8de16c30 08/06/2012 12:11 PM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading GRAPES to version that fixes input/output configuration problem

db41c84b 08/03/2012 10:14 AM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading GRAPES to abeni's version

e9a66106 08/01/2012 03:06 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix segfault in chunker when -F is not specified

0d1a6a67 08/01/2012 03:03 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'mingw-codec' into next

b438f02d 08/01/2012 03:02 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'minGW-w64' into next

bc99d9d4 08/01/2012 11:51 AM Csaba Kiraly

mingw: adding mp3lame to the mingw version

ab2147bc 08/01/2012 11:50 AM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading mp3lame to 3.99.5

problems with minGW-w64 build (configure stops on
int types because of a CR-LF) were solved in this version

56b651d6 08/01/2012 11:48 AM Csaba Kiraly

making mp3lame version configurable

ec46ee6f 08/01/2012 09:50 AM Csaba Kiraly

mingw: enabling x264 in mingw build

1881279b 08/01/2012 01:56 AM Csaba Kiraly

fixing libconfuse compile issue

4f6bc6d9 08/01/2012 12:25 AM Csaba Kiraly

ChunkerPlayer: fixing various compile issues with minGW-w64 and Ubuntu 12.04

94256940 08/01/2012 12:24 AM Csaba Kiraly

linking streamer without libiberty

e321d17b 08/01/2012 12:24 AM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading NAPA-BASELIBS to version that does not need libiberty

8605f54d 07/27/2012 04:03 PM Csaba Kiraly

ChunkerPlayer: fixing libmicrohttpd version for ming32 compatibility

3db6932f 07/04/2012 02:30 PM Csaba Kiraly

mingw32: add some autodetection code for the mingw version to support Ubuntu 12.04

this is just part of the solution, but at least it should be
backwards compatible

20901dbd 07/03/2012 08:58 PM Rune K. Svendsen

left out part of x264 build command in ./Makefile

207561b5 07/03/2012 08:53 PM Rune K. Svendsen

initial commit
trying to make the win32 compile process more general. also suited for mingw32-w64

68bd0f9b 07/03/2012 05:06 PM Csaba Kiraly

mingw32: using external CROSSPREFIX in the ffmpeg configure command

89c6ac99 07/03/2012 05:06 PM Csaba Kiraly

mingw32: generalizing senenv-mingw script a bit

b395f1a9 07/02/2012 10:21 PM Csaba Kiraly

fixing SDL compile issue on Ubuntu 12.04

30b7749c 05/19/2012 07:07 PM Csaba Kiraly

GRAPES: fix Win32 build with net_helper-udp (without ML)

269c2f50 05/18/2012 07:54 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix compile error with make simple under mingw32

24c93d9f 05/18/2012 07:52 PM Csaba Kiraly

fixed x264 dependence releated compile issue

ffmpeg's dependence on x264 was handled differently from other
encoder libaries. Now x264 is handled just like the others

ce6c9541 05/18/2012 02:53 PM Csaba Kiraly

GRAPES: upgrading net_helper-udp to the version with a more complex header

25b367b0 05/18/2012 02:06 PM Csaba Kiraly

GRAPES: including versoin with win32 compatible chunkisers

597985f8 05/18/2012 01:48 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'win32' into next


833d969b 04/29/2012 10:10 PM Csaba Kiraly

enable chunker in the win32 version

af7a9c24 04/24/2012 11:05 PM Csaba Kiraly

changing to generalized net_helper configuration

e1381b46 04/24/2012 10:57 PM Csaba Kiraly

use newscast+ as peer sampler

81fd5647 04/24/2012 10:53 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'grapes-0.3.X' into next

18a975f0 04/17/2012 10:38 PM Csaba Kiraly

player: adding crop modes to ratios (change with 'R')

c3ce1838 04/17/2012 10:22 PM Csaba Kiraly

player: publish based on ChannelGroup instead of exact channel title

2c88f451 04/17/2012 08:09 PM Csaba Kiraly

make reuse of UDP ports faster to avoid source restart and player zapping problems

2da061df 04/17/2012 07:47 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'source-fixes' into next

049e637e 04/16/2012 01:24 PM Csaba Kiraly increase IPC port after each restart

TODO: review this for the special case when it is used in remote mode

2f7dc005 04/16/2012 01:23 PM Csaba Kiraly fix streamer kill issue in restart mode

ace13137 04/16/2012 12:12 PM Csaba Kiraly

append date to log filename

0550c4a4 04/05/2012 08:55 AM Csaba Kiraly

ffmpeg: disable VDA on OS X, seems to create some linking problems

a54e19b2 04/02/2012 07:41 PM Csaba Kiraly

grapes: merging newest master branch from GRAPES

5183f5f7 04/02/2012 12:02 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'next' into grapes-0.3.X


0f0a4009 04/02/2012 11:15 AM Csaba Kiraly

streamer: upgrading to 1.0.4 version

f30daf4c 04/02/2012 09:07 AM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'ffmpeg-update' into next

b17f5c4f 04/02/2012 09:07 AM Csaba Kiraly

streamer: upgrading to the AGPL version

68523c05 04/01/2012 09:15 PM Csaba Kiraly

updating ffmpeg to the 0.10.2 point release

aad1aaec 04/01/2012 12:06 AM Csaba Kiraly

fix two compilation issues in chunker, caused by changes in libavfilter

68e0ceff 03/31/2012 11:10 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'ffmpeg-update' into next

dfae9bea 02/14/2012 01:57 PM Csaba Kiraly

upgrading submodules to openSUSE 64bit compatible version

9c0dce6e 02/13/2012 01:25 PM Giovanni [dacav] Simoni

Fix build system for OpenSuSE