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chunker-player / chunker_player / player_stats.h @ 3262ed44

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adb8ea05 08/03/2011 02:37 PM Csaba Kiraly

player: fix windows headers for struct timeval

a45b9631 08/02/2011 04:37 PM Csaba Kiraly

player: cleaning some header files

fe9cdf9a 07/08/2011 07:29 AM GiuseppeTropea

ChunkerPlayer and ChunkeStreamer: removed all warnings except some deprecated function in ffmpeg/sws which is still better to use the deprecated interface

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

54217c91 07/08/2011 07:29 AM GiuseppeTropea

UL components: chunker_player: tuned QoE estimator so that cumulative average computed from real-time observations bitrate is used for estimation instead of channels.conf reference parameter. This allows for flexible channels configurations.

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

e11386c0 02/02/2011 10:04 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge portablestreamer-win into trunk

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913