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046e7b49 05/31/2011 04:28 PM napawine

chunker:set some x264 encoding parameters for better quality

9918580a 05/31/2011 04:23 PM napawine

chunker: fix error when scaling is enabled

some fixes were only done in the non-scaing part of the code
bringing them to the scaling part as well

c0396779 05/30/2011 06:21 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: increase default B frames to 3

6e690496 05/30/2011 06:21 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: increase default GOP size to 25

b98fce85 05/30/2011 06:20 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fix -o option (it was reversed!)

98cbdb77 05/27/2011 01:31 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: do a real restart in case of pts anomalies

036a95a6 05/27/2011 12:47 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fix anomaly counters again

c3a98bab 05/24/2011 01:30 PM napawine

chunker: fix pts time base before passing to video encoder

efd33edc 05/23/2011 03:12 PM Csaba Kiraly

fixing pts handling with x264

80515685 05/23/2011 11:01 AM Csaba Kiraly

add -d option to force some audio delay

dfda9829 05/18/2011 02:10 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: some generic video quality tuning

557c8b38 05/18/2011 02:09 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fix newtime anomaly threshold setting

441ff227 05/16/2011 09:24 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: make anomaly thresholds configurable

db5d486a 05/16/2011 09:22 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: make GOP size and max b frames configuarable

0831ad06 05/16/2011 08:48 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: clear frame type field before encoding

it seems (to be confirmed) that the filed is takes as a command to encode
with the specific type. This is not what we want.

72d33062 05/15/2011 01:59 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: disable anomaly detection mechanisms

1f626248 05/15/2011 01:59 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: make it possible to disable anomaly detection mechanisms

f220e463 05/13/2011 06:57 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: do not close the TCP conection when restarting the loop

092966c7 05/13/2011 07:30 AM Csaba Kiraly

Merge branch 'priority'

d25320f1 05/13/2011 07:29 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fixing some more memleaks

0fe99630 05/13/2011 07:10 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fixing some memleaks

b9477cd0 05/12/2011 05:50 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: implement video codec copy (-V copy) feature

387b789d 05/12/2011 05:50 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: simpify code by saving size values at the beginning

41e1f811 05/12/2011 05:47 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fix the initalization of codec variables

8ecce1bb 05/12/2011 04:45 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: added -F parameter to override output string

31db59aa 05/12/2011 04:24 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fixing a bunch of compile warnings

f35f46e8 05/12/2011 03:55 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: disabling timebank mechanism

dc3cdade 05/12/2011 03:54 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: making timebank mechanism configurable by a variable

41b6e126 05/12/2011 03:52 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: restart on anomaly detection

36fdd607 05/12/2011 03:52 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: moving anomaly threshold values in variables

8751781d 05/12/2011 03:50 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: fixing help: -A and -V are not mandatory

e3503a45 05/12/2011 09:35 AM Csaba Kiraly

calculate chunk priority based on frame priority

2efccd13 05/11/2011 06:55 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker_streamer: audio codec (-A) and video codec (-V) configuration on command line

it was unnecessarily hardcoded before
parameters are encoders (codec implementations), not codec names

3bcbf04c 05/11/2011 01:26 AM Csaba Kiraly

h.264, mpeg4: turn on b-frames

492e126d 05/11/2011 01:25 AM Csaba Kiraly

h.264: change GOP size to 12

13836171 05/05/2011 09:45 AM Csaba Kiraly

adding UDPIO handlers

03590124 05/05/2011 09:45 AM Csaba Kiraly

adding sendChunk function

202967c7 05/04/2011 07:22 AM Csaba Kiraly

fixing frame type error: setting it based on transcoded frame type

it was set based on the input frame type

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

3e0c28b0 05/04/2011 07:22 AM Csaba Kiraly

adding frame type debug info

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

01f952d0 03/04/2011 04:39 PM GiuseppeTropea

added LGPL licensing info to the UL components

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

e11386c0 02/02/2011 10:04 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge portablestreamer-win into trunk

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

0452f734 09/14/2010 12:25 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker streamer
-- fixed bug that updated "time bank" counters at the end of a chunk instead of at the end of a frame encoding
-- fixed bug that cused malfunctioning when no audio track is present in stream file

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

9996b19f 09/07/2010 07:40 AM Csaba Kiraly

chunker: log less by default

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

38617dba 08/10/2010 11:47 AM GiuseppeTropea

UL streamer
- aligned H264 and mpeg4 codecs quality defaults to new values, which have changed with new ffmpeg versions
- changed GOP size from 10 to 100

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

df2ad829 08/05/2010 09:58 AM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker streamer
- deactivated much of the debug messages
- close and reopen source in case of severe corruption of incoming frames' timings

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

69fd123e 08/02/2010 11:12 AM GiuseppeTropea UL chunker_streamer
  • added a sleep mechanism on not using a live source in order to do not saturate bandwitdh (encoded frames are sent in a restrained way).
UL chunker player
  • various graphics enhancements
  • minor bugfixes

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

0864b2dc 07/28/2010 04:16 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker streamer:
- loop mode is now the default

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

a573b3de 07/27/2010 01:59 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker_streamer:
- base offset converted to milliseconds instead of seconds to be on the same timescale of frames/sec
- restart of source reading now does not include recalculation of base offset (not needed if application does not exit)

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

ac723195 07/27/2010 12:01 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker_streamer: forcing hard reset to stream in case of EOF and live source

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

7ea4a367 07/27/2010 09:24 AM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker_streamer: fixed bug that caused clean exit in case of live source having many read errors and refusing to read

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

9240dba2 07/16/2010 05:11 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL components: Changed in the standard included files due to the correct installation of libmicrohttpd in a separate directory

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

cdcae696 07/11/2010 11:58 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL streamer: separate variable for sleep time of video frames

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

c75b5711 07/11/2010 05:08 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL streamer: added flag to enable/disable AV compensation when reading from file

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

4c879040 07/10/2010 06:13 PM GiuseppeTropea

UL chunker_streamed sleep timing now tracks the timestamps calculation in case of streaming of file (not live source)

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

1538a3bd 07/09/2010 05:45 PM GiuseppeTropea

restructured folders to facilitate compilation, and added Makefiles plus a build_ul script

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913