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ITV1 instead of ITV 1
ITV2 instead of ITV 2
Implemented timer feature without the use of signals

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More flexible channel lookup

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updated website

3f54700c 04/17/2004 06:57 PM jak

working on DVB-C support

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dvb-s support version 0.7.1

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dvbdguide ( Installing the TV Guide CGI script ---------------------------------- Prerequisites: xsltproc - perl - apache - or other webserver supporting CGI dvbd - Debian users: apt-get install perl xsltproc xmltv dpkg -i dvbd*.deb 1. This program is written to more easily schedule programs with dvbd. Make sure that the utility programs dvblist and dvbsched are in your path since they are invoked by tv.cgi script. 2. The TV Guide is based on an XMLTV compatible data source. You need to ensure that the listings for today are in a file called listings.0.xml. Listings for tomorrow (if you have them should be in listings.1.xml, the day after in listings.2.xml and so on). I use bleb2xmltv ( for basic UK listings, although the RadioTimes grabber should work well too. Since bleb2xmltv automatically rotates it's listings files making symbolic links to the /var/cache/bleb is good enough: listings.0.xml -> /var/cache/bleb/listings.0.xml listings.1.xml -> /var/cache/bleb/listings.1.xml ... 3. If you are using Apache, make sure that Apache has user directories and CGI enabled. For Apache2 make sure that the following is in your /etc/apache2/apache2.conf. NB ExecCGI option. ----8<---- UserDir public_html AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Options Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch ExecCGI ----8<---- 3. Make a ~/public_html directory 4. Copy the tv.cgi tv.xsl tv.css to ~/public_html cp tv.cgi tv.xsl tv.css ~/public_html 5. Make sure that listings.xml for today's TV listings is present in ~/public_html 6. Make a recordings directory somewhere on your computer. Edit ~/public_html/tv.cgi: $recordingPath = "/home/jak/recordings"; to point to a directory that you want to record to. NB: the directory should be owned by you, but in the dvdb group, user and group writable. 7. Add any xmltv id to DVB id mappings in ~/public_html/tv.cgi I have added the ones for the channels I watch on UK freeview. 8. Assuming that dvbd is properly configured and running, open the web browser at http://yourhost/~youruser/tv.cgi Hopefully all should work! 9. If you have different favourite programs to me, edit ~/public_html/favourites.xml as appropriate. 10. Please send comments, suggestions, patches and contributions to TROUBLESHOOTING --------------- 1. If the page comes up blank, check that the listings.0.xml files are present and correct. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ---------------- This code is based off tv-control by

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