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ffmpeg / berrno.h @ 64eaac62

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115329f1 12/17/2005 06:14 PM Diego Biurrun

COSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace.

Originally committed as revision 4749 to svn://

0147f198 07/20/2002 08:05 PM Fran├žois Revol beos/mov/adpcm patch by Fran├žois Revol <revol at free dot fr>
  • Some BeOS fixes:
    - errno stuff
    - nanosleep() replacement
    - added a doc/README.beos
  • mov reader still has problems with most videos (skips many chunks),
    - It should now read .mov files with zlib-compressed moov headers (aka cmov)...
e1707f52 07/19/2002 10:23 PM Michael Niedermayer

BeOS patches by "shatty" <shatty at>
1. errno's are negative on beos, so negating them gives positive values.
2. the -shared flag is -nostart on beos.
3. building the shared lib on beos requires -fomit-frame-pointer
4. beos doesn't have oss support...