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65214b62 12/09/2009 10:45 PM Carl Eugen Hoyos

Cosmetics: Fix typos in r20780.

Originally committed as revision 20787 to svn://

24b403f3 12/08/2009 11:23 PM Zhihang Wang

Mention patcheck.

Patch by Zhihang Wang, zhihang D wang A gmail

Originally committed as revision 20780 to svn://

07f77dad 10/01/2009 11:58 AM Diego Biurrun

Explain the process of patch review and commit a bit.

Originally committed as revision 20119 to svn://

72cdcc0b 09/13/2009 04:46 PM Diego Biurrun Replace @node commands with @anchor to refer to specific points in the text.
This fixes the warnings
  • `Developers Guide' is up for `Coding Rules', but has no menu entry for this node
  • `Invocation' is up for `FFmpeg formula evaluator', but has no menu entry for this node...
76bcd87b 09/09/2009 05:27 PM Benjamin Larsson

Change developer doc to reflect reality

Originally committed as revision 19799 to svn://

a752069d 06/24/2009 10:58 PM Diego Biurrun

Split developer documentation off from general documentation.

Originally committed as revision 19269 to svn://