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5231d627 01/30/2011 02:41 AM Janne Grunau

doc: modify style for texi2html 1.78+

The generated HTML files are similar to the ones generated with
texi2html 1.56k used on the website.

Tested with texi2html 1.78 and 5.0. 1.78 is the minimal recommended

The removed @sp from the titlepage section were ignored until...

6219b67e 01/30/2011 02:41 AM Stefano Sabatini

Add muxers.texi file.

Signed-off-by: Janne Grunau <>
(cherry picked from commit 85466e1e5f7f1fe50933d2d967a06b45b9222b5b)

ef298ea7 01/09/2011 10:22 AM Stefano Sabatini

Add demuxers.texi file.

Originally committed as revision 26282 to svn://

82ccbe6b 12/14/2010 06:38 PM Stefano Sabatini

Simplify texi files naming: ff*-doc.texi -> ff*.texi.

Originally committed as revision 26006 to svn://