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ffmpeg / libav / jpeg.c @ 57514323

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10bb7023 04/07/2002 09:44 PM Juanjo

- Added force_pts to av_write_packet() to be able to force PTS, this helps
(and fix) stream copying. By now force_pts it's just honoured by the MPEG
muxer. ASF could honour this also, but it should be fixed to use Tickers
- MPEG audio decoder exports it's frame size in bytes....

9150f42e 09/16/2001 09:50 PM Fabrice Bellard

fixed image number syntax problems

Originally committed as revision 128 to svn://

3abf2c27 08/15/2001 01:02 PM Fabrice Bellard

added jpeg image read/write

Originally committed as revision 88 to svn://