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3f95e843 11/02/2002 10:39 AM François Revol

added MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion) 3:1 & 6:1 support
contribution by Laszlo Torok <>
4CC 'MAC3' and 'MAC6' in Quicktime.
It works for mono streams, needs to be fixed for stereo when I get my hands on a stereo sample :)
patch by (François Revol <revol at free dot fr>)...

0e7eed09 10/14/2002 05:00 PM Fabrice Bellard

better MPEG4 support (at least can view some mpeg4 examples)

Originally committed as revision 1033 to svn://

e1687cc0 10/09/2002 12:35 PM Fabrice Bellard

added DV support

Originally committed as revision 1017 to svn://

3ffe3793 07/23/2002 10:05 PM François Revol

patch by François Revol <revol at free dot fr>
- fix for multiple frames per chunk
- better probing
- better header parsing
- fixed some 4CCs
- use av_new_stream() (but still dealocates some of them with av_free())

Originally committed as revision 790 to svn://

0147f198 07/20/2002 08:05 PM François Revol beos/mov/adpcm patch by François Revol <revol at free dot fr>
  • Some BeOS fixes:
    - errno stuff
    - nanosleep() replacement
    - added a doc/README.beos
  • mov reader still has problems with most videos (skips many chunks),
    - It should now read .mov files with zlib-compressed moov headers (aka cmov)...
19720f15 05/25/2002 10:34 PM Fabrice Bellard

license/copyright change

Originally committed as revision 593 to svn://

c9a65ca8 05/20/2002 04:31 PM Fabrice Bellard

converted to new API

Originally committed as revision 547 to svn://

1ea4f593 05/18/2002 11:11 PM Fabrice Bellard

use av memory handling functions

Originally committed as revision 528 to svn://

a266644f 04/08/2002 03:07 PM Zdenek Kabelac
  • more warning cleanups
  • adding const & statics

Originally committed as revision 387 to svn://

684f44d9 04/08/2002 02:51 PM Zdenek Kabelac
  • fixing some warnings

Originally committed as revision 386 to svn://

6cea494e 04/08/2002 12:32 PM Zdenek Kabelac
  • support for .au .gif .mov .mp4 by François Revol <>
    hmm any opinions about GIF support ?

Originally committed as revision 385 to svn://