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ffmpeg / libavcodec / allcodecs.c @ be7109c1

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81e0d0b4 09/01/2002 06:07 PM Mark Hills

oggvorbis support patch by (Mark Hills <mark at pogo dot org dot uk>)

Originally committed as revision 896 to svn://

0147f198 07/20/2002 08:05 PM Fran├žois Revol beos/mov/adpcm patch by Fran├žois Revol <revol at free dot fr>
  • Some BeOS fixes:
    - errno stuff
    - nanosleep() replacement
    - added a doc/README.beos
  • mov reader still has problems with most videos (skips many chunks),
    - It should now read .mov files with zlib-compressed moov headers (aka cmov)...
be8ffec9 07/09/2002 04:08 PM Nick Kurshev

new codec: Sorenson v1

Originally committed as revision 726 to svn://

0151a6f5 06/18/2002 12:50 AM Michael Niedermayer

wmv1 support

Originally committed as revision 697 to svn://

771b9a70 06/11/2002 01:41 PM Fabrice Bellard

put codec registering in another file so that the user can install the codecs he wants

Originally committed as revision 685 to svn://