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ffmpeg / libavcodec / alpha / dsputil_alpha_asm.S @ 2d5e962b

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60286c8a 09/13/2002 03:44 PM Falk Hüffner

Fix for h % 8 == 4 in put_pixels_axp_asm.

Originally committed as revision 940 to svn://

494e4092 07/01/2002 11:47 PM Falk Hüffner

Assembly version of put_pixels. This is currently the function that
takes the most time, and it allows for more efficient unaligned access
and better control over memory latencies.

Originally committed as revision 711 to svn://

d13c54cd 07/01/2002 11:02 PM Falk Hüffner

Add profiling support.

Originally committed as revision 710 to svn://

bb7d4939 07/01/2002 04:26 AM Falk Hüffner

Implement put_pixels_clamped and add_pixels_clamped in Assembler. This
allows better scheduling of the memory accesses, and is portable among
all compilers.

Originally committed as revision 709 to svn://