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ffmpeg / libavcodec / alpha / motion_est_alpha.c @ ab35de18

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bb198e19 12/30/2003 04:07 PM Michael Niedermayer

interlaced motion estimation
interlaced mpeg2 encoding
P & B frames
rate distored interlaced mb decission
alternate scantable support
4mv encoding fixes (thats also why the regression tests change)
passing height to most dsp functions
interlaced mpeg4 encoding (no direct mode MBs yet)...

f9bb4bdf 09/29/2002 03:14 PM Falk Hüffner

Add Alpha assembly for pix_abs16x16. Optimized for pca56, no large win
on ev6.

Originally committed as revision 979 to svn://

57d2bce1 07/29/2002 11:14 PM Falk Hüffner

MVI optimizations for motion estimation.

Originally committed as revision 831 to svn://