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ffmpeg / libavcodec / alpha / motion_est_mvi_asm.S @ ab35de18

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ab35de18 07/10/2004 11:22 PM Falk Hüffner

Don't include config.h from assembly, because the mplayer developers
decided it was a great idea to put some (bogus, of course) C function
prototypes there and it doesn't seem worth bothering working around
that since all we wanted is HAVE_GPROF.

Originally committed as revision 3304 to svn://

f9bb4bdf 09/29/2002 03:14 PM Falk Hüffner

Add Alpha assembly for pix_abs16x16. Optimized for pca56, no large win
on ev6.

Originally committed as revision 979 to svn://