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ffmpeg / libavcodec / armv4l / float_arm_vfp.c @ 782fc0c3

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83ad74e7 10/27/2008 12:25 AM Måns Rullgård

ARM: move VFP DSP functions to dsputils_vfp.S

Originally committed as revision 15727 to svn://

be449fca 10/16/2008 01:34 PM Diego Pettenò

Convert asm keyword into asm.

Neither the asm() nor the asm() keyword is part of the C99
standard, but while GCC accepts the former in C89 syntax, it is not
accepted in C99 unless GNU extensions are turned on (with -fasm). The
latter form is accepted in any syntax as an extension (without...

28215b37 06/17/2008 02:42 PM Guillaume Poirier

convert DOS-style carriage return to Unix-style

Originally committed as revision 13799 to svn://

e6303192 05/11/2008 08:06 PM Siarhei Siamashka

Add some initial optimizations for ARM VFP (floating
point coprocessor available in some ARM11 cores).
Patch by Siarhei Siamashka % %
Original thread:
date: Apr 20, 2008 5:41 PM
subject: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Some ARM VFP optimizations (vector_fmul, vector_fmul_reverse, float_to_int16)...