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ffmpeg / libavcodec / error_resilience.c @ ea937d01

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dc172cc1 12/04/2002 11:25 AM Michael Niedermayer

use spatial error concealment if we dont have a previous frame

Originally committed as revision 1303 to svn://

1e491e29 12/04/2002 10:04 AM Michael Niedermayer

adding AVVideoFrame
moving quality, pict_type, key_frame, qscale_table, ... to AVVideoFrame
removing obsolete variables in AVCodecContext
skiping of MBs in b frames
correctly initalizing AVCodecContext
picture buffer cleanup

Originally committed as revision 1302 to svn://

eb4b3dd3 11/11/2002 09:40 AM Zdenek Kabelac
  • using DSPContext - so each codec could use its local (sub)set of CPU extension

Originally committed as revision 1194 to svn://

b8a78f41 11/10/2002 11:46 AM Michael Niedermayer

reversing header game

Originally committed as revision 1184 to svn://

4d2858de 10/13/2002 01:16 PM Michael Niedermayer

better/cleaner error resilience (done in a 2nd pass after decoding)
h263/mpeg4 out of order slice decoding

Originally committed as revision 1030 to svn://