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ffmpeg / libavcodec / ffv1.c @ c009df3f

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11e659c2 06/13/2003 09:31 PM Michael Niedermayer

golomb rice codes
use gradients instead of prediction errors as context model
store independant quantization tables for each point
merge contexts with opposit sign

Originally committed as revision 1957 to svn://

c2f1b2cb 06/09/2003 11:55 PM Michael Niedermayer

reducing memory consumption (reducing number of contexts and other stuff, no noticeable loss in compression rate)

Originally committed as revision 1942 to svn://

5e20f836 06/09/2003 02:24 AM Michael Niedermayer

FFV1 codec (our very simple lossless intra only codec, compresses much better then huffyuv)

Originally committed as revision 1939 to svn://