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ffmpeg / libavcodec / h261data.h @ ad78c0f3

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ccff9da6 11/12/2004 01:21 AM Maarten Daniels

H261 fixing and cleaning:
-corrected wrong value in mv data
-set correct mb_type after adjusting index
-don't use H263 loop filter when the loop filter flag is set but when
using the H261 encoder
-use the same unquantizer as H263 (which is optimized btw)...

49e5dcbc 09/13/2004 03:27 AM Maarten Daniels

H.261 decoder improvements
- GOB's can exist of only MBA_STUFFING codes: it crashed before, but it is fixed now
- Clearer code
- Some extra checks so the decoder is more resilient against errors
patch by (Maarten Daniels <maarten dot daniels at student dot luc dot ac dot be>)...

c6148de2 05/30/2004 08:37 PM Michael Niedermayer

h261 decoder by (Maarten Daniels <maarten.daniels at student dot luc dot ac dot be>)

Originally committed as revision 3176 to svn://