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ffmpeg / libavcodec / h263data.h @ 05f361f0

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96815ce9 11/17/2001 09:14 PM Juanjo

- Added support to Inter4V+Q MBs to H.263 decoder.
- Advanced Prediction Mode activated for H.263 decoder.
- Bug fixed on H.263+ header parsing for UFEP.
- Now we can decode VIVO v1 streams :)

Originally committed as revision 221 to svn://

4949028f 11/03/2001 12:49 AM Juanjo

- Bug fix on inter MCBPC table for inter+q.
- H.263/H.263+ decoder now knows GOB start codes.
- H.263/H.263+ decoder now returns the size of the stream on the first call.
- Added show_bits() functions to see the buffer without loosing the bits.
- TODO: H.263v1 UMV parsing is buggy....

de6d9b64 07/22/2001 02:18 PM Fabrice Bellard

Initial revision

Originally committed as revision 5 to svn://