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ffmpeg / libavcodec / h264data.h @ bc0219fd

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5ff85f1d 10/20/2003 08:23 PM Michael Niedermayer

aspect ratio in JPEG JFIF is SAR not DAR !
removed nonsense SAR guessing code
various related cleanups

Originally committed as revision 2403 to svn://

8a3b6f92 04/10/2003 02:07 PM Michael Niedermayer


Originally committed as revision 1747 to svn://

7bc9090a 04/10/2003 01:18 PM Michael Niedermayer

simplified adressing of most mb based arrays (mb_x + mb_y*s->mb_stride) now instead of mb_x + mb_y*mb_width and 1+mb_x + (1+mb_y)*(mb_width+2) and ... mixture
more direct use of the new mb_type stuff instead of codec specific stuff
runtime mb_type debug output h264/h263 variants/mpeg1/2/4...

0da71265 04/04/2003 02:42 PM Michael Niedermayer

H264 decoder & demuxer

Originally committed as revision 1732 to svn://