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ffmpeg / libavcodec / i386 / mpegvideo_mmx_template.c @ d36a2466

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ff4ec49e 05/25/2002 10:45 PM Fabrice Bellard

license/copyright change

Originally committed as revision 599 to svn://

ef5b1b5a 05/02/2002 04:39 AM Juanjo

- Advanced Intra Coding (AIC) support for H.263+ encoder, just DC by now.
- Bug fix H.263+ AIC tables.
- Warning fixes.

Originally committed as revision 431 to svn://

d7e9533a 04/27/2002 12:30 PM Michael Niedermayer

fixed msmpeg4 infinite loop if buggy stream
rewrote quantizer
fixed bias (+10% compression/quality for h263 like codecs)
qscale=1 support
mpeg1 intra frames looks far less blocky
added codec_id field

Originally committed as revision 423 to svn://

3cb32e3d 02/09/2002 01:25 AM Arpi

PATCH by Rik Snel <>
this includes the range for quantized dct coefficients in dct_quantize() (-1023...1023)

Originally committed as revision 291 to svn://

5dfd24ac 01/28/2002 07:34 PM Arpi

workaround gcc bug "m" (0)
avoiding useage of ebx

Originally committed as revision 283 to svn://

2f349de2 01/27/2002 01:30 PM Michael Niedermayer

(commit by michael)
mmx & mmx2 quantizer
c dct permutation bugfix
dont copy input on intra only encodings if it can be avoided
dont draw edges on intra only stuff

Originally committed as revision 281 to svn://