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ffmpeg / libavcodec / i386 / vc1dsp_mmx.c @ 0dba1995

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be449fca 10/16/2008 01:34 PM Diego Pettenò

Convert asm keyword into asm.

Neither the asm() nor the asm() keyword is part of the C99
standard, but while GCC accepts the former in C89 syntax, it is not
accepted in C99 unless GNU extensions are turned on (with -fasm). The
latter form is accepted in any syntax as an extension (without...

8539d8b5 10/04/2008 04:48 PM Diego Pettenò

Declare ff_pw_53 and ff_pw_18 as assembler constants.
Patch by Diego 'Flameeyes' Petten

Originally committed as revision 15553 to svn://

245976da 05/09/2008 11:56 AM Diego Biurrun

Use full path for #includes from another directory.

Originally committed as revision 13098 to svn://

40d0e665 05/08/2008 09:11 PM Ramiro Polla

Do not misuse long as the size of a register in x86.
typedef x86_reg as the appropriate size and use it instead.

Originally committed as revision 13081 to svn://

ae904fd0 01/02/2008 07:24 PM Christophe Gisquet

Fix issue #301:
summary of changes:
- Use MANGLE when loading some constants into MMX registers.
- Convert those constants to non-static and thus add ff_ prefix.
- Remove last parameter of MSPEL_FILTER13_CORE (was constant).
- Use of "+r" instead of stricter but unnecessary "+g"....

15c57ced 12/15/2007 11:08 PM Reimar Döffinger

Add 'l' suffix where it is necessary because type can not always be
inferred from arguments. Fixes compilation with Intel compiler

Originally committed as revision 11227 to svn://

5b67ce2a 11/27/2007 10:42 PM Aurelien Jacobs

build vc1dsp_mmx.c in its own compilation unit

Originally committed as revision 11102 to svn://

182f56cb 11/27/2007 10:23 PM Aurelien Jacobs

make ff_p* vars extern so that they can be used in various *_mmx.c files

Originally committed as revision 11100 to svn://

ac40ce42 11/25/2007 09:43 AM Christophe Gisquet

Typo fix. Previous version had some picture error building up until next keyframe.
Now MMX version decodes 1:1 what the C version does
patch by Christophe GISQUET christophe P gisquet A free P fr

Originally committed as revision 11090 to svn://

d3a9c44e 11/24/2007 02:34 PM Christophe Gisquet

Strip debug stuff from vc1dsp_mmx.c, patch by Christophe GISQUET hristophe P gisquet A free P fr
Original thread:
date: Nov 24, 2007 3:09 PM
subject: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Strip debug stuff from vc1dsp_mmx.c

Originally committed as revision 11088 to svn://

82821c91 11/21/2007 10:41 PM Christophe Gisquet

add VC-1 MMX DSP functions, under MIT license.
patch by Christophe GISQUET christophe P gisquet A free P fr
original thread:
date: Jul 7, 2007 12:52 PM
subject: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] VC-1 MMX DSP functions

Originally committed as revision 11074 to svn://