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ffmpeg / libavcodec / mpegvideo.h @ 13b54752

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4af7bcc1 08/03/2001 06:33 PM Arpi

MMX/MMXEXT iDCT support, using external functions currently defined in libmpeg2
Gives average 13-20% mpeg decoding speedup on x86 systems.

Originally committed as revision 30 to svn://

21af69f7 07/30/2001 11:26 PM Fabrice Bellard

use block[] in structure to have it aligned on 8 bytes for mmx optimizations - dct_unquantize is always a function pointer - added specialized dct_unquantize_h263

Originally committed as revision 22 to svn://

3bb4e23a 07/24/2001 08:43 PM Fabrice Bellard

added skip macroblock optimization (big perf win on black regions for example)

Originally committed as revision 13 to svn://

de6d9b64 07/22/2001 02:18 PM Fabrice Bellard

Initial revision

Originally committed as revision 5 to svn://