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ffmpeg / libavcodec / msmpeg4data.h @ 5cf08f23

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0d33db8a 01/30/2005 04:34 PM anonymous

In that patch:
- avctx and gb elements were removed from VC9Context, hence a larger diff
- some code was added to h263dec.c regarding CODEC_ID_WMV3 (should apply to CODEC_ID_VC9 too)
- VLC tables and other related tables were made global whenever this seemed necessary; appropriate changes were therefore made to other parts of the code using those tables...

0c040aac 01/26/2005 12:01 PM anonymous

use dc tables from msmpeg4 instead of duplicating them patch by anonymous

Originally committed as revision 3886 to svn://

983e3246 03/06/2003 11:32 AM Michael Niedermayer

per file doxy

Originally committed as revision 1634 to svn://

67725183 01/19/2003 05:55 PM Michael Niedermayer

finetuneing thresholds/factors
nicer mb decission
a few minor improvements & fixes

Originally committed as revision 1472 to svn://

1457ab52 12/27/2002 11:51 PM Michael Niedermayer

qpel encoding
4mv+b frames encoding finally fixed
chroma ME
5 comparission functions for ME
b frame encoding speedup
wmv2 codec (unfinished)
user specified diamond size for EPZS

Originally committed as revision 1365 to svn://

2ad1516a 09/29/2002 10:44 PM Michael Niedermayer

idct permutation cleanup, idct can be selected per context now
fixing some threadunsafe code

Originally committed as revision 980 to svn://

de0f2f4c 07/07/2002 08:34 AM Michael Niedermayer

wmv1 slice_height != mb_height support
encoding of slice_height != mb_height
1bit shorter wmv1 headers if bit_rate<50 !? ROTFL M$ is even more stupid than i thought
using dc of non intra blocks for dc prediction of wmv1 if bitrate < 129 && res < 320x240

Originally committed as revision 723 to svn://

0151a6f5 06/18/2002 12:50 AM Michael Niedermayer

wmv1 support

Originally committed as revision 697 to svn://

287229e5 06/02/2002 12:22 PM Michael Niedermayer

msmpeg4v1 decoding

Originally committed as revision 643 to svn://

84afee34 04/05/2002 04:09 AM Michael Niedermayer

msmpeg4v2 decoding (no encoding yet)

Originally committed as revision 376 to svn://

de6d9b64 07/22/2001 02:18 PM Fabrice Bellard

Initial revision

Originally committed as revision 5 to svn://