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ffmpeg / libavcodec / ppc / util_altivec.h @ 35de5d24

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bad5537e 02/01/2009 02:00 AM Diego Biurrun

Use full internal pathname in doxygen @file directives.
Otherwise doxygen complains about ambiguous filenames when files exist
under the same name in different subdirectories.

Originally committed as revision 16912 to svn://

b250f9c6 01/13/2009 11:44 PM Aurelien Jacobs

Change semantic of CONFIG_*, HAVE_* and ARCH_*.
They are now always defined to either 0 or 1.

Originally committed as revision 16590 to svn://

98790382 08/31/2008 07:39 AM Stefano Sabatini

Globally rename the header inclusion guard names.

Consistently apply this rule: the guard name is obtained from the
filename by stripping the leading "lib", converting '/' and '.' to
'_' and uppercasing the resulting name. Guard names in the root
directory have to be prefixed by "FFMPEG_"....

80a61f08 07/24/2008 10:53 AM Diego Biurrun

Remove AltiVec vector declaration compiler compatibility macros.
The original problem was that FSF and Apple gcc used a different syntax
for vector declarations, i.e. {} vs. (). Nowadays Apple gcc versions support
the standard {} syntax and versions that support {} are available on all...

42a362e5 02/18/2008 11:01 PM Diego Biurrun

Refactor vcprm and vcii macros by using the AVV macro.

Originally committed as revision 12140 to svn://

35562dc9 12/27/2007 12:56 PM Diego Biurrun

Fix make checkheaders.

Originally committed as revision 11331 to svn://

5b21bdab 10/17/2007 09:37 AM Diego Biurrun

Add FFMPEG_ prefix to all multiple inclusion guards.

Originally committed as revision 10765 to svn://

89523bee 10/02/2007 11:39 AM Luca Barbato

Sanitize altivec code so it can be built with runtime check properly

Originally committed as revision 10640 to svn://